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week in the scripts with him in ten years the dallas area southeast asian community has told thirteen thousand and one third of the state's southeast asian population to hunt and some great is a caseworker with the largest resettlement agency in the nation wanted by the united states government conference last december nine miles well the first wave of refugees in the nineteen seventies broadly educated professional class these newcomers arrive with little school a few skills against united society i
don't worry in the study and work hard you'll feel better and yes i want to get a job to more challenges in their own language that tweaking the current home also sting read a trip halfway around the world you're not a reporter nothing with all of their worldly belongings in one box miles ahead out below freezing weather has been cambodia the most cooked over a wood fire into water from the river and they have never seen a freeway or electric lights long run an airplane city lights look like spies
as we get closer to dollars ten years ago is lights and seventy eight story tall buildings the car's history ways busy twenty four hours you see those lights those are cars are coming up for this coming this way we're going the other way it's been besieged city hall the building these buildings with glass see now this makes me so happy that i've never seen anything like this it's so exciting and it's like going up to heaven to see are these two and three and four hundred story tall buildings
so happy around here thats why everybody wants to go to america just let go into heaven the us catholic conference and other voluntary agencies receive federal funds to help resettle refugees two hundred and fifty dollars like huge sheets of kitchenware the mornin the stove refrigerator or running water and pull it off or into the most you turn this knob down to make it less hot it seems just like your car back home you want the water to turn up in all the way into the water bubbles up just like this is going and over here for sure you're better in the issues in that war the press his
hand it says we talk about like this house here water on a member of the less satisfied with just a den rest and going out of the business elite sherlock the door locked the door agencies we look at most of the new arrivals in intercity he spells four thousand southeast asians most of them cambodian live in a one square mile area dubbed the pillsbury company
things being says b nice butt only lessons in asian communities in this is you can assist as al gonzales and the johnsons largest minority in the perception of the city
high crime area is both substandard and overpriced to make ends meet refugees often pool resources as many as three families shared one bedroom apartment you're welcome thank you a typical cambodian starting over america who are presently living quarters are a step up from the one bedroom unit the ten member family used to read me but for the past three weeks eight of them have been sleeping in the living room waiting for the manager to fix the ceiling in one of their two bedrooms in the apartment upstairs
tom moon wants a captain now works as a mover he's the song broadway in this interview twelve member family insist they go to school rather than work this morning here's what's important is having labor pains the next day should've over there a trial fifteen year old john to also so christina serves as her parents meet interpreter as in most refugee families to children shoulder great responsibility in dealing with banks park managers and social service agencies for their parents who speak little or no english at all lawyers on age eleven seater age and i remember looking at the country in which they were born like two years they've most easily adopted american ways to
regulate commerce most honorable brother ronnie still feinstein somewhat difficult under the camera range of children were separated from their parents could force to work for many like these to formal education begins in america and i was afraid that people even like people whose house dr connie trimble in getting to this is also going to earning nine dollars and twenty cents an hour supervising this cambodian work securing the weapons work is slow he's lucky enough to
be there for the people a monkey wrench needed to have a particular club one family households are the most likely people below the poverty line like two hundred seventy dollars worth of food stamps they receive stand between them and home and according to us department of health and human services that two thirds of all southeast asian refugees hold low wage low skilled jobs the study found that language barrier is a major factor in keeping refugees from advancing yet only ten percent of the reviews of texas olive oil or praise from women's bras is typical of the comments made by employers who hire refugees and it's being used also received high marks and the players will go on
like many immigrant children are driven to excel and to make good on the promise of america a recent university of michigan study found that nationwide southeast asian refugee children have an academic average slightly above and be more than a quarter a score in the top ten percent on national standardized math test the traditional asian respect for learning is made by strong dedication to the family the web that really was to come to our very difficult most people died trying to come here it was when children get a chance to study my children are doing fine and if you're still upset that i don't know anything children can gain knowledge or anything there's his lungs third daughter john ging das was born on the essex nineteen eighty five
she is their third child and an american citizen has a very local nursing professor of vietnam veteran charles can receive medical attention he's one of the founders of the spoils of coalition which ones these people have risked everything to get here and everything
they have not taken the easy road hundreds of thousands of lost their lives here and and i feel an obligation to to be able to spend some time with him to build again i'm a student from texas woman's university may quicken loans and the occasional foreign language monday and transportation many of the refugees out of the health care system here general health is poor retired say they've been through more than that people can go through they've been starved of a lot of settlements with a lot of drama a lot of visible from a lot of psychological trauma when they ran the students have just made a profound difference and they're gone from door to door to find out what the problems are it's just that's how to think there are having trained its policy needs
