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maybe levy says he is it's b germany's an audio portrait of america in the
twentieth century yesterday december seven nineteen eighty eight chris professor of history at northeastern illinois university hello and welcome to the voice that you heard at the opening of the show belongs to know the area's truman and the subject of today's journeys is that memorable election the truman to re election of nineteen forty eight as wendy on the second of november in nineteen forty eight the american voters did something that was totally unexpected of them for
certain thomas e dewey governor of new york was going to be elected president he will be the first republican president since franklin d roosevelt and the new deal is hopeless and hapless opponent was harry s truman amanda become president at upon the death of franklin roosevelt in nineteen forty five and then it would never been elected president and a man who for the past six or so months i've been told over and over again by every medium of communication that there was no way he could possibly win that election boss won the election results came in on the second of november nineteen forty eight and truman was elected president and president do we would never be inaugurated and there was a lot of consternation a lot of upset and a lot of explaining some people exploited rather humorously dr gallup was amazed at the outcome but it wouldn't that he was wrong last night they were still thinking of the light of a window and say maybe you'll be there rather
as he was really unhappy what is it like thirty players the last time i think a hostile survey of anonymous people rather than your prediction for the saudis it is the week mathematicians they could use effort to ascertain by that this ago and prognostication and political prestidigitation the approximate total wasn't what it will let me say what can i get a job at major reasons why do we will be liked by ten twenty eleven but he's unlikely to do it was and i predict the next one he said id id id id id at well bob hope was clipping about the election results edward r morrow offered a more sober analysis of the events of november the second nineteen forty eight the couple in the book the fly about what happened
why it happened and what the consequences may be really taken by the amount of the twelfth month them to follow through with the family and the level of farmville the five fourth and there will be money at the top of the monitor i do not pretend to know why the people over the all the people on that very little bit of the night or the night that i finally freed up on the phone they'll vote on a long walk at the moment well fred
wow i must or the interest seems to be engine that true in dewey for the election there other people running with that oh yes indeed know when he was quite eloquent election quite an array of candidates up for instance a to the left of the political spectrum there were two formidable candidates one was henry a wallace would then vice president under franklin roosevelt from nineteen forty one to nineteen forty five it had been also in the truman cabinet was dismissed because he openly disagreed with truman henry wallace was now running as a liberal art even radical of the progressive party strongly supported by young idealists by some communist by disgruntled socialist and others many people expected hillary was in his party who deny upwards of almost ten million votes here is the voice of henry wallace in our september of nineteen forty eight as he confidently out what about the country explaining why he should be elected president or the entire world for limits on everyone's heart however much incompetent and that's been made for more
the people of all lions want because they want the united nations strengthen them preserved by pop collection they argued made a lot of the world suddenly breaking into two irreconcilable passports likewise i think it is the beginning of a shooting war i do not think so we still have one crisis after another what we shall have no war and let our leaders are criminals as well as incompetent can we talk about you i don't talk about inflation the price of meat price of view the price of milk the cost of living inflation what you and i call the high cost of living is something that just happened like that whether you can do anything about whether with you about inflation henry wallace if yours a leftist and
you didn't particularly enjoy the political platform of henry wallace there was the perennial socialist candidate for president norman thomas a venerable man in his mid sixties he was now in his sixth campaign for president of the united states he to offer a liberal progressive all critique of the american system not only of the truman administration but also of the great capitalist system that truman was trying to be elected president into former speeches by adele principally with problems of plenty and the i have argued that inflationary like that expectation of depression and the continuing tensions which reads syria strikes our inherent in our job will capitalism and it's called free enterprise and not expressions of honor specific reforms may accomplish a little but only by intelligent planning under democratic control in an economy whose commanding heights are in the possession of the people and oppression and poverty because there
