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<v Recording>Singing Smiles are called Sonrisas
<v Rico>Uno, dos, tres, ira! <v Children>Applause. <v Rico>Let's go again.. Uno, dos, tres, ira! All right. <v Emily>Ya se, ya se, tu quieres a Raphael. <v Rico>Y que? Tu no huvieras escogido si tu huvieras ganado. <v Rico>Es el mejor jugador de soccer, no? Raphael juega conmigo. <v Emily>Bueno, tu juega con nosotros. No necesitamos a Raphael para ganar. <v Children>[Quiet chatter]. <v All>Hi Mickie. <v All> <v Rico>Yo quiero a Andre. <v Rico>Come on Andre! <v Children>[Cheers]. <v Emily>Okay. I'll take Ratoncito. <v Rico>I'll take Cynthia, come on Cynthia. <v All>[Cheers]. <v Emily>You take Cynthia and I guess I'm stuck with the little twerp. <v Speaker>Hey! Yo no soy enano! <v Emily>OK, it's a jolly green giant also, <v Emily>vamonos, tu estas en el equipo de nosotros y te usamos de [unintelligible].
<v Cynthia>Hey, what about Mickie? <v Rico>Mickie can't. <v Rico>Yo no lo quiero con los otros. De quiene el juego? <v Rico>Se lleva una hora para levantarse cuando se cai. <v Rico>Y cada rato se cai. Y'know Cynthia he's not the six million dollar man. <v Cynthia>How would you like it if you were crippled? <v Rico>But I ain't cripple. And if I was, how would it be hanging around here? <v Rico>Get in everybody's way. <v Rico>You know, he can't even get through the door. <v Speaker>Che para le pelea. Quieran podemos jugar altoque ?unintelligible? <v Speaker>guerra mundial. Ustedes paracen casados. <v Rico>Ah I voy I voy. <v Cynthia>You're terrible. Really terrible. I don't like you at all. <v Mickie>They never need me for anything. <v Mickie>I hate them all. <v Cynthia>Hey, Mickie, come on, you're gonna be score-keeper! <v Mickie>Oh, I don't want to be scorekeeper. <v Mickie>I don't want to play with you at all. <v Cynthia>Oh Mickie no seas asi. Vente! <v Mickie>Don't speak Spanish!
<v Mickie>Look, I don't want to play that stupid game and I don't want anybody feeling sorry for <v Mickie>me. So just leave me alone. <v Cynthia>OK, ok. That's how you feel. <v Cynthia>Nobody's feeling sorry for you. <v Cynthia>You're the one that's feeling sorry for yourself. <v Cynthia>Nos vemos Mickie. <v Mickie>Hey. <v Mickie>Who is up there? <v Mickie>Whoever's up there better come down. <v Mickie>Hey, who are you? <v Mickie>What were you doing up in that loft? <v Roberto Delgado>Dormiendo viejito. Dormiendo. <v Roberto Delgado>En ese riconcito. <v Roberto Delgado>Crashing in your loft. <v Mickie>Well, who are you? <v Roberto Delgado>Who am I? Who am I? <v Roberto Delgado>I am Roberto DelgadoA Puerto Rican prince
<v Roberto Delgado>born in El barrio asegar de Nueva York. <v Roberto Delgado>El Grand Mango. <v Roberto Delgado>Aplecando mi oficio de donde quiera. <v Roberto Delgado>Hasta en los dechos, y cordores, las cocheras, y los campos. <v Roberto Delgado>Ligero de mano. <v Roberto Delgado>Los misterios del universo. Magia. <v Mickie>How do you do that? <v Mickie>Who are you? My friends call me <v Mickie>El Coqui. <v Mickie>El Coqui. What kind of name is El Coqui? <v Roberto Delgado>El Coqui is a little frog that lives in the trees in Puerto Rico. <v Roberto Delgado>When I finish college, I think I'll go back to Puerto Rico. <v Mickie>What are you doing here if you're supposed to be in college? <v Roberto Delgado>Earning some coins. <v Roberto Delgado>I earn money by performing in Fiestas carnivals, picnics on the streets, <v Roberto Delgado>wherever.
