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<v Children>Singing: Smiles are Called Sonrisas <v Blondie>It takes rhythm and dues. <v Ruben>Dues? <v Blondie>Right, you got to pay your dues. Practice makes perfect. <v Sapo>[Singing]. <v Elizabeth>Here it is!
<v Elizabeth>Oh come on, and take <v Elizabeth>a look! Take a look Enrique! <v Garvin>Mira quien viene! <v Sapo>It's Bess! <v Elizabeth>Come on Cheo. <v Ruben>Quien seran enos muchachos que trai. <v Elizabeth>My come on. <v Enrique>No! <v Elizabeth>Oh come on. <v Enrique>No! <v Elizabeth>Hey, you guys. Garven. <v Elizabeth>I'd like you to meet my new friends Enrique and Cheo. <v Garven>Are you from the neighborhood? <v Elizabeth>What difference does that make? <v Garven>You answer my question first. Que te pasa a ti, tu eres mudo? <v Blondie>Hi, my name is Car, but they all call me Blondie. <v Blondie>Any of you guys know how to twirl a baton? <v Elizabeth>Come on, guys. Blondie, let's show 'em around. <v Garven>Que nadie se mueva! Los son del barrio, o no los son?
<v Elizabeth>Hey, King Kong, you own this place or somethin'. <v Garven>If you were a man, I'd make you eat those words. <v Garven>It so happens that Dona Rosaria doesn't want any delinquents at her place. <v Ruben>That's right. <v Sapo>We got to watch our step. <v Enrique>No somos mala gente, somos nuevos en este barrio. <v Enrique>Y mas somos nuevos en este pueblo. <v Sapo>Oye, tu eres extrano, de donde vienes? <v Enrique>I'm from Miami, Florida. But my parents are Cubans. <v Garven>To tell me that eres Cubano. <v Cheo>I'm not Cuban. I'm Puerto Rican. <v Cheo>Oye vamonos. Aqui va haber rebulu. Esquema pesar un purgante. <v Garven>What was that Korean? <v Cheo>So long Elizabeth. I don't think your friends like us and I like to be where I'm not wa <v Cheo>nted. <v Elizabeth> Don't mind frankenstein. He is just our Mascotte. <v Elizabeth>Besides, he's got no more rights here than you or I. <v Sapo> No te dijes. <v Sapo>No te dijes. <v Ruben>Aqui estamos en el cuadre lato en la pelea <v Ruben>de campeonato entre Garven. <v Ruben>Aleaco y Bess!
<v Garven>No ver Sapo vamonos. <v Garven>El enemigo esta practicar. Please please don't hit us with your batons! <v Cheo>Con el pasos el typo. <v Blondie>He carries a chip on his shoulder. <v Elizabeth>Yeah. His brain. <v Enrique>I wouldn't want to mess with him. He looks as if he has muscles between his toes. <v Blondie>Look, the bigger they are, the harder they fall. <v Garven>Como te dije. <v Garven>Tenemos que cuidar lo nuestro. <v Garven>De otra manera, los vamos a quedar sin los chivos y el mecate. <v Ruben>Sigue hablarno. <v Ruben>Que vas a perder. Jaque. <v Don Millo>Howdy, partner. <v Don Millo>Como ven estoy aprendiendo hablar como los nativos. <v Don Millo>Who's winning? <v Garven>I'm winning, of course, I'm older and more experienced.
<v Garven>Que estas ganando? Estas loco. <v Garven>Te tengo en la jaque. <v Don Millo>Mijo no te des por vencido. <v Don Millo>cuando yo era de tu edad en Cuba, le gane a varios senores que eran mayores que yo. <v Ruben>Pero Don mio, soy yo el que esta ganando. <v Garven>After I beat Ruben Don Millo, I'd like to see how quickly I can beat <v Garven>you. <v Don Millo>My boy. In Miami, they say don't count your chickens <v Don Millo>before the eggs crack. <v Garven>Oh, boy. All of a sudden, I smell rotten eggs.] <v Garven>His time will come. Just you wait.] <v Garven>Darte jaque. <v Garven>pierdes tu garna yo. <v Garven>Don Millo juega conmigo. <v Don Millo>Lo siento campeon. <v Don Millo>Sera otra dia. I promised Dona Roasario that I would fix her closet door.