to make an appointment sooner because of poor none of movements and opposition to work in the health care debate is going to be healthy and the mothers are going to be healthier and so they're going to have a chance to start out how according to a recent study by the national institute refugees from some psychological distress this well is she and her son are the soul survivors then she has severe headaches just hasn't since nineteen seventy eight when the khmer rouge in a plastic sack overhead and later they thought until tuesday michigan god she's really struggling right now
carter season three news programs is she having chicken pork doesn't win michigan and come back today a late this afternoon and they're going to complain because they are yeah they don't know how much power the sponsor does or doesn't have an and some people are afraid that they'll be sent back the case and it's a case worker talk to you like nineteen lie to my team in a recent day in the night their problems at lewis and it up in the sky
jump on the beach a lot i mean he said ok ok and come back this afternoon to help you okay so there they are sitting on the times' unbelievable problems and not saying anything when we think about who has reached out to say we say that the charges of reached out and us the jewish community has reached out both jews and cambodians had been through a holocaust and envision understanding there that nobody else can have nobody else can understand that i can't you know and you can't really somebody who's hussein the unrelenting plan that i think can can begin to appreciate the strengthen and beauty of these people are here in our
city so we i need
to know more sometimes one time she was walking in such as she picked it up and the soldiers accused of stealing that's one detail another entire life these ancient some blisters and
eight this was about with those from latin america together these new arrivals from making it nearly three fourths of all illegal immigration to the us it is an historic shift in the pattern of immigration to this country which is changing the face of america today cities like dallas houston and los angeles are the destination for this newest wave of immigrants the west and southwest and replaced the eastern seaboard as the region
one consummate and the other members of this whole school in this market offers bargain prices fresh produce i know life is life these old song with an opportunity people share this wooded house in east dallas and the fact that for fear of you know the traditional way using the family of foods and vegetables that go along with a fresh conflict and how come we can't all
be alien worlds and i thought you know it would be dont grow any kind of rigid the border and the backyard in the native bee can go to get from and that the navajo to another neighborhood and then he meets there are going to a car you leave you even in the bea arthur martin and lots of memorable a living on my life inside bear inside the harmonica and we know you know cognitive and there were you know the call actually been they get all from inside the rebel income or did you know we all went on at the end of on the valley can go to sleep joy family and friends at every meal somewhere pays homage to was magic each shooting from our
side of that from i think just the viability of the ideology and then going why southeast asian charms too ward of disney's that spirit's in the evils of the rise of the letters were personally he's also argued as protection against the atrocities of song home on the dallas police department's liaison with the asian community wants to turn around this fear that their countries persons who spoke it killed a lesson not easily forgotten along with a language barrier this reluctance to calls for blood wine makes refugees easy play it's a victimization court has witnessed before he served with the ninth infantry division in vietnam
vietnam in nineteen sixty nine and no one wanted to know your experiences no one wanted to know anything at all about vietnam has been affected here then they could to shame for that there was no memory about it join the police department and all the hand and then now or fifteen years later i noticed leo a row fiji community building up over here and as i answered calls in these apartment complexes i saw the same faces hard left behind and you know how disappointing their votes and many times it would just break from the hardships of these people aren't the work i'm part of them and a part of me and i also love this police department i've been in for seventeen years and that i want to see the two entities that i care
about come together they are coming together with a highly three southeast asian public service officers the only pure souls to undergo regular police twenty under court supervision they work to reduce crime and ease the transition to this formula it called on the surface of the south vietnamese army civilians after the fall of saigon he spent five years in vietnam is labor concentration camps are women out here i also didn't talk about it in the north long time and his family fled the killing fields of cambodia in nineteen seventy nine with the ten members of his family were spared the fate of many of their traveling companions killed by landmines soldiers or exhaustion during their escape across the country people at a buddhist monk by training first came to the united states in nineteen seventy four to work as a missionary in his novel vice president
ocean community association and editor of its newsletter it's towards favorite project first all of southeast asian explores the nation also hurting teenage refugees including artists aren't saying that are learning about american law enforcement giving holding out security in the polls give them a chance to speak to a family that's a little better protect it gave them the feeling of self confidence that people that responded them felt like these are the borders
of what these geneva war the spouse they share her with others who must struggle for survival a recent explosion in immigration the economic competition with other american workers and the trade deficit races which most asians together one stereotype it's a melting pot ready to boil over japanese painting all lies that's right but then you know
cars it still is now granted this highway the poem there's a tension between asians and hispanics of the apartment complex with the admonition on spending a second night in america was raped in her apartment by an hispanic men one court calls a meeting in an attempt to cool the anger on all sides communication is
