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<v Speaker>It's just another day in elementary school. <v Speaker>The normal hustle and bustle of the classroom, the students listening intently <v Speaker>or studying special projects, or just doing their classwork. <v Speaker>A class such as this makes a teacher proud. <v Speaker>But every teacher, every class has that one child, <v Speaker>that one student that seems oblivious to the activities around them, that <v Speaker>one child that no matter how you may try to reach them, they won't <v Speaker>get involved. <v Speaker>This is the story of one such student and how he was reached. <v Johnny>What a beautiful day. I wish I was fishing. <v Johnny>Sure would rather be fishing than sitting here doing nothing.
<v Johnny>Who are you? <v Spirit of ITV>Johnny, you're a boy with a big choice. <v Spirit of ITV>Dreaming in the class gonna make a mistake some day. <v Spirit of ITV>You're bored with this place. <v Spirit of ITV>You're somewhere off in space. Your small imagination limits your pace. Let me reach you. I can teach you. Johnny you're a young man, smart man. Don't you be afraid, just take my <v Spirit of ITV>hand. We can go to the moon, or go to Mars. We <v Spirit of ITV>can't even make our way to the stars. Let me reach you, I can teach you. Let me reach you. I can teach you. <v Johnny>But who are you?
<v Spirit of ITV>Johnny I'm the spirit of ITV. <v Spirit of ITV>Let your imagination go, just set it free. <v Spirit of ITV>You can see anything <v Spirit of ITV>you want to see. <v Spirit of ITV>When you shake the spirit of ITV. Let me reach you. I can teach you. Let me reach you. I can teach you. <v Johnny>Teach me? I was already in school. Where are you taking me now? <v Spirit of ITV>I'm going to show you what you've been missing. <v Johnny>Missing? I've been here- I've been at school anyway everytime that I've had to be. <v Spirit of ITV>But you haven't paid any attention to the worlds that I can bring to you. <v Johnny>But-but but you can't bring the things that interest me into the classroom. <v Spirit of ITV>Oh but I can. Just what would you like to see?
<v Johnny>There. You mentioned the moon. You said we could go to the moon. I want to go to the moon. <v Spirit of ITV>Look ahead of us. Is that what you wanted to see? <v Johnny>But... how? <v Spirit of ITV>Instructional television for ITV can take you there or anywhere else that you might want
<v Spirit of ITV>to go. If you'll just let it. <v Spirit of ITV>ITV can take you anywhere, anyway, any time that you want it to. <v Johnny>Where is it going? Where did it come from? <v Spirit of ITV>It's going to your classroom, as well as to others across the state. <v Spirit of ITV>It's just one of the worlds that's available to you. <v Spirit of ITV>If you'll just let your imagination flow. As for where it came from, let's go see. That was the transmission tower that your school receives the program signal from. <v Johnny>What's that? <v Spirit of ITV>Do you like sea adventures? <v Johnny>You bet! <v Spirit of ITV>That is the voyage of the Mimi. <v Johnny>The voyage of the Mimi? <v Spirit of ITV>It's a program to help you learn things. <v Johnny>But how can I learn anything from a sea adventure? <v Spirit of ITV>Oh, you'd be surprised. <v Spirit of ITV>You'd like to learn how to sail a ship like that, wouldn't you? <v Johnny>You bet. <v Spirit of ITV>And you'd like to learn how to get the ship from one place to another?
<v Johnny>Sure. What good would it be to sail a ship if I didn't know how to get it where I wanted it? <v Spirit of ITV>Good. I think you're beginning to understand. <v Spirit of ITV>They'll teach you how to get the ship from one place to the next. <v Spirit of ITV>And they'll also teach you geometry, trigonometry, physics and all the other <v Spirit of ITV>sciences that are part of sailing a ship. <v Spirit of ITV>You'll learn all those things and not even realize it. <v Johnny>But how can boring things like geometry and physics be a part of something as fun as sailing a ship across the ocean? <v Spirit of ITV>But they are part of it, just as they are part of everything that goes on around you. <v Spirit of ITV>But you never take notice of. <v Spirit of ITV>It's all in the way you look at things, if you will open up your imagination. <v Spirit of ITV>You will see that the sciences and mathematics are part of everything that goes on in the <v Spirit of ITV>world. Everything that you find interesting is based on physical and mathematical <v Spirit of ITV>laws. And unless you understand those boring subjects as you call them, <v Spirit of ITV>you can never learn to do the things that you want to do.
