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but i don't think that there has been more negative i love it the narcotic meaning of arts and what you issues divide generations as emotionally as the plant called marijuana increasing is by high school and college students in this country by troops in vietnam set against ignorance of pounds about pots pervasiveness and complicated by the implications for many young people of marijuana possession painfully relevant the wheel is already a symbol
or at a social symptom tonight an extensive examination of cymbal and sent them starting with the world of the weed a twenty minute historical perspective than the current same a film tour through the world of marijuana today and research report t h c a look at scientific experimentation with the active chemical and now on the second half of the program opens with family affair teenage arrests seen through the eyes of those involved how effective is a hotly debated by a panel of experts at last an enlightening philosophical exploration and tidal force all expectations along the way we'll be visited by comedian stan freberg the man who puts down highways and his repertory company how did the common weed marijuana
by one name or another in one form or another find its way among the indigent and intelligent the affluent and apathetic the worker in the fields and the philosopher in his daughter why has it generated so much praise and brought so much pain or punishment tonight's first program segment places the current use of marijuana in historical perspective this is that all began as did so many things are steeped in the mythology of the land to the middle kingdom in china so they got just produced an act that became
an eleven ending compassionately it would raise some of the night before so that mankind could use it to obtain a life law is all theo and to release it and designs from this heaven when leclair grew our humble yep magical plan is only rising ten fifteen twenty feet and capable of taking them his very being with us a curious tall and sturdy in the mail variety of stockton strong courted five lesson to produce the material man would use to bind together his extra work and in the female clusters of delicate flowers in which like the reds and an active destined to cut the tenuous ropes that bound together man's in the arab world than in the china of the year twenty seven thirty seven dc ruled
amber rose shane long why isn't practical keen observer of all matters of the spirit and the flesh like contemplating the world about things he saw the usefulness of nature's offerings it about the science of agriculture and wrote the first book on from ecology recommending that the flour tops of the female plants b dried and mixed in the form of an appointment or powdered to treat got rheumatism malaria absent mindedness and female weakness another effect of this unusual when the powder was sprinkled on food and eat it produced a strange form of happiness euphoria whether mine seem to exist outside the body he labeled the substance liberate a room set and the wins that lash the mountains of the top of the world scattered the seeds and by fifteen hundred bc the liberate europe send found its way south
to india here it became known as indian head and was intertwined with religion philosophy and hinder businesses it's collaborations became a science if you spent the curia and it's phrases song mr holy literature collaborator and seven was transformed into a silver ring heavenly god romans have done so well as liberals and consumed as a beverage some white lightning families and you know i've been drinking so much i mean i asked the youngest i know i've been drinking so much either pick up and put it here are what i did have i been drinking so much
solow again resembled nectar of the gods celebrated and hymns and prose bringing inspiration wisdom and immortality by eight hundred bc only the regime costar been prepared as a taste of the tudors of food would sell this heroes and many times more powerful and so monk was called china's trade routes replaced the winds as messengers of the heavenly god and where the fifth century bc and the unemployed reach the middle east they're people's of cynthia ann phrase made clothing from the fibers of the city as observers strange film will cost them involving a plan after the funeral ritual purification tool began camp was on his stones and the smoke inhaled reading the fumes they would howl enjoy an exhausted fall into a deep sleep why the first century ad the healing power of him was rediscovered by various comedians who recommended a
mixture of dempsey's to soothe information two hundred years later when chinese physician walk though ruda special wine from the plan calling them a share of my yellow and splendid used as successfully as an anesthetic by the fifth century uses them reach most of the middle east and europe arab doctors prescribe him and hemp seeds for a variety of ailments promising really for the patients and new stature for this graying meat no what it was in the muslim world during the time of the crusades that we gained its reputation has sound even sama self appointed executioner of false prophets and infidels brothel is martin ford was a group of young warriors each home was assigned a man to murder to entice the warriors and to inflame their passions
as some fed them of blackish yellow rose in a concentrated resonant impose a powerful hindu drug on the name of the song and a group of murder is again the main assassin to this date linked with harsh huge powerful drug planes now the new world before the conquest and fifty you know nine kamp was already part of a religious rights in ceremonies of the us says no one knows how the plant was introduced in the western hemisphere autism is son was described as often taking a few cups of a very pungent tobacco just after lunch a deep sleep would follow by the end of the sixteenth century a smoking of rolled him leaves was widespread throughout much of central and south america england sector that has been colonizing the new world
