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<v Theme Song>Breaking Free. Using that part of me, my individuality, it's letting you be you (and me be me). That's our individuality. What you've got to be and I got to be. That's the reality of breaking free. Freestyle! <v Boys>Oh. Oh, what is this? [Basketball being dribbled] <v Boy>All right, it's 12-4. <v Walter>I don't believe it. How can we get stuck with this bummer and everyone else gets to have fun? <v Marcus>Because you're the one who said, let me drive the car. I've got lucky fingers. <v Danny>Hey, what's the matter? You guys don't like your assignment? <v Marcus>What'd you get Danny? <v Danny>Beverley, Garcia, and I get to go to a bottling plant, two weeks of all the root beer you can drink. What'd you guys get?
<v Walter>We get to go out to a senior citizens multipurpose center. <v Danny>Terrific. <v Walter>It's not fair. All the other kids got assignments like paramedic teams, even a baker at a donut shop. <v Marcus>What's a senior citizens multipurpose center, anyway? <v Walter>It's a place where old people go. <v Walter>Man, what kind of career awareness report can you do about that? <v Walter>I don't know, but we got to work there for two whole weeks. What a way to get ready for a report. <v Harry>Hey that Stella sure can throw hard, but not too accurate yet. You know, got to keep your wrist loose, Stella. It's all in the wrist. Yeah.
<v Harry>You guys look a little lost. Can I help you? <v Marcus>Yeah, could you help us find um Mr. Ballard? <v Harry>Let me see. Now at this time he should be working with Jenny. Yeah. Come on. I'll show you. <v Herman>Hiya Harry. The frisbee too much for you? <v Harry>No way Herman. No way. <v Harry>Hey Pietro, nice Alice. <v Man>Hi Harry. <v Harry>Anyone seen Ballard this morning? <v Man>He was here, but he left. <v Marcus>Hey look at this. <v Man>Can almost smell the flowers huh? <v Walter>That's terrific. <v Marcus>Come on, Walter, we got to find Mr. Ballard. <v Harry>OK. <v Walter>We don't know Mr. Ballard. You see, we're here on a school assignment. <v Marcus>Yeah, we got to do some volunteer work. <v Harry>Don't look so sad about it, son. It may not be as bad as you think.
<v Marcus>How are you doing this morning? <v Harry>Don't mind, Clara. She never talks to anybody. <v Walter>Hey, Marcus. Look at this. <v Marcus>What's it for? <v Harry>We collect old toys, we fix 'em up, make them look like new. And once a week, a bus load of kids comes over and they check out any toys they like. They can keep them for two weeks and then bring them back. I'm in charge here. <v Walter>Oh, that's great. Oh, I forgot. I'm Walter Densmore and this is Marcus Ward. <v Harry>I'm Harry Mack. I like that. Two first names. But everybody calls me Harry. We're all first names here, you know. <v Marcus>Can we see Mr. Ballard now, Harry? <v Harry>Yeah, sure. Right this way. <v Man>That's getting it. Now just take your time.
<v Marcus>Excuse me, sir? <v Man>Hold on there a minute sport. ?inaudible?. Just lean into it Jenny. Turn your arm toward you slowly. <v Rick Bauer>You did it, Jenny. You're gonna be eating corn on the cob in no time. <v Walter>Wow. <v Rick Ballard>Go back to the ?inaudible? okay? I'm real proud of you Jenny. <v Jenny>Me too. <v Harry>Rick, this is Walter and Marcus. They say they have an appointment with you. <v Rick Ballard>I'm glad you guys could make it. Come on and I'll show you the ropes. <v Harry>So long, fellas. <v Walter>Thanks Harry. <v Harry>See ya Rick. <v Rick Ballard>See you Harry. <v Marcus>Are you Rick Ballard? <v Rick Ballard>Yeah. <v Marcus>My cousin Ted said that you are the best wide receiver Valley College ever had. <v Rick Ballard>Thanks. I'm flattered. <v Walter>But you work here now. <v Rick Ballard>That's right.
