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<v Speaker>At five o'clock, children in New York City used to watch reruns of Fat <v Speaker>Albert, The Dukes of Hazzard, Happy Days and Three's Company. <v Speaker>Now, many of these same children are talking with the mayor. <v child>He's going around asking you if you want to take a picture and my teacher-. <v Speaker>If a photographer comes over to you and asks to take a picture, <v Speaker>you yell, help. <v Speaker>Somebody comes over who-. <v Speaker>Is getting computer advice from teacher Tom Trucker. <v child>I'd like to know what a difference between a parallel and a serial interface for a <v child>printer. <v Tom Trucker>OK. Before we were talking about the cables that send information to your <v Tom Trucker>printer. And this is what you're talking about. <v Tom Trucker>There's two ways-. <v Speaker>Meeting Nigerian musician Olatunji. <v child>Is Nigeria is a language very different from <v child>America? <v Olatunji>You bet. It has a beautiful question because <v Olatunji>see, we were under.
<v Olatunji>Nigeria was under English. So we learned how to speak English. <v Olatunji>But they are about 200 other languages. <v Olatunji>And I speak 7 of those languages. <v Olatunji>We have Yoruba... <v Speaker>What's made the difference? Small things considered. <v Speaker>Now, a growing number of children in New York are listening to and participating in live <v Speaker>radio. Especially for children, our New York Public Radio, <v Speaker>WNYC. <v children>We listen to small things considered every day. <v Speaker>3 4 9 8 5 3 5. That's our number, at small things considered. <v Speaker>We want you to join us because we're going to make a cartoon on the radio. <v Speaker>Can you imagine such a thing? Only in small things considered could such a thing be <v Speaker>possible. 3 4 9 8 5 3 5 is our number. <v Speaker>Give us a call and give us ideas on what you would like to have in the giant
<v Speaker>small things considered cartoon. <v Speaker>You can call us time. <v Speaker>Small Things Considered is presenting a new creative prime time for children. <v Speaker>A regular schedule of weekly features, including Martha's Mishaps. <v Speaker>Behind the door. <v Speaker>Now, Martha, isn't it possible that behind that door is just somebodies old clothes? <v Speaker>Maybe it's just your old closet. <v Martha>No, I know that there has to be something special behind that door. <v Speaker>And I think Alice might have an idea for you. <v Speaker>Hi, Alice. Hi. <v Speaker>Hi, Alice. What? What do you think is behind that door? <v child>Whatever it is, I don't think you should open it. <v child>Because maybe the person who lived there before had. <v child>Maybe a you know, a matador saves a wild bull. <v child>Maybe they have a wild bull behind there. <v Martha>A wild bull behind the door. Oh, no. <v Martha>And if I open the door, the bull would run around my apartment and make it messier than <v Martha>it is now. Ah, that would be terrible. <v child>I know.
<v Speaker>And we'll return in just a moment for the next part of tonight's <v Speaker>episode of Martha's Misshaps. <v Speaker>Every Tuesday Susan Dias shares her unusual talent of writing songs <v Speaker>on the spot. <v child>I like to hear music. <v Susan Dias>You like to hear music? <v child>I like to listen to small things considered. <v child>[Susan Dias: OK.] I like to read. <v Susan Dias>You like to read? What's the favorite kinds of things that you like to read? <v child>Mysteries. <v Susan Dias>Mysteries. OK. <v child>I don't like school. <v Susan Dias>You don't like school? OK. <v Susan Dias>And what's your whole name Rachel? <v child>Rachel Goldstein. <v Susan Dias>Rachel Goldstein. <v Speaker>Kids call in and describe themselves to Susan. <v Speaker>She uses the information to write a song about them right on the air. <v Susan Dias>Oh I hate to get up in the morning. I feel like such a ?inaudible? Cuz I got to leave my mysteries and melodies and I got to go to school. And I sit all day daydreaming of the <v Susan Dias>time I can turn down the light and
<v Susan Dias>make a tent from the sheets in my bed. <v Susan Dias>And read mysteries all night. <v Susan Dias>And hear melodies all night. <v Susan Dias>Oh does anyone there know how I feel <v Susan Dias>or know what I mean? <v Susan Dias>If you do, won't you please be a friend <v Susan Dias>to me? <v Susan Dias>Rachel Goldstein. <v Susan Dias>That was beautiful. <v child>Very nice <v Susan Dias>Oh, thank you for giving me the suggestion Rachel. <v child>Welcome. <v Speaker>Small things considered is working, and because we listen to kids every day, <v Speaker>they tell us what they want. <v Speaker>An uptown girl and girls just want to have fun. <v Speaker>Lewis requested Barcelona. <v Speaker>You might think I'm crazy by the cars and we're not going to take it.
<v Speaker>Josh requested Rocky 13, that Eye of the Tiger Ghostbusters <v Speaker>and Haydn's Surprise Symphony. <v Speaker>Rene requested Purple Rain. Let's go crazy and darling Nikki and. <v Speaker>They want music and small things considered responds with a unique <v Speaker>mix of popular and children's records. <v song>The very next day, the cat came back. The body was a goner, but the cat came back, he <v song>just couldn't stay away. <v song>Sing it again, the cat came back the very next day. <v song>The cat came back, it's body was a goner. <v Speaker>On the small things considered top ten past hits have included Michael Jackson's Beat <v Speaker>It. <v Speaker>Allan Sherman's Hello, muddah. Hello, faddah, as well as Beethoven's Fifth Symphony <v Speaker>and Tchaikovsky's 1812 Overture. <v Speaker>Now, what's this, this another one of your favorites? <v Speaker>Yeah, it's a little bit of a mood change here, but I thought, I thought I'd stay with <v Speaker>some of the classical music that I like.