using sustainable one of him question from the same question we as england's commerce expanded so that the men said and so it was in this it's only a jamestown was the first attempt to be grown on american was harvested sixteens at a new use for half the water clothing and nearly all the summer clothes were made from what this plant was not new to the american and the french writer zhang leon described the tribes and their medicine and the priest those dry leaves and stalk or pipe causing the smoke and he's transported to the point of losing all contact with his surroundings as if in ecstasy getting himself onto the wrong completely relaxed and motionless
seventeen fifty straight a new name was farm for the indian him cannabis city the unnamed carefully chosen meeting came like plant probably christendom respectfully included in the bed grant an orderly botanical scheme of things but lawmakers categorize or of the world's four in england and america cannabis remain a commodity of industries the second largest crop in the south with many farmers planting it as the diary of one virginia potter reveals may twelfth seventeen sixty five so to him that muddy hole by the swamp august seventh begin to separate the mail from the female him so new technology began to ask the usefulness of the state build a sailing ship and with it the huge saleswoman of an introduction of the cotton gin and seventeen ninety three or should cheaper cotton clothing the opening of the west in the nineteenth century gave brief renewal to rehab industry through rising
demand for rope and off or covered wagons but ham as a commercial product reached its peak but the civil war meanwhile another war thousands of miles away reawakened scientific interest and points although cannabis already grew in most parts of your french scientists accompaniment home and were intrigued by its widespread business so beginning in the mid nineteenth century and preparations were introduced into western medicine and experiments with a plan to challenge what scientists and intellectuals were the rest of the session it gives relief from pain and increases the appetite in all cases it is effective in treating fatigue remote susan armitage <unk> you cough us now on the delirium tremens as a remedy for the relief of some probably to a new ride jet know article or ford's better prospects than candidates for me today i'm going
on this is probably the most a satisfactory remedy not to be outdone by modern medicine man intellectually as a western europe probably organized to find new uses for cannabis eighteen forty six the club the hashish in is formed in paris but they'll feel good kid one of the first the rider the effects of cannabis and is celebrated work artificial the evidence and show moone hello who wrote of cannabis one would not find anything and they are able and intoxication accept won support from major so they've ventured and deeper into the unknown turning to the more powerful form of cannabis hashish concerned french officials plan for the first time in nearly five thousand is cannabis users were forced from the open streets and in secret behrens only the lofty intellectuals elsewhere still live to experiment openly without fences philosophers john stuart mill and frederick nietzsche psychologist william james office
alexander dumas unravel it towards the end of the nineteenth century cannabis in one form or another under one name was almost universal cutting across social and economic barriers it was ground a powder and ethan hawke consumed was a beverage that was burned and clay pipes and hookers and cigarettes and stone vessels and it was appraised and song in here and then inward and me it was used for religious purposes on medical purposes to relax its user or to send him into acts of violence its uses would be and that once the industrious bee evil and religious the intellectual and the warrior in england as in france
at ninety four with the british army in india by him drugs permission first organized many of the effects of cannabis could produce a variety of opinions call as a surgeon would you say the habitual moderate use of any of these varieties of ham producers in a noxious a fix either physical mental model know mr chairman my answer is yes they weaken the constitution reviews lots of occupy this century i asked maher wrong cat is in panama since induced laziness habits of immorality of debauchery evidence on these pardons is conflicting it is the conclusion of this commission that in every instance the moderate use of hymn appears to cause no appreciable injury of any kind to the physical mental or marvel well being of the use
excessive use how does causing but twentieth century america's industrial expansion accelerate the migrant workers from mexico brought with them not only willing muscle but also a bit of their own culture little bags of motor chopped cannabis plant offering both galea relaxation at the end of their leaders and they gave a new word to the american lexicon marijuana mexican for mary jane and last americans would be confronted with an age old custom and problem you know in nineteen twenty six the original one city setting the pattern for style music and gave the in the roaring twenties new orleans first american city to the one of them not