<v Don Millo>Yo soy un hombre de palabra] Don Millo <v Elizabeth>Before you go, I'd like you to meet our new friend. <v Garven>What do you mean our new friends? <v Garven>I never said I wanted 'em. <v Elizabeth>One is Cuban. <v Elizabeth>The other is Puerto Rican. Can you guess which is which? <v Garven>Uno es payaso. <v Garven>Y el otro es un titere. <v Elizabeth>You're always picking on my friends. <v Elizabeth>You don't own this carriagehouse! <v Garven>Neither do you Florence Nightingale. <v Don Millo>Ruben. Bring me some paper. <v Don Millo>I am going to show you how we are all neighbors and as neighbors. <v Don Millo>We should be good to each other. <v Don Millo>Gracias amigo. Muchachos, vengan. <v Don Millo>This it's like looking at a map, mira. <v Don Millo>Texas.
<v Don Millo>Mexico, el gulfo de Mexico mas aca, la Florida. <v Don Millo>Cuba. <v Don Millo>Jamaica. <v Don Millo>Santo Domingo. <v Don Millo>Y bien cercuita Puerto Rico. <v Don Millo>From Cuba, you don't see Puerto Rico, but it's there <v Don Millo>sharing the same winds and currents and sometimes hurricanes. <v Don Millo>From Mexico you don't see Jamaica. <v Don Millo>But they are there. And what affects one affects the other. <v Don Millo>We're all neighbors and should not quarrel. <v Don Millo>Otherwise, the whole neighborhood becomes a battlefield.
<v Elizabeth>If you don't mind me saying so, Don Millo, that's a very <v Elizabeth>nice little message, but I don't see how it solves our problem any. <v Don Millo>What problem? <v Elizabeth>Garven? He's trying to take over the place. <v Don Millo>Perhaps you're exaggerating a little un poquito. <v Blondie>Absolutely not. <v Ruben>He's not trying to take over! <v Elizabeth>Oh yeah? What do you know about it? <v Garven>I know I don't want them here! <v Ruben>Me either! <v Sapo>Throw them out, Blondie too! <v Elizabeth>Quit it! <v Sapo>Bess too! Out! <v Children>[Yelling over each other.] <v Don Millo>Children, please. <v Don Millo>Let's be civil. I just showed you on the map how we're all neighbors. <v Don Millo>We're Bretheren. <v Don Millo>And already you're fighting like cats and dogs. <v Garven>Don't you tell me to shut up. <v Ruben>Why don't you shut up? <v Sapo>Why don't you, and your compadres, split. <v Sapo>You know, jump out. Take a long walk down a short pier? <v Sapo>Scram? Beat it? <v Sapo>vamoos? Sure thing can do?. <v Enrique>It's fine by me. Come on Chuyo.
<v Cheo>I wanted to go a long time ago Bess. Thanks anyway. <v Garven>Aw, you're going so soon.? <v Sapo>Get lost. Beat it. <v Sapo>Hit the road, Jack. Make tracks. <v Cheo>Man you're so funny you belong on a stage. <v Sapo>Yeah [film skipping] one leave in ten minutes. <v Don Millo>Muchachos muchachos por favor. Porque no pueden ser amigos? <v Don Millo>Son hermanos. <v Garven>Look, you ain't from around here So I'll tell you straight. <v Garven>Don't mess with me. <v Sapo>He ain't kidding you. <v Garven>Otherwise I have to hurt you. <v Ruben>De veras? <v Enrique>You make me tremble. You make me shake. <v Enrique>[Blows rasberry]. <v Garven>Mira te soy diciendo. <v Don Millo>Muchachos ya basta! Escucha un momento-. <v Garven>Alla esta la puerta! <v Sapo>?unintelligible? <v Elizabeth>Don't. Don't go. <v Blondie>Really. Or otherwise it'll be like we can't do anything here and only they can. <v Cheo>Bueno perdoname pero si me quedo voy a pegar a ese. <v Garven>Yo tambien! <v Elizabeth>Okay. Okay. Just don't go! <v Don Millo>Nadie tiene que irse. Esta cochera para todos. <v Don Millo>Porque no pueden comprender esto? <v Sapo>Because they're jerks! <v Blondie>They aren't jerks! <v Sapo>Don't you push me! <v Elizabeth>Don't you push her! <v Don Millo>Hey, get them off!