are socialist party platform and the ad by writing the party offers real creed or an avenue you know your hair you've outlined a program there could be a trial when east policy with the administration is destroying by its themes of omission and comment no military aid to regional alliances will say the thin a world in which they are moderate and they knew the failure of the administration that was doing the only republican that had a chance of winning the election or no until he had gotten in a sense find out in the primaries that are held up during the spring of nineteen forty eight and didn't have an easy time of it even though we had been the nominee of the party and ninety forty our floor running against fdr and a fourth term and lost though but not by very much robert a taft of ohio as a
formidable opponent <unk> conservative the banana wood author of the book co authored rather the taft hartley law had a lot of popularity with republicans earl warren the sort of affable constitution minded liberal republican governor of caliph fournier who love lost the nomination but later became buoys running mate for vice president of the united states health stats in the boy wonder i love minnesota politics and also made a very strong challenge to thomas dooley but in the long run it was thomas dooley governor of new york and presidential nominee of the republican party in nineteen forty four won elections earlier who received a nomination from the party again now what the provision of america in the world there the glowing that leap forward toward the goal of security are bobbing around like a cork and the only thing
mr owen no last year we were scratching our military establishment that you were really about your government would have been delivered by some of the van gogh thought ah last year we ratify the treaty making taking seriously away from italy now are trying to make the men while wearing return last week we reached this week we're not final the pope and that water of confusion tension and crisis president had wanted and grave terms of danger and most of our people are upgrading the bungling us into war and scale neither the president nor any officer of the government has favored to our people we will make your arms oh all
right it hadn't been an easy time for do we get the nomination as i said he had to fight it out with a lot of formidable republican opponents in the primaries even though general douglas macarthur was stolen pay a nod in the greater champion of the war in the far east and the muslim brotherhood been mentioned as a possible candidate and one of the more interesting primary states was in april of nineteen forty eight in wisconsin where everybody expected the macarthur or delete to win just to complicate the picture neither one that particular event the voters in wisconsin and make their choice in the republican presidential sweepstakes and big big majority they apparently wants guarantees that the former governor of neighboring minnesota's the pirate party's nominee rather than general douglas mcarthur for governor thomas e dewey of new yacht and of course there were comedians like eddie cantor all always were there in order to make jokes on some of the political misfortune even the misfortunes of governor dewey in the wisconsin primary and
i gather that's not your korean like you can forget why you have pictures of all the other candidates on my mantle thousand at the top and he has a thick your conduit isn't that an unusually large multiracial for joining russia that nevertheless in late june of nineteen forty eight the republican party gathered in convention in philadelphia indeed the nomination for the second time to thomas e dewey and given that they live under you and so your nomination for president of the united states in all humility i expect to nominate no matter what their political leanings all all members of the republican party could agree with harold stassen in his assessment of the present president of the united states truman is a corner of a politician ever to
occupy the white house yeah it is what do it was he really that was president iraqi about away tears when he was in the minds of the republicans he should've been there in fact are they always thought that franklin roosevelt had been their attitude terms alone four terms of course he was in the worst president that he had been there at the end warren as it is after most wars a lot of problems city and high inflation for instance or which had between mid nineteen forty six in october of forty seven gone up twenty three percent running a ten percent a year also remember that after that are being articulate well educated franklin roosevelt harry truman was sort of a country bumpkin he was no call it background he had been no i'm lieutenant or captain in world war one but no great distinguished military record a rather plain honest man a simple man a man of the people missouri and a new yorker i'm a man who was on
average in some respects are not intellectually returned to visit his election abilities but he did just that simple tastes in somehow that was incorrect o'connor distinction to what i had been the presidency before hand to a degree to what tom dooley another new yorker another curve being intelligent articulate man seemed to be offering to the american people but it was the truman became himself the butt of jokes even before the election had formerly begun long before the convention in july of nineteen forty eight of the democratic party in philadelphia truman was laughed at by america today throughout the country republicans are congratulating each other and shaking hands at canterbury once the only continued on in the same vein but what you may be the present occupant would say frankly i think president truman did a very fine job and even the railroad running water you know eddie cantor records wasn't the only popular