rich and their primary victory what you save at the mississippi for one market for the market for marijuana lucky me join us by nineteen thirty demand been brisk trade develop legal marijuana became big business and big business making big news and sensation is a mouse button are going to read the newspaper i tell you so they're selling until schoolchildren
saddam's regime needs to commit horrible crimes with us to me they aren't you all the time was right and the time was nineteen thirty seven at the testimony from agents of the federal bureau of narcotics congress passed a marijuana tax act the law designed to regulate the use of marijuana through federal police power its method registered uses and sellers is technique levy a nominal tax on those dealing in marijuana commercially was reading and professionally on possessing and personally its penalties failure to pay the tax of one dollar billion or brought five years in jail two thousand dollars fine or both its impact felt by the marijuana users as in france a century before official restriction created a new class of outsiders and those were closed and walk through of the country at the further urging of narcotics
commissioner harry j adams linger most other states passed laws prohibiting possession or sale of marijuana but under the federal law those importing reducing selling or giving away still had to pay that tax the combined efforts of the legislation was to regulate commerce and a product when the project itself was illegal to possess or use in the first place a year later in nineteen thirty eight of the confusion and concern came a voice strong and clear fiorello laguardia mayor of new york when rumors circulated that marijuana was being smoked by large segments of the population and even by schoolchildren he conferred with the new york academy of medicine and appointed a team of thirty one leading physicians psychiatrists and so geologists their job make a painstaking two part scientific study forest the social aspects who uses marijuana and why how widespread is it and what is the relationship between its use and crime
second the term and the physiological and psychological effects on different types of persons by means of carefully controlled experiments by nineteen forty four the report was released and its findings rather than resolving controversy started anew among users aggressiveness and belligerent see we're not commonly seen there is no direct relationship between commission of crimes of violence and the marijuana its use can be stopped abruptly with no resulting mental or physical distress it does not change the basic personality structure it lessens inhibitions and brings out what his weight and in the user's thoughts and emotions summing up the study its chairman concluded that marijuana was not a drug addiction whether those who had been smoking marijuana for a period of use showed no mental or physical deterioration which may be attributed to the drug the lessening of inhibitions and repression the euphoric state the feeling about it was c the freer expression of thoughts and ideas and
the increase of appetite for food brought about by marijuana all suggested therapeutic possibilities but the american medical association did not agree and launched an attack on the board a report criticizing both its findings and the scientific techniques used to obtain nineteen fifty six the federal narcotics control act strengthened the penalties of the marijuana tax act prison sentences for possession or distribution were raised to ten point eight and forty year is about well between those who sell marijuana as an evil memos and those who saw it as a harmless nuisance gathered at her ensemble side of nineteen sixty two the ad hoc panel on drug abuse at the white house conference tended to support the laguardia committee findings although marijuana has long held the reputation of inciting individuals to commit sexual offenses and other anti social x evidence is inadequate
to substantiate this marijuana has been part of the world seem for thousands of years and cannabis has been used by millions of people and is in the international arena where the debate has escalated and where ultimate resolution of the lemon may come nineteen sixty six a single convention treaty on narcotic drugs was adopted by the un although it does not condone use of marijuana it does recognize as worldwide popularity and the fact that eradication will not be easy or quick the treaty calls for the use of cannabis for other than medical and scientific purposes to be discontinued as soon as possible but in any case within twenty five years while not binding on member nations are supplanting the national law is that treaty hopes to end and a quarter of a century a practice that has endured for over fifty centuries mr deaver a common we planted and nurtured and mythology of five thousand years ago and today still
surrounded by hidden by widespread underground humans and in the center of a continuing and growing controversy you're standing on and all the while as men argue heatedly an experiment heavily and smoking perhaps somewhat because of pondering the propriety you've admitted a man himself is asking what have daughters here in our studio to show a bit more light on the marijuana problem and the communications get behind that is that controversial communications expert and wizard of the electronic age mr marshall a medium it was the
comedian who claimed that the message is the media and the media is the message as and vice versa yes well we're so glad it was a guest in our studio not a guest in the studio i am the studio i guess that the thirty all the studio as they get how do you describe yourself with the media teacher philosopher and i don't care for your label or the oracle i live on like that mr that medium of why is it in your opinion that people who turn on with marijuana have to be coolbaugh well as simply because the marijuana is they basically a cool narcotic or as bananas are hot lenovo i'll pass this is plain as the nose on my faith or to put it more succinctly dad my nose and my face my face is my no but yes but you use of marijuana