difficult is everything must be translated into five languages whether we are age and oh by the way are hispanic allow the wheel and well we're all victims of a criminal element coming out here and rising robbing stealing and writing us and together together we're going to work to eliminate this only going to do it like there's so many people with art if you have any particular problems that have never thought tom moon is the first to speak the semi with a promise hillary clinton is going to try to get an audience
the hispanic community is here and now i would like to read one of these people who made the point that they feel that this area here if you have a problem that the cambodian community i want you to find this man and let this man called the police this area here it is is that is a powder keg i think the city of dallas takes a great amount of pride in in showcasing for the rest of the
united states the fact that we have not had any serious confrontations racial but i think that this area counties doused quickly here in the southeast asian with the refugee community is very ripe for something like this to occur in the future show the image of refugees is not only economic quarantines but sometimes careers also stars was out yeah because they didn't take the job of course that the glow so you can see that many people now that we have been enunciated as a whole stayed there were going through this and we just you know a lot of times though american people seem to feel that we have a more forest because only pay them less that's not true in venture to say the most the time they say actually give us a better day war and what the american portion
of americans the workplace is being alone and so a few have cheap foreign labor as wheat stretching back to the late nineteen hundreds when chinese woman scapegoats for the economic depression on the west coast and taxes july eighteen seventy edition of the bells tolled this point the chinese and japanese as ms robin young from the suv warms in many states discrimination against asians was not only the rule of the law when an irish will be delivered a chinese laborer in west texas famous been found that there was no texas will help against china violence against asians are looking across the nation eighty five one reason why emerging or being chinese and burned hundreds of their homes and the asian riots lasted an entire mall
in seattle it to have to hold the mass murder of the city's trendy a tax avoidance of us in nineteen eighty two surgeons and anti asian sentiment chinese american consumption the state's fortunes of japanese in boston a cambodian was murdered by a gang of whites after a minor traffic incident it was one of a series of violent acts against asians in massachusetts in nineteen eighty five and along the gulf coast of texas relations between the unions and english readers swimming test security sector gunfire at fishing disputes ironically hostilities increasing even though asian americans are hailed as the nation's model
minority according to the nineteen eighties sunsets asian americans have higher median income unemployment rate are better educated than any other ethnic group a country one more use of color compared to one six little ones with the numbers and the decision behind the statistics is the reality that asians have more workers or household and less spread their earnings among more family members and while some excel officially the percentage of asians with less than five years of schooling it's twice the national average many have succeeded but many still struggle for survival is to my mind fits into the refugee success story america loves to display
well the first days in april nineteen seventy five there were the first wave to their country's besieged capital he was the dean of the school of languages at the university of saigon she taught english at the bi cultural center today dr doan directs the english as a second language program for that our school district and lonely doll as a teacher her youngest daughter was a straight a student at skyline high school and the two older daughters attend southern methodist university on scholarships but the dance clearly recognize the advantages they have had and the public here dance to new collective failure rates among the asian students as an interior in dallas i know that the number of asians of dropping out of screw out of frustration they want to succeed the very entities inadequate
and they don't understand the lesson so they got failing grades and frustration gets to dropping out the children come here when they're teenagers because you don't have been loosened it's a lot harder for them to save the language and then dead because of their look on so that said it becomes a problem within the score on campus many of them look omar like american the vietnamese so that american kids to think that the americans and stays there speaking english to them and when they find out that they cannot speak english and they already killed them and because of that that these kids are having a lot of emotional problems at the same time they are having problems
expense middle school in east dallas where willie dawn teaches circumstances use to learn how to assert their rights in the american system refugee children have trouble obtaining tickets for federally subsidized lunches two months into the school year many are going through the entire day without food a man walks and when i got there the official reason my children were denied launched if it does the league would barely parents haven't thought up the application forms or on time but there was considerable evidence that the problem is much red
tape is not an iran air for three years i was very severe and may last year i was told that now jury started teaching abstinence in nineteen fifty seven the teachers and school employees children have serious problems with the lunch program for three years another and they were so upset she called the news media only penguin is willing to appear on camera the others here they lose their jobs
and now they're there now and then on the other hand the children feel in this scene with the two children without tickets attempted coup village where children have gone through the line and got a large lighted the wind away from the child allegedly overall encounter because the towel snapping trial today michelangelo's david this is really terrible public service officers meet with school principal actor tony perkins to discuss complaints they've received about adults and get sick to me that maybe before just taken by and maybe so that they don't know why i am