radio comedian to make fun of president truman fred allen and often going down as allen's alley on his particular nbc program ran into senator clive owen played by kenny del mar and senator clyde lawrence was always ready with an a at the truman show i read that the things we give the president and the present on antibody the audience laugh that joke was delivered in april of nineteen forty eight the next month and made the same kind of political rhetoric was he found on allen's alley that either that question and i can share of nashville music week that all republican candidates have taken their campaign follow each candidate has a different campaign song along with only one of general eisenhower's all made it do it
ms ba aw now at thirty with being over the weekend election and when election day rolls around what the popular reaction people enthusiastic about the possibilities of him being president and what i think the comedy clubs we just heard sort of reflect the general disgust disdain does taste which the american people seemed to hold the incumbent president in in june of nineteen forty eight he made out one of his first extensive campaign to ours with a whistle stop stop train this is a radio description of his appearance in chicago as the commentator describes just what the popular reaction had been to truman's visit it was less than enthusiastic it was hard i'm sure
the year but it was cool and installation the united states was treated to the court's perception of a need for them to live there in the last forty years when he arrived oh yeah illinois merkel
i have you're welcome with this is very interesting here is a less enthusiastic response to this knowing if he's elected president yes he was elected president and nominate question it me ask why was he ever even nominated there wasn't a soft sizable don't control and movement chicago politicians were quite instrumental in it but it never really works man they want to replace truman with was general dwight eisenhower and eisenhower arbor let it be known that he was not interested in the democratic nomination nor in any nomination in nineteen forty eight so they seem to be stuck with harry s truman and to make matters worse at the democratic convention a major issue blew up ended in the er in the meetings and created for
president truman one more formidable political arch rival strom thurmond the former governor the governor of south carolina became the states rights party nominee for president threatening to break the solid south away from the democrats away from the new deal away from truman his reelection and whole issue with civil rights in february of nineteen forty eight through an unspoken to congress and called for legislation in the field of civil rights legislation that would create federal anti lynching laws for instance the way and employment discrimination voting rights protection he called for self government for the district of columbia and for the creation of a fair employment practices commission and he also promises he later did to do something as an example an executive order about discrimination in the arm services this kind of rhetoric this kind of talk this kind of proposal totally under of the solid south with it rigid jim crow
laws and discrimination patterns and threaten to break that solid south which truly need it so badly to be reelected bus at the convention when the liberal wing of the democratic party championed by hubert h humphrey and noon up and coming young politician a former mayor of minneapolis and i'm a bright star out of minnesota the liberal wing called for a more strident a more liberal plank in the democratic platform on the issue of civil rights but i think he made a fairly and without provocation that would be nineteen and watering down apparently of the implements and the point of the other writes program humphrey and his allies managed to get through that convention a minority plank which was more liberal than even true and it want it true in itself an already been under fire
this was the last straw as we hear in the voice of an alabama delegate there was a lot of strain in the solid south thank you rather angry young men i have to say the least the alabama delegation along with that of mississippi let it be known the next day just what their reaction was to the liberal democratic stand on civil rights so at that time they are doing the right thing and all the pope invited the rock out of a conviction that the time and i wrote all
the violence by the fountain on the list that you have a lot of the platform adopted without again on the earth but not be no not a bit of it and we did do the alabama mississippi delegation withdrew and a couple of the weeks later the rebel democrats met in birmingham alabama to drop their own platform for a state's rights candidacy and eventually would pay for states with them in the actual election for broad truman states are pro democratic states eventually would vote for the nominee of the states rights party and jay strom thurmond of south carolina and last the democratic convention nominated harry s truman and a well more firebrand exciting dynamic speeches of harry truman's career at one forty five in the morning on the fifteenth of july of nineteen forty eight