is a cool mcconaughey is that other hot are only when you're caught i say well now you have said in europe and analytical academic textbook understanding pot then communications is turning into a three way street and i fear that us now and i swear word would you would you would mind explain that wouldn't i certainly was cause that's plenty of my exploration of turning into an unhappily was my neck is the pain the pain that yes but you i want to did you really mean when you said the communications was turning into wave of three way street well i have a question well i'd be a reference to the unity of marijuana probably not a good joke or not they're putting the window sill in there it's just a three way of the kids are
determined to turn on the parents wish to turn them off while the police or are determined to determine this year's lilith shows a lot a lot of the twilight i forgot that the square is where the matter of years of ever onward now you you've stated be a problem it could it was a solution or know the horrible thoughts on that is that is point out the problems that exist on an affair to articulate the electronic age and hold a mirror up to the various travis prized component certain inherent in the system of mass media live you know it certainly is one of the top of it only an educational station a conversation like this that plays this difficult to leave his way to file a bit of a medium allows of a
well off a certain technological and work in our culture the world has become a blast electronic extension extension of man which programs as far beyond the periphery of our previous freidman five environment in a pseudo i was again make expansion of the mind falling in solidarity is limited only of favor was what you might find anyone against them as they oppressed ad agencies say freeborn now let's instead go for a fast moving look into the world of marijuana user today who is it was it's a lot and so where does it get and how does he get it here then the current saying you have to move in one eye
and it is the kicker the government kicked you really do feel like the preview you've done your hands in your body for the cable chatter that when you a new path it is
beloved is it thank you empty nineteen sixty seven the lapd arrested ten thousand four hundred and seventy nine people as compared to seven thousand five hundred and thirty nine people in nineteen sixty six for various drug offenses thus a tremendous increase was due largely to increase of marijuana violations in nineteen sixty seven the lapd sleep
in nineteen fifty six there are attacks the spiritual mental aspect of the user it remove inhibitions and then occasionally and sometimes the va here we have many cases documented in which marijuana has been a part and parcel of other criminal behavior you is is just part of the lifestyle of black people you know it's like you know it's particularly in communities that have been leaking he didn't even try it do you know i think from the thai people you know
women you know and that they were aware that it you know our goal ms eloise was because a common thing that happens every day in the week that people are going to be with a patient whom you know eleven or whether that they couldn't walk no more life there
then a definite change in the kind of people who use marijuana used to be is everybody knows that so they would become practice for people of the middle class and advantaged classes professionals to students college high school in elementary students the expectations people using marijuana very angry bay i think one of the characteristics things that i heard repeatedly from people who have never used to before and have no clear expectation of what it's going to do is that they don't have any particular reaction to it and this may be a function of the boast that they get it may also be an indication that what one gets from the drug is tremendously determined by what one's psychological expectations will be too much greater degree than their reaction is determined by the pharmacological a chemical properties of the drug itself every day by
not just because they want money
is bleak eight points became
included division of them along the processing of the marijuana into fuel packages that pacification there's smuggling of the marijuana across the international boundary this is part of an organized criminal organization those same the fact that the nineteen sixty six thousand kilograms of marijuana received burger alone in the state of california and in nineteen sixty seven with three thousand five hundred kilos received clearly demonstrates that the effectiveness of the world law enforcement in this area are well in spite of a serpent that is a continuous flow of marijuana and how one hit by most organized criminal organization
says in maryland you know a marijuana is illegal grows medical marijuana leaves very little care to grow it needs water no sunshine played in homer you usually don't good crop by early summer is that policy that it's very strange shaped leaves dark green color usually the hardest part won't you know one looks like as the chemo are you have to put it down before you start because it's low small portion of it very large in it i generally cutting and how and then possibly a quarter that's way it's much cleaner to get the whole year so it is not as large as most people with very clean waste
