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ms benita grooms says a lot and women talking about poetry is known for quite a bit and this is a particularly good example of poetry is known for poetry is known for the line as is typical with frost the whole actions of the column is metaphoric the whole car not just any part not just we may have good metaphor quarter of being a comparison of like you know like things or anything else is how palestinian something it's a very slow and very profound way in this case the narrator and his neighbor who are building wollen considering their fences and this whole actions being implicitly compared to something was and it's our job to figure out whether this is doing implicitly compared to and new shoes and not figure out necessarily logical and the trigger on the sense of whistle brad runyon was in the
studio to help us along our blogger john in the air and i called witches david kramer is an actor dominic and yellow chairman of english of mercy college in westchester and steve was a factory farm something there is that doesn't love all that says the frozen ground swell hundred and spills the upper molders in the sun and makes gets even true comparison with a lot of voters is another thing i've come after them and made repair when they have left not one stone stone that they would have the rabbit out of hiding to please the open dogs i guess i mean no one has seen the neighborhood of maybe but spring landing time we find the mare island my neighbor know beyond the hill and on the day we need to walk the line and says the wall between us once again
to keep the wall between us as we go to teach them all those that have fallen to teach and some are loans and some some newly was that we have to use a spell to make them balance stay where you are until of mexico and we were fingers rough with handling of distillate kind of outdoor game one aside becomes a little more there where it is written and the dog is all time and i am apple orchard apple trees will never crossed in the pecans and the response that he only says good fences make good neighbors spring is the mischief in may and i wonder if i could put a notion in his head why do they make good neighbors isn't that with their cows but there are no cows before i build a walk ins in a while i was walling in allowing out and who knows like defense something there is that doesn't love a war that won't sit down and
i could say else to him but it's not an old exactly and that really set it from self esteem they're bringing a stone pressed firmly but the top in each hand like an old stone savage armed he moves in darkness as it seems to me not with only in the shade of trees you let go behind his father saying he likes having thought of it so well he says again good fences make good neighbors and using phone starts at what you might call a description or seems to be very descriptive it's like a little story or had a french teacher once who had sat on the train with another first phone ecstasy i'm perfectly innocent looking for work scientists and the whole thing about the citizens that frozen rensselaer
lee dumas and for a long time and then for the decision to call the police but you know it's an interesting and it's a real funny year in general a little strange but they say that a strange person after a wooden actually lose a pound which are well looking at frost i think is very important to wear and kicking in the beginning of his problems when you start to stay or do you that's not just descriptions not just of conversations that there's something ok will refute something there is that doesn't love a war he says the frozen ground swell under it and steals the upper boulders and son and makes get even to confess of breast and those four wants to take us this description about what is that something very well as we revel hold serve so that would be a different perspective now yeah i think i get past the first line ok it was something there is something else
is that is that actually put it when it does instill center near the early on you interact with us okay says a boy wonder what it is you know like saying i think is more than in one flush which is after the boy estelle well i think we should be careful to him to make an examination of a place where the syntax is twisted and people would not usually say when colloquially would not usually say something there is that doesn't love a lot and that would probably be one of the funny things that that phone so you say there is something that doesn't love a wall and you could do it in some such well without owning the middle of the poem very much so that i think that beginning with a something right perhaps as defined by the rest of the poem and a lot of stresses the beginning as being put on something so much that's unknown settlement ordinary english so we don't think of that's omar is right right in this case those very descriptive still eating contests the first one perhaps the fda has to question
what is that something was anita doesn't love along the way as what's world war as a veteran and the first talks about the frozen ground swell and or oppose the process of the freezing a nonbinding of the earth which makes all sorts of changes in shape and disrupt things that are put together for the expansion contraction but it wasn't really that he means by that something that does a lot of well that's just one of its toll why he i think he sang at its current the natural phone images that even nature doesn't know not just as just like inherent in life was something that doesn't like separations of things monsters can just like he's using nature but it's more like life is an aspect of life measures of libya to live from the sun and because people won't let me know right and we're usually say nature
lover doesnt love that we can say that the vessel the poet to obviously to love something to level for example resuscitation on and why they haven't said what is the something that says the frozen iran's one honestly it's a pretty big something visits to test our systems usually one is not thought of this as loving and not moving wall can but i think the process is pointing to a significant fine more than a love of will or at a i'm not living will that states put out of stones is something warm and by this will obviously have an order it has you know newton's get down there for one year and skills that are older than the sun and makes get in to contest the rest you had to question and this is well during our live there was