sorry we do not do that there's also pressure from above a phone call from an assistant superintendent i think it is and tv presenter as well create to have a meeting with the parents tomorrow evening were going to say no this is this afternoon and it is our communications problem to solve that communications problem that the honesty had its lunch application forms translated into vietnamese cambodian emotion that was two years ago that experience with the largest southeast asian population only english spanish versions of the news today of last year our one of artworks
from the main office went over to fannin skill we got so many applications which are written in vietnamese laotian in cambodia and not brought them back thinking this would help in getting the atlantic ocean is home to the asian children and now that they were never used in at one point i asked author paul us how if we could use them and he said that we could not use them because they really help england says she's asleep he deeply complained to be honest the officials but the problem continues to be eyes who says he investigated the matter and found it's been used against it questions about the church's own are often threatened to file suit if we broadcast anything negative about him the current screening of october seventeenth was a public event and you know you're
not been able to eat during the lunch hour because we did not have applications on the youngsters doctor for dom maintains a delicate balance tonight the community leader in the eye as the administrator represents the school system his brother told bauman the other years those representing dr paul us begins by explaining how default of horns questions for the night as they see it in how they can see them at a savvy can see our saw and the spacious system there was wednesday last week
this is we i tried to ask one few trees have been snatched away from children and i would like to tell you and these birds are going all that the kids tell us about your home and you don't believe everything made it about as well after an hour meeting ends with some conciliatory words from dr john well thank you very much for your highlight has set this is a free country
and a few children feel that many of the unions and you have parents recently in common cause of concern and we as a minister seems to have the most part and we thank you for coming here he is and we hope that we can with a solution to this problem trauma monday following this meeting an additional one hundred thirty three children receive plunged tickets the clerk who was having lunch program has been transferred to the attendance office applications in asian languages are available and researcher indicates the children are being fed isn't the refugee community to help the newly arrived refugees and to protect the civil rights of old celtic staters each of the three nationalities has formed a mutual assistance
association in dallas the attorneys community is holding its first elections the refugees are coming of age as they adjust to life in america they faced a challenge to their identity and women telling our children to draw from both cultures both cultures where we want and need around the asia southeast asian heritage when it human don't have cell respect our service being are inflated do not value their heritage when they don't do well in society no i think that i will continue to teach our children a little bit about cambodia each day especially the younger was nobody thought that it's important to do this says there are so few cambodians live without you it's
nice some compromises on another for example cambodian what is which traditionally less than three days the western ones our pollution buddhist which means maintain a sense of continuity at any money in this in
these community organizations now i can sell millions and billions in laos and it has its own language of traditions and customs in those circumstances forged an alliance including the first south east asian billy storefront in the nation also symbolizes a collaboration between refugee communities and gals from this appears in current political everything from robberies and assaults for the growing problem of the organization crying but one of the toughest issues domestic violence the financial and psychological stress of starting over is a strain of
these women have come to community leaders not to call the police but this one left home several months to stay with a fund because her husband was beating her we tried to bring her back to a fight when she said that she saw a shame because in my country house in front of her house but they cannot know this wasn't so ashamed and understand that i can understand your being ashamed original and i think if he sees that we can put him in jail the changes as you tried to get some children out with her husband say if you if you don't take any r any other job than
english and you know when it grew over a couple of years have been ok but that many refugees used to support inside us but says the hiring of the public service officers got to trust the police i'm pretty curious
the problem so that is one problem it has been civil servants aren't saying the weekend destroyed their homes several hours before the blaze a
man was more an upstairs the choir begins to sing so it's family lost everything that they are survivors of the infernal war they are determined to rise from the ashes of the setback as they have so many times before the refugees despite the difficulties they are grateful for the red fish like many first generation refugees they will always think of their homeland i love these containers that sometimes i feel like a stranger like an outsider but in vietnam i would see that kind of eye environment live a fish in the water i love the air love the landscape some of the friends of the food at the people pretended i miss everything about something very special about a navy flynn some type cannot describe it you know just being damaged a very happy
that please there is division in the family about whether to make the united states their permanent home runs towards to return and hopefully cambodia from the attendees control one is eager to fall over oh my meno as baylor some iranians me because you know i was afraid i n income and then they have you know fighting in the war this happen again this one of them was they
hear is be difficult for major donors it's a long way from that to something like what he has sort of first freely and big city lights i'm still worried about my family or that we don't have enough money for rent iphone owner was young i'm going to work hard and studied hard and i have hope that my children will have a bright future or not in the game ah the southeast asians is the latest shipment continues to ring of this nation of immigrants can learn each new way it has acted swiftly rejected but day
ss with the businesses and me good yeah has
it it's certainly interesting don't miss the ski areas
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