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chris hello and welcome to airplay on shallow stick and i'm curled writer they were broadcasting live from morgan park high school with friends in the studio audience of summer school students are a topic of discussion as race relations or we're going to try and find out why people have prejudices that less of that question why why my budget if the dam to sign up effective i guess my my my turf a minority who spoke with prejudice many reasons they i began to make jokes jokes and stuff like that like the family links and help people learn
morgan park high school is integrated school find out if this has had an impact a positive or negative on the students with all this on a special edition of verified it's been twenty years since the civil rights movement with its leader dr martin luther king jr drive for this country's blacks and other minorities on a national level minorities haven't voted into important political positions there is increased minority owned businesses and better representation in the media that it would be naive to say that prejudice and inequality is no longer exist prejudice has become less overtly neo nazi and white supremacy extremist groups feel threatened by a society that equals and are making their presence known today we're here at morgan park high school in integrated chicago public high school to discuss where young people come in contact with prejudice what race relations are like at the school and where students have learned prejudice our studio audience consists of two hundred summer school students and our panel includes all sharing was immediately to my right he's the president of the
community renewal society which among other products provides assistance to community organizations next to paul as ronnie hartsfield who is the president of urban gateways a citywide program that provides art and music education to the schools and also with us on the end of this afternoon judd annuity a junior morgan park high school who was involved in school activities including the yearbook here stage drew and the student council my co host carl right and airplanes assistant producer quinn next i are out in our audience today but before we open up the discussion to include the audience members were going to find out a little bit more about our panelists and first of all welcome to all of you for joining us this afternoon in our audience paul begin with you i'd like to ask you about your role in the community renewal society how does it first of all help our community and what is your role i'm the executive director of the community know society and our two major concerns are a race and poverty as the impact the city of chicago and its environs and as you
mentioned we assist community organizations around the city some one hundred of them to try to serve their communities we'll work on issues of public policy including race relations we began the young chicago covenant to some years ago to try to address the issues of racial tensions in the city we worked with churches and synagogues or connoisseur the neighborhoods in many many ways our attempt is to make chicago a better place to live for all its people regardless of their race or class is the society a private organization or you can work with the cities chicago government well we are a private organization were related to have united church of christ but we work very closely with other groups including the city administration and we've worked very closely with the current administration they think it's more cherry ball as ronnie hartfield ronnie tell us about the services that are being gateways provide to the city of chicago that i think that seven morgan park high school know more about iran in ways than some students to our primary work is to bring artists is schools and we mean by arts dance
music theater and visual artists of all kinds and we bring those programs to schools all over chicago and the counties around chicago we have a very special music program right and morgan park high school were you a private organization as well we are not like the sierras private organizations with close ties to the city and state and how long serving get we've been in existence is celebrating and twenty fifth anniversary of the sheer congratulations and third to the rights and to your left you jut your wiki judd judd based on your experience here at morgan park high school you think that teenagers are open minded about race relations yes i do i think most of the people are that way can you speak from personal experience i think words it depends where your race i was raised i went oh very much integrated more than this for
school and that that just gets you open until more cultured areas like this just makes a more open minded overall how would you say that people get along at this high school very well i think it has a lot of people don't think that it's a bad place for a black spoken on the whites but once people are chilling out that that they don't have anything like they say grace writes anything i've heard some pretty tall rumors that moment it's really true our panelists are going to be spending the hour with us here on wbez paul sherry rod hartsfield injured and witty we're going to open up the discussion to our studio audience this afternoon we like to get some comments from you under the broad question but first of all we want to know we want to start by asking you where you've experience prejudice in your life personally if you have and if anybody they would like to come up and give us an example about a specific incident that has occurred in your life that might've made you feel uneasy he plays guitar what data what is