right to consider what these gaps are that there's something makes in walls so that people can solicit rest of the world so it's that you know it's that provision one of his latest on losses thomas anderson and the guests come ok this something that's costly working and breaking them wallace was a barrier will suggest the wall between people's champ is between countries and if anyone thats that part of its roots and summoning guesses johnson even to confess aggressive and miniseries is to expose before the lovers go and two of them are two people sit in with the law always those loans is frozen for the neighbors who could pass particular i wanted to see were there since obama addressed is to be the stage in charlotte shelton writes about facing the same direction it has a kind of strength there and if they are repairing the water with us each other with something between them the
relationship which translation walker counters is another thing i'll come after them unmade repair when they have left not one stone on a stone that they would have a rabbit out of hiding to please the open dogs and a feel for it somewhere else or well i just think he sees a huge mentioned some natural phenomenon that disrupts roth and now he's mentioning human beings that disrupt war and of course as is tied together with a very lively scene of human activity as well and he made a contrast between the brothers in france major diseases
i can actually repair it and he understands that he can explain that he tells you to sell have taken them if they wanted a rabbit to please those stations of the thing that doesn't level and nasa from talking about underground selling underneath attracting a lot of people are a way to get it no one has seen in the burden of the investors paying with other the second is that whole action of the hunters utilities are quick immature of hunters breaking down a wall to get around a football state defenses before we get into some simple connections like you know anything limitations that again in the way of human harmony anything else forces communities to make a case for the wall that and as the disease hunters these people don't condone video you go out to the most extreme to get the helpless little rabbit and his reasons for walls and boundaries and
fences and that's ann and i think that willis is what the poem is a hire is a bouncing back and forth between that human natural awe force that wants to bring us together but on the other hand that man made that the da you know the young magicians one sided opposition exactly it's very serious or lose the limitations that you refer to you say only that metaphor impact of using weren't hunters and the second one the first level a simple island as an insurer and that there are other kinds of congress though are hundreds in some sense it is
arthur shows i'm guessing are discussing robert frost poem mending wall who tried to have the rabbit have four spotters known has seen major hurricane they wouldn't spring landing time we find in there that's true that we lose in the country saying that whenever a country that's come to represent obviously people like to think that they didn't sell poetry best injustice his country is a place where no human activities tape wasn't using that what we've gotten used to local county whatever it is it has a place for these things to happen in some of the greatness going on and in themselves in and for us today will give families of life together in the vermont countryside solutions and has broken on any sense of the word you know missing during our survival in the country now that is mysterious holes come every year is the work of nature where it is presidents mysterious and that's
you know that that nothing can really stop its commitment evident within you know what people trying to prevent it quite right her solo singers as i let my neighbor know beyond the hill and on the day we need to walk the line and set the wall between us once again is a wallet and mysteriously broken down between itself has never been in this get together and this happened and they walk along a desolate but you know what's interesting though it's it's the heart the narrator who is the neighbor know that the role of that it's time to do a little other roadside says revenue think this assault on here who see no good fences make the neighbors would be it's the the narrator was asking which is that you know it before you know i don't be too quick to put a position on this narrator
earlier today you're mentioning a problem that you said students had with his only comes down to a sort of platitudes almost a sarcasm on the part of the narrator against his neighbor that the narrator has all right an understanding on his side and the neighbors kind of a schlep muslims are the problem but i think a very important thing is that that there is and the irony is a chief mario palma isn't that the narrator is the one who lets his neighbor know the law's broken down so he does a thing in this process and as we will discover another point i think we're going to find that we get to the last one good fences make good neighbors it starts out as a planet in an apartment on the part of the neighbor but perhaps ends up as something quite different is truth truth beauty that is all you know on earth really need to know people take that us forces platoon so what romney real paul hasn't really deafening and it makes sense in some context and the snake
as often happens difference in fact that these will be reduced to something for his victory podium at this point and without that the narrator is doubting wisdom of the staining just once he doesn't take it for granted asylum was those close loopholes mischief mr ryan which was going into those volunteers and sees and our portrait that's what's really that if you did write poetry mechanically i think if you look at ports where poet laureates waiting for us we had to read it wrong when kennedy was here in response i think he'd ever done because was a leader of the inventions that he had to do it had to crank out with a poet laureate after doing an unusually low oil imports at the time that it was a make fun of polaroids it was nine times out of ten it's possible to say with excitement isn't that crazy krumholz of this i can point to mention