he a man who was normally in better eight o'clock after glass of buttermilk rallied the democratic delegates who themselves were somewhat concerned about the future he rallied them with one of the fiery speeches of his whole career truman had been a very boring speaker used to follow a written text enough and i was criticized for it but by nineteen forty seven forty eight is that management had discovered that with just a few notes and a lot of the impromptu extent are rising truman became a really good stump speaker but listen here go part of the odd give them hell harry styles wrapping himself in the mantle of franklin roosevelt and the new deal legacy harry truman rouses party on the fifteenth of july nineteen forty eight because the money and the nurses
in the va being is david ainley then in nineteen ninety in nineteen ninety
nine it's b today when a train winds up that no laws one of the focuses of his attention throughout the campaign would be the eightieth congress if congress had come to power in nineteen forty seven following the nov forty six elections it had been the first congress controlled by the republican since nineteen to nineteen twenty election and the eightieth congress became the focus them up much all truman's campaign rhetoric we can hear in this next excerpt from that except in to dress in july of forty eight truman's give the military style as he made a rather bold
political move he announced that rather than that the republican congress go home and and run for reelection he was going to call in to a special session in july that the republicans have talked about all these wonderful liberal social reforms they wanted to make for now he was going to call them back into session and let them make it now rather than wait for the next election he was going to call the rhetorical bluff and as you listen to this particular speech of that in the background i think you can hear one of them or a rabbit delegate hollering oregon harry and as we get to hear harry truman's rather firebrand style it's big fb
but the age issue we can i don't
know any actual can be between a chairman in dewey was this didn't know yuri style was it was seized by the people well this really does exist truman went all over the country made several major campaign tours up doing the scores the speeches but they figure that he spoke at least twice as many times as dewey did eventually had that fire style that exciting that that ad off the call for quality whereas tom dooley was defended wrecked and dewey's was almost like they are a well planned lecture tour rather than a campaign stomping on tour but for the most part the american public remained indifferent about fifty percent of the lector announced that it was a mean one of all our apathy seemed to rain nonetheless on labor day the traditional day of the first monday in september the official campaign got underway the labor
day begins with a real political campaigning on our goal of washington awarded special train headed for michigan and at least fifteen to one day give the republican out there in the top three of the night and a lot of that hearing your name young people who feel that imminent fall full garb and that the party in fact that lyndon johnson who had in the race for the democratic nomination for the senate after a week of counting votes ahead by less than two hundred thousand jobs and it's trying to find a faith being given up daniel for those around the world that makes which labeled them on this morning i wonder whatever happened to that lyndon johnson i think he was elected going on to bigger and better things even after nineteen forty eight throughout the campaign it was one of the charges and countercharges but for the most part it was the truman in the give him hell harry style of rhetoric it was julie in the aloof well polished well organized well suited
image that he's wanted to project let's listen to a little bit of the charges and countercharges that typified the campaign that fall in nineteen forty eight i agree that this was a true graber or politics as usual the only legal and a lot of the terrible record as predatory animals the moscow backed her but they share now why do you suppose room a man desperate religion anyway i don't care about that i don't care what they say there's nothing you can say about me it's all been said depress the
polls the commentators on radio all seem to agree that harry truman had no way possible to win this election a washington dc star in july not for a long time if ever will the old democratic lines be restored the detroit free press that same month with a republican bandwagon really the glory of steam calliope blair is the victory seemed that the democratic party is dead the new york daily mirror in october tom dooley has returned the elderly every inch a president that kind of president particularly fit for our needs in these times the new york post as late as october thirty first governor doing when you become president of the united states we will help you in every way to be a great progressive leader we're counting on you to give us ever increasing reasons to rejoice in our choice of you as our president san francisco chronicle was even more strident it is a godsend to this country and to the world at large that harry truman will get his dismissal notice next tuesday even the communist daily
worker at something unfavorable to say about our friend harry truman it is rumored the republicans may spend half the campaign asking votes for the democrats just to preserve the two party system the afl and cia old leaders know that truman is a dead duck as far the rank and file are concerned the same kind of criticism carry over even into commentators years walter winchell in september of nineteen forty eight summarizing what the election results will be in a few months what about the night democratic leaders privately with the truman only true faith law poppy oh i'll that confidential poll also indicates the governor doing is leading by at least ten million campaign that's the irony that just the vile fired a price ceiling which was the human artifact of running fifty thousand and eight in connecticut that was a voiceover walter winchell come digging and areas chairman that we're
