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and this is midday i'm soccer gear good afternoon everyone this week we're going to devote the entire program to the summit bring new experts on soviet and american interests and to discuss and analyze what's going on in washington and we have our broadcast with moscow this wednesday but today christopher a megan's director of the international securities programs at the roosevelt center in washington jack mendelson deputy director of the arms control association professor marshall goldman director of the russian research center harvard university and oleg ben yaacov the soviet embassy david beckworth washington correspondent for time magazine and first howard tyner foreign editor of the chicago tribune hello howard well tell us about the press involvement with a summit there must be really mad scrambling going i understand the other day that the white house you're listening to a program heard each weekday for ninety minutes here on wbez radio in chicago i'm ken davis wbez is program director for the next few minutes i'd like to share with you some excerpts from a day and to explain why we think this
program deserves recognition the day is one of the few radio programs in this country devoted to in depth exploration of foreign affairs in order to give her listeners the latest and the liveliest reporting from around the globe host saundra guerre draws on many resources take a recent program in which correspondents academics religious and government leaders from the soviet union assembled in kiev while a similar panel of americans was invited to participate from chicago the subject what should follow the historic summit meeting between ronald reagan and mikhail gorbachev professor alan dershowitz harvard university took the occasion to plead with soviet leaders for more immigration you are you have to acknowledge that there are legal many many many people that there are no excuses for not allowing older single people all latino families whatsoever or dying of cancer and i thought medical help of the united states we haven't used that
family the lost that it would help to build bridges so much better if the soviet union would simply say look like let the chips fall where they may be maybe americans wanted to live in the soviet union we've never tried them that they maybe people are still being in mostly for family reasons wanna leave the soviet union why can't we at this point in the war the immigration in immigration laws as a way of showing good faith one country to the other chairman gorbachev reagan immigration with emigration no rules whatsoever preventing anybody probably the united states for yet figured say you wanna lead no possibility of make believe unless you're a criminal or you haven't yet completed your military service even and there are very few restrictions in every
country in the world at them voted on immigration if we didn't we would find the country in the world without or the world population the wealthiest country but there is an enormous difference between letting people out and letting them in what we're talking about now is why the soviet jihad that we allow those people want to emigrate and move elsewhere russo all while dershowitz got no promises father and richer of ski secured a pledge from the russian orthodox archbishop in kiev that a clergyman from gerard skis church be allowed to celebrate mass there yes i appreciated artificial mccarthy's comments on the fact that the marxists and christians to live in does get in the soviet union but it seems that only certain types of questions are tolerated in the soviet union as you know the ukraine or the selfless orthodox church was decimated the nineteen thirties i think nineteen forty six ukraine catholic church has been outlawed in the soviet union
for years neither the government nor the government sanctioned russian orthodox church which archbishop mccotter represents have bank even recognize it this church exists and although it has over fifteen bishops some two thousand priests and six point nine million adherents about the ussr with five million in ukraine alone if marxist and christians can coexist together can a group of ukrainian catholic students accompanied by their spiritual leaders come to the city of view and with big city if you allow them to celebrate openly a ukrainian catholic liturgy in the city of hue something that has not been allowed for the last forty years all right the soviet participants called this radio dialogue historic and portions were hurt by nine million listeners in the soviet union while some relies heavily on the telephone lines to producer program she also invites
journalists and world leaders to join her in the studio contra leader a doleful calero we've come to the united states to testify before the senate committee probing country gave them paid us a visit and was asked about allegations that he had become rich by channeling united states aid into a swiss bank account i came out there with him i had a good i was really but i was many people have gone and enjoyed my wealth ago sent some money out of the united states border on one account been increased interest bearing account i would be threatened by without work in mobile and innocent and given a riff and i had you know that what about the allegations that you do have an account in switzerland well the idea when you've met anyone who can find an account through the fields of the ocean some are also pressed calero about rumors that he was paid by the cia to begin with or if i didn't serve the fury i wouldn't and i was brought forward and considered the legislation the theory is a
branch of the letters and corman it's an assertion of the oars have been a wonderful job in europe in the interest of this country and now you need a service in the world sort of the cia and i do not work for the state i have a lot more closely at the simply the cia has been a new nissan are between the united states government and our forces and we respect the agency and they're appreciative of the association sometimes it's under dares own questions would bring out the controversy to the program on other occasions guests have been known to clash during a broadcast without her help such was the case when a former ambassador from south vietnam joined a former cia officer to discuss the political situation in north vietnam thirty years ago eighty percent of the