<v Children>Hey [talking over each other]. <v Garven>Cinco, seis, siete, ocho, <v Garven>nueve, zeta, uno, dos, tres, quatro, cinco, seis. <v Senor Gutierrez>Asi, asi, que los olympianos vienen. <v Garven>Boy! I'm too mad. I think I'll do <v Garven>17000 to calm myself. <v Senor Gutierrez>Que pasa? <v Garven>Bastante, oye, bastante. <v Garven>Bess brought two new kids. <v Senor Gutierrez>Bueno, y que? <v Garven>So? <v Garven>Is that I have to say. <v Garven>What if Ruben brings in two new kids and Sapo and Ratocito <v Garven>And Jackie and Blondie, even me. <v Garven>How many kids do you think that would be? <v Senor Gutierrez>Y que? <v Garven>That's 14 new kids. OK. <v Garven>What if those 14 new kids brought another two kids to the carriage house?
<v Garven>See what I'm driving at? <v Senor Gutierrez>Francamente no se lo que me quieres decir. <v Garven>Sobre poblacion Senor Gutierrez. <v Garven>Como, una playa de ratas. <v Senor Gutierrez>Restas exagerando un poco. <v Garven>No, I don't think I'm exaggerating. <v Garven>And there's another question. <v Garven>Aren't you senior citizens always selling us that "one rotten apple can spoil the <v Garven>bunch?". <v Senor Gutierrez>Rancilizate. <v Senor Gutierrez>Pero ese que demasciado television. <v Garven>Asi? <v Senor Gutierrez>Basta de los cosas que hacer. <v Garven>OK, if I'm wrong how come every country in the world has immigration <v Garven>laws? You can't let everyone into your territory and still feel <v Garven>at home. <v Senor Gutierrez>Look Garven, the carriage house is not your territory. <v Senor Gutierrez>And the question of accepting new members into the carriage house is not to be decided by <v Senor Gutierrez>either you or me or by anybody else, but by the majority. <v Senor Gutierrez>Now, that's called democracy. <v Garven>Yeah like might makes right. <v Senor Gutierrez>I've never known anyone who can twist things around the way you do.
<v Garven>What am I supposed to do? Keep my mouth shut and say Yes sir to everything? <v Garven>I'm not built that way. <v Garven>I see something wrong. And I say it. <v Senor Gutierrez>Well what's wrong, for Pete's sake? <v Garven>One, two, three, four, five, six, <v Garven>seven, eight, nine, ten, eleven, twelve, <v Garven>thirteen. <v Enrique>You think it's safe to go back downstairs yet? <v Don Millo>Quien sabe, the way that they know the <v Don Millo>way that all of you were work just now, everybody fighting, nobody <v Don Millo>listening. <v Enrique>The way it's been ever since I left home. <v Don Millo>Cuba? <v Enrique>No, Miami. <v Don Millo>You never got into fights in Miami? <v Enrique>Nunca. <v Don Mllo>Muchacho, have boys really changed that much since I was one?