<v Roberto Delgado>Pero hablome de ti. Como te llamas? <v Mickie>Don't speak Spanish, I don't understand. <v Roberto Delgado>Oh, lo siento. I don't speak it very well myself. <v Roberto Delgado>What's your name? <v Mickie>Mickie McCauley. <v Roberto Delgado>Mickie McCauley, little Big Man. <v Roberto Delgado>Oh hey, how long you been dancing with those crutches? <v Mickie>I mean, how long have I been crippled. <v Mickie>Since I was six years old. <v John>Hey Mickie! <v Roberto Delgado>Oh. Company. <v Roberto Delgado>I'll see you later. <v John>They make it come on, I've got the car, I'll give you a ride down to the soccer field. <v John>Martin sporting goods is sponsoring a neighborhood soccer league and the kids want to <v John>join. Come on. It'll be a lot of fun. <v Mickie>I don't wanna have anything to do with their soccer league. <v John>Oyes esperate un momento. <v John>Que te pasa? No te gusten soccer? <v Mickie>Don't speak Spanish! <v John>If I don't, how will you learn? <v John>Come on, let's go. <v Mickie>I hate to be around them. They treat me like I'm a vegetable. <v John>Quien? <v Mickie>All of them. Everybody.
<v Mickie>I should have gone to the school for the handicapped, least there they wouldn't treat me <v Mickie>like had a disease or something. And these kids are supposed to be my friends. <v John>Mira, Mickie. <v John>Ellos no lo hacen con malentencion Lo que pases que no entienden. <v Mickie>Look, I don't understand. <v Mickie>So don't talk about it anymore. <v John>OK, Mickie. Everybody needs some time alone, but maybe we could talk about this <v John>another time. <v John>Nos vemos al rato okay Mickie? <v Roberto Delgado>Feeling sorry for yourself, aren't you Mickie McCauley?
<v Mickie>Why did it have to be? Me? Huh? Why me? <v Mickie>What did I do? <v Roberto Delgado>Life works in a strange ways. <v Roberto Delgado>Many times when it takes something away, it gives you back something more important. <v Mickie>You're funny, El Coqui, you're really funny. <v Mickie>Come on, come on, stop that! Wow, it's beautiful. <v Roberto Delgado>Hey, you're all right. Mickie McCauley. <v Roberto Delgado>You're cool enough to be a Nuyorican dude. <v Mickie>What's a New York- Whatever you call it? <v Roberto Delgado>It's a Puerto Rican born in New York City. <v Roberto Delgado>It's like having the best of two worlds. <v Mickie>El Coqui, would you teach me those magic tricks you know? <v Mickie>Would you please? <v Roberto Delgado>Oh, I don't know Mickey. <v Roberto Delgado>Do you think you're ready? <v Roberto Delgado>Magic is powerful medicine. <v Roberto Delgado>You think you can handle it?
<v Mickie>I knew it. You're just like all the rest of. <v Mickie>You think because I'm crippled, I can't do anything. <v Roberto Delgado>Hold on, little brother. Hold on. <v Roberto Delgado>Those are your words, not mine. <v Roberto Delgado>Hey, hey, hey, hey. You're a pretty touchy dude, ain't ya? <v Mickie>Why does everybody think because I'm crippled I can't do anything? <v Mickie>I can do it El Coqui. Give me a chance. <v Mickie>Teach me. Please teach me. <v Cynthia>Hey look y'all! Dona Rosario made me some neon thread! <v Emily>It's just what we needed. <v Raphael>Watch it! <v Cynthia>I'm sorry. I'm sorry. <v Raphael>Well, why don't you look where you're going? <v Andre>Heard you got some neon thread. <v Emily>Hey Cynthia. A no tienos un hilo verde que me puedes presar por favor.
<v Emily>Just throw it over here. <v Rico>Hey, y'all look at this. I'm finished with my jersey. <v Rico>Let me try it on. <v All>[Laughs]. <v Speaker>Aha! That's a dumb lookin' soccer jersey! <v Rico>Ven aca enano. Como te gustaria si te <v Rico>a ventar al rincon desde aqui eh? <v Speaker>[Blows rasberry]. <v Andre>Hi John. <v All>Hi John <v Rico>Hey look at my jersey you like it? <v John>It looks good, but bad news team. <v John>The application says that we have to have league-approved uniforms. <v Ratoncito>Y que significa eso? <v John>It means we have to buy the uniforms. <v Raphael>Porque no podemos hacer estos? <v John>Sorry, they have to be official. <v Emily>So that means we have to raise the money by them? <v John>If we want to join the team. <v Speaker>Pero cuanto cuesta cada uno? <v Emily>Bueno pues la tienda en la esquina las tiene a seis dolares cada una. <v Emily>It's kind of high, but. <v John>Well, the way I see it, we're gonna have to raise about 60 dollars. <v Emily>There's a lady that lives next door to me and she has five kids. <v Emily>And if I babysit for her, I'm pretty sure she'll give me at least ten dollars.
