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sixth world medicines for television report on medical research progress reviews via german dryer chicago educational television associations so under a public service grant from sharing corporations manufacturer are ethical pharmaceuticals allied with divisions in return again the thumbnail my name of kennedy welcome to this the first in a new series of television program called world of mammoth been privileged to have without or the theory of few things we men and women leaving doctors interview will give another valuable time through talent in everyday language the important progress that have been a thunder is
now being a thin the fuel medicines medical research that you want the program between them but you'll find them involved in how old and also entertaining for days we're going to find out about three things three very important things with radiology for july which the doctor is enabled of the things that the human lives normally come outfitted forth with a telethon with ben acker week find out about radiology we're going to turn out attention to its how many times did you have your blood pressure affects the little black banner under armour who is leading a little rubber ball a third of that go without sort of a name to have high or low blood pressure and byways we're going to turn our attention to the ferry with one of the most important of the fire and the
tenth doctor do to help you maintain what can i do for you and so today we're going to find out about these three very important things in that with radiology with thanh here affects re is one of the most important films in the world of modern medicine to visualize years which cannot be seen by the naked eye correct accurate diagnosis and treatment of disease and fair are your pta which of clinical professor of radiology a member of the board of chancellors of the american college of radiology fan dr edwin j lee has sold from the university of illinois the care worked up with x rays are not so mysterious
as they were about sixty years ago and they first were discovered flea now know that they are similar to ordinary visible light a much shorter wait like freak out of this property normal life x rays pass through objects they are so sore or stock five dancers structures it's an arrest more easily through lighter structures it's a rental apartments which can be shown on an x ray phil an x rated element is a special kind of photographic the health why a study of the x recounts a radiologist seals is a physician trained especially see an x ray and radioactive
very angry ones but it's been here you have a situation where there is a reality ordinarily division recruitment mission to radiology is we're studying the page and we will heal you also gain complication is ordinarily with a minority without a few wrong the mother out for young children for spring and staying can infection by light its three her last pregnancy and recently developed severe distress in the right upper quadrant also hinted that reagan i was inspiring thought her condition before the list was allegedly
oregon or some other possibility things that weighs thirty three thirty eight and the family through either thanksgiving history we proved to drag on the get the outlines of the normal and no good neighbor volatile were seen they are threatening infection entertainers program mentoring program is thick and for all that material is injected into the rain is then brought out through the kidneys through the show as it appears in the collecting system healthy kidneys sense so far though it was entirely normal and i don't believe she have any sensibility prompts such incidents it's only
something about her an emotional make no thanks so i thought it through thirty her intestinal tract and i don't want to be entirely normal if i believe that we could say he has no disease other than in her gallbladder for icons and all ills in theory not a cult films within a normally functioning with me i believed his answers to problems like think that that's another reason possible history of a little jonathan ago and i think this is a great service to the nation and helped me considerably thelen and suddenly there was that other cases that you
had of the online oh you have the paintings health aisles fellows here and fan theory crawl throw around nothing on the ordinary donors thought we didn't dare thirty three and subsequent ran thin thin and so graham the study or in vehicle and in the spaces of the brain is firing withdrawn and replaced by a guess usually air by doing this we can visualize the spaces and show whether the spaces our normal or abnormal with the ventricles there are entirely normal sense because of his history with a cerebral andrew graham and we showed an aneurism in this area
are some of the symptoms that maybe we haven't one of his eyes with her family see the president as a center of them on one of the nurses sleeping to be honest i think that's a logical conclusion than incidentally johnny jones and the other day and the fracture of his trivia is feeling very nicely and usually out of that category charlotte path you just witnessed a reoccurring position in consultation with one of his best friends the radiologist think of the radiologists at basic training in the nature of disease and a specialized knowledge of x ray is able to interpret the x ray films and correlates the patient's history with the x ray findings this enables him to help make an accurate diagnosis will use of preferring position as an example of the techniques used in obtaining accurate extra information let's look in on one of dr which of these
patients that he undergoes of the road acts re examination really to use the day before the actual films are made with the soul of the ground sloth yesterday folks were dissolved in her small intestine and the material transported through her liver and enter the gallbladder they revealed the stone which we showed before it's this will show you and my position is telling but online or since he will take several exposures in relations donors are driving they are included radiologist
has barriers break with both our week in an examination of being around noon an examination is the patient's standing ovation i'm rene morning being in the room is the only way to bring the family them with