<v Don Mllo>Well, to be very honest with you, that was a very long time ago. <v Enrique>Well, I got in some fights, but with kids I knew, kids <v Enrique>like me, Cubanos, no como estos.] <v Enrique>Entiendo. <v Enrique>No es facil ser un extranjero. How do you say, an outsider? <v Don Millo>No, it's not easy, especially when you have to move <v Don Millo>twice in a year. <v Enrique>Yeah. Union City, New Jersey. <v Enrique>And now this dump. <v Don Millo>Sabes que? <v Don Millo>Quizas nos podemos sufritar todo eso. <v Don Millo>By sticking together, just you and me. <v Don Millo>Como un par de viejitos Cubanos de Camaguey. <v Don Millo>And the rest of the kids, they can go and uh, como se dice?
<v Don Millo>Do their own thing. <v Enrique>Yeah. <v Enrique>But what about Bess? <v Don Millo>Well, she's not exactly a Cubano muchacho. <v Enrique>She's been pretty nice to me. <v Don Millo>Pero if we are going to get together? <v Don Millo>The only Cubans, you see what I mean? <v Enrique>Aren't you almost finished with that thing?] Si. <v Enrique>Well, maybe we ought to be getting back downstairs, Don Millo. <v Don Millo>Whatever you say. Enrique, let me just <v Don Millo>finish this here.
<v Cheo>[Playing drums]. <v Garven>Sera que voy como un Puertorriqueno. [Mocks] La selve rotumbo en me pecho. <v Garven>Ah, that was good. <v Ruben>Yeah. <v Garvin and boys>[Dancing and grunting in a mocking manner]. <v Cheo>[Plays drums]. <v Ruben>[Tarzan roar]. <v Garven>Have no fear Tarzan is here! <v Ruben> <v Ruben>Guarde los scueros mi socio. <v Ruben>No venimos aqui para ser descarga. Garamba chico porque te como la gente. <v Cheo>Como que te has pasar lo enemigo. <v Blondie>What are you getting so angry about? <v Blondie>Oh, you're sensitive. <v Cheo>Go ahead and laugh. <v Cheo>Every time they call you Blondie, they're making fun of you, and you don't even know it.
<v Blondie>They're not making fun of me. <v Blondie>They're my friends. <v Blondie>And that's more than I can say for you. <v Don Millo>Enrique, deja lo que se tranqueliza ve? <v Garvin>Hope you learned your lesson Bess. <v Garvin>Don't try and fill this place with baton twirlers. <v Elizabeth>What you did to Cheo was wrong. <v Garven>You even tried to turn Ruben into a baton twirler, once you had your people in the <v Garven>majority, you were taken over. <v Elizabeth>OK, OK, you win. <v Elizabeth>I hope you're satisfied. <v Ruben>Can I ask you a question Garven? <v Garven>Shoot. <v Ruben>Why are you always doing push ups? <v Garven>Well, my mental processes are clear when I'm in the prone.
<v Garven>It also clears my sinuses. <v Senor Gutierrez>What's going on? Why is Cheo so upset? <v Don Millo>Te quiero ser un pregunta, Garven. <v Don Millo>What do you think you've just accomplished? <v Don Millo>Win another game of chess. <v Don Millo>You think life is a chess game? <v Don Millo>If it is, I have news for you. <v Don Millo>You've lost. And you don't even know it. <v Garven>Nada de eso entiendo yo. <v Don Millo>Don't you win at chess when you've isolated your opponent. <v Garven>Seguro. <v Garven>Como lo hice a Blondie y a Bess. Y a los dos extranjeros. <v Don Millo>You didn't isolate them. You've isolated yourself. <v Garven>Wrong, I have the pieces.
<v Senor Gutierrez>Chess's not pieces, Garven, but positions and people are not pieces <v Senor Gutierrez>but feelings, sentiments and reasons. <v Senor Gutierrez>Garbin, you have a few moves left before you're in checkmate, completely isolated from <v Senor Gutierrez>everyone. Would you like to see how the game is going to end? <v Garven>Sure. I'm up for another win. <v Senor Gutierrez>OK, everybody, we're going to have a vote. <v Senor Gutierrez>Garven, you remember, I tell you that the majority decides who joins the clubhouse. <v Garven>Yeah. <v Senor Gutierrez>OK, let's have a vote here, everybody, for Cheo and Enrique to join the clubhouse. <v Senor Gutierrez>Raise your hands. <v Senor Gutierrez>Don Millo, you can vote too. <v Don Millo>. Well, truly, I don't know. <v Senor Gutierrez>You're part of the group, Don Millo. You helped us get this place. <v Senor Gutierrez>OK, that's four against three Enrique can't vote 'cause we're <v Senor Gutierrez>voting for him. <v Senor Gutierrez>That's it. The majority wins Enrique and Cheo are in. <v Senor Gutierrez>That's it. <v Garven>Hey, no, that's- you just don't. Vote it that easy, right?