happening you want to experience again yesterday in itamar brother was one out chris' work and passed west and there is no there are no let live in on that side of town and we had arrived in a white neighbourhood and as lynette why was then out of buffalo and honestly and it was like where's the leaders gone you know and we had to get a last quarter thirty fifth in monessen offers you know or why rights watch this is what i want to know is why is there no blacks no well i would probably say it has to do with property values in and where people don't want people in their neighborhoods as erik hawkins let me respond to that you know it's interesting that the very first time and we had focused on what is perhaps the most significant issue in this city in terms of
racial prejudice the severely discriminatory housing patterns in the city and in the suburbs which persists to this day chicago a major metropolitan area is one of the most most segregated cities in the nation and continues to be self and if you're concerned about prejudice prejudice is to a great degree a result of not talking to each other living with each other getting to know each other and how can you get to know each other if you don't live together it's interesting the very first point that you made was right on target one of our major problems no city is the racial segregation as an existing house one is the gentleman who brought the issue of just not how did you respond when they when they all those things out you would you rather fast hare happened was dr sutton because they follow those all went to alaska book and thought there's no hitter so we had to like pull over stuff why doesn't that there's no black so then i was
going to reassess the vessel alaska mostly on the nineteenth of last before we never even know it you so you know what no matter how far he was like you know there is no lights on the side a worsening do you know about the sixty four was not in montana well many of you venture out of this neighborhood very regularly to go explore other areas of the city and what happens when you go there you meet again my name is cindy and the famous upright ski i was on michigan avenue not michigan avenue and neiman marcus would offend the map and now is whether the banking the wings is dan an opinion on a wide security office sen graham i'm afraid atticus in the back row many experts what would he do and then and we totally was looking i'll go we're lighting up like i think it you know with me and others mr black so i'll sell a
security officer yes ma'am our family enjoyed in the store so we thought we was as lucas of the voters here want is down to its orders of the das actor goes in the new period and don't show up on michigan avenue did you say wine now he didn't say wacko my mother about it she says she wanted to do something about it but actually that it was ok says he didn't do anything he just told us to get still just make a recommendation a situation like that the best thing to do is to write a letter to the store manager after an incident like that were to occur and let the manager know what happened and also you might want to consider writing a letter to the news media to somebody at one of the major newspapers in town to let them know what happened to you because you were there to shock obviously you had money on you and yet you were bothered and you experience racism in that situation how everyone seems to be up in arms about that last they do not agree with that you think you should write letters i cannot help and i think as you write largest latino and fear you know that you're
wrong just a letter we know this often on the modern latina with the building we feel is not right and have your experienced any kind of racial slurs earth or any kind of actions against it was going so this is real to the bad kid has to do with it and we try to stop the lightening its closest world will stop the line of what the culture and all this white guy just came up to join only american at home you just actually commit crimes lucky enough there was just a realignment is double album of animal limb doing more damage just would you have tried to start something i tried to stop him from picking the car moved too far from home so you'd be he'll let it if you've been a neighborhood may be going through your neighborhood which you've done the same thing i know there's a lot less of
one of the rescue noting that long been unable to walk around a mammal you get bong bong no visual through march i was in new york city really well anyway so was the wild west a
winnowing and a widened doing you know on which day the one outcome of the needs of their own you know plastic has made a fight that may now receive incoming thing like we were i am a free buyers than ever happening before it seems to me a nut now in that case she confronted the problem but i don't know if people blackmail confronted there probably do you think that you have to re evaluate gets to retaliate from white males who have maybe started this problem to myself up into the fight to me because i'm a factory with no food for me it would get from their head
you would have seen would add what would ask do you think that helps any you think if i don't know nine or help with his goal so he came in at about the not so widely deployed as we define them without a lot of business that would have really that's the way supermarkets how does it does it make you feel when somebody does it i mean granted as a black male and as always we all know a certain amount of prejudice in the appearance of talks about and so forth but when you are first hand experience in it but you feel well i don't always do so a big hit with the law and it was again a downed us that's why most apprentices out here because knowing when they come out to make you feel bad so you have to time out in order to you know which is the backup or keep your heart as they say i want a break and from a