<v Speaker>This is Mozart. This is called well, it translates to a little night <v Speaker>music. Eine kleine Nachtmusik written by Mozart. <v Speaker>Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. <v Speaker>Eine Kleine Nachtmusik. Oh that's right. <v Speaker>We've played this here on Small Things Considered. <v Speaker>Dee dee dee dee dee dee dee dee dee dee dee. <v Speaker>Small things considered is radio. <v Speaker>Children can count on hosts. <v Speaker>Larry Orfaly and Kathy O'Connell are always there every day <v Speaker>from 5 until 8 p.m. <v Speaker>It sounds neat. <v Kathy O'Connell>It really did. It was really neat. But, you know, suddenly one day I didn't need my <v Kathy O'Connell>violet anymore. <v Kathy O'Connell>She just disappeared. <v Kathy O'Connell>And I re-. I never really drew her again. <v Kathy O'Connell>Why do you think that was? <v child>I had a bunch of other friends and. <v child>Since you have all these other friends. I think you forgot about Violet. <v Kathy O'Connell>I think that may have been what it was, but the imaginary friend you have for a while. <v Kathy O'Connell>Then when I really needed Violet, she was there and it was really important to have her. <v Larry Orfaly>The imaginary friend pulled you through a tough time.
<v Kathy O'Connell>Yeah, just like a real friend does. <v child>My imaginary friend. <v Speaker>Parents consistently tell us that small things considered gets their children <v Speaker>away from the television set, that the family listens together and that <v Speaker>they appreciate the programs variety. <v Speaker>Every Tuesday begins with Sam's computer hour. <v Speaker>Our computer teacher, Tom Truckle uses Sam, our talking Commodore <v Speaker>computer for his weekly computer lessons. <v Speaker>Before what? OK, before <v Speaker>I ask my question, I have a program that I set up with Sam to make <v Speaker>him sing. I remember somebody asked about it last week. <v Speaker>Oh, great. And listen. <v Speaker>Okay, Larry. <v Speaker>Tom. Listen. ?inaudible? That <v Speaker>was fantastic. <v Speaker>Oh, thanks a lot, Sam. Sam, later on Tuesday night, paging Dr.
<v Speaker>Book. Paging Dr. Book. <v Speaker>Doctor Book, Dr. Rita Book. <v Speaker>Paging Dr. Book. <v Speaker>Dr. Book offers Children reading suggestions for every situation. <v Speaker>I tell you, as it was in a few books, that I think would be good <v Speaker>books to tell you about best plans and what happens when best friends fight. <v Speaker>One of them is written by a woman named Miriam Cohen. <v Speaker>I think it's a McMillan book is called Best Friends, and it tells the story <v Speaker>of what happens, how best friends get along, and how they sometimes don't get along <v Speaker>and how they get back together. I think that might be helpful for you. <v Speaker>You want to try that? <v Speaker>On Wednesday nights, a weekly spelling bee hosted by the Duke of Words. <v child>S.E. T.T L.E. <v Stuart Leigh>Oh, I'm so sorry. <v Stuart Leigh>Seattle is SEATTLE. <v Stuart Leigh>Maybe you'll get a chance to visit there sometime and see that gigantic space needle they <v Stuart Leigh>have there. <v Kathy O'Connell>Thanks, Jonathan.
<v Larry Orfaly>Good try Jonathan. <v Speaker>On Thursday nights, kids talk with veterinarian Dr. Gary Cain about their pet <v Speaker>concerns. <v child>I wanna ask is, why do birds and <v child>you know, animals have more babies than <v child>humans? <v Speaker>That's a very good question. The female dogs and a lot of most of the female <v Speaker>animals produce more eggs when they are in season, <v Speaker>when they're ready to have babies. And they're. <v Speaker>And now the mystery history guest hour characters from the past, such as Mark <v Speaker>Twain, Elenor Roosevelt and Julius Caesar call in and challenge <v Speaker>listeners to guess who they are. <v child>Yes. Are you William Shakespeare? <v Speaker>Absolutely correct. <v Speaker>The listener who gives the correct answer wins a book from Small Things Considered <v Speaker>on Marci's Friday night party. <v Speaker>Children play interactive games over the radio. <v Larry Orfaly>You got two more parts of the body with three-letter words. <v child>Jaw? <v Kathy O'Connell>Oh That is so good. I can't believe you got that.
Small Things Considered
1984 Compilation
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WNYC (Radio station : New York, N.Y.)
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The Walter J. Brown Media Archives & Peabody Awards Collection at the University of Georgia (Athens, Georgia)
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This is a compilation of selections from programs broadcast in 1984.
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"SMALL THINGS CONSIDERED is the nation's only live three-hour daily radio show designed especially for children between the ages of 6 and 12. "The program is designed to accomplish two things--first to capture the attention of children with familiar music and second to hold their attention with educational features. "SMALL THINGS CONSIDERED is radio children can count on with music they want to hear. The format meets children's expectations of what radio is. The program expands on those expectations by suggesting new ways of thinking and encouraging a respect for ideas, communication and learning. "Through constant phone interaction an ongoing relationship is built between the hosts and the children. The children recognize that they are playing a creative role in the shaping of the program. "Through music, the children are brought to the regular live features, such as [']The Duke of Words' spelling contests, 'Sam's Computer Hour' computer lessons, 'Susan's Songs' improvisational songwriting and 'The Listener's Opinion Poll.' "SMALL THINGS CONSIDERED has created a new 'prime-time' for children with its carefully balanced product of ambitious adult planning and spontaneous contributions from children. The live production and program's daily presence; the appealing music; the innovative educational features; and the caring, likeable, dedicated hosts have resulted in overwhelming responses. "--1984 Peabody Awards entry form.
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