systems are not very large are not many branches in iraq and see it comes out into very large quantity that's because beaks beth the pool an apartment at the score that's still a lot of interest raged to separate is the branches and the string is a very usual a cotton farm
you don't want to have the seeds because though they pop and they intend to stay loose and separating the lead here in this is the new law forbids them a burden to his family lived in more remote villages in the waist down here's that keeps the loose for more volatility and i can sometimes when
you know those who alludes to shake it like that when you get down about this market's small and generally holder to the rest of it we saw in the worst way you or bernie sanders cannot afford their lives i'm writing career investment director of the family planning of america and i had the opportunity of meeting today from five hundred to about and homemaker needs money now or in the area and many of the lady tell me the un and others tell them that they had been in school in the restroom and in libraries to be marijuana baker at my young actor told me that they have gone to
make it firmer one a lot of the children and that really frightened me a cat piano he may be divided and then had an idea of the amount that they manage to clear and you ended up in an american and i think a only now i really get it years later just one easy living small and poured into the heart and the cigarette when you go in someplace where it's not
the only point out smoke it realizes anybody realizes what's going on so if your water cools a small there's a lot of smoke have to rise through the water and forgets to now he can to get more smoke in your craw but he also use wheels a little under this is a different ways right on ideas that we just give an immediate flapping in a no no no don't touch them realistic disciplinary measures and then have a long hard look at our nine year old getting up that that and i used it in a minute so you eventually won a really hard but ej if you can't avoid because i think it will become part of you as a child i've gotten very the underground that
smoking to be younger nineteen eighty four number and how intended to none there is as much fun in writing the joint and impacted around and i'm hoping that mommy and daddy don't come home in boston and you are bigger than just the common sense i got mop that gets again i cut my son's smoking marijuana i would recommend them to deal with this role and irish society and wrong in my eyes and wrong and my parents i think morally critics
nothing our legs got no smoking marijuana pot to become addicts and a scenario when you smoke marijuana would become an addict i know that most that wasn't known for many years before i became an addict i'm one of the few minutes that makes that big promotion and celadon of the drama go on and become ago families an authentic and have the same atlanta they get selected from the nile was but i don't think it is i think that is just the revolution has promised marijuana rather than things that we did was very small when they're ripped though they have the car lot of rock songs and they've been our brand and then
he caved how she each party's show indian that i would stick a ham rock on job right there ej we're them earlier in solo or charge colonel dr kamel el on opium it's easy
and now for me for me wyatt marijuana drunk drivers to alcoholic drunk driving problem why a potential fight to admit me and now one e x to all five million alcoholics and thereby and nevada most serious social problems and everybody turning our i just read this magazine articles by john steinbeck's son was in vietnam in the army he said to us soldiers did something drastic
figure like seventy five percent of small grouse all the time i was in vietnam as a correspondent for little over two years during that time i didn't see the use of marijuana in creeks as far as young after steinbeck's allegation that seventy five percent of that you guys are using i i definitely feel that it's an exaggeration diaz rematch of a lonely they're away from their loved ones the same reputation grafton will return to pop out of necessity it's also quite evident that some spotted such a big thing in this country coffee with your phone i remember reading a recent magazine article that you
roll a cigarette business review of the firing of the last nude say a way out presents only part of all kinds of flavors and colors on something else you can think of is a typical la psychedelic headshot <unk> holders that workshop so you can make your own database of they're not very expensive wooden walkways can be found just about everywhere i was just running through the us market turned in this market nothing to do not psychedelic undertone saying that their water in the corner they're so everywhere and most important consideration is the moral consideration and living doing what he was
supposed to do society today for the young person or anybody really if you take a good hard look at it is very public that war in vietnam and riots in the streets it's really big and it's it's good to leave reality but the enforcement of marijuana laws panel at an aspect of protecting low how can say to be posted california i favor of the abolition of marijuana laws i feel that it's very important to be able to think of them children decide whether they wished to smoke marijuana much like smoking cigarettes the intake of alcohol or reading program we can you know i don't think i'm particularly good old boy but let's i don't think had the ability there are no victims in the area not like burglary not like probably not like we're presented himself i think of it that it didn't work
paprika this week thank you an annual of song along comes mary and the people who have been a little bit about marijuana a very good