minestrone hartfield running in a situation like this what you think is the best way for young people to react when they're confronted with racism so openly like this depends on where they happened because a riot has no plan getting into a fight in a situation where we obviously outnumbered when i went to see the manager because this the managers responsibility to run a restaurant in which anybody who has the money can come and patronize the things you go into a store and the interesting question will be how neiman marcus courtney white you're in the same store whether they just don't want teenagers or whether they automatically assumed that black teenagers can't be there in the satire i heard on air was a teenager accepting then saying well maybe i'm not supposed to be here because the fact is that if you have the money to eat if not even the bites you you have the right to look around in any story a latina united dime in your pocket one of the yellow are the words that i've heard here
you several times i was ready to fight i would've thought if i would've been an arrest is that a proper response are there other ways to sell their promise rather than hand to hand combat with it's a natural response hopper is a difficult word that i don't think it's helpful response the way we solve the problem wouldn't know when to solve the problem in any way in fact i would probably make the problem worse so i don't think the fighting is the solution and as well even if you're in the end situation which are the majority fighting is fierce fighting is not going to help and probably stand there screaming out is not going to help with her young lady who tried to talk to those young men about that father that didn't help and i think you need to bring some adults into the situation that that that would always help it but it at least offers more of an opportunity for it to help mara let me ask you question other places that you don't know because you know you don't run into problems no i need is my essay people like you don't have a financial analyst
they allow him a news that i don't want to do is along the santa billy eyes neighborhood we read light as get out a cart and disband then let down as the lungs neighbors will be like we go to school is so weak on this neighborhood and his with gospel fire they connect to manhattan and they don't often cause the inability of a little sulfur diesel in the condo and they'll black policeman came and he said actors will we and therefore how we segue into if i was a white nose cone isn't it is a large and forty the avenue oh and he c pap we used by what happened at the lab when he talked to a couple of the policemen they get the home yet all too often when apple corps one answer no sham of a mistake too long so we we still got the better end of the deal even though we had to fight quite jennifer i know you have a comment i want to ask you question first a lot of people have been talking about prejudice common
sense lawyers coming from mayor spring from white males do you think that that's more common among men than women do you do you ever see women doing the same thing well i know myself i've never experienced rises before dawn school with our book you know basically makes groups and i do think that affects me and more and i think it makes them they get more excited and we were and i like to say that i don't think is best to fight because you're only when you sell down to their level i wanna raise another question and change the course of our discussion a little bit and find out how many people here are involved in interracial relationships aren't black people dating white people anyway people dating black people ok we want to talk about that right now we want to bring up first of all do you have any problems with that in your personal life if you date somebody of a different color and order those crimes come from do they come from the school they come from your parents' forty five the most prominence you obviously don't have a problem with it because your dating somebody of another color
but somebody must have a problem with it who is we think about interracial relationships been waitlisted can he would he think about what you know why the talk among us is she's being honest and being honest i mean we can't what would be the reason why you wouldn't want it would be because of the parents because of what people would say is what people would say but do what you think of the voodoo larkin interracial relationships deserve loving know that that's their business with internet is their business it doesn't bother me but it wouldn't it wouldn't you wouldn't do it because you know will bother someone in your family you're like well at least you got something to say no youre going out with someone white is that a yes and add to your parents and one mother at first the steelers she was one of his label why a white person in that and not have to explain this is that i really i like the person he was really saying is nice but it really good
at that i was a moment he finally came around that the problem was when it came to my the rest of my family was my immediate family as the rest of my family they can really is that their and his pants i don't think they have to have a law that says this last month that new mothers my family like my cousins you standing ally cat had cancer just only good thing i guess nathan because they feared that i guess is those are the lead back and they just know that a movie would be hurt in the long run because they would just use that says something like that and thats what about your friends what they said was they got either got out like as they do now because a lot of weapons away in and have plans that will live with us and that was with the previous it hasn't been a problem would you ever let your parents really accepted or your friend's really pretty strongly and it would be less than