talking about today the campaign of truman doing is when they leave we listen to some of the editorial opinion the commentators on radio one or in the in the press also were talking about walter whitman stuart and joseph allsopp max lerner for others the continued to attack the fact that dolly was certainly become president and truman would be defeated here in october but drew pearson could write during a certain to win and it's natural to want to be on the side of a winner billy is sure to be elected i predict he will be a first rate president richard harkness this and there is every indication i duly landslide facile brown nothing happened today to change the advance predictions that thomas dewey is going to be the next president of the united states that last quote from sosa brown was delivered on november the second the day of the election even the pollsters will maybe it was because of the pollsters that so many people felt so confident almost unanimously confident that truman would never win throughout the month
of june through october do we continue to hold a substantial lead in the major polls polls the polls the polls of the gallup organization normal roper any archibald crossley group they really hovered around the fifty fifty four percent pile truman was anywhere from fourteen a half percent to forty four forty five it most but for the most part the low forties while dowd gallup and others continue to give do we at least an eleven point edge roper became so confident that out the election would go to do we then in his september ninth announcement he wrote so as of this september nine my whole inclination is to predict election of thomas e dewey by any margin and devote my time and efforts to other things that were all purple whatnot do another formal survey until after the election was over that teleconference the pollsters were that
truman was going to be defeated even the non political commentators tended to line up for lease to show signs that they favored do we listen as well a parson describes the hollywood stars who were committing themselves for either truman or do we find it interesting arrangement as many more star seem to be on the side of the duly and some interesting ones show up on the truman bandwagon i think that we are that they have human and government doing may be within our baby and you let on that moment that we've all that blood and a cop and now they couldn't believe that the family and you're ragged line of them on about that particularly if they've gotten a one four five day out
all come into play the law well parsons comments are here in late september of nineteen forty eight the political commentators not only were predicting that truman would be defeated the occasional even when another way too help truman all along that path toward defeat listen as walter winchell very cleverly in a somewhat sinister way pates harry truman and his administration with an ag communist brush because also part of the nineteen forty election was the beginning of the anti communist era let's listen as walter winchell price the link truman with the radical left with the united states there are three that the leaders agree with the president of the united states the current investigation was not a red herring on top intelligence he believed that it was a great menace and joy that lionel are open for the white house now he never made public
in washington dc believes this about iago the president learn about meeting a man one of the most important international coalition in the world oh intelligence department landing of a russian with the white house at midnight and confidence of the president of the united states with a report on the men average out with the president canceled his important validation of question about was recently investigated by congress evidence at midnight in the white house his eleventh before congress the ability to see all the government he had not even by the american people were not involved in moscow the thought that the government twelve nineteen forty seven over the microphone i reveal some of the facts were into one of last friday i gave the very private secretary of the the ideal that they read that from when you think of everything figured weapons abound
at the map you that in our great confidence plus some of our getting a politician and that would help american labor leader with the russians have already have had control of the american youth mr kerry testified on friday that united a lack of workers union which he was added wealth while the communist run on many questions ladies i tried to warn you about that kind of dominated unions to the letter of the law allows federal caught the move that if you live that call anyone i read of a blindfold of death have been with that fiddler get a lot of breath the fed this election seems it has very fiery that there a lot of sparks flying but you suggested earlier that there was great deal of apathy among the popular voters i think a lot of people didn't