<v Rico>I can go recycle newspapers. I think it's a dollar or a pound. <v Rico>I can make a lot of money. <v All>Yes. <v Cynthia>I can carry packages. <v Raphael>I can shine shoes. I can see it now. <v Raphael>A dollar a boot. <v Rico>All right. Yeah. We're gonna get rich. <v Rico>I bet you we could buy the whole uniform. <v All>[Cheers]. <v Rico>Let's go get started! <v Roberto Delgado>Mickey. <v Roberto Delgado>Knowing magic is nothing more than having the knowledge of the trick. <v Roberto Delgado>OK. And that knowledge is the power. <v Roberto Delgado>Right. So you pay attention. Okay. <v Roberto Delgado>Well, and I'm gonna teach you this trick. OK, ok. <v Roberto Delgado>OK. Here we have on this card one dot on this side. <v Roberto Delgado>Right. Four dots on this side, three on this side and six <v Roberto Delgado>on this side. <v Mickie>Wow! How do you do it? Do it again! <v Roberto Delgado>Okay, you watch now? <v Mickie>OK. <v Roberto Delgado>And I'll do it one more time. You be very careful. Watch. <v Mickie>OK. <v Roberto Delgado>Ok. One and third on this side. <v Roberto Delgado>Right. Four dots on this side, three on this side and six on that side. <v Mickie>Wow. Teach me how to do that. <v Roberto Delgado>OK, ok. Now you pay attention. OK.
<v Roberto Delgado>This is OK. On this side we have what appears to be one <v Roberto Delgado>dot. Right? <v Mickie>Right. <v Roberto Delgado>When in actuality it is two dots and I cover my hand- <v Roberto Delgado>cover one dot with my hand and it appears as if there's only one the same thing on this <v Roberto Delgado>side. It appears as if this four dots. <v Mickie>Right. <v Roberto Delgado>Right. But in actuality, there is actually <v Roberto Delgado>how many dots? <v Mickie>Five dots. <v Roberto Delgado>Right! <v Mickie>Right. <v Roberto Delgado>Now on this side. It appears as if we know how many dots? <v Mickie>Two dots. <v Roberto Delgado>Two dots, right. And, you and I know that there's only two dots on this side. <v Roberto Delgado>Right. Because that's what I showed you before, two dots, right? <v Mickie>Two dots. <v Roberto Delgado>Actually, two dots, right? <v Mickie>Right. <v Roberto Delgado>Two dots. Right. Same thing on this side. <v Roberto Delgado>We said that there were five dots and I covered my hand. <v Roberto Delgado>And it appears as if I'm accidentally covering my last dot. <v Roberto Delgado>The six dot. Right. Right. When in actuality, how many dots will have on this side? <v Mickie>Five. <v Roberto Delgado>Right. Five dots, right. <v Mickie>But why is there six dots? <v Roberto Delgado>It's very interesting. People find it very hard to believe this is there are six dots on
<v Roberto Delgado>this side, three dots in this side that they can actually be <v Roberto Delgado>eight dots on this side. <v Mickie>Wow! <v Roberto Delgado>And you can do this trick, too, if you had the knowledge. <v Roberto Delgado>And that's the power, Mickey. <v Raphael>Hey, you don't want dirty feet forever do you <v Raphael>mister? Hey madame wouldn't you like your shoes shined? <v Raphael>My dear lady wouldn't you like your shoes shined? <v Raphael>Hey cowboy, wouldn't you like your boots nice for your lady? I could shine them! <v Recording>[Singing montage song]
<v Speaker>Mr. me corto las gamas por cincuenta centavos! <v Speaker>I'll cut your grass, pa' dies centavos! <v Speaker>Cheapskape.