greenland and the man that they would like the rest of them now turkey that is something as a witness said yeah he's worked in a suburban white area and had a funny and a little white girl and local firehouse and our mother was a time one of the guys that was with me flip a switch and as the live and you know there was a restricted area native you know their police force whatever and they came over we had like one out as a mother and like you know but by people to want our daughters to associate with his mother's why and he likes white girls and not only in the situation like that what's most important what other people think the way you people what you think in terms of in terms of the relationship and the fact that the mother didn't like did you think it was more important what they felt about each other in terms of their relationship or is it more important what people what other people think about him i think it's more important what they think about a child because she
told him that he couldn't work out because of what our mother would think what you found so that did break up the relationship yes yes do any of you get any pressure from your your friends not to date people of another color when you go out or suppose like you're the person the group was breaking the barrier for the first time you're the first one to go out with somebody of another color do they put pressure on you and say what you doing this for religion in the line and i just want to say i really never it expands to see tense about this year on this do it like implied have been here for four years and we had a dance one night we at the spouse or a country club and you are lying down to homeland and and this was my first time expands courtesy because i and i went on our way we went to rich poor if any really know it was the writ large and now it was a bunch of us and we was a gathering now is about as loud and we were waiting for everyone
you know it's a cancer so we stopped in the middle robert and all of a sudden we just saying a bunch of lights come to know we will likely do in this is thirty four is that we didn't actually obliged at all and i understand this guy came out with this war and i think it was my faith and my friends and we just loud and that was dawn bottles at us but all the time and never experienced courtesy and down you know since i've been here and why comply and it's mixed all of us are really close to me and we were like a family had more going for and i just want to say it's kind of that you know because people been friends i mean this is our world and not only that wife had to limit the black seventeen minutes is once this really that you have many white friends that you hang out with the us and they don't like france that is they have their white friends and they are from oregon part where people that i have met like to some school age has been out in the streets and we were friends say
about that when you tell stories like that or do you tell them the stories well yes i mean we do talk about it was at one point that we found outside the school collapsed one day and i was telling him this story and they were like well they're still around and they were raised me and prejudice from their parents so i mean is that magic trick tracy only down a blank while white like an allowance and one of which is that the law then i'm like why their mother you know they are using that you're against blacks and whites although some are some of the people there are obviously willing to put up with the problem or
maybe like the person that you're dating a maybe there were like you know how we know your spine one respondent no deaths occurred maybe it is past that this is the force on that side because i was going there and i still was he did he have a plan to wipe out what i want to a house seat was like along the sol where i met a family and everything and in the next day seems like my hands do not like me and you baby ok so we was like you know it's two weeks out that at and see them up as much as michael wood mr martin and it was my wife and talk and some more that's not so writes why the break in a bar my mom and i said as a black person to be with a black person and what caused the white person to rehab at the way you know and it went beyond its head
so no <unk> to impress a month as the rest of them are going to occur when up as that person was stopped by i want to work for a questionable sherry appear on our on our panel paul when know people come to be a community renewal society with complaints about racism what are the steps that the society takes to help solve the problem well are a number of factors we are a particular concern at the moment about some major racial incidents involving people moving like people moving into previously all white neighborhoods and that by the way is it is a serious problem in the metropolitan area at this point in time when that happens we try to immediately get in touch with the family has been harassed asked them how we can be of help provide some support for them and try to find people in the community who would be supportive and help them to be more visible in the community that's one thing we do nothing we do of course is through a continuing series of trying to bring
people together across racial lines and talk about these things as a remarkable conversation we're having today if you can bring to the surface some of the issues that people honestly feel of a deal with them we believe there can be some resolution thirdly we work as a center near for more of general housing integration and we try to find projects around which people of varying races can work on common issues and in the process of working together often some of the prejudices of fall by the wayside as something to try to do so essentially communication is the key element here that people have to sit down at the top they have to get to know each other before any problem can be self what certainly one of the key elements i think confronting specific incidents is another key issue another key issue frankly is being willing to confront the issues frankly deal with them and not to back off when people are naturally responding we're at morgan park high school today paul scheer executive director of the community real societies on our panel running hartfield this year she's president of urban gateways