<v Rick Ballard>Hello there, Frank, I'd like you to meet Walter and Marcus. They're here working on a career awareness project. <v Rick Ballard>Isn't that great? [Frank says, "Bull."] They're here to help, Frank. <v Frank>We don't need any kids to help. I don't need any help. Never needed any. <v Walter>I'm Walter, mister? <v Frank>Venable. Frank Venable. I'm busy, got no time for kids. ?Turning? Around here. <v Marcus>Well, that's sure not a friendly cat. <v Walter>Is everyone else here like him? <v Rick Ballard>There's a few cases like Frank. Most of our seniors want to be helped. That's where my job comes in. <v Marcus>You're an occupational therapist, right? <v Rick Ballard>That's right. <v Marcus>Our assignment sheet says that you help old people take care of themselves. <v Walter>To be independent. <v Rick Ballard>As much as possible. Come on. I'll show ya. There are three ways you can help someone no matter what age they are. You can help them, you can get someone else to help them, or you can get them to help themselves.
<v Walter>So what kind of help do you do? <v Rick Ballard>I do all three. <v Walter>I see. You taught Jenny how to help herself with that special spoon. <v Marcus>And you're getting us to help here at the center. <v Walter>Well, how are you gonna help Frank? <v Rick Ballard>I don't quite know yet. <v Marcus>Aren't women best at that sort of thing? <v Rick Ballard>Who says? <v Walter>Well, just exactly what do you do? <v Rick Ballard>Ah, I thought you'd never ask. <v Rick Ballard>An occupational therapist assist the recovery of sick, injured or elderly people like these stroke patients. The idea here is not just to finish the puzzle, but to retrain their muscles. Picking up a piece of puzzle requires good muscle coordination. For some of them, it's a big challenge and a big victory. <v Occuptational Therapist>Oscar, that's the way. <v Rick Ballard>This is Celia Norton, our resident artist. <v Rick Ballard>Her pots are sold all over the city, she's making some special ones for our patio sale. And she teaches classes.
<v Celia Norton>All due to Rick, he helped me to get my right hand working again. <v Rick Ballard>You did it yourself, Celia. <v Celia Norton>Hm, don't you believe him. He made me exercise every day for three months and he never gave up. <v Rick Ballard>Neither did you. <v Occuptational Therapist>1-2-3-4. <v Rick Ballard>This may look simple to you guys, but when you get really old, your muscles can start to lose strength. And just getting dressed can be difficult. These seniors are exercising to keep their muscles strong so they can dress themselves, brush their teeth, shave, do basic stuff like that. <v Walter>Gee Rick that must be tough on 'em. [Indistinct conversation]. <v Rick Ballard>It's not easy and you've got to be careful not to hurt their feelings. You've got to imagine what it's like for them. Give them lots of encouragement, but not push him too hard. <v Walter>What you're saying is then, we gotta put ourselves in their place and figure out how they feel. <v Rick Ballard>It's just sharing someone's feelings. <v Marcus>But how can we do that? We're not old. <v Rick Ballard>No, not yet but you probably felt unhappy sometime when you couldn't do something and everyone else could.
<v Walter>It's just like when I was learning to skateboard and I kept falling off. <v Rick Ballard>Right. You didn't want anyone making fun of you or forcing you to learn. <v Walter>Yeah, and I felt great when I finally did it myself. <v Rick Ballard>You've got it. Understanding people's feelings is very important, especially around here. <v Marcus>Great. When do we start? <v Rick Ballard>Soon. <v Marcy>Hi, guys. <v Rick Ballard>Marcy meet Walter and Marcus. <v Marcy>You don't happen to have a spare TV on you, do you? <v Walter>It's had it, huh? <v Marcy>Oh, they don't even make the parts for this one anymore. <v Rick Ballard>Marcy's a volunteer and she's the world's best at fixing anything. <v Marcy>That's right. But I can't perform miracles. <v Marcus>Hey, maybe we could help. <v Walter>Us? How? <v Marcus>That patio sale you were talking about. Why can't we raise enough money to buy a new TV set? <v Rick Ballard>I'm afraid the sale hardly raises enough money to buy a new rug hooking material. <v Marcus>We'll fix that. We'll make it bigger and better. We got to get organized. We can advertise and get the whole town here.
<v Walter>I don't know, Marcus. You sound like you're organizing a football rally. <v Marcus>Great, because that's what we want. We can make it way out. We can get the seniors to do their thing. Make a bunch of stuff and then we can make a lot of signs and let the town know what's going on here. <v Walter>Might work, there's all the activities here. You know, the rugs and pots. <v Marcus>How about it Rick? Walter and I could organize it for you. <v Rick Ballard>Sure would learn a lot. <v Marcy>And we'd get a new TV. <v Rick Ballard>Go for it. <v Marcus>So if each one of you pick out one thing you want to make. Flowers, pot holders, wallets, or rugs. We can get going. This is going to be the greatest sell ever. [Indistinct conversations] <v Harry>Wallets for me, Marcus. <v Marcus>How many do you think you can do? <v Harry>I don't know alot I guess?