people well i do not agree with the assessment from the cia spite of the fact that you belong to it it yourself lead and it was a former member weather your dealings with the cia at that time and how do you feel about them now well in the cia ran imagine seattle collected information for the us come on yes but in vietnam wearing dame we have seen that that at least the perception among libya the new one of the busy idea was behind everything you know ten years and fifty four to fifty four they were there with a c actually a cia covert war got out of hand and then they'll get operations with speculate sixty three and became a military were quoted got out of control it singing in korean they going into the villages the er the
constitution said fifty four or were yelling at us you talk all the time about the cia about the american backing pension funding was about a time they go into vietnam but i am talking in poems offer the wish of them sylvia to meet people in the woods right now i highly risky i hated the north vietnam fall or my adult life living as a family unit and accommodations on all of the usual idea that greek totally wish you with the us national which come from your mind that eighty percent of the vietnam in addition to serving as referees sondra dare shares her insights with listeners she has traveled to western europe the
ussr the middle east and mexico in the spring of nineteen eighty seven she joined a delegation from chicago into wearing the soviet union and exploring the possibility of designating kiev a sister city to our own in the course of her work son has come to no officials at the many state department tests and that editorial desks around the nation she talks with editors and correspondents for the washington post time newsweek the nation and the chicago tribune let's go now to canada and mike maguire associate editor the final national desk of the chicago tribune in montreal to so let's talk about canada where some of the hot topics mike that are being discussed the city are us canadian relations here they only copy that being bandied around in any kind of a fiery way you see a trade pact with her with them they
get along with men and women of the press son are often consults men and women of the cloth marion all priests and nuns and shared their perspective on central america and on conditions behind bars long before cuban inmates sees prisons in georgia and louisiana somber and her listeners knew trouble was brewing in august of eighty seven she had spoken with father roy bourgeois who was serving time for protesting us involvement in nicaragua and taking on a new cause robert you've been here thirty years that they are however they continue to linger on and probably with very little hope of auditioning to be stranded on an island here in the interview he added very i really really and they have not supported for example of pork community here i am you have made here
situation here nearly a job is that the cuban trying to look into their situation if incredible its recruiting cuban for being treated here how are they being treated as siphoning imprisoned which is bad enough already being treated well thank you know depicting of the ecological many of them are getting it in a human and make it on the warriors' and a little hope of being really in the future but isn't there some plan recently for the about the united states the administration made to send back a lot of the cuban people that is from cuba will not be accepted back into the country and a lot of that until nineteen eighty four however when dan i didn't make it
welcome back you know that they were one of the reasons that dr the immigration department claims are not releasing them is that they feel that these summer many of them who would now be let out in the communities would be odd a danger to the communities that that ally ally that they are a few of the cuban year i would they would they cannot be taking are really of that guy we believe midday offers its listeners an understanding of world news which other stations in the midwest do not we feel the show is rich with analysis and detail it is in debt without being dull and the show's host is a master at juggling the many elements which make me a date so exciting for more on the day's agenda two women who are from other countries living in the united states or
Midday With Sondra Gair
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"Midday with Sondra Gair is a 90-minute program heard each weekday on WBEZ-FM in Chicago. It is one of the few radio shows in America devoted exclusively to world affairs. "In order to give her listeners the liveliest coverage of international news, Gair reaches out by telephone to diplomats and world leaders. She often talks with officials at the State Department and keeps in regular contact with foreign correspondents and editors at Newsweek, Time, the Washington Post, the Chicago Tribune and other publications. "Our presentation tape includes excerpts from an historic broadcast which linked a panel of leaders in the Soviet Union with a group in Chicago. During that show, heard by at least nine million Soviet listeners, a prominent religious leader agreed to allow a banned branch of the Ukrainian Catholic Church to celebrate mass in the Ukrainian capital for the first time in decades. "We believe Midday offers its listeners an understanding of the world which other stations do not. We try to produce a program which is in-depth without being dull, and we are most proud of producer Sondra Gair who is a master at juggling the many elements which make Midday so exciting."--1987 Peabody Awards entry form.
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Producing Organization: WBEZ (Radio station : Chicago, Ill.)
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