<v Garven>Do we do we? <v Ruben>No, no. <v Garven>We're not just got to accept that just because, you know-. <v Senor Gutierrez>I just count the votes. I just-. <v Elizabeth>I have a question first, why don't you want them here? <v Sapo>Because Garven's my friend. <v Garven>See? <v Elizabeth>It doesn't say anything. <v Elizabeth>Why don't you want them here in our carriage house? <v Senor Gutierrez>Because in other words, you're doing what Garven wants you to do, right? <v Elizabeth>Following along like a puppet. <v Senor Gutierrez>Why are you doing that? Why is he such a big deal? <v Senor Gutierrez>Why? Why does he have so much power over you? <v Senor Gutierrez>Is he just that good of a friend of yours or is it that you just do whatever he says? <v Senor Gutierrez>What is it? <v Sapo>He's my friend! <v Garven>[unintelligible] <v Senor Gutierrez>Let him talk for himself Garven, let him do the talking. Go ahead, Sapo. <v Sapo>Well, we're late. We're a group, aren't we? <v Garven>Yeah, we are. <v Elizabeth>No you're not! You're the leader and y'all two are the followers here, he makes all the <v Elizabeth>decisions. <v Garven>Everybody needs a leader! Just so happens-. <v Senor Gutierrez>But why are you the leader of this group here? <v Garven>I'm the leader of that-. <v Sapo>Why are you the leader? Why can't I be the leader?
<v Sapo>Or Ruben? <v Ruben>Well I'm too small to be the leader. <v Garven>Yeah see-. <v Senor Gutierrez>No you're not. Anybody can be a leader. <v Garven>Okay look, okay look. <v Garven>Who wins every game of chess. <v Boys>[Talking over each other.] <v Garven>Who's the biggest me. Who's the strongest, me. Look at that, you see that? <v Boys>[Talking over each other.] <v Senor Gutierrez>You, you, you. In other words, what he's saying is that because he is better than both of <v Senor Gutierrez>you, that he gets to be the leader. <v Blondie>Ruben, why do you think Enrique and Cheo shouldn't be at the carriage house? <v Senor Gutierrez>Let him talk for himself, Garven! <v Garven>Okay! He's going to answer the same thing! <v Senor Gutierrez>Quit whispering things in his ear. <v Garven>Alright alright I stopped. <v Elizabeth>Alright. <v Ruben>Well, Garven's my friend and I. <v Senor Gutierrez>Is that why you follow him? Because he's our friend. <v Garven>Yeah. <v Senor Gutierrez>Or what? What is the real reason? <v Senor Gutierrez> <v Garven>I know what's going on. <v Sapo>Hey, I think, here, why you are the leader? <v Garven>Just because I am the leader, man. <v Sapo>I want to be a leader too!