health with fire now putting on a paper in containing where dan will wear land which are necessary older i threw them a day we were we care also a letter warning that things would you drink three wolves but many years both find out with dumont told a lot of material around front line close to you now don't know don't worry
ms billie jean king you're young if you're very airy are now hold your ground raid in and out of these films that process the radiologist will study them to determine whether the findings and the more then he will give his opinion to the recurring position fast you're you are going
through the end of the radio with human heart a pleasure leisure can be measured by these big moment a mother here is dr lewis of the university of chicago to demonstrate the thinking about pressure thirty circulation now through strength and the rhetoric which want to circulate through produced by the reaction of the heart if this is a terror is a fluctuating pressure as they are contracts reaching out into the bloodstream the treasury chooses a maximum file the heart is repealing with blogger and of violating the pressure in that was freeing
drops to a point where the heart can track again and the pressure of rice's for the maximum pressure when the heart squeezes blood into the blood pressure one strain is the pressure for the point to which the pressure in that one stream brought before the heart again contracts is the diets what pressure the pressure and the diabolic blood pressure measured the ranges of pressure fluctuation in the bloodstream for an indirect indication yours are in a given individual very odd ball thanh they were carrying my mama which
is attached to the pressure and measures the pressure of air they are truly our own no no no you're in the car it's b
larry's body gregory gunn only three points one of the big changes well bp is no longer earth both of these points are indications of the virus far less pressure for the jury north korea's a hundred and fifteen or eighteen years within the range of normal the actual evaluation what are they given person's pressure remains of a complicated thing that is more complicated than the pumping action of the heart alone there are perhaps five broad general categories of factors that
influenced the blood pressure fear the pumping action of the heart for the condition of the blog and the amount of blood in the bloodstream the condition of the peripheral arteries for the condition of the nervous system and nerves and the formal for chemical substances put out by the glands of internal secretion ms berry one of the most important of man five cents for it is needed to learn languages and to communicate life speech let's listen now with its most important sense to doctor george campbell professor ear nose and throat at northwestern university medical school with medical intervention the
year began along with thirty five hundred years ago in an ancient egypt fear has recognized that time of the discharge from the year was at the convention and the remedy which one project that went into the pre roundup with cream from the milk of a cow if it applied to the year did not take care of the situation thought expected after year when red red scare away and are loathe to be injected into the year thieves remedies the recruit two of them there are modern antibiotic and cortisol and other hormone which we now have available for the treatment of many year of like jim thorpe pride and the little congress is amazing and alleviating venice until last twenty years from the time of age in youth small beer and he briefly halting year is constructed and how it operates sweetie
have er year which collected sound vibrations and carry them down the ear canal through the ear drum or garman rights near the vibration that carries through the chain of the phone call the us security aid through the lens of the bone which do you think these smaller more than a body and one of the most important think you fit into a little window calling you when you leave to the inner ear and your appearance in order for that person to have a normal hearing the vibrations reach the inner ear and they need to see an unimpeded and then be perceived by general parents are two main parties of the hearing mechanism again be our ear and ear canal which are carried it out into the middle ear which lies deep within this golf as we uncover the malaria and we find that is we are looking upon the raw membrane for ear
drum and the little bold be a secular changes that us sound down the path and the oval window and he reached the hearing there and they're appearing in order to determine the type of hearing was sufficient than three months for calling them here with me here's health this is the electric forest goal or your spectrum with which we thank them in the ear canal and the ear drum that are being human in your ear the last year's speculated in the ear canal and with the right we're able to examine the canal and the year the government there then you get started in that part of the year thad we've been hearing when the money or through an important instrument thirty seven the vibration might it a fan that we had be a microphone at all or
play on the patient on behind the year and then about a year with the nineteen forty you here that or behind the ear or an arm for thin plot fifteen are neither have normal hearing or at the getty had a nerve that is judy greer better on the ball and you would then have a collection that the fact that women are better than a connection that this is very important because we can now report hearing and look at the connection that that by reconstructing the earth are conducting mechanism for first successful operation to start with on twenty years ago for that we will turn to our final of the year again for the start of the year through at the enormous growth of the difficulty of ethical window at which of the lack of the launch of the scary counter the hearing there becomes enormous growth holiday in unable to move thayer's education have a profile hearing loss the problem is to get the
sound to be nearing earth and this is done by making a new window to take place fabiola knew which had been locked for a successful operation the fourth r was done twenty years ago for that golly however what that these senators would float in the majority of cases and it was not until the research was carried out on the year of the monkey or so closely resembled a human ear in a structure fire we were able to determine if it phonetically is closed and how to prevent it so far ninety percent of the net that are republicans will remain open or really for that aren't fearing implode with aid he shows the penetration operations as it is performing today three secret the only occasion which is made in the ear canal to a market that fixed both of the bonus above the