<v Johnny>How do these programs get on our television in my classroom? Who makes them? <v Spirit of ITV>The answers to those questions are right ahead of this. <v Spirit of ITV>I'm going to show you the who, the why and the how, would you like that? <v Johnny>Yea I think I would. <v Spirit of ITV>This is where most of the programs that you see on your television come from. <v Johnny>But this isn't the moon, and there's no way you're gonna get a big ship like that into <v Johnny>this little room. <v Spirit of ITV>Oh, But you can look over there. <v Johnny>But how? <v Spirit of ITV>Here, those scenes are stored on videotape and <v Spirit of ITV>are shown at various times when you can watch them. <v Spirit of ITV>Like I said before, instructional television can take you anywhere at any time
<v Spirit of ITV>and show you anything that you want. <v Spirit of ITV>It's only real limitation is your imagination. <v Spirit of ITV>Let me show you something else. <v crewman 1>We changing the lights for this shot? <v crewman 2>Young Ray wants a softer light on the guest this week. <v crewman 1>Who's the guest? <v crewman 2>He's a historian. They're going to talk about the time period that the film represents. <v crewman 1>Let's go check the cameras. <v crewman 2>Sure. <v Johnny>What do they mean time period? <v Johnny>Why are they interviewing a historian about a movie? <v Spirit of ITV>Why? Is history another one of those boring subjects that you don't like? <v Johnny>I just don't understand why they would interview a historian about a movie. <v Johnny>And the studio here. <v Johnny>It looks like a theater's concession stand, but it's not real. <v Spirit of ITV>But it is real in one sense when you see it on your television, you think it's real. <v Spirit of ITV>You think it's part of the theater. But its illusion. <v Spirit of ITV>Not magic. Although sometimes you might think so.
<v Spirit of ITV>It's just science, art and mathematics, but it gives the illusion of being the real <v Spirit of ITV>concession stand. Science, art and mathematics. <v Spirit of ITV>You can see now that they're not boring, can't you? <v Johnny>Yeah, I'm beginning to see that. <v Johnny>But who decides all this stuff? <v Spirit of ITV>Let's go see. <v Spirit of ITV>AETN that stands for the Arkansas Educational Television <v Spirit of ITV>Network. <v Spirit of ITV>Through a series of legislative acts that began as long ago as nineteen fifty nine. <v Spirit of ITV>That was before you were born, wasn't it? <v Spirit of ITV>The Arkansas General Assembly with the enactment of Act one ninety eight. <v Spirit of ITV>In nineteen sixty one created the Arkansas Educational Television Commission. <v Spirit of ITV>The commission is made up of eight commissioners serving staggered eight year terms. <v Spirit of ITV>The commissioners are appointed by the governor with the advise and consent of the <v Spirit of ITV>Senate.
<v Excutive director>Hi, Commissioner. Yeah, yeah. As you know, at this time, with our five transmitters and <v Excutive director>one translator, we are able to cover the entire state. <v Johnny>Who's he? What's he talking about? <v Spirit of ITV>He's the executive director. <v Spirit of ITV>The commission through a selection process chose and recommended him as a candidate for <v Spirit of ITV>the position to the governor. His main responsibilities are to provide direction <v Spirit of ITV>for the AETN staff and to present reliable information to the members <v Spirit of ITV>of the commission for them to base their decisions on. <v Johnny>Where does he get all of this information from? <v Spirit of ITV>Well, he has several people helping him. <v Spirit of ITV>The director of development office provides information on membership and information <v Spirit of ITV>services, fundraising, event planning and program funding arrangements. <v Spirit of ITV>The director of marketing provides information to the executive director on <v Spirit of ITV>the best possible presentation of AETN to the general public, as well <v Spirit of ITV>as to various special interest groups such as school representatives.