<v Recording>[Singing montage song] <v Cynthia>Would you like me to help you with your package ma'am? <v Woman 1>Are you sure you can handle this honey? <v Cynthia>Oh yeah! <v Recording>[Singing montage song]
<v John>Las cosas no pueden estar tan malas, o si? <v John>You guys look like you just got mugged! <v Raphael>Knocked out of the batter's box is more like it Johnny. <v Cynthia>We'll never get enough money by Monday. It means we don't join the league because we <v Cynthia>can't buy the soccer jerseys. <v Ratoncito>Hey, maybe you could sell some lemonade. <v All>Oh be quiet, that's dumb. <v Ratoncito>It was just suggestion. <v John>Vamos no se desanime. <v John>Yo estoy seguro que puedemos ganar el campionato. <v John>[unintelligible] por vencidos. Come on. We have until Monday. <v Emily>Look, Johnny, so far we've managed to raise eleven dollars and seventy-five cents between <v Emily>us and we still need 60 big ones. <v Andre>No es posible. <v Roberto Delgado>I hear your friends are having a hard time raising money for their uniform. <v Mickie>Oh, tough for them. <v Roberto Delgado>Oh ho. <v Roberto Delgado>Estas en buen humor esta manana. <v Mickie>Well, I'm tired of hearing about their dumb old soccer league.
<v Mickie>It don't mean nothing to me. <v Roberto Delgado>But it could. <v Roberto Delgado>Look, Mickey, you you could you could put out a magic show, charge admission, <v Roberto Delgado>and with the money you can help your friends buy their uniforms. <v Mickie>What? Me help them raise money for their soccer league? <v Mickie>Why should I help them? <v Mickie>They treat me like I'm a leper. <v Roberto Delgado>Oh, Mickey. <v Mickie>They never want me around. <v Mickie>They never talk to me. <v Mickie>They laugh when I can't get through the door. <v Mickie>Why should I do anything for them? <v Mickie>Why should I even help them? <v Roberto Delgado>Porque puedes! <v Roberto Delgado>Y tienes el poder. <v Roberto Delgado>You've got the power, Mickey, you've got the power. <v Mickie>But do you think I could. <v Mickie>Do you think I'm ready? <v Roberto Delgado>Oh, little big man, you'll never be more ready. <v Roberto Delgado>You can make the world spin around. <v Roberto Delgado>You've got it. Mickey. <v Roberto Delgado>Do it. Come on, Mickey, do it, do it.
<v Mickie>OK, I'll do it because I've got the power. <v Mickie>Hi, everybody. <v Mickie>This is my friend, el Coqui, he is from the <v Mickie>big mango, New York, and we <v Mickie>want to help raise money for your soccer team by putting on a magic show. <v All>[Jeers] What do you know about magic? <v Roberto Delgado>You've got the power, Mickie. <v Mickie>OK, look. Watch this. <v Mickie>A piece of rope with two ends in a middle, right? <v Mickie>Do you know what the middle's for? <v All>No, what? <v Mickie>To hold the two ends together, silly. <v All>[Laughs]. <v Speaker>Where's the punchline? <v Mickie>So you take it right about the middle and, you cut it. <v Mickie>So you have two pieces of rope right here, right?
<v All>Yeah. <v Mickie>But looks can deceive. <v Mickie>They only appear to be two pieces of rope. <v Mickie>Watch this. Voila! <v All>[Cheers] <v Mickie>And now, ladies and gentlemen, from my last illusion, a feat <v Mickie>never before performed in the history of the universe. <v Mickie>I am going to make Ratoncito disappear right before <v Mickie>your very eyes. <v Raphael>Make him disappear for good, Mickie! <v Woman 2>Es un buen idea. <v All>[Laughs]. <v Mickie>Curtain, please. <v Emily>Bye-bye. <v Ratoncito>I hope you know what you're doing.
<v Emily>Don't worry. We've done this before. <v Mickie>Abracadabra. Bats and mice. <v Mickie>Goodbye. Ratoncito, it sure was nice. <v All>[Cheers]. <v Mickie>Fifty-six, fifty-seven, fifty-eight, fifty-nine, <v Mickie>sixty dollars, and twenty-five cents! <v All>[Cheers] <v All>We got it! <v Ratoncito>No kidding Mickie. It was really good of you to help us. <v Speaker>Especially after the way everybody been treating you.