here i am and forced himself as one not to doubt the need for discipline and limitations he is a man who was a pretty lousy fall in all those lessons to be ex excessive for me that obey these laws and he knew that you know that there's a price to pay and you know it's before we dismiss that you know i think first is our one guy who doesn't want to you know call for mercy no easy tired tunes about we're we are all brothers and everything else in that answer so this is a different state of mind in which is that you and get praise somebody who will these activities because of thing together and it's a complex process human interactions one of the byproducts and yet loan that is mysterious force operating breaking down what mysterious force
so that was meant to reach the voters that have fallen to teach gift get the feeling of the old as something more than just rocks and some are loans and some so nearly balls that we have to use a spell to make the moments in any few of the other with the person certainly has emerged to admit that singing a spell to make them balance you do that because almost as you almost want to say something about the necessity for some kind of human contact everyone finally only result what the metaphors about that it's impossible not to make this much contact in the moment that they turned that that's why the cold war was down again and then that's the way the processes he has begun again by next spring time quote portion of the war began again and toby gets again so the main thing that the first and starts to
get him back you mean it mr jean in the country to try to get these walls as far as that goes on ships those back together you can do is to use a stylus that very difficult not impossible to make repairs on things like resistance and what differentiates this transit and keep falling down thousands of the first level in weaving talking pretty much about saying that this was a kind of defense from people to person to person it just is another possibility that richard year when i broke into her or react to each other in a certain way to protect ourselves or celts say that you help me to protect myself and give myself and that is that it's likely each of these bowl loser you know means that each of us was scary but that balancing on that bridge between each other words she just
sells them and how we can practically those tickets go you know sometimes think you know who helped you buy the icu as the rains and it's an eminence is to reach them all those that fall into it so again there's the red rocks gross you're alive toward the zika an amazing test market condition here of the stones which are burns perhaps into the stuff of life and so it's something that we get to speak
congress has left itself the rules that was the very thing that this round that would want our country to wall wallerstein awards that natural law cross if we stay where you are taught that determines what says to the lows we were finger up fingers left with handling them oh just another kind of outdoor game one on the side it comes to little more so lily is again i think it does take the festival and we wear our fingers rough with playing this particular thing is the engine where there were it is we've been unable to us as their you know where it is we didn't need all
that's interesting place with a lot less visible its own without us or is he says that the air here's all time apple orchard my apple tree living across and eat the cones and in his private time they are doing these things are the rituals a ritual and very thought involved as to why they're doing it but it's necessary if it's not just continue a ritual but if you're not considering it intuit then does it have the same meaning that does the odd that's exactly it that it is where says it's just a game but it is a game is all the chariot is a ritual to construct that we put together the debates are there with me and they may not even be a need for a moment as this
guy's things got apples in the other guy's is time to really needed but it doesn't need to respect the form of course in this particular situation it's not really necessary then you know but i think he's saying there's necessarily need i think is saying that they don't necessarily look at the television is describing it the phone the whole process but i think he's saying that there's a new forty cents of it a little bit different isn't a need for war against it can be right on the dock disney movies that's fine the answer they stand for something you are again with the usual situation began to hint at something more
to say that when we made the different people at different they weren't necessarily destroy different things the reason just loses tomorrows diversion wouldn't say what the roads are educated then too much and comes upon to come with a symbol for a new nominee to know because you're different from a war there was no rule on a new man inside the defense centers of the festival which is seen as one is taking such a simple thing that's a thing cause it's just a simple thing but it's an example of everything its larger you know i think the president of iran even dressed like to get their tickets at
it only says good fences make good neighbors spring is this isn't realistic than before actually get springs this event and i wonder if i could put an ocean instead why didn't make good neighbors is nowhere house but you're unattached for myself a lawyer asked to know what i was walling who knows like to give offense so there is that doesn't love all that wants it down stop their faith is important but he says all this is this is something he speculates that he might one say to the neighbor this isn't a statement it isn't say something years of the soul but once in a statement this is what comes with my thing no question do without thinking or don't you know don't make it a ritual where ritual you know always question what you're doing were always see for the first time
freshly says categorically with us well what we do about this question because he doesn't say upfront to the former huge because he does the things that one cell phone and then he goes on with the ritual i think but it's the girls exactly really set for itself is a little messy and they're running a stone grass for women the top in each hand like an old stone savage jr their existence of hostility you just kind of underline that image and promote to an older i also see lawsuits that this is something that's been going on for times roll although that
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