ear canal and with a brewery vaughn is free moon until we agreed steve alcott and removed with a carer at the threat of a small instrument for to be used to scoop out these small bell and all of the bone of the inner ear a formal now as almost complete for the operation is to construct a fire a thin flap that will be used to cover the new investment fisa being constructed on the skin of the ear canal when the flat completed fifty eight that that only the upper age of the iran for all of our mood with a small instrument called a run her family are nearly ready to construct our third of all we really will be
they're no longer be used extensively think of the articles being moved three d implant which we have produced in position ever will be at reconstruction of the future that will put our theory he the lap and played thought we are i'm going to first of all interviews during the apparatus the area will be kept immaculately clean during the procedure which is done under a microscope for values neighbor and we construct it's been after or when two which would have completed a measure of bach a thirty second of h y and an eighth of an inch long mall tae its duty to understand why we must use a microscope to make a pretty quick think that after an hour and at the latter there with its
smallest monthly remaining article bone are cleaned out and we are ready to fight are second class or eighth third of a photograph of the pedestrian innovation at the conclusion of the operation after now been constructed thirds of the way the skin a car the new window reconstruct the song conducting mechanism of the year theory says always every year and emulating theater here in the future of research and that has lived in the area of nerd that has began to our identity year hearing loss in the conducting mechanism can now be corrected either like your career other means
threat in the area under the earth which account for fifty percent the location of the deficit we say we are still unable to prevent a lot of hearing or a restart want that have occurred we see that in the world of medical research and progress had been made in the last twenty years and even more will be made in the years to come thank you the affordable a television report on medical research progress produced for educational television under a public service grant from caring corporation manufacture all ethical promise to the goals align with positions in research he's been doing
World of Medicine: a television report on medical research and progress
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No. 1
Radiology, Blood Pressure, Hearing
Producing Organization
Chicago Educational Television Association
Schering Corporation
WTTW (Television station : Chicago, Ill.)
Contributing Organization
The Walter J. Brown Media Archives & Peabody Awards Collection at the University of Georgia (Athens, Georgia)
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Episode Description
Radiology, blood pressure, and hearing will be explored on the first program in the current 'World of Medicine' educational television series which will debut on (channel, date, time). The careful technique employed by a radiologist as he examines patients with x-ray and fluoroscope will be demonstrated, along with an analysis of an x-ray by the radiologist and a practicing physician. "The miracle of hearing is graphically presented as the viewer sees the inside of a human ear as it functions in hearing. Also included in this first program is an animated film which describes the fenestration operation which opens a door into the inner ear through surgery. "'World of Medicine,' the first production of the recently-formed Organization of National Support of Educational Television (ONSET), was made possible by a public service grant from Schering Corporation, Bloomfield, N.J. pharmaceutical manufacturer. "Other programs in the 'World of Medicine' educational television series will be seen on (channel, date, time)."-- episode description from accompanying material. The program opens with host Ken Lording welcoming the audience to the program. The first segment of the program focuses on radiology, introducing and explaining the X-ray. X-rays pass through objects and are absorbed by denser structures, giving a differential absorption which can be shown on an x-ray film. X-rays are used to give accurate diagnoses and identify treatments. The program then shows how a consultation with a radiologist usually plays out and how radiologists reach diagnoses, and then it shows the process of getting an x-ray film made and how an examination of the upper intestinal tract is performed. The subject of the next segment is testing blood pressure. The program features a doctor taking a patient's blood pressure, explaining how blood pressure is measured, and explaining what blood pressure is, as well as the difference between systolic and diastolic blood pressure. The final segment of the episode focuses on hearing. A doctor explains the history of treating ear inflictions, the structure of the ear, how the ear functions, how to determine hearing loss and test hearing, and the causes and solutions to different types of hearing loss. A film demonstrates the fenestra operation.
Series Description
"'WORLD OF MEDICINE is a series of thirteen half hour kinescope programs comprising twenty-eight medical subjects designed to increase public understanding of medicine. Some fifty-five medical authorities and technicians participated. Production wise, 'WORLD OF MEDICINE' is perhaps the most ambitious series yet produced at an educational television station. The series is now being exhibited over the nation's educational television stations."-- 1957 Peabody Awards entry form.
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Director: Aldredge, Thomas
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Producer: Dryer, Sherman H.
Producing Organization: Chicago Educational Television Association
Producing Organization: Schering Corporation
Producing Organization: WTTW (Television station : Chicago, Ill.)
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The Walter J. Brown Media Archives & Peabody Awards Collection at the University of Georgia
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