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<v Speaker 1>Production of the Mississippi Center. <v Speaker 1>Vision Series, special program, Beauty and the Beast length. <v Speaker 1>29:45, Date 6/ 27/ 73. <v Speaker 1>Director Kline. <v Speaker>[Intro
<v Speaker>music] [Violin music and singing] <v Father>Well, my beautiful daughters. We have a good wind for sailing. <v Father>It is time for my voyage to begin. <v Daughter 1>Oh, Father, why must you go away on another dangerous <v Daughter 1>voyage? <v Father>In order to buy your pretty dresses and trinkets and cakes, my lovely daughter. <v Daughter 2>But we would rather have you here with us than dresses <v Daughter 3>or trinkets <v Daughter 1> or cakes. <v Daughter 2>Must you go? <v Father>Yes, I must go. My lovely girls. <v Daughter 1>Here is a present for you, dear father. <v Daughter 1>A scarf to keep you as warm as the thoughts of your three daughters who embroidered
<v Daughter 1>it. <v Father>Thank you, my dearest. Thank you all. <v Father>Now, each of you kiss me and tell me what I can bring you as a present from faraway <v Father>lands. <v Daughter 1>I want only that you return to us, dearest Father. <v Daughter 1>But if you must bring me a gift, fetch me a costly dress <v Daughter 1>from the country of Bright Sun. <v Father>I will bring you a dress so beautiful that it will brighten even a cloudy day. <v Daughter 2>Oh, father, if your voice is fortunate. <v Daughter 2>Bring me a fan from the Land of the Dragons. <v Father>I will find you a fan so delicate that it will dry your tears and bring a smile <v Father>to your face when you are sad. <v Father>And what about you? My youngest child. <v Father>What will you have as your gift? <v Daughter 3>The only gift I wish is your safe return. <v Father>But I would like to bring you something, child. <v Daughter 3>Well, if you must.
<v Daughter 3>I have heard that somewhere there grows a most unusual rose. <v Daughter 3>That can be your gift to me. <v Father>[Violin playing in background] But how is that rose unusual, my daughter? <v Daughter 3>Oh, you shall know it, Father. <v Daughter 3>For it has three Blossom's which grow from a single stem. <v Daughter 3>And each of the flowers is a different color. <v Daughter 3>One yellow, one red, one pick. <v Daughter 3>[Wind blowing] <v Daughter 2>Father, it is a bad omen. <v Daughter 3>Father, you must not leave. <v Daughter 3>I feel that something terrible may happen. <v Father>Do not worry. Nothing will happen. <v Daughter 2>No fan would dry our tears if anything happened to you. <v Father>Do not cry, my children. I promise to be very careful. <v Father>And now, goodbye. [Melancholy music playing] <v Ship crew>[Singing song]
<v Captain>Sir, our crew is restless. <v Captain>They have been away from home for so many months. <v Father>Yes. Yes, Captain, I know. <v Captain>We have sold our cargo at a handsome profit, and you have found beautiful <v Captain>gifts for your daughters. Now that we have a good win, let us raise our sales <v Captain>and return home. <v Father>I do not have a gift for my youngest daughter. <v Father>I would give half my profits just to know where I might find her rose. <v Wise Man>So you seek the three roses which grew from a single. <v Father>Yes, I do. <v Father>Do you know where I might find it? <v Wise Man>You are not alone in your quest. <v Wise Man>Many have gone to search for the three rose. <v Wise Man>None have returned. <v Father>I am not afraid. What have I to fear? <v Wise Man>Storms and the sea, icebergs and <v Wise Man>sea monsters.
<v Wise Man>But beyond, there is a beautiful island, the three rose <v Wise Man>blossoms there and no place else. <v Father>Tell me more <v Wise Man>More? Haha, what more is there to tell? <v Wise Man>Just following the setting sun. <v Wise Man>Even if you get there, you will find the price with a flower too high. <v Father>I will pay any price for it, any price. <v Wise Man>Do not promise now. <v Wise Man>Do not promise that what you may regret later. <v Wise Man>That flower cannot be paid for in gold. <v Father>No matter, I have given my word to my daughter and I shall <v Father>go set. Sail immediately. <v Wise Man>Go at your own risk. <v Wise Man>I have warned you. <v Wise Man>I have warned you. <v Crewman 1>I did not like the looks of that man. <v Crewman 2>Aye, I have a bad feeling about this voyage.