care for truman and his administration and there were turned off also by these sort of stiff style of thomas dooley in fact only fifty one point two percent of the eligible voters would actually vote in november and out of that trial only got half forty nine point six percent so we can literally say that twenty five percent of the eligible voters of america elected harry truman there was a great degree of voter apathy as we hear from the southeastern the newscast in the first week of october so elections only four weeks away campaigning today is left with a major party vice presidential candidate another spokesman for president truman governor dewey have no scheduled appearances today fiji and planning ahead of them from the news washington demarco speech in philadelphia <unk> sunday for a quick swam through the midwest that we get on the day the government confers with his foreign policy adviser john foster dulles came from that's where the first hand report on the united nations and our relations with russia none of
the rest of the political news senator vandenberg a republican speech last night eyes dart bipartisan international policy said and i'm quoting i expressed the atlantic democratic friends will follow this example when they are the opposition come next january twenty percent bipartisan policy has expressed this morning by vandenberg foundations committed colleague senator john brownley democratic texas can limit special archival international news service government not allowed to interfere with maintaining a third front in their campaign for the other campaign issues according to a political morning and they are rising at the entrance to the public the public view on the assumption that an allied registration better than they are partly on other indications fat for the presidential candidate for the democrats and republicans for that
and the public was yawning as it was suggested at the political choices set before them either major party's as late as the twenty eighth of october al jolson on his radio show could still quiet about the fact that apathy seen as popular as commitment in the nineteen forty eight election julian all election day when somebody election day here well it is exciting it used to be i mean i love my grandfather that's right not really they get billed as a punchline we all know
history we know who was a president but that was exactly how it happened that question if you've been listening to the radio on the morning over the second of november nineteen forty you might've thought the that voter apathy was going to win the day in that troops surely as the pollsters and the radio commentator the newspaper editorials at all suggest that the president billy was on his way to the white house nine thousand new york city cops will be on duty at the polls today to guard against any interference in the local and national elections cloudy weather is predicted for the new york area and possibly rain voting has already begun in full of new york and new jersey half hour from now polls will open in connecticut about fifteen million voters are expected to cast ballots out of some nineteen million eligible voters it's a little more open the number in the last presidential election but it's relatively low compared to the number of voters who turn out in such countries as france and italy for their national elections and the first the results of the day coming
from a small town in new hampshire seemed also to prove that dewey was inevitably going to be koreans among the first presidential re terms of the day they come from hart's location new hampshire and they give that occur when one vote governor dewey eleventh come from hart's location new hampshire truman won the governor doing eleventh all that eleven to one ratio that certainly did not hold up in fact as the day progressed and results came in the delay people realize that they had a lot of problems on their hands they will begin to do very poorly in new hampshire and in other states is there results came in and from that expected plurality of millions of votes truman was pulling ahead and seemed to be ahead for good of course there were those who refused to see the inevitable late in the evening on november the second as a result are coming in from all over the
country a venerable at kal penn born lee noted radio commentator for so many decades kong tenaciously to the idea that intentionally that would be an counted votes from the farm states that were going to come in and at that point do we would be elected and we are approaching the point that contradicted ride along but as we got in the country really turns me very strongly that women held in the beginning would be no no i'm in a while it has a pretty close race on the basis of the figures as they now stand on our board really has the best chance was it turned out harry truman won three hundred and three electoral votes and only took two hundred and sixty six to be elected he pulled forty nine point six percent of the vote twenty four point one million tom dooley received twenty one point nine million and a hundred and eighty nine electoral votes and jay
strom thurmond the state's rights candidate received thirty nine votes and one point one million but wallace progressive party which had anticipated upwards of ten million receive one point one million and norman thomas in his six try for the presidency is a socialist candidate received less than a hundred and forty thousand votes the eightieth congress would be destroyed in the at first congress would be and democratically dominated one seventy five seats were picked up by the democratic party in the house of representatives and they picked up nine out of thirty four or thirty three contested seats a kid nine more than the republicans so they came with a very strong majority in the senate and certainly a powerful majority of almost a hundred votes in the house of representatives truman however had only won by the skin of its teeth he carried ohio by seventy one hundred votes california by less than eighteen thousand in illinois by thirty three and a half thousand had