<v Garven>But no- I'm gonna take turns being leader. <v Elizabeth>In other words, you're saying that they're worse off than you are. <v Elizabeth>So your leader, because you're biggest and strongest. <v Senor Gutierrez>[unintelligible] and the same. <v Ruben>Are you my friend? <v Garven>Hey man, let's- you don't need to ask something like that, you know you're my friend <v Garven>shoot. <v Senor Gutierrez>Well, tell him why. Why you're the leader then. Why are you always bossing him around? <v Garven>'Cause we stick together. <v Senor Gutierrez>Because like you said, because you're better. <v Senor Gutierrez>You're bigger. You're better at chess. <v Garven>That's why I'm the leader. <v Sapo>But Garven, we could take turns being a leader. <v Garven>You can't- no one- no, you can't take turns being leader. <v Sapo>Why not? Why? <v Garven>Because just not. <v Senor Gutierrez>We're having another-. <v Elizabeth>I think we should have another vote. <v Senor Gutierrez>Okay. What does everybody think? <v Elizabeth>Yeah. <v Senor Gutierrez>All right. <v All>[Talking over each other.]. <v Garven>All right, say it. <v Ruben>Said Garven, I think you could still be leader. <v Ruben>But I mean, we all make decisions together. <v Garven>Yeah we do we do anyway? Right? Don't we make decisions-. <v Sapo>But we're supposed to be tsk- It always. <v Sapo>It can't be always just the same leader. <v Senor Gutierrez>I think things are a little different. Let's take another vote. <v Senor Gutierrez>Let's see. <v Garven>Well they're all gonna say the same thing. They're all gonna say no. Right? See?
<v Senor Gutierrez>Would you leave them make up their own minds, please. <v Garven>Alright. Alright alright, alright. <v Senor Gutierrez>Alright. Everybody, for Cheo and Enrique joinin' the clubhouse group. <v Senor Gutierrez>Raise your hands. One, two, three, four. <v Garven>Aw come on Sapo! Aw <v Garven>not you, too? What happened to my aw? <v Elizabeth>Come on over here. <v Garven>What happened to my team man? <v Senor Gutierrez>Alright Garven you've done what I said you were gonna do. You've isolated yourself from <v Senor Gutierrez>everybody in the group. You're over there standing by. <v Senor Gutierrez>Just look at us. We're over here. You're over there. <v Garven>It's okay it's cool. I thought you were my friends. I thought you were my friends, but that's what you guys think of <v Garven>me. <v Sapo>We are your friends. But. <v Sapo>We like to be leaders too. <v Sapo>We don't like to be bossed all the time. <v Garven>I don't wanna hear what you've gotta say. I don't care. Alright. <v Garven>I don't care what you- I thought we were going to stay together, we were a team man. <v Senor Gutierrez>We don't mean anything to, you know. I mean, you just don't care about. <v Garven>Oh it seems, the other way around to me. <v Garven>My two friends have left me for the other side. <v Senor Gutierrez>So what are you gonna do?
<v Garven>I don't need to do anything man. <v Garven>I don't need ya. I don't need you. I don't need you. I don't need any of you. <v Garven>I don't need this clubhouse. <v Elizabeth>This is-. <v Garven>I don't- shut up! I don't need you. <v Elizabeth>This is going too far Garven. <v Garven>Oh come on leave me-. <v Elizabeth>We need you! <v Garven>No, you don't. You-. <v Elizabeth>What about the newspaper? <v Garven>All my friends left me. I don't need any of you. <v Garven>I don't need this [unintelligible]. <v Elizabeth>Garven what about the newspaper. <v Enrique>Garven, I can help you with the newspaper. <v Garven>What do you know about newspaper making and all that stuff? <v Enrique>My father used to work in a printing shop. <v Senor Gutierrez>What's your vote? <v Sapo>What's your vote Garven? <v Senor Gutierrez>Quiet, everybody. Quiet. Let him decide. <v Senor Gutierrez>What's your vote? <v Cheo's Mother>Cheo, Cheo come in!
<v Cheo's Mother>Your father sent me home. <v Cheo>Mami, tuve una pelea en la cochera donde fui con Enrique. <v Cheo>Me insultaron, me llamaron mala gente. <v Cheo's Mother>Mira hijo, eso no es tu lugar. <v Cheo's Mother>Your place is with your people. <v Cheo>Pero mami, aqui no es Puertorriquenos. <v Cheo's Mother>Entonces, tu lugar es con tu familia. <v Cheo's Mother>No lloras mijo. <v Feliciano>What is going on here? <v Cheo's Mother>Cheo tuvo una pelea con unos muchachos en la cochera y parece que. <v Feliciano>Serves him right. <v Feliciano>I bet you that little Cuban was behind it. <v Feliciano>Who won the fight? You or they? <v Feliciano>Are you deaf or something? Who won the fight?