and judd it which is also about cities a student here at morgan park high school we are wbez in this is fair play would come away at ninety one point five fm in chicago coming up in the second half of the show we'll try and find out where people pick up their perceptions about racial differences and will attempt to present some possible solutions to help read our communities of prejudice if you have someone or something that you think deserves airplay right to assert their claim at night in west virginia wrote chicago illinois six o six o nine i'm carl right and i'm shallow stick and we invite you to stay tuned in it one point five fm wbez for the second half of the year but we learned the prejudice rather we were prejudicing the clues that we pick up in society it is a rare person who is completely free of prejudice towards a group of people different from himself or herself in this section we like to focus in on where you are in the feelings that you have about different ethnic groups and will be begin by asking about some slang terms first thing we want to do is find out where you picked up the words that you know for people of different races could just come from your folks are where
the white people and black people you know they really hate each other they pick it up from july to morgan marquis know have anything against what people put far as we know you hate each other they literally pick a definite the tiny plastic with their nigger you know you go to nearby this is hold on do you think that if you're brought up in a home where there's a lot of prejudice and you learned from your parents that he can break out of it on your own party think pretty much destined to adopt those leaves yourself a person or a feeling in your heart that you're really know why so you try and recover the us alon i have a question i wanted to this because i would say is that in the abyss because every famous annie griffiths i just think and their life story as amenable to school with mostly is people every day i think the most precious
thing ran into this i went to the oh it's the talent show last year and i sat there i was the only white person in the states this whole place and it was very scary because there are a lot of people from other from our high schools and i was here my friend and he was very nervous cause he was raised an agreement and he's he's just he was very tense and i was just trying to relax in a natural and it was a the people behind the valerie plame white person hockey in all things i just had turned around i was like well you know i have to live with who i am and what i am i'm here trying to enjoy myself too and they sought out basically our right and left me alone but i mean it just bothered me and made me intense and i asked and i can identify with how it felt for black people to be a minority in an all white neighborhood was i was the only white person in an all black neighborhood friday did you ever experience any of your prejudice like that if you did how did you handle it for well that's really a very heavy question for me i think that as a black person working out in the world and thinks practices gentlemen as well as
now against one of the female actresses against one black person but when retiring this ties by my most vivid image of china's ties into families question about language and where you learn that i grew up in an all black neighborhood in a period when race was far less important than it is now and people didn't always talk about black things and why things are white people and black people so what that clearly those differences occur and them we used to identify the train down south every summer down down the illinois central railroad and i was on the chairman mao's about here nine years old and we have to at a certain point we got to southern illinois allying was called the mason dixon line which still is but does not contain the weight did in those days in those days when you cross the mason dixon line all the black people had to get in the back of the train
now in order to avoid that indignity many black people would simply board the back of the train in chicago because they didn't feel like getting up with their children and their launches and so forth and going to the back some like we would get on the phone and right for as long as i could until they got the mason dixon line and they're legally and this is all changed in my lifetime legally speaking we had no recourse but to get up and move to the back and as we move weeks after that that that was his the way it was so they didn't make any better at managing waste a whole lot of energy and is that to get up and go the back but once we were walking back in a little white boy said to his mother mommy and those neighbors and she said yes dear sis like that and we were at the thought of horrified at the effect that she didn't we have heard occasionally children's savings like in approximating that and their parents would be horrified and see them don't you ever say that again and to do this day that stands out in my mind is a grave difference between the way