he lost those three states he would've last election and it was that close but nonetheless on the day after the election on the third and beginning rather on the third of november the commentators and others had to begin to explain their great ever then they go i don't like to do that than the current that we have that everybody will agree that it was not that victory but really i think that the free rein every week there'd be a bit of labor the top of our second day out why women trying to live by the girl i think there will be probably better for the family of the pilot had given them
the day when the pipe organ it out on them when they were quite a lot of support and then finally of course the political campaign the way we got out of the country although the league of telling the whole campaign on the show karuna done quite well in the west akkad every western state except oregon seven of eleven old confederacy states before major border states and five midwestern states only in massachusetts rhode island didi we're making new england was doing was from new york anyway nonetheless up he had brought together the farmers blacks the western rock concert conservation minded people the south blue collar laborers catholics and other ethnics i'll was set in the progressive party would take the sting of the anti communist folk and truman came out as a as a moderate relative to see norman thomas or to interview wallace
again explanations were forthcoming particularly from the pollsters years george gallup in a rather theatrical explanation of why are his profession and made such an egregious error and i'm not crying the alibi my doll the film and won a land of victory which he had every right to the problem which i i really congratulate him constantly trying to establish we'll call it the model of a great many things we're still a new fire at the famed thirty that we know that we can be right most of the time we know there are times when will be wrong the law of probability scientific lot on with public opinion polling i've played with over the ball you live by the law and the law caught up with us through the life of the typically haven't confirmed today the election why were you roll back we thought about because if our important factor neither the question we are asking ourselves and
our first the turnout which voters stayed home which did not to the undecided voters the undecided vote for the important legal wow factor what happened where all local elections how much that local candidates held over the national ticket i would have the answers to all these questions may take weeks months in every thirty of them and we intend to core supporters weren't big trouble in nineteen thirty six the very prestigious literary digest which used to do presidential polls had come out strongly in favor of the fact that from franklin roosevelt would be beaten by alf landon and of course in that election alf landon received a delightful vote and everything else with the franklin roosevelt in a massive landslide it had been such a defeat for the literary digest they went out of business and have lost prestige up in a most dramatic fashion so the george gallup and roeper and crosby and others were out to save their profession as well as a reputation i an explanation such as that harry truman had some explanation still on the night
after the election as he spoke to his friends and supporters in independence missouri where he had gone for election wow i can tell you here to a victory in the democratic party over people oh of course truman had the ultimate last words are in january of nineteen forty nine now as an elected president he was sworn in washington dc as president of the united states collected now in his own right weekly appointments
became week thank you and so as the presidential election of nineteen forty eight i would be less inviting you to join dr fred mcdowell myself next time for journeys
Give 'em Hell, Harry! The Truman-Dewey Campaign of 1948
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Producing Organization: WBEZ (Radio station : Chicago, Ill.)
Speaker: Loeff, Wendy
AAPB Contributor Holdings
The Walter J. Brown Media Archives & Peabody Awards Collection at the University of Georgia
Identifier: cpb-aacip-6ee7be09558 (Filename)
Format: 1/4 inch audio tape
Duration: 00:57:50
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Chicago: “Journeys; Give 'em Hell, Harry! The Truman-Dewey Campaign of 1948,” 1980-10-10, The Walter J. Brown Media Archives & Peabody Awards Collection at the University of Georgia, American Archive of Public Broadcasting (GBH and the Library of Congress), Boston, MA and Washington, DC, accessed December 9, 2023,
MLA: “Journeys; Give 'em Hell, Harry! The Truman-Dewey Campaign of 1948.” 1980-10-10. The Walter J. Brown Media Archives & Peabody Awards Collection at the University of Georgia, American Archive of Public Broadcasting (GBH and the Library of Congress), Boston, MA and Washington, DC. Web. December 9, 2023. <>.
APA: Journeys; Give 'em Hell, Harry! The Truman-Dewey Campaign of 1948. Boston, MA: The Walter J. Brown Media Archives & Peabody Awards Collection at the University of Georgia, American Archive of Public Broadcasting (GBH and the Library of Congress), Boston, MA and Washington, DC. Retrieved from