<v Mickie>Let me get something straight. <v Mickie>I did all of this to show you that I can carry my own weight. <v Mickie>I don't need to lean on anybody, for help. <v Rico>Yeah, I guess so. <v John>So everybody listened to what he said. <v All>Yeah. <v Mickie>Well, he said that. Did you listen to what he said? <v Mickie>He said I did it to show you. <v Mickie>Why did he have to show you? <v Rico>I guess he wanted to show us that he was somebody and that he can do something, you know, <v Rico>without anybody's help. <v John>Why would he have to do that? <v Raphael>Well, treating him like a nothing. <v Ratoncito>We were treating you like he couldn't do anything. <v Ratoncito>He proved us he could. <v Rico>I guess that he he told us that because we didn't see, you know, we didn't understand him <v Rico>to show us how he felt since we didn't see how he felt. <v John>That's a good point Rico because you didn't see. You were kind of blind to the whole thing. <v Emily>We couldn't put ourselves into his shoes. <v John>That's right. That's right. Well what if we could tell you what Rico you were talking <v John>about seeing and all that? Let's see if you were blind. <v John>What if you were blind? Coqui, do you have some kind of something bandana or something? <v Roberto Delgado>I have a scarf. <v John>Yeah, put a blindfold on him. Let's try something. Let Rico have the stage area over here.
<v Rico>Hey this ain't funny. <v John>That's right. Okay here you go. <v John>Let's turn him around a couple times. <v John>[unintelligible]. Okay, you are now in front of the stage and you remember <v John>where the chairs were? <v Rico>Kind of that way. <v John>Yeah they're in front of you. <v John>We were supposed to put all this stuff up now, you know now that we got the money and <v John>everything. So why don't you break down a couple of the chairs and bring a back over here <v John>to the stage. Here's the stage. I'll wait for you right here. <v Ratoncito>Yeah, we'll wait for you right here. <v Mickie>You want some crutches? <v John>Fold the chairs. <v Roberto Delgado>That's right. <v John>Okay. <v Rico>Help me. <v John>Bring it back. Bring it back one at a time, bring it back. <v Children>[Laughs] <v Mickie>It's not too easy, is it? <v Rico>It's hard. I can't find nothing. <v John>That's good. That's good Rico. That's good. Let's take this blindfold off you.
<v Roberto Delgado>Okie doke. <v Andre>It was right there! <v John>How did you feel? How did you feel? <v Rico>I felt. I felt weird because I don't know. <v Rico>I didn't know where I was at and I didn't have nobody to you know, helped me into finding <v Rico>the chairs. You know, I knew I had to do something. <v Rico>But I just couldn't do it because I didn't have noobdy to help me, you know? <v Children>Okay. Okay, let's keep that in our minds. Let's try something else. <v Children>Let's see uh. Emily come on over here. <v Children>Ha, Emily! <v John>And see what uh-. <v Ratoncito>I'll keep your seat warm. <v Mickie>Let's pretend that Emily, you know how Emily has both use of her <v Mickie>arms and everything. Are you right-handed or left-handed? <v Emily>Right. <v John>Right-handed. Okay so let's say you didn't have your right hand. <v John>Can you do something about her right hand so we don't have to uh-. <v Roberto Delgado>Here we go, here we go. <v John>Just her right hand. No, no, no. Not her left hand. <v John>Leave her left hand. <v Roberto Delgado>Oh, okay. <v John>So, Emily, you only have one arm. <v Children>[Laughs]. <v Roberto Delgado>One hand. OK. <v John>All right. We're still cleaning up, right? <v John>We're still cleaning up, OK. Here is a this is a blanket that we used that <v John>somebody let us borrow. We need this blanket. <v John>We need this blanket. Folded very very carefully, just like it was given to us.
<v John>And I want you to fold it up <v John>very carefully. Yeah, fold it up, that's right. Just with your left arm. <v John>You don't have a right arm anymore. <v Emily>Oh. <v John>You don't have a right. You can try <v John>it. <v Mickie>Go ahead, try it! Now you know the way I felt. <v Children>[Chattering and laughing] <v Emily>OK. Just a little towel. I get it. <v Emily>I'll show you. OK. <v Emily>This corner over here-. <v Raphael>So wait wait, you've got to do it slowly and carefully. <v john>Very carefully. <v Raphael>Yes, very carefully. <v john>But it's going to take an hour. We still got to clean up all this book. <v Mickie>Well, why don't we start cleaning up while she folds this up? <v Raphael>When does this have to be folded? <v John>Anybody had any coffee or donuts or anything? <v Emily>Do the people need this back by a certain time? <v John>Yeah, they gave it to us and we have to have it folded properly and everything. <v Mickie>Well, I would I would help you, but I've got other things to do. <v Andre>Yeah. I mean he can't walk. <v Emily>I'm sure you would. <v John>Neatly! Neatly!