over prejudice hits you and the waco discrimination hetz very astonishing a space to me and i've never forgotten and that's also an example of bridges being learned from her parents passed down to the to the children who don't know these things in fact studies show that until a child is about five years old that we can recognize color at all people on the mother lost an opportunity i think to say something meaningful and valuable to that now that he had been brought up herself in a background where those separations are profound for me to respond to the question a bit differently and i don't know that i have hurt ever experienced prejudice directly as a white person but i have experienced extreme anger on the part of blacks and hispanics poured me because i represented in many instances a have represented the oppressor i work with youth gangs un in new york city for a number of years which were basically black and hispanic and the most difficult emotion i had to deal with when i first worked with those young people
was the id anger and hostility because i represented something to those people that are they had known all their lives and it took a great deal of time before we could work past that anger and establish a very good working on human relationship i think much of what's happening in the city today is a result of the hostilities and angers which exist across racial lines in the city and that's why again i think it's extremely important that we need together across racial lines and honestly confront those are issues that anyone other personal story that happened not to me but to my wife to give you a sense of some of the hostilities in this city during the mayoral campaign a few years ago my wife and i supported her washington for mayor and my wife during the campaign was wearing a button on her call her washington for mayor my wife now you have to know is a very gentle human being a
man threatening human being she was on a bus going north away from the lute and a customer sat an older white woman who began disappearing obviously with great anger in great hostility my wife wasn't quite sure why this was happening at a bus stop this woman got off the bus looking back at my life and then walked back toward the back of the bus my wife was heading toward the window on the right side of the box this woman looked up at her with a great act of hostility it's better that gives you some sense of the depth of hostility in this city the fact that my wife a white person was able to support the white candidate for mayor said to this woman she has destroyed her relationship with the white race that seems to me an last week and to all of us here unsure until we get by that kind of racial hostility and reacher is society across racial lines were in deep trouble that's
why what you're doing today in this audience saw in court and we need to do it constantly and without ceasing reggie how would you feel as far seven black girlfriend how would you if you were to be a breck girl i've been i've gone out with black girls before and i really didn't see any problems in the schools i saw i saw how my sister when she brought a black person home i saw my parents reacted and i just kind of kept i kept the girls away from my family until later and i just introduce them as friends and my parents accepted i'm really see anything wrong with it i think you have people have the most problems are the older people parents and teachers nuts about it do you ever find that your parents have taught you certain prejudices that you have picked up yourself you know i'm you know i'm very
glad we going is it you know it doesn't make any difference you know a person is on the outside with the money the prize you know how does an incentive to use knives wooden the longest time if it's recently rhino they it'd be like president won the five a colored and i personally act for now in terms of like when harold washington was elected we are parents happy because he was the best candidate or because he was black they say that it's good we have someone like an office now or do you feel that it's important no season nbc announced it was the best kevin's you know the wine if you don't want to know what we mean he was while back is becoming more than your parents those of you are black most of your parents say that it was important that we had a black man in the office or was it was a good that you say that your parents are there are
now more than sixty years later but yeah i am a motion we don't believe in poland because you'll make a difference if they're white lie announced eleven the accompanist anyway are frequent this nickname of any we went to the watts artists i just brought them i think he's very dark very you know and this is what i am who has resonated windows is it really right now i feel like nurses walk the sum of france as he says he turned around and as you say cannot take you home we go out with one of those if you know i feel pretty good at being she took me to her mother and she said mom can i have a receding but as if she gradually was she ran away and it was just left at
that and i say with the wrong dude because they don't know you but i don't know can i say something that i don't think that that that that's really sort of a beautiful example the innocence of a child i think you know part of our prejudices about other guests and that people are very fascinated by other mass and black children are very fascinated by blonde hair and white children who never see black people are very fascinated by dark skin it's just that it looks beautiful to them in a wide net just like those little white children while black because it's something so new and different it might look very beautiful to them and many black children feel the same about why she missed the many stories the missionaries about black children who just want to touch that hair and it has nothing to do with the fact of prejudice or discrimination has to do with the fact that just something very very other and very new and very fascinating as the parents and turn it
