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it's like no minimum daily weapon a black man with a record that is live in florida yo what's up the system are effects i mean the people were not having much luck so far i'm twenty three years old and says my mom died i've been living in my grandmother's house on the south side of chicago in a deprived six we get crazy that the bill senator over the last couple of months i've been taking his tape recorder around me back in in my life now when a place and ted why do automatically might be about you know i go quite well maybe fb
every morning so if you know to me because i want a half there were like may your talk what a whirlwind yeah morning and eyes cause political life on middle class world and castle is danny why mr places like and try my hardest is down at my passion a work in south save money go to school get a degree of view of selfies and that mr raul i get a decent man vibe but a lot of times more than that that right is growing again stepped onto the made anonymously to give the wonder i only lived there you know she says some
pieces of knowledge in amahl and the gas we're always amazed to go to sell and they ran back in la schools or act or band consonants are low for a diamond and dollars against around them are facing heyday i everyday awaken are making these a day thousands of dollars in your hand right then and there on main i don't have a brain specialist no local where the money is show me the money says is on one of the art are now someone is common demand under one the ceiling in this cause i honestly believe that pitching you also say that
yo yo a so i'm going to go ahead and then you did a whole fleet out there we can about the rabbi get their due stay with me and then this account all my life but this was my first time ever been at the airport the double know before is with the company thought why is packed with people apply for work and doing interviews w casey doesn't know i'd be selling newspapers to the people running against their flights among immigrant was something the key muscle go omar religion has to start my own company producing teachers design was so i'm a pretty good odds but i know it's not easy to a pool that are still in the meantime identify and another type of job
this band were still bought small of the doubt on iran eyes really knows and is very smart and i am positive that it wasn't like a big interview but it was an interview and i've probably the conduct myself in a manner i have nothing has crossed but i've been through this before and i've got a whole blunt rejection of his own ms biles downtown are spaced legal and political and maybe even close as plainly out when it or vessels like omar humanity was like mom you were posted on the door and displayed nice ad announcing a white man that is by jp torres as soon arsenault and i didn't go into with bears over that ally america where none of those hats i live in my grandmother's house with twelve mr remixes is a movable money that is not easy i had a couple of clauses that in crimea how all that
there's to make everything from everybody in a house and elmo moms well one immediate be off my home by now she had big chains family to go to college and get into have to see that i tried to make a proud i went away to college who couldn't pay twisted so i jumped out of the eu my grandmother she tries to keep it all together at the house she works hard day's booty o's she grew a middle class you gonna work ye gonna ask nobody for nothing and don't comply it took me ten years they had had a decent standard that i can say i'm proud of it i can make a nominee that i can order to look at the house clove rip man like voip much what it does it is virtually well i did those things back jay bybee but today they can about as they're painted now they don't like a dismaying talk and then they have a tendency to walk away they don't know how to stay there until they can be ill fitting fell
in seventy seven then move on they want everything right now it's not like that you know my grandmother says makes sense but the world has to say sissy was come in or you can do is go on work in a factory anymore i make enough money to buy a car or house those jobs don't exist a year i do want those things to say is like the only people who can get anything on a big term jury believes we called them parlors and i'm gonna laugh sometimes that life moves pretty tense so disney disney secchia battle olive account for bronner until a book adapted about this won't tell people in our nose always to be in the bad terms and just enjoyed his partner plus i like the way it echoes in here so all my real people's he's
that wednesday january fifteenth nineteen ninety seven six thirty eight and to listen this is my first day that it's those things up with the us so the song the good wall in this episode as noah sunday that event at say i start with that was the terminal two gay before they work in ten hours a day
i just want to be worked out what's another lapse iconic company of song turn away and this really stings mother's day and although i guess about them are registered and gave me some of the biggest thing you can do is to compound interest you keep saying you're going to a really surprised them with your faith isn't the right thing to try it and it was just to get the word out that there's just about every chicago neighborhood to last about four of our flat out of the day just a traveler long time ago were right anwar as tyrant and the public twenty four seven they grabbed
a revocable back in for fear common home is like aspen ideas time and i'd be happy but on a stick you object to appoint a slick move really although if you fall asleep you just got to inside a sedan or fall asleep my weight of what makes lead make it and it's their pockets that are located on family apocalyptic every day and if no good just to be working is saying why are small i was looking up at the mine mr furst say a debut a smith there we can't power not the party into the early morning i get back i recorded this file forty fire man i had fun the day saturday yesterday there was friday once it was five feet deep a shot me i was happy more samples all about day one man so much fun and a cake been a real glue you know someone if you're doing awesome money of pocket <unk> his party that the girl's escort