<v Roberto Delgado>[Unintelligible] a bit of a job. <v Rico>That looks messy! <v Emily>Right. I'm just trying to get 'em lined up first. <v John>Gotta make it [Unintelligible]. <v Children>Sure, yeah. <v em>Yeah, you know, I mean. <v Speaker>And you're supposed to be the team captain. <v Speaker>With, with one arm. <v Emily>It's not too easy. <v John>That's right. <v Rico>That doesn't look like it's [unintelligible]. <v John>Okay. That's good. <v John>That's good. <v John>How did you feel? How did you feel about that? <v Emily>I felt-. <v John>Think a little bit. How did you really feel? How did how did your stomach feel? <v Emily>Well. I don't want to use my right <v Emily>arm, but I'm, you know, I was trying to prove a point. <v Emily>I just-. <v John>OK. The whole point of this the whole point is, is that I wanted you to experience <v John>maybe some of the problems that Mickie has experienced and how hard it's been for him to <v John>overcome his handicap. And yet he still saved the day for us. <v John>You know, we helped him a little bit, but he really saved the day and got us our money <v John>for the uniforms. <v John>So um Ratoncito, you've been you've been sitting over there. <v John>All, you know, through the session.
Episode Number
No. 4
The Magician
Producing Organization
KLRU (Television station : Austin, Tex.)
KLRN (Television station : San Antonio, Tex.)
Contributing Organization
The Walter J. Brown Media Archives & Peabody Awards Collection at the University of Georgia (Athens, Georgia)
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Episode Description
The show focuses on a Hispanic neighborhood in the city and the kids who live there, and it features dialogue in both English and Spanish. This episode focuses on issues of disability. The episode begins with the kids picking members for their soccer teams, and Mickie is left out because he is crippled. Mickie meets a magician who teaches him magic tricks. Mickie is a very angry and frustrated kid, but he finds an outlet through magic. He raises the money for the soccer team to buy uniforms through a magic show. The other kids gain an understanding of what it's like to be disabled and a better understanding of Mickey.
Series Description
"The carriage house 'soccer team' excludes Mickie McCauley because he is crippled. Despite Johnny's and Cynthia's efforts to include Mickie as scorekeeper, he declines with hurt and anger. Believing himself all alone and left behind, Mickie discovers a young Puerto Rican from New York--a traveling magician called 'El Coqui'--'crashing' in the carriage house loft. From El Coqui--meaning 'little frog that lives in the trees'--Mickie learns how to perform feats of magic. But more than this, Mickie learns all about the magic of giving when, single-handedly, he rescues the future of the entire soccer team with a fund-raising magic show. Later--in a special empathy experience--Johnny helps the children to share the problems--physical and emotional--of those who are disabled and brings the youngsters to an awareness of the real 'magic' that Mickie has accomplished in his own life and in theirs."--1979 Peabody Awards entry form.
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Actor: Martinez, Jorge
Actor: Velez, Rick
Actor: Gutierrez, Johnny
Actor: Hernandez, Rico
Actor: Guerrero, Fernando Jr.
Actor: Young, Gloria
Actor: Terry, Andre
Actor: Farrera, Edgar
Actor: Terrazas, Emily
Actor: Silva, Cynthia
Actor: Campos, Eloisa
Actor: Childress, Rafael
Actor: Weed, Andrew
Assistant Director: Afflerbach, Chuck
Associate Producer: Korn, Mina
Director: Lopez, Norberto
Producer: Tanguma, Ramon H.
Producer: Lewis, James
Producing Organization: KLRU (Television station : Austin, Tex.)
Producing Organization: KLRN (Television station : San Antonio, Tex.)
Writer: Delemos, Lou
Writer: Larangeira, Crispin
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The Walter J. Brown Media Archives & Peabody Awards Collection at the University of Georgia
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Format: U-matic
Duration: 0:32:33
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Chicago: “Sonrisas; No. 4; The Magician,” 1979-10-24, The Walter J. Brown Media Archives & Peabody Awards Collection at the University of Georgia, American Archive of Public Broadcasting (GBH and the Library of Congress), Boston, MA and Washington, DC, accessed June 26, 2022,
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