into something different the mother couldn't handle that very nicely but she proudly was frightened or uncomfortable in any case throughout the programme kevin lesson that we learned racism to our parents our let's say the us is not so much the pants but we the racism from the waste that is as you know an obvious lecithin of that after this week you'll always be a minority because you look at you know how outpacing everyone who i have powers like and we have that you know this really happened i have to deal with it and there's nothing was like business in love when you have some references and squeeze the laws the things that i do that are sometimes no may not work because it becomes politically is going to be passed in its white mayor was b and he said that we have to deal with it saying that that the prejudices just an effect of society and there's no
change of several companies that you disagree why they didn't disapprove these volatile whole phenomenon will stu stu settlers made roman purges what do you note that like you say he learned from from the old the law passed on the lot with the actor's self do is they had this of tv did have to sell about thinking episode anything i think you can get anything you want on all you accept anything the people say do you or don't you because you're you're you're human being like everyone else ok and you say on a white man has is the white man on everything along know he doesn't get to know god owns everything and the rogue at white man's owners just like we are sleeping half listening to airplane are coming your way on wbez ninety one
point five fm in chicago for morgan park high school this afternoon we've helped determine where we come in contact with prejudice and how we learned and now are going to try and figure out what we can do to make our communities and our society a better place to live and let me throw this question out you think about for a moment do you think that your generation is more open minded in your parents' generation was and if so why korea ok before the next question i like to come in and daisy reaction this other guest that's ok i agree with david was talking about and this other guy he's you know he is i think in his mind he's gonna skate away years this was like i don't think an afro american history and we learned about this talk about this are the day ok this guy has no idea like are i were slaves and we can do anything about ourselves and he wants to stay that way okay and gave one other hand he says we compare ourselves which i think is true and through hard work and determination and you know education we can achieve whatever we want is what i want to achieve and that means what it does mean getting
above the white man if that's what it takes and what you see that's right and wrong you can get to the highest level gold wanna take you what you think we can do about the rest sadly though that's for your individual he won the batteries are core part in higher education that's one thing what about the masses well you got a take everybody as a whole you know you can talk to people you can get your individual groups together and say like hey what you want to do about this we can have honest away tears because i've experienced racism myself and you know you don't have to deal with it you can say something and voiced opinion about a slightly more firm was we work the duties that and walking around we're gonna barf up in as cathy oh i can i can i help you he was and what he was it was like to be some else as margaret no we went back a father does that really brought the conceit before leaving the body you know it's like you know that with him and we're going back to the personal statement
we should just get our all get together you know as like this a black on black love song to get a half and we can achieve whatever we watch witty irreverent usa young man in world know they were fine house like to say you know i like you listen you'd like to mention we are human beings and that's what it just a small who knew everybody's different goals for us senate in maine i care about racism aware of what others might think differently and as far as of controlling racism army we as blacks would put us about the gang that it's something like that we have to control this or to take the biggest political that question only one more time that that we closed just a few minutes ago and that was do you think that your generation is more open
minded in your parents' generation was it seems to me that your generation is more open minded you go out with people of different races new goldmine that your friends don't mind if you seem to get the pressure more from your parents and from society as a whole then you do from your peer group are you really more open minded you know from history we are they didn't really happen to us blacks and i want to say scent about hacked wife at confinement raises out think they are things that we will do is as much you know it's a monthly ok the widest gap in just like they
want a bailout as they get big flat area they'd ap carried pain so we would like to live that's right the year of the year we came back after we had a fight to know with the white and light black combat violent and a fall and like the white guy was india's black panthers or blacks winning having more problems in moore that was unlike four years later it's always you know mortgage you know you know you know we've been talking in terms of black and white and that's not the only form of prejudice and that's not the only race group they're also hispanic here's japanese jewish there's a lot of discrimination in terms of religion in terms of a lot