<v Spirit of ITV>The director of finance and administration provides information on how and <v Spirit of ITV>where the operating funds are spent. <v Spirit of ITV>The director of engineering provides the executive director with information pertaining <v Spirit of ITV>to the operation and maintenance of all equipment used in producing, editing <v Spirit of ITV>and broadcasting the audio and video signals for the network. <v Spirit of ITV>The associate directors responsibilities vary with the needs of the executive director, <v Spirit of ITV>but are mainly concerned with the programing, production and educated aspects <v Spirit of ITV>of the operation here at AETN. <v Associate Director>Carson, would you bring in Earl and John and Carrol, please, to join us? <v Speaker>In order to provide information to the executive director. <v Speaker>The associate director has three department directors that report directly to him. <v Speaker>The director of production is responsible for the production of local television <v Speaker>projects. He has a staff of writers, producers, directors, videographers,
<v Speaker>editors, camera operators and assistants that can produce projects ranging from <v Speaker>documentaries to educational discussion programs. <v Speaker>The director of programing and Public Information Responsibilities range from <v Speaker>ascertaining the wants and needs that the general viewer to choosing the programs and <v Speaker>selecting the times at which they will be seen. <v Speaker>Where are we going? I want to show you the people who deal exclusively with schools like <v Speaker>yours. The director of educated <v Speaker>services is responsible for ascertaining the needs of and to provide services <v Speaker>to the primary, secondary and post-secondary schools of Arkansas. <v Speaker>In order to do this, he has a group of specialists to help him. <v Speaker>The coordinator of Primary and Secondary Services is concerned mainly with the <v Speaker>needs and requirements of schools such as yours. <v Speaker>The Post Secondary Services Coordinator deals with the requirements of vocational, <v Speaker>technical, college, university, business and industrial schools. <v Speaker>The coordinator of video library services, is responsible for providing video
<v Speaker>dubbing and library access, as well as technical advice in a variety of audio-video <v Speaker> systems. The instructional communication specialist helps the <v Speaker>schools in their areas to best utilize the services available through the department. <v Johnny>It takes all these people to put a picture on the television in my classroom? <v Spirit of ITV>Yes. And not just there. <v Spirit of ITV>AETN serves two separate groups. <v Spirit of ITV>The general audience, or regular home viewers, are provided with a wide variety <v Spirit of ITV>of programing ranging from documentaries and docu dramas, ballet and symphony, <v Spirit of ITV>to country music and science fiction. <v Spirit of ITV>Whereas the instructional or educational audience during the day receives a wide variety <v Spirit of ITV>of programs aimed at assisting the classroom teacher and providing a wide range <v Spirit of ITV>of educational alternatives. <v Johnny>But how do all these programs get from here in Connely to the rest of the state? <v Spirit of ITV>Remember, all the programs aren't created here at AETN.
<v Spirit of ITV>Some of the programs, both for general and educative audiences, are created in <v Spirit of ITV>Washington, D.C. for the Public Broadcasting Service. <v Spirit of ITV>These programs are sent by microwave transmitter to a satellite hovering over the <v Spirit of ITV>country. From here, the signal is retransmitted. <v Spirit of ITV>Back down to the satellite receivers on the ground like the one at AETN. <v Spirit of ITV>From Conway, these programs, in addition to those that are created at AETN <v Spirit of ITV>or those that are stored on videotape there are then sent by direct line microwaves <v Spirit of ITV>to the five transmitters located in Little Rock, Arkadelphia, Jonesboro, <v Spirit of ITV>Mountainview and Fayetteville. <v Spirit of ITV>And now we should head back to your classroom. It's almost time for your music class. <v Spirit of ITV>You'll be watching an ITV program as part of your class today. <v Johnny>All right. Let's hurry. OK?
<v teacher>Johnny, could you come back from wherever you were and turn on the television for us? <v Spirit of ITV>Johnny, now you've seen what it all means. <v Spirit of ITV>Instructional TV is more than it seems. <v Spirit of ITV>You can be anything you want to be. <v Spirit of ITV>When you share the spirit of ITV. Let me reach you. <v chorus>Reach me <v Spirit of ITV>I can teach you. <v chorus>Teach me. <v Johnny>Spirit I can see
<v Johnny>what it all means now. You've shown me the way, <v Johnny>you've shown me how. I can do anything <v Johnny>that I want to do. <v Johnny>And when I need some help, I can turn to you. <v Johnny>Cause you can reach me. <v chorus>Reach you. <v Johnny>You can teach me. <v chorus>Teach you. <v Johnny>You can reach me. <v chorus>Reach you. <v Johnny>You can teach me. <v chorus>Teach you.
The Spirit of ITV
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AETN (Television station : Conway, Ark.)
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The Walter J. Brown Media Archives & Peabody Awards Collection at the University of Georgia (Athens, Georgia)
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"'The Spirit of ITV' provides a musical introduction to the capabilities of the educative services department of the Arkansas Educational Television Network through the use of a 'magical' journey from the classroom to the studio and back. The young student is introduced to a variety of educational programs and the fact that through the use of instructional television 'you can do anything that you want to do? and 'go anywhere that you want to go'. "Through the merger of the 'Rock Video' and instructional video, 'The Spirit of ITV' is a new, entertaining and informative method of introducing children, parents, and educators to the abilities and possibilities of educative video."--1985 Peabody Awards entry form.
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Producing Organization: AETN (Television station : Conway, Ark.)
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The Walter J. Brown Media Archives & Peabody Awards Collection at the University of Georgia
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