<v Crewman 2>I wish we were sure and safe. <v Crewman 1>Wishing for dreamers, not for sailors. <v Captain>Hoist the sails. <v Crewman 1>Hoist the sails. <v Captain>Weigh anchor. <v Crewman 1>Weigh anchor. <v Father>[Medley playing] Any sight of land, captain? <v Captain>No, sir. Neither your islands nor any other land. <v Father>Well, we must have patience. <v Captain>We have been patient for a month, sir. <v Captain>But the men are afraid we grow short of food and water. <v Father>Just a few more days. <v Father>Let us go on a few more days. <v Father>[Gushing wind] <v Captain>The wind seems to be coming up. <v Captain>There may be a storm.
<v Captain>All hands on deck. All hands on deck. <v Captain>Rough seas ahead. [Thunder] Secure <v Captain>the hatches! <v Father>We'll be sunk. We must turn back. <v Captain>Lower the sail. <v Father>No, sail on. We cannot go back. <v Captain>[Wind and crashing noises] Sir, this is impossible. We will be- <v Father>Sail on, I said. <v Captain>Lower the sails, our mast will ?brink?. [Crashing noises]
<v Father>[Melancholy music playing] A three rose. [Screech noise] <v Beast>Who are you? Why have you come here? <v Beast>Why have you come? <v Father>I am a merchant. <v Father>I was washed overboard. <v Beast>What have you done? <v Beast>Why did you pick my most precious flower? <v Beast>For whom? Why? <v Father>For my daughter, sir. <v Father>She grows flowers herself. <v Father>She wanted to have the three rose. <v Father>She did not ask for expensive presence from my voyage, <v Father>as did her older sisters. <v Father>Only a flower. <v Father>The three rose. Forgive her, sir, and let me take it to <v Father>her. <v Beast>I have no power to grant the three rose. <v Beast>When you took the flower, you broke a magic spell.
<v Beast>Now you must pay the penalty. <v Father>Oh, sir. Take pity on me. <v Beast>The one for whom you picked the flower must leave your world <v Beast>and come here to live with me. <v Beast>If she does not, you will die. <v Father>My daughter?You would take my most beloved daughter from me. <v Beast>The choice is yours for your daughter to come here. <v Beast>She has only to wave the three rose thrice. <v Beast>Or do you wish to die now? <v Father>No. Give me time. <v Father>Let me think about it. <v Beast>I am allowed to wait one month. <v Father>But how shall I return home? <v Father>My ship. <v Beast>Your ship is safe in the harbor waiting for you. <v Beast>Remember, you must send your daughter or return <v Beast>within one month.
<v Daughters>[Singing] That distance is returning with someone who is very dear to our hearts <v Daughters>Oh, the joy now it brings us. <v Daughter 3>Sisters. Sisters. <v Daughter 3>Our father ship has entered the harbor. <v Daughter 1>Oh. I wonder if he remembered our gifts. <v Daughter 2>Oh, look. He is coming. <v Daughter 1>Father, father. <v Daughter 2>Welcome home dearest father. <v Daughter 1>Oh, father. Did you remember my gift, my dress from the country of Bright Sun? <v Father>Yes, my child. Here is your gift. <v Daughter 2>And my fan father? <v Father>Yes, you're fan, too. <v Father>My love. <v Daughter 3>You were the only real gift I wanted, Father. <v Daughter 3>And I have that with your safe return.
<v Father>Thank you. My dear child. <v Daughter 3>But why are you so sad? <v Daughter 3>You should be happy to be home with us again. <v Father>I am sad because I don't know who will take care of all of you. <v Father>I must leave you again today. <v Daughter 1>But you've just returned. <v Daughter 2>Has anything happened to you during your voyage? <v Daughter 3>I knew it. I knew it. <v Father>I found the three rows on an island, <v Father>but I broke a magic spell and now <v Father>I have a choice. <v Father>I must return there to die. <v Daughter 1>No, you must not die. <v Daughter 1>You said there was a choice. <v Father>There is a beast who lives on this island, <v Father>the only way I can be saved is for one of you <v Father>to wave the flower three times and go there to live <v Father>forever. <v Daughter 1>I could never live with a beast. <v Daughter 2>Oh, it would be horrible.