marijuana go through this because marianne lee and decided to marry ah the long opposite really see as the volume in his natural habitat is the volumes that when he is high on the run when he is a belligerent and aggressive than resist arrest has the feeling of a sense of the feeling that he can't be taken by any longer to you is god and sell the feeling of the old persecution and gear exhibits and so what i
think it is imperative for us to recognize that the clinical data that we have available to us not only from chicago from psycho analysts from social workers a psychologist and from other observers other social saying that it is an absolutely clearly the lowest level marijuana in its aggression while an important manifestation in fact that's one of the riddles that makes us wonder what does this particular drug to obliterate or in egypt what we consider to be you would do this violent region local world that we live it can broaden that we have the opportunity to research upon a drug which apparently does block pop limit
how aggressive while in baby of made their way carefully controlled i believe that the human condition this week if beak i love that noise and our confusion and now possibly a few shades of light from philosopher alan watts there is no law against my possessions exceedingly dangerous and i thought
my only possible way in which i could get in trouble with the law possessed in the fun and therein lies a fundamentally different and although it may be very reasonable prevent people from private possession about of all things of its kind may be possessed along if we don't i think the same principle applies very potent version called my wanna or other drugs that made the game winning in certain ways a law against possession called almost any substance especially in natural self possession as sergeant lawrence against me judeo christian religion on which our laws are still a lot of every person in every day you would have sent the idea in the book of genesis of all natural substances created by god are
intrinsically good and that evil means to them to the difficulty of them the laws against the possession of such things have now won all of the psychedelic ragas invited with that album or sell on the police because they could so easily be used for purposes of bribery and if for example you have a political business rival which you won't be nothing would be easy to grow up a few grains of marijuana or somewhere around the house with the police and then he is convicted of a felony so anyway that as people begin to realize the pain that very reason the supply can bring on them and the whole campaign against this thing is wasting their valuable time of the police and
now i have a psychologist of religion i'm interested not in the government or things that people want to live in the election was in the cafe and fund fun because laws against these things of this guy out in the field and what the kids and looking for at least a kid i've met is really a bottom selves and very few of us adults can do her much for them unless we develop a kind of philosophy of our own about coping with reality about forgetting about the numbers and variety of pills in the medicine chest about forgetting the number of cocktails required to get us out of the working about the kind of packer say that we really knows all too real or were a kind of exemplary adult walking around this world maybe there would be a kind of reason for kids to forget
about guns to find women lay out a something in a certain amount of sense to them something that made them feel that this world was worth saving and not running away from it are complicated problem much more profound in its own way than the legal aspects of the use of marijuana much more worrisome than the admonitions from policemen lawyers counselors teachers even ministers i mean it's we who proudly failed them another that there comes our own incredible frustration because what do we do with a whole generation of kids who have looked at us and found that's not very exemplary all not very content to live in reality we may not very sure of where we're going much less where they maybe knowing when and if they'll grow up
we return to pop worry and back to the experts perhaps than it is a problem in the gritty dispute over the effects of marijuana as a lack of current research under the sponsorship of the national institute for mental health fresh investigation is now being done at stanford university for a look at such research in process me dr leo hollister assistant chief of staff at the palo alto veteran's hospital and correspondent tom petty has the most agreeable subject to avoid any monday an anti climax this report will be followed by a special visitor from the moon free bird the man in the moon and our
sure it's very pleasant experience for you or do you think you use any time at all it is thank you visitor beginning or the interest of the newly mr witcher available will do a lot to travel safer of dangerous to me this is veterans' hospital in palo alto california where dr leo hollister is engaged in one of america's few scientific studies of marijuana and its effect on human beings one volunteer subject is bill marler twenty three and married a graduate student at stanford the drive is called
tetra i took a nap and all tac for sure he'd say is the active chemical in marijuana it was isolated for the first time just last year these are among the first experiments on human beings with the pure substance he'd say is not readily available are easy to produce dr alistair is limited supply comes from the national institutes of mental health which finances his research that poses the equivalent of about three marijuana cigarettes go then gradually know scientifically controlled experiments like those were nearly thirty years now with the newly isolated chemical that koalas heralds the dubai more precisely with marijuana as you probably know this as a year while alcoholic flavor or something they can avoid that resolve them out all
