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mean a vote for fifty years services i mean i mean i mean i mean today with a transitional night possibly more than two inches wide tomorrow morning because scientists doesn't think very much of the city is buzzing with nothing constant staccato a lot like the stupid thing
this is the first time that he's in a piano michelle saenz is in
chicago the windy city city of big shoulders a center for science and industry a city of parks and waters a city of people people that promote that by will spirit of chicago we all know that chicago today but one of the early french explorer suv and it gave chicago it's indian name and chicago are the story of chicago's past is a great and important adventure that reaches and of the lives that was all a story that we hope you'll share with us on the big money on them we'll beat you is wbez and
cooperation with the city of chicago presents the big money and historically look at chicago's geographic evolution research has provided by professor james high production supervision by a lean directed by jim eighteen an onion is also a geography one fifteen radio course for college credit offered through the city college of chicago reported information please call nine seven seven june five nineteen seventy six campaign has been a stand out there and teacher for pollution out of the river
flows your definition or very sharp or whatever i guess if you're not efficient as many hours in hailey va as jack is many things to many people and that's part of its attraction on an l rider a quick spin down lakeshore drive you see a city built comfortably into geographical formations shaped centuries ago the view of downtown shows movement everywhere
shoppers and camera clicking tourists and businessmen and women walking quickly the financial markets on lasalle street that supports greek bonds hustling reporters near the mission on south state street everywhere but how the city becomes epicenter of activity why do over eight million people choose to live in the chicago land area like what the big onion is all about for the next thirty programs will explore the influences that helped shape you can go into one of the world's most important city because he is that helpful but are coming from and i cannot i cannot hear the crowd start to roll into things that divide and deflate them train that we would be all right
the news media enables us to know much about today's chicago we know instantly if there's a fire at mccormick place a surprise election victory or even an exciting eleven inning ball game at wrigley field but how much do we really know about chicago for example did you know that chicago's expressways were built to accommodate the natural groove cut by glaciers that crawled through this region but did you know that the blizzards of sixty so in seventy nine were a direct result of chicago's location near lake michigan and that the great chicago fire resulted from chicago building a city of wood tinderbox constructed from lumberjack of the wisconsin and michigan forest there's much to learn about the cities chicago street names are a good place to start the names reflect the people that were important to chicago's formation i would like to hear an excerpt from our big onion program that traces the history behind chicago's street names that into question was a voice to express when the time
has kept a ditch again director before you know gratifying an interest rate of reason that things are delayed here i don't issue in the background her first a blood thinner and it employed a short stature to find a hamburger her son fled a fine is fielding a slick is feeling i feel is a recess where the great spring hitters one of the great runners domestically and even left about the border measures steps had to play and it sure did it at the oregon up our alley you could write down the line and write fear the koran the evening vividly more specifically the chicago st louis chicago st louis incident was a lot of history to know
where the names of the city's one thousand nine hundred and thirty six feet of it is to know much about the village on the prairie grew into the stormy husky brawling city of the big shoulders a cost conscious recollection it has to build a couple begins with father mike sixteen seventy three a canoe down the chicago river into lake michigan today you will find justice named in his honor and cities outside mike judge wrote and mike and his compatriot usually open polar was never honored with a street party as a street named after george rodgers clark when seventeen seventy eight with his troops drove the british from their newfound territory our at our
at our app because he can he was sixteen meantime mapping out a publicist things we feel the best way to understand is to use scenes from chicago's best as they happen this time capsule is the vehicle that allows you to visit
some of chicago's most exciting and important inventions what better way to understand chicago's geographic influences and to fight back in time and actually view the midwestern glaciers but you chief lake michigan or as you experience now the great chicago fire of getting seventy one let's go back to the only a barn on that fateful night retrace the steps of a popular opinion believes to be the start of the chicago fire now all i have to do this like this swift has reached double check we'll proceed backward and my greek latin it's been this
way but it's good for us to work with all five year from california time for more most of them
it's beef it's part of the pacific after the need for peace and for them and for you can do things by the way yes
and the things sammy cd set it will be so chicago fire
was of course one of chicago's most important and tragic experiences fortunately believing in time capsule will also take as to humans now imagine yourself coming to chicago literally meaning through the region and you knew him in this state and thirty three days been through thirty two of them i've been traveling on the stage you know i never realize it would be so uncomfortable enjoys at beautiful between the
blue of the lake in the social life of most of the music it continues and we won't be in danger or they'll friendly and will be of great assistance to us in the shacks it looks at the fairway or dearborn <unk> found if you can call it that looks like a little teenage i can see no more than five or six candidates who investigated thirty chicago on business and the company that must have been it is though one hundred people including the soldiers in civil oh well you also might be interested to know that you found really living in her own world and i knew