<v Marcus>You don't want to be left out, do you Clara? Bet you can make a pretty nifty pot holder or two, huh? <v Walter>Hi Jenny. [Jenny says, "hi"] You go into the dining room today? Rick said, you were doing just great this morning with that-. <v Jenny>That ?goospoon?? Oh, I don't know. I'll try and I'll try, but I don't think I'll ever have the courage to go eat with the others. <v Walter>You know, one time I broke my arm trying to prove I can beat Tarzan swinging from tree to tree. [Jenny chuckles]. <v Jenny>I bet that hurt pretty bad. <v Walter>I just felt silly. The worst thing I had to do was go to the school cafeteria after it happened because all the kids knew what a stupid thing I'd done, but I did it. <v Jenny>What happened? Did they laugh at you? <v Walter>Heck no. All my friends helped me get my lunch. They were terrific to me. <v Jenny>Well, maybe I better try it.
<v Walter>You should. I'll go with you. Maybe afterwards we'll be able to take up tap dancing. [Jenny laughs]. <v Jenny>Thank you. <v Walter>Bye bye. <v Walter>Hi. What ya doing? <v Frank>What does it look like I'm doing? <v Walter>Reading the paper? <v Frank>Right, and I do it best when I'm alone. <v Walter>We're setting up folks who want to make things for the sale. How about you? <v Frank>No thanks. <v Walter>But don't you want to help? <v Frank>Nope. <v Walter>If we all pitch in-. <v Frank>I don't have to pitch in on anything, son. You get that? <v Walter>I just thought since everyone else was involved, I'm sure you have something you're good at, something you can help out with. <v Frank>Did Rick put you up to this? <v Walter>No. I just saw you out here and I thought you looked-. <v Frank>Looked what? I look busy because that's what I am and I don't have any time for any fresh kids.
<v Walter>Alright, I'm sorry. <v Marcus>This is gonna be out of sight. We can make banners and load the tables with stuff. <v Walter>Rick said we should go easy on 'em Marcus. <v Marcus>Sure, I hear you, now if each one can make 10 wallets or 15 potholders- <v Walter>Hold it, did they agree to do all this? I mean, we've got to go slow, we can't push 'em like this. <v Marcus>Pushing? Who's pushing? We want to give them that TV set. They got to learn to help themselves. Just like Rick said. <v Walter>But he also said we should be careful of their feelings. Put ourself in their place, we're giving them a lot of work. <v Marcus>Come on, Walter. That's just what they need. Now, all we got to do is get them organized and they'll have the TV set. You'll see, this is going to be the greatest patio sell this center ever had. <v Jenny>How's that? <v Walter>Terrific. I told you eating lunch here was going to be a cinch. <v Jenny>And nobody laughed did they? <v Walter>I should say not.
<v Jenny>Well, you sure helped. I could never have come here today without your help. You and Marcus really are something. What's he doing back there? He's so busy all the time. <v Walter>It's the patio sale. You'll be able to pitch in now. <v Jenny>I hope so. Everybody should help. <v Walter>There's some that aren't going to though. <v Jenny>Oh? <v Walter>Like Frank Venable. I sure wish I could get him to join in. <v Jenny>He's a tough nut to crack alright. <v Walter>That's for sure. <v Jenny>I think he's lonely. <v Walter>You mean, he needs-. <v Jenny>He needs people people around him. That's why he comes here. <v Walter>Even though he ignores us, he needs us? <v Jenny>Sure. How's that? <v Walter>Jenny, you're terrific.
<v Marcus>Hi there Clara. What would you like to make for the sale? Well, what will it be? You can sign up for potholders, clay pots, paper flowers, rugs maybe? How about it? Clara, it's for the good of the center. I sure wish I could get through to you. <v Marcus>We need to make twice as many, maybe if you made them smaller. <v Woman>I only want to do one. <v Marcus>Why? <v Woman>I want to do it right. <v Marcus>Sure, but if you made them smaller- <v Woman>Look, it's taken me three months to do this much, and I can't promise to finish it before the sale. <v Marcus>It doesn't have to be perfect. <v Woman>Yes, it does, Marcus. <v Walter>I don't think I could do it. <v Celia Norton>Oh, I'd love to teach you. Make me happy if you give it a try.