these variant radio tomorrow on us because it's part of the news for several thousand years by hundreds of millions of people some research will the most innocent for leo look in literature most closed up until about the middle nineteen forties among others a great the gap since that time radio a hobbled puerto rico much greater social use of the country it's also our sort of conversations michel why the inversion of the availability of the short subject
we're voters below zero one there was a new white house call for an identity was walking through snow and the rest close and waves now it's comparatively empty
also how people sell a respiratory machine designed especially for these experiments is so sensitive that it can measure the effect of three cups of coffee now it is true the mystery and then that the weather drugs to emulate so their prices the human rights says in short as the drug a lot a lot cause that's the rating and invade of more at the test is given to the mall every hour for my the psychological effects he was given a series of cards and talking about a description of his own feelings i could tick whose was imprisoned there are they're
considerate i want to post to find it all but leek are unhappy that it all pissing his life and that there are friendly approach to all this leave
who say it aussie cairo prior since its sleepy says she supports some of its success because it just pass or the rear into more issue of people that come through in that can be done without parole or there can be a dangerous show and crippling drawing as elaine well politics in this country know
before shave the analogy is often made more dangerous outlaw without becoming would rather than probably anyone familiar with the usual home and the fish and ordinarily at regular intervals as his intoxication increase lab technicians took blood samples to measure the amount of the drug and bill marler says and what it does to the blood itself ms baker
honey cake is think about the political landscape to our real awful and it's really because it's not like wow it's this is really can compare it to like a favorite for
her son walk through wooded area well to look for the news if you're flying over for political or from the two and that was the real thing you know all you know hope solo saves what you say is along
the course with mahler big whoa whoa don't want them to know you and they are under the opposite effect before that and here you are and you feel more alert and you too sleepy feel the way he did before he had background as a student of mathematical psychology influences ounces he left there and i'm an aerial
the bureau more to the experience but the name is no right size or you know those are our dogs you know very new at this katy perry yes yeah it's very educational you know that's it's you know as we're on those who
are necessarily of the mixture is over and we're going to end with it now collapsed yellow it's no it's next week went on it kind of relaxing but with the possibility concentrate you know with this bill oh why this
yeah or perhaps even odd decide when you feel more relaxed than you do both these artificial labels and that's ridiculous levels should become a moment yes there are spoilers doing it their anxious day or relaxed goals and what we wanted the next ones and tell me if you feel that's a way we can say that it is new one or the other out on many of those questions
makes people happy with excellent out while a little sleepy which is about one of our usual challenge happen all the time that we found is a mild respiratory system and what could possibly be used for it has property can be disassociated from it other fact it lowers blood pressure which again offers a possible therapeutic years that stimulate appetite and we know that there's a lot at the moment to change in blood sugar but we don't have an explanation for this effect we know that the flowers governments either luck or just really doing there is a following lawful performance you are a number of castle or conclude for him the actor studio in the performance does bill marler was able to maintain accuracy but the price
of completing fewer problems is concept of time had been impaired restoration justice closed for the first time the drug and marijuana acts to stimulate briefing but the test of muscle strength indicated a measurable weakening of that relied solely as zombies may feel stronger but in fact is weaker electrocardiogram measurements showed no significant change in a heartbeat but the dragon marijuana does lower blood pressure which could suggest potential therapeutic use sophisticated measurement of effects on blood itself is only starting so far there been no conclusive findings on retention of the drug development of tolerance levels or their relationship to psychological addiction
at this flight no one knows for sure what continued use of marijuana goes to the people use it except get very high and very thirsty but with no hangover this is bill marler the peak of intoxication later he said the experience was both pleasurable and exciting but after the euphoria had one off he also recalled an intense feeling of detachment you know legos say to me and i was not really where i was covering crime and viewing myself and the people around me from an outside position and from that position was going i've seen some talk of ridiculous you know but at the time it seemed ridiculous to bill also felt sublime