core a zeal me elmo one of these aren't even have a hacker now oh my days off i didn't just don't have the services so some initiative went downtown to fill out applications a watch eddie bauer the gap nike town also for the finals of the case more or least was close it's wrong eddie bauer commie that prevents a bottle as a bizarre like they were going to arrest so upset again i call this a kid of you a smooth to go to interview eddie bauer and that's when everything started to unravel debut a swiss say ah couldn't come back unless i had a doctor's note so while trying to get a fake doctor's know i missed a couple more days a word so find a more mall wait till have faith that are kept thinking
hallway out there is how many times have i say other people come in an interview a smith office party unity good and fine on syria is no exaggeration someone gets an employer i just said man that's a good oh geez oh no doubt no money coming with it and tougher than any violent i knew that i was right that lived in one of the just a little while ago so good about everything now it all came crashing down so i don't know where to turn so i want to go see an old friend a mama shirley says my family when i talk to a broke down or couldn't help
disappointed sad and discipline myself crying all we follow only blossom that ahead for most of them in nineteen eighty eight people point if any our total man of felt like i was back at the same old harmful on one side there's the legal world and that's not going anywhere and then on the other side that the only the way it seemed like everybody around me was drawn there about them was so why not me i was a mess maybe i wasn't thinking that what i decide i'm going to take a step away and i did i gotta go so it's a surly sheila creating there are little small sled the numbers are high
because i will say that the way it happening is about the go for twenty five dollars and then everyone mr carney cousins partly i wanted to get the gun out of his hands and partly i wanted to prepare myself for days to come all what i'm i have to do but it was while on our dad begun this is like a pall mall was just like yo i take another from nobody and i really learn the what it's aiming for me no more and this is always have to have with the street and had to have withdrawn to be like i want to be the air every lab a ghostly all have more blood covered the fargo legal and have more book of a bass with the go the girl was basically i'm not mossad gap and a
maid and if it was a health law and shirley ended up having the argument about the game he wanted me to get rid of the weekend brought back in for animal house he did was he convinced me to hand the gull the tripoli is surely say this was the best way to keep the gun off the street about the man i know anybody who's ever tried to go faster or kidneys or so but i did it anyway things were still pretty messed up in my life i will say in at home thinking i have no car and i have no money and i have no girlfriend i have nothing to write about man i want to find out more about living the life of a ball this is their he lives down the
street from the east be example all right we made tons of money on the block who cares for the illegals when i went to go see your views on from his house working on his car he used to do it back in the day so your spirits that event because i was a black in part of interact eleven as a major in the volume in a moment so what in the world why you believe the looks that you get this women but that shows you the government that cause you live in there's like these men and i have been linked possibly three four days so cool thing about
living like that almost no one has got so many millions billions of dollars the onetime song was money it's good to let damon asked him another question would he sees ski in me a legend when one is a channel be a volunteer who they were no come a way to live them what's about anabolic two ways in two ways that one of you or one of your level of small part of your life in the penitentiary money in the works no peace among these movies i'm anna couldn't rest i couldn't fit into one miles always all not just the police raids of world you know one thing is two ways disconnected man very open minds stunning did mr tracks sorghum also back
together hit the streets again and started looking for another legal job but i have to make when things get back i still wonder about that crime the world and maybe a lot here than the name yeah more choices and life within our the art them in the head and when he marches open so that skip ahead let me just play one more thing for you seed get our move through the newest movie juno korea reported it it
is oh you's a phil i know sly one was just talking to he is to say getting the happenings and so getting nervous so he's always done you can have all the money in a world still not yet i was one of our favorite lines i remember that and then that quantum only like one already to own a black ski mask and gotten out something comes asylum eli manning smartest gal you knew sir
Chicago Matters
[1997--excerpt], Picture Me Rolling
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WBEZ (Radio station : Chicago, Ill.)
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The Walter J. Brown Media Archives & Peabody Awards Collection at the University of Georgia (Athens, Georgia)
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Shomari Kress, a young African-American man, is working toward the American dream. In 'Picture Me Rolling,' he tells the story of what it's like to get a job. With just one year of college he starts from ground-zero. No money. Few prospects. Soon, he finds himself at a crossroads, having to choose between the underground economy -- the lucrative but highly dangerous and illegal drug trade -- and low-paying, entry-level work. 'Picture Me Rolling' dramatically illustrates the unemployment story the statistics often miss. Although Illinois is now enjoying its lowest unemployment rate in decades, high levels of joblessness still exist in many parts of the city, including Shomari's south side neighborhood. It's a story repeated across the country. The documentary, first produced for WBEZ as part of its 'Chicago Matters' series was subsequently broadcast on National Public Radio's 'All Things Considered.' It generated extraordinary listener interest.--1997 Peabody Awards entry form.
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Producing Organization: WBEZ (Radio station : Chicago, Ill.)
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The Walter J. Brown Media Archives & Peabody Awards Collection at the University of Georgia
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