<v Walter>Always willing to help out a pal. <v Celia Norton>Start the wheel. Put your fingers in and balance on the other side and pull, pull. Not too fast. Just pull. Now you're cookin'. [Walter says, "Wow!"] <v Marcus>One, two, three, four. Only four? <v Woman>That's right, Marcus. <v Marcus>Well, we've only got two weeks. We need at least two dozen. <v Woman>That's an awful lot. <v Man>Stop watching Marcus. <v Marcus>Sorry. This should be five at your table. Where's Harry? Where are the others?
<v Man>Maybe he went to the Spanish class. Wish I had gone. <v Marcus>What? <v Man>Nothing. <v Marcus>Couldn't you work a little faster? <v Man>No, I can't, I work at my own pace. It makes me feel good. That's what this is all about, Marcus. <v Marcus>This one's good, but we need more tan ones. <v Man>I like working with the brown ?inaudible?. <v Marcus>But we've got enough brown ones. <v Man>You make me jumpy, Marcus. <v Marcus>Sure, sure. Just keep going. That's fine, but we need more pink ones. <v Woman>I like the yellow, I make the yellow ones. <v Marcus>But the list says we need 20 pink roses.
<v Marcus>I'm sorry, I just tried to follow the schedule. I had it all written down. Hey, where's everybody going? You can't leave now. <v Rick Ballard>Sure they can. <v Marcus>You've got a class or something? <v Rick Ballard>Mmm. Maybe they wish they had one. <v Marcus>You mean, they've walked out on me? <v Rick Ballard>I'm afraid you gave them too much to do. <v Walter>What happened? <v Marcus>They quit. They all just quit. <v Walter>But why? <v Marcus>I don't know. I had everything arranged. I just told them what had to be done. <v Rick Ballard>But did you ask them about it? When you don't ask people how they feel about something, a project like this or any kind of job, they get the feeling you don't care about them. <v Marcus>But if we want to make the money for the new TV set. <v Rick Ballard>Yes, but if somebody asked you to do something that was impossible for you, how would you feel? <v Marcus>They never said anything. <v Rick Ballard>Maybe some of them were hiding how they felt. Sometimes it's hard to speak up, especially with an energetic guy like you. And young or old, everyone wants to succeed.
<v Marcus>And I made them feel like failures. Man, did I blow. <v Rick Ballard>Don't be so hard on yourself. Start over. <v Marcus>I ruined the whole sale. The only failure is me. <v Rick Ballard>I'll tell you what, the thing to do is postpone the sale till we're ready right? <v Walter>Sure, then the seniors can work at own speed. How about it Marcus? <v Marcus>Fine, but I'd better stay out of it. I'd only hurt their feelings somehow. I know I would. <v Walter>But Marcus-. <v Marcus>I'll clear up here and go. <v Marcus>You can't just quit. It's your idea. <v Marcus>I'm sorry, Walter. <v Rick Ballard>Leave him alone, Walter. Marcus, thanks for everything. Come on, Walter, we're going to change the dates of those signs you made if we're going to postpone the sale.
<v Walter>Hi Celia, can I come in a second? <v Celia Norton>Sure, Walter, what's up? <v Walter>Oh, nothing much. <v Celia Norton>You look a little down, my friend. <v Walter>Well Marcus just quit the project. Rick said he was pushing the seniors' too hard and I guess he was, so they all just quit. <v Celia Norton>I'm an expert at that. After my stroke, all I wanted to do was quit. <v Walter>You know, you're the most active person around here. <v Celia Norton>Not when I first arrived, I was so crabby nobody but Rick would talk to me. <v Walter>Well, why? <v Celia Norton>The stroke made it so I couldn't move my right hand. I couldn't do anything, I was so discouraged. I thought nobody wanted to be near me, just like Marcus. <v Walter>Well, what happened to change you? <v Celia Norton>Well Rick happened. He knew how I felt. Guess he saw through my bad temper. He knew I needed help, even though I said I didn't. <v Walter>Sounds like Frank Venable. <v Celia Norton>Right, the only thing is with Frank. It's not physical.
<v Walter>What's wrong with him then? <v Celia Norton>Nobody knows for sure, but whatever makes him unhappy; it's a big secret. <v Walter>Maybe he's a really nice person underneath. <v Celia Norton>Maybe. Why don't you ask him? <v Walter>Why don't I? <v Walter>Hi Frank can I come in? <v Frank>I guess I can't stop you. <v Walter>What are you doing in here? <v Frank>Leave me alone, Walter. Go on. <v Walter>It doesn't work with me. Not anymore. <v Frank>What are you jabbering about? <v Walter>Your grouchiness. It doesn't work with me. [Frank says, "Well?"] Yeah, cause I know you're not the big grouch you pretend to be. <v Frank>Oh, I never pretend. <v Walter>Well, sometimes when a person gets angry and unfriendly stuff, what it really means is he needs help.