<v Cheo>It was an argument, Papi. Not really a fight. <v Feliciano>You should be studying karate instead of hanging around with wetbacks. <v Cheo's Mother>Pero Feliciano, how can you say such a thing? <v Cheo's Mother>Think of all the problems that we had as Puerto Ricans. <v Cheo's Mother>Do you want your son to grow up disliking people because of their color, nationality? <v Cheo's Mother>Not seeing people as people? <v Cheo's Mother>Do what your son to be like the kids who picked on you when you were little? <v Feliciano>No me importa. No quiero que vuelve alla ni que tengo ver nada mi hijo desgraciado. <v Feliciano>Y tu a donde vas? <v Che>Con su permiso a usar el bano. <v Feliciano>As if I didn't have enough troubles at work. <v Cheo's Mother>Tu estas seguro que no eres tu quien hace los problemas. <v Feliciano>Quien sera?
Episode Number
No. 3
Room for Us
Producing Organization
KLRU (Television station : Austin, Tex.)
KLRN (Television station : San Antonio, Tex.)
Contributing Organization
The Walter J. Brown Media Archives & Peabody Awards Collection at the University of Georgia (Athens, Georgia)
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Episode Description
The show focuses on a Hispanic neighborhood in the city and the kids who live there, and it features dialogue in both English and Spanish. This episode focuses on a conflict amongst the children: whether to allow newcomers to the carriage house or not. Don Millo intervenes, teaching the kids about welcoming other cultures and giving everyone a voice. The kids exercise their rights as part of a democracy and vote on the issue, deciding overwhelmingly to let the newcomers join the group.
Series Description
"Bess introduces two new boys, Cheo (a Puerto Rican) and Enrique (a Cuban) to the carriage house. Garven makes it clear they are not welcome, claiming that the newcomers will take care of the place. This splits the carriage house youngsters into warring factions: those for the newcomers and those against. When Garven and Don Millo make it clear that Garven's vote is not the only one--that they all have a voice--the children learn a valuable lesson in democracy. A vote is taken and even Garven's supporters desert his position in favor of exercising their rights and welcoming people of different cultures into the group. The children exercise their rights a second time: When Garven says he doesn't need them, they vote unanimously in his favor saying, 'We need you!' Feeling once more part of a cohesive group, Garven changes his mind and joins the others in inviting the new boys into the cochera."--1979 Peabody Awards entry form.
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Actor: Salas, Abel
Actor: Palma, Janis
Actor: Garanzuay, Angela
Actor: Garcia, Garven G.
Actor: Aguero, Juan
Actor: Llorens, Rafael
Actor: Rendon, Jessie
Actor: Sanchez, Pedro
Actor: Briggs, Cara
Actor: Prado, Jessie
Actor: Gutierrez, Johnny
Assistant Director: Villareal, Homer A.
Associate Producer: Korn, Mina
Director: Devany, Edward
Director: Afflerbach, Chuck
Producer: Tanguma, Robert H.
Producer: Lewis, James
Producing Organization: KLRU (Television station : Austin, Tex.)
Producing Organization: KLRN (Television station : San Antonio, Tex.)
Writer: Lopez, Norberto
Writer: Larangeira, Crispin
AAPB Contributor Holdings
The Walter J. Brown Media Archives & Peabody Awards Collection at the University of Georgia
Identifier: cpb-aacip-01a17dfe277 (Filename)
Format: U-matic
Duration: 0:32:22
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Chicago: “Sonrisas; No. 3; Room for Us,” 1979-10-10, The Walter J. Brown Media Archives & Peabody Awards Collection at the University of Georgia, American Archive of Public Broadcasting (GBH and the Library of Congress), Boston, MA and Washington, DC, accessed June 26, 2022,
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