i can tell if you give them that kind of a person to rule are you going to be years ago with the air he says that a war reporter or warren the only rule over low low interest only to a walk through a travel show
flavor of the english when they go through the end of the universe would be completely unfair to another one a welcome to write on the moon well matt our all woman wasn't expecting so to be receptive to a cartridge we've that we've asked you here to cover what was your and now with a special program pop or your reaction time throughout your views to the many other one expressed an eye on the subject of marijuana grow marijuana on the mall would you know if
you smoke it will the most welcoming all the smoke and the holy and i think well what do you what is the model for that will for foreign it's a plan i met to marry again makes a very nice odor most involve on was a truly affordable and what they don't smoke on the moon do you walk turn on women in what eu we belong to you the truth that i just everybody out there is a mole
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peak it to find our show beyond the interview the ruins thirdly with a weird kind of got the part of the course of this very a law against eighty percent among the animal was overblown religion halal pork was a lot as juvenile on the mirror and i'm afraid there are dangerous local authorities now it's not actually is harmful about all according to doctors but you know there's a
concern that if you start with marijuana you may go on to do other things you know what drew them out and all that were used to turn on symphony no and nevada we do the voices a lot up there boy with a bomb it was a symphonic recording going get caught with was the filibuster for a lot of all along in a minute wait a minute you're that it's harmful for a kid there wasn't as they got to cast me mm hmm before the globe will resume he falls in with the wrong problem somebody with
a little on a show on board on the matter at a stop with john ridley was going to mean what you think it's really that's a fair law be punishing people provide classical records in it is because we started out listening to a symphony music and then went on to more dangerous than you think that means everybody's part on an assembly records is going to work will know we can take a risk rooster crowing are not rational real people you close an eye i see our time is up we are in for oil going to let me to lay a couple of them and i that'll be necessary but i would like to offer you something though like that that something bad politically
relatively harmless like a case of scotch couple cartons of cigarettes and smoking will be bad at the cue will earn probably do people of course a local really well and i can do something for you at your book the cdo our outlook on life makes me happy a life path i don't think it's the end of the day that i think people are thinking an awful big chance to have their knives and the mere fact that there that more needs to be known about it for anyone to pay the only reason that they can get the world right now would be worth twenty twelve and looking for
POTpourri: Many Views of Marijuana
Producing Organization
KCET (Television station : Los Angeles, Calif.)
Contributing Organization
The Walter J. Brown Media Archives & Peabody Awards Collection at the University of Georgia (Athens, Georgia)
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"POTpourri: many views of marijuana, a comprehensive study of the entire spectrum of issues raised in the 'Marijuana controversy' was broadcast over 12 prime time hours in March, 1967. Included were: Historical Review, The Current Scene, intensive debated between parents, physicians, lawyers, and enforcement officials; plus essays and satirical sketches."--1968 Peabody Awards entry form. This program examines different opinions of marijuana, beginning with a historical perspective on marijuana in "World of the Weed", followed by a look at the current role of marijuana in "The Current Scene", and then a research report on scientific experimentation with THC, "Research Report: THC, The Chemistry of Marijuana". The program examines just who uses marijuana and looks at the scientific studies being conducted on marijuana. Throughout the program, comedian Stan Freberg and his repertory company appear, satirizing so-called experts on marijuana. Includes footage of an address by J.C. Hanks of the LAPD, psychologist Joshua S. Golden, Billy Barnes of the U.S. Customs Agency, John Warner, Field Supervisor of California Narcotics, Cecil Miller of SmartTeens, Inc.; David E. Smith, M.D., director of the Haight Ashbury Medical Clinic; Bernard Jonas of the Outraged Citizens' Association; John Flynn, CBS News Correspondent; an unidentified Vietnam veteran; Tony Russo, a psychedelic shop manager; attorney Luke McKissack; rock composer Tandyn Almer ("Along Comes Mary"); psychiatrist Ralph Greenson, M.D.; philosopher Alan Watts; and psychologist Leo Hollister. Includes footage of participant in experiments with THC conducted by Hollister and his assistants.
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Guest: Hollister, Leo
Guest: Freberg, Stan
Guest: Golden, Joshua S.
Guest: Hanks, J.C.
Guest: Barnes, Billy
Host: Sidenbaum, Art
Narrator: Conrad, William
Producer: Freberg, Stan
Producer: Germer, David
Producer: Standard, Joel
Producer: Scott, Richard
Producer: Tuber, Richard
Producer: Potter, Tony
Producing Organization: KCET (Television station : Los Angeles, Calif.)
Reporter: Petit, Tom
AAPB Contributor Holdings
The Walter J. Brown Media Archives & Peabody Awards Collection at the University of Georgia
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