<v Daughter 3>Father, it is my fault because of my foolish request. <v Daughter 3>Your life is in danger. <v Daughter 3>I will go. <v Father>No, my daughter. I cannot allow you to do that. <v Daughter 3>Yes. You must do it for my sisters. <v Daughter 3>Goodbye. Dearest father. <v Father>No <v Daughter 3>Goodbye dearest sister. <v Father>Wait, don't <v Daughter 3>Goodbye. [Gasps]
<v Beast>I bid you welcome, beautiful girl. <v Daughter 3>Who's there? <v Beast>Your servant, my beauty. <v Daughter 3>Where are you? Come out and show yourself. <v Beast>No, I am afraid <v Daughter 3>Of me? You are afraid of me? <v Beast>I am afraid of what you will think of me. <v Daughter 3>But why? <v Beast>Because I am I am only I look <v Beast>like an animal. <v Daughter 3>Are you an animal? <v Beast>That I don't know myself. <v Daughter 3>And what about me? How long must I stay here [gasps] <v Daughter 3>with you? <v Beast>Forever, but if you would <v Beast>become my wife. <v Daughter 3>What am I supposed to be your wife? <v Daughter 3>Am I supposed to love an animal?
<v Beast>I have not always been a beast. <v Daughter 3>Oh, no don't come near me. Kill me if you must. <v Daughter 3>But I can never marry you. I'd rather die than be your wife. <v Beast>I would be doomed to have this shape and face forever. <v Beast>[Violin music playing] <v Daughter 3>Sir, please. <v Daughter 3>I'm sorry I didn't want to hurt you yesterday. <v Daughter 3>Forgive me my words. <v Beast>Have you decided to stay? <v Daughter 3>I will not leave you. <v Daughter 3>I can't for my father's sake and perhaps for your sake, too. <v Daughter 3>We will stay together. <v Beast>This is your decision? <v Daughter 3>This is my decision.
<v Beast>I am glad I was afraid the evil that rules <v Beast>this island would have killed you had you tried to leave. <v Beast>I could not stop you. I could not tell you. <v Beast>I would have died as well. <v Beast>But now there's hope. <v Daughter 3>Hope, hope for what? <v Beast>Once I was human, but the evil <v Beast>gained strength. <v Beast>It slowly began to creep into everything. <v Beast>It was stronger than I. <v Beast>The flowers I saved. <v Beast>But not myself. <v Daughter 3>You said there was a hope. <v Daughter 3>Could we break the spell? <v Beast>My heart is still human, but I have the face of <v Beast>an animal. If only. <v Beast>If only, I could find a girl who would marry me. <v Beast>Oh, this empty, lifeless island.
<v Daughter 3>No, please don't go. <v Daughter 3>Your face may not be human. <v Daughter 3>But your voice is warm. <v Daughter 3>It is the voice of a man I worked to free you from the evil spell. <v Daughter 3>I will stay. <v Daughter 3>Now, show me your face. <v Beast>Don't ask that <v Daughter 3>if I am to be your bride, I must know you.I must <v Daughter 3>see your face. <v Beast>Please, No one can stand to look at my face. <v Daughter 3>I'll be brave, I promise. <v Beast>Then, look at me. [Gasps and dramatic music] You
<v Beast>know, you are a beauty. <v Daughter 3>It's not your fault that you an- <v Beast>Animal ugly beast. <v Daughter 3>No, you are not so ugly. <v Daughter 3>It was only a feeling I had for a moment because I was afraid <v Beast>Aren't you afraid now? <v Daughter 3>Now? When I know you? <v Daughter 3>Why should I be? <v Beast>May I touch your hair? <v Daughter 3>If I am your wife, will you become a man again? <v Beast>No, there's more. <v Beast>I dare not tell you it is enough that you are here. <v Beast>Even that is more than I ever hoped. <v Beast>If you want, I'll show you my island. <v Daughter 3>Yes, please. <v Daughter 3>[Violin music playing and laughter]
<v Beast>Here here is the place I used to play when I was a small boy. <v Beast>That seems so long ago. <v Daughter 3>Your castle and the gardens are beautiful. <v Daughter 3>Do you make all those gardens? <v Beast>Yes, I did. <v Daughter 3>You are very skillful. <v Daughter 3>And it is very pleasant to talk with you. <v Daughter 3>If I close my eyes, I can feel as though I'm talking to my father <v Daughter 3>or to an old friend. <v Daughter 3>You're not a beast anymore. <v Beast>But you opened them and there <v Beast>I am. <v Daughter 3>I was scared to death when I first came here. <v Beast>My heart was beating faster. <v Beast>I heard beautiful music. <v Daughter 3>I heard the music when I put back the flower. <v Daughter 3>What more can I do to help you? <v Beast>You would would have to love <v Beast>me. <v Daughter 3>I will have to love you.