different things that jackie or hispanic have you ever come up with any prejudice have you ever experienced the president personally i've never experienced any evidence i didn't allow blacks whites and it's like really intense some of my really bothers you because you do differ on terms of a difference in and dating and so forth like that your parents tell you you can follow someone from another as they really were against me but when i got the first went home they had to get used to a kid i told him that it was my life and it really had was the cellar hole it did solve the really learn to live with it and beaches we disagree and economic life that they were thinking about the mind you point to know what's on a light and you write that way well i think i prefer that and
the passivity of parents went to morgan for ok what was it like well my peers into marketplace called it is i think ninety percent of white here and there was about by blacks and so it's like now when i have black friends now she seems to understand and he just doesn't understand sometimes that i do have my friends see my friends but not as close as i was i and down as she was issue still a little more close minded than you are yeah like close minded see i can't be black says she'll give a matinee show says they sightsee on issues they see him as a peer pressure there's just too much is it going to take you can take it
okay that you wanted to address the question of our generation being more open minded woodall is a race in the past have raised their students you know my voice is my grandmother's lights at the white people and an idea in a sunny day in a y says their way from the blast and a new generation don't say it like that we ought to either rents out inside its buoyancy was really with the white people and why apparatus inspired was most of us were some are passed by nasty away from they give you nine they won anyway what i think is a new generation's time the next plan to explore and see was really with the widely read about you do believe it your generation winemaker changed it again to eritrea wbez ninety one point five fm in chicago we're almost out of times we're going go back to our panelists do a wrap things up this afternoon
were coming your way from oregon park high school on chicago's south side and appalled pose this question to you before we leave in what is it from your experience that you think we can do to help make it a better world and the answer that i say that i think things have gotten a lot better since the civil rights revolution because of a basic changes in the society prejudice has diminished might fear now is that we may be re segregating our society so the the best thing i think we can do right now are provided occasions constantly whereby people of different racial races can get together and discuss frankly and honestly our differences and at the same time for those of us were concerned about the issue to act courageously without reserve when instances of racial segregation take place running do you have any ideas on no we think we can do and also what you think young people can do to help make things better i think to some degree the young people are doing it i disagree with the prisoners said that the society can't be changed because you are the society you are
at an it's automatically changed when people have close six kareem says together only causes bridges is that fear and lack of understanding and when you work together with people and you go to school with people you meet with people you drink with people and you see that although there are cultural differences that's human differences don't really prevail i don't think that that can help to change the society you're going to grow up the only talk about her mother's experience the mormon practice it's exemplary you're going to grow up your morgan park is different than her mother's martyrdom my idea of the vast morgan park would be one where people would have to say i prefer to scan a person over that kind of person or these kind of persons are just as good as or better than other kinds of people footwear all of that would be gone and everybody could they do every day felt like everybody would have friends fumble the races and enemies from both
races with our attention to the race but rather just to the personality i think it's bound to happen because you're together judge joe you're only a student council hearing more in part as a student council do anything to help alleviate prejudice we sponsor a lot of dances activities are trying to get more people mingled together and that usually help some people need people only interact with an american says it's up to them running like she said we are the eighties and we're the future and i thought ok we want to thank our panelists for being here today under studio audiences after paul sherry has been here he's executive director of the community rule society ronnie hartfield has been your she's the president of urban gateways and judd a wiki students are here at morgan park high school this is their place with that precedent for this morning show and thank you for joining us and you have a question suggestions or comments drop us a line here late at night and when her funeral chicago
illinois successive so now you can get your way every weekday three and saturday mornings at six year wbez ninety one point five fm and monday show will talk with four teenagers were sisters and brothers and own their own skateboard business and julia mcevoy talks with a young woman from guatemala compares her life their life in chicago major funding for years we've provided by the chicago board of education thanks water going to make it a special show possible our producer joanna thorn and director producer quinn next i enter into new year's jet plane and quattrone until monday to the shallows dave and i'm carl right enjoy the nation's
Morgan Park H.S.: Race Relations
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Producing Organization: WBEZ (Radio station : Chicago, Ill.)
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