<v Frank>I don't need help. <v Walter>I'm like a friend, like a pal. <v Frank>Only pal I ever had is gone, she's gone for good. My wife died last year, you know, now nobody needs me. <v Walter>I need you. I just lost my best friend, Marcus, and I sure could use some help. <v Frank>Oh? What's your problem? <v Walter>Well Marcus just quit and I have to run the sale, change the dates on the posters. Get all the people who made the stuff and I got to get it all together. It's too much for me, I dunno where to start. <v Frank>What you need is an organizer. <v Walter>Sure do. <v Frank>That's something I know all about. <v Walter>You do? <v Frank>Sure, I was a chief in the Navy for 30 years. <v Walter>Wow, you mean it? <v Frank>Look here. That's me, in a cruiser in the Pacific. I'm in charge of the engine room, I have 76 men under me.
<v Walter>Wow, I guess you do know something about organizing, ?inaudible? Would you organize me? <v Frank>Well uh I don't know. Uh I mean. <v Walter>Please Frank? Be a pal. <v Frank>Well, maybe I could help make things shipshape with your sale. At least I can try. <v Marcus>Oh, hi Clara. Come to see the end of the patio sale? Well I tried. But you know what? I hurt their feelings. Look how terrific these flowers are. You should have seen all the other stuff they made wallets and rugs. Really nice, I feel terrible about this. Well, so long, Clara.
<v Clara>Quitter. <v Marcus>You can talk. <v Clara>Of course, I can. <v Marcus>Why didn't you before? <v Clara>I don't usually have anything to say. <v Marcus>But you just talk to me why? <v Clara>I hate to see a hardworking kid give up. <v Marcus>Oh, Clara, I messed up real bad. <v Clara>You did the best you could, and that's all anybody can do in this world. <v Marcus>But it wasn't good enough. <v Clara>Now stop, the people here need you. They need somebody with get up and go, and you sure got it. <v Marcus>They need me? <v Clara>Sure, they need all the help they can get. <v Marcus>OK, I will, if you will. <v Clara>What do you mean? <v Marcus>Well, if I try again, you got to help me with the sale. <v Clara>Who me? <v Marcus>If they need me, they sure need you. <v Clara>They don't. <v Marcus>They do. <v Clara>They don't. <v Marcus>They do. <v Clara>They don't. <v Marcus>They do. <v Clara>Well, what do you want me to do? <v Marcus>Just keep talking, Clara. <v Clara>Keep talking? <v Marcus>Keep talking. <v Clara>Keep talking. In just a few minutes ladies and gentlemen, we will open our doors to the spectacular patio sale. Come one, come all. There are bargins for all. ?Get some for the family?. We've got potholders, we've got wallets, we've got rugs-[Her announcements goes into the background]
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No. 110
Young and Old
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KCET (Television station : Los Angeles, Calif.)
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The Walter J. Brown Media Archives & Peabody Awards Collection at the University of Georgia (Athens, Georgia)
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This drama series is set in a school. This is Episode 110, "Young and Old." Marcus and Walter spend two weeks volunteering at a senior citizen multipurpose center. They learn about occupational therapy and the importance of empathy, and help organize a patio sale to raise money for a new TV for the center.
Series Description
"FREESTYLE is a nationwide effort funded by the National Institute of Education, (N.I.E.) aimed at expanding the career awareness of youngsters 9-12 years old by providing knowledge about the world of work and about behavioral strategies that youngsters can master and use with success whenever they encounter a career-related opportunity or dilemma - in the summer or part-time job, at school, in the community, and in the home. A basic strategy of the project is to reduce the limiting effects of sex-role stereotyping and its interaction with ethnic-role stereotyping on youngsters' career-related interests, activities and behaviors."--1978 Peabody Awards entry form.
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Director: Yust, Larry
Executive Producer: Wright, Norton
Producer: Livingston, David
Producing Organization: KCET (Television station : Los Angeles, Calif.)
Writer: Hoey, Michael
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The Walter J. Brown Media Archives & Peabody Awards Collection at the University of Georgia
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