<v Daughter 3>You are nice. <v Daughter 3>Almost like a. <v Daughter 3>A man. <v Daughter 3>It's just that sometimes I'm scared. <v Daughter 3>You look. <v Daughter 3>Oh, I'm sorry. <v Daughter 3>Please don't leave. <v Daughter 3>I'm sad when I have to be alone. <v Daughter 3>I'm so afraid mostly at night. <v Beast>Do not worry. <v Beast>I am close in the room next to yours. <v Beast>But there I must always be alone. <v Daughter 3>Alone? Why? <v Beast>Don't ask. I cannot tell you. <v Beast>And don't dare to step in. <v Beast>No matter what you hear, no matter what you hear. <v Beast>Please promise you won't go in. <v Daughter 3>I promise.
<v Beast>Thank you, good night. <v Daughter 3>Good night. [Violin screeches]
<v Beast>Away, go away, phantoms and waves. <v Beast>Let me be human for a while. <v Beast>She sacrifices herself and I am thankful for that. <v Beast>Only through her and love, will I become human again. <v Daughter 3>My dearest heart. <v Beast>Why didn't you listen to me? <v Beast>You were never to enter this room. <v Beast>Now I will never be a man again. <v Beast>You will not see me, again. <v Beast>The evil will rule the island. <v Beast>And you must leave. [Intense violin playing] <v Daughter 3>Why do I have to leave? <v Beast>Take a light and go. <v Daughter 3>No, I will stay. I have to free you. <v Daughter 3>I like you. <v Beast>Listen, then, for now, we have begun and there is no <v Beast>end until I am human once more. <v Beast>Or dead. I believe you and I trust you <v Beast>show your feeling. <v Beast>You must prove it. You must.
<v Daughter 3>How? <v Beast>You must spend the night in this room alone. <v Beast>There will be only you and the evil. <v Beast>I cannot help you. <v Daughter 3>What? What happens in here? <v Beast> I'm not sure of myself, but if you are willing <v Beast>to spend the night here, there is still hope. <v Beast>For both of us. <v Daughter 3>I will try. <v Beast>You must not be afraid. <v Beast>You must not say a word, not even a scream. <v Daughter 3>I promise to be brave. <v Beast>Now, I must leave you. <v Beast>If you are unable to bear it, I will die.
<v Daughter 3>[Wind blowing and shuffling] I cannot stand it. <v Daughter 3>Let me out. <v Daughter 3>[Crying] Where are you? <v Daughter 3>What has happened to you? <v Daughter 3>Why don't you answer me? <v Daughter 3>Answer me. <v Daughter 3>Where? <v Daughter 3>What is the matter? What has happened to you? <v Daughter 3>Are you hurt, dear beast? <v Daughter 3>Why don't you answer me?
Beauty and the Beast
Producing Organization
Mississippi Educational Television
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The Walter J. Brown Media Archives & Peabody Awards Collection at the University of Georgia (Athens, Georgia)
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"'Beauty and the Beast'--a half-hour color presentation--is a retelling of the classical story featuring puppets designed and built by the creative staff at the Mississippi Center for Educational Television. "The costumes are authentic middle ages style and all music was originally composed for the production. Each puppet is manipulated from below by a single person. This means that the sets were five feet off the floor and the puppeteer stood below the set with one hand controlling the head and the other hand holding the rods to control the arm movements. A tremendous amount of coordination was necessary. For example, the storm sequence required precision coordination of 11 people. "The story 'Beauty and the Beast'--which is based on the original Slovak folk tale 'The Threerose'--emphasizes the inner qualities of man as opposed to his external appearance. "The production attempts to create a new image and provide evidence that puppetry is a serious art form."--1973 Peabody Awards entry form.
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Producing Organization: Mississippi Educational Television
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The Walter J. Brown Media Archives & Peabody Awards Collection at the University of Georgia
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