that there was a chicago which means that was used for well chicago i was named was a political is ready to one locale <unk> to stand by that rope ladder and i can do that as an official from the american fur company needs his job on many occasions and i'm not going to fall into the lake man there is no possible way that i should say and i still cannot process in which you and your husband the indians us and navigation and i won't be able to climb down that red better make your move now radicals cloud southwest my salary
so it was really nice and now it's time for a historic interview with the words that she talks with important figures from chicago's passed on the post office was established in nineteen thirty one it was in the ocean and see
how cell which is north of the river and so when the first europeans came today we're faced with the situation in chicago that they were familiar with when the trials in the keys to open the settlers came from new england new york times of the year nineteen hundred chicago's fastest growing cities in the weeks to come to kenya producers will be presenting interviews with today's expert in cultural geographic economic and scientific areas doctors educators to biographers even descendants of historic chicagoans have stopped by our studios to talk about chicago's evolution however bernstein those historic interviews will be talking exclusively to important characters from chicago's passed with the help of the beginning in time capsule we've transported some very impressive guests to our studios guests like william bianco is based on oil you're
supposed to get back on their feet until congress picked up money floating in anticipation of microns a clatter and she made of wood and iron and colonel assam in the foothills of the blue ridge mountains in virginia two hundred men watch the force team holden reagan machine even captain daniel wright some i'd say i hope to clear the wilderness and subdues wild prairie in many ways i guess i was one of the earliest folks who had a real hand in changing this town after i came out of the president's french trappers indians to learn more about chicago's fantastic grow and i hope you enjoy our look at the beginning a time capsule and you also listen to a historic interviews on future programs until then i'm laverne steinberg so long and an escapee as al pacino
as jack reacher call firearms now presents time with some of those catholic take you at hello and welcome the bundle tonight's big onion program was basically an overview of the entire series some important information concerning chicago history was presented through and that the wisconsin continental glacier cut through this region in chicago's information years and carve natural groups in the landscape that literally shaped this city on the early settlers arrived in this area they discovered tonawanda me in the swampy smelling marshland and even beautiful green and blue curry's that cupboard of this change really rich farmland that delights of kinsley mark
mccormick and even william be on and to represent the leaders and their actions that shaped the chicago of the nineteen eighty eight san finally in order to understand chicago we must take into account this region's geographic influences and how the people of this area adapted to these ever changing conditions cements away at war as for today's join us next time for a future time with this news update as we recap all of the important information presented concerning chicago's dynamic until then i'm peter hamlin sundae eight eyewitness news is the presentation of the proportions of this program and magically reproduce nino hsbc
when the city city of big shoulders center of science and industry city of portland water as a city of people where people the continued to promote like i will spare darrell thank you for tuning in to the big kind of enjoyed today's overview of programs to come through our quiz my residing in this region you are as much a part of the big onion story as were the indians and settlers once inhabited this area we hope you stay with us on a trip through chicago's past present and future and let us know some of your chicago experiences for future progress on that program deals with chicago's glacial past until then so long with
The Big Onion
Onions Are Forever
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WBEZ (Radio station : Chicago, Ill.)
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The Walter J. Brown Media Archives & Peabody Awards Collection at the University of Georgia (Athens, Georgia)
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"THE BIG ONION is a co-production of WBEZ/CHICAGO and the CITY COLLEGES OF CHICAGO. This series is broadcast as a radio course for college credit (Geography 115) through the City Colleges, and is also aired during WBEZ prime-time for its general audience. The objective of THE BIG ONION is to provide the necessary information for a college level Geography of Chicago course, and to also inform and entertain general WBEZ listeners. 'ONIONS ARE FOREVER' (entry) is the first program from the series and highlights the concepts developed for use throughout the radio-course. Time Capsules, Historic Interviews, Time Witness News, and Interviews With Today's Experts, are all segments that are demonstrated on this entry. These segments enabled THE BIG ONION the freedom to go back in time and 'witness' events and geographic conditions important to Chicago's evolution, as well as interviews with 'leaders' throughout Chicago's history. Leading experts on today's Chicago were then intercut to provide a total picture of Chicago's development. Each registered City College student receives a study guide (enclosed) and may contact Dr. James Piety (City College) for testing and further instruction. WBEZ listeners receive BIG ONION information via the WBEZ monthly Radio Guide.(enclosed) The program you are about to hear, 'ONIONS ARE FOREVER', displays the production techniques, research, and voices used to make the series not only an effective geography course, but informative and entertaining to all that hear it. "(BIG ONION was so named after the Indian interpretation for Chicago - WILD ONION)"--1979 Peabody Awards entry form.
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Director: Nayder, James J.
Executive Producer: Nayder, James J.
Producing Organization: WBEZ (Radio station : Chicago, Ill.)
Writer: Piety, James
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