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the pigeon peas two million black americans they are already possible by events on the illinois bell and western electric company tonight are people visits james baldwin johnny hartman senator richard neuhaus representative harold washington milton let him until the time
ineffective like a variant on the network even appeared in early on back around like that there's nothing our people or more of millions and the nun about carnival the poem was the launch of a new love grows
out of those from our model of art mr lars it is
it's b mr weekley and i believe that it probably can remember thinking more than report the republican party made the memory of that
vehicle got an avalanche our community organization responsible for these are people wanted to know more about where their greater innovation but we invited no less palatable than one partner to counsel it is a community organization that was organized and the victories for the purpose of preserving and concert in the seventeen minute well what kind of thing rather than the other the name of mark levin and a lot them a number things primarily we are rightly concerned with the buildings and the chatham community and maintaining good buildings and were concerned with the streets the litter and the garments of the various city agencies and very
know where that we pay taxes for cornwall in the community itself there are approximately ten thousand people involved in the work to turn out are they all really painful every citizen who lives within them has the right to be three dollars in your luggage you have fairly fairly good we are increasingly addicted have that identity ring the old ronald reagan right moment on putting out a part of the art and they can feel about that label we don't mind being noble hustle long as we don't lose our identity with those who are less fortunate we do everything that we can to try to instill in the minds and the attitudes of people who are not who do not fit into his noble cause category the notion that they too can accomplish and they can have the same things that we have for the most part
we try very diligently to impress upon young people that we have talked with who are not fortunate enough to own some of the hundred and fifty thousand alone since gotten the notion that well by pursuing the educational process as my grandmother used to say giving something up here that nobody can take from which encouraged that attitude among the people both like well do you know that i have talked about meeting although they didn't have one so we don't feel any guilt i think that depends on what one does that vetting the comic book was i think that our community people are as vital attention with people who have not detained the middle class status is the people who are more people where you immigrated and well and the organization the us in the community if you can
say that the community of ninety percent but we're ninety percent plus black and violent and why isn't that a bit that extent i think now when you feel that you've been able over now you're having five couples may here you have a great talent arrow yes our fighters than with the shell oil company and that i am happy to report has been at all concerned at this seventy nine than south park location southeast corner specifically where some businesses were demolished so the chill my village health service station on monday evening lives of this week we reached an agreement on that site will go a wretch like me early on a good
fight bezos impossible to help fight for the sake of writing we do what they think needs to be done to ensure the character a couple of years ago seventeen story high rises right in the middle of a residential section of the community and of course this is completely out of character with the rest of the world and the council went to bottle and luckily again we won spoke to seventeen are like well what about the art that would likely or by how to do it and we're located exactly overcome so i've been involved in a struggle for art and the chatham community for a number of
years the struggle was finally at least finally came to an end in nineteen sixty four over the park district consenting to buy and use one block of land along the difference between a fifth and eighty sixth street and sell art at the end of the nat king cole part of course came into existence as result of that how about nat king cole part name took longer to get them apart this point that took us to the arctic we petitioned for the name in the early nineteen sixties but in november of nineteen sixty seven despite finally caught up to the students who have some of them so that means well for the one that really making that like all work roughly the
revelation that we can we want to meet up with congratulations for programs apple ads that we have in chicago with a program that was the entire range of classical music visual arts dance and poetry sunday at thirty nine forty sevens out actual interested in juneau to ride and sing i went swimming gymnastics and body conditioning this is just a part of the schedule of the wabash out in the ymca thirty seven sixty three self love that chapter of the american branch of clubs international banquet hall is being held the saturday night of the conrad hilton grand ballroom international show taping in the pacific islands mexico latin america and the west end as well as the sound and rhythm of africa it will highlight the tenth annual winter day
the earth that day in office at which time members and volunteers will be about twenty five thousand dollars in brochures on ella fitzgerald that the college in chairman mao's read that chicago author bryan ferry's new play in re opened and now they are called six victims were african they knew that there were all right and have ethical and proved difficult question but employers have trouble finding a job from one third fourth fifth avenue for something information all coming on how far in the three years of the after the fall five eight eight one won a fifth the action line girls will take your name the vehicle if you get your father and then made available to the caribbean island of colorful no more than
five a day one one tape security at the new our people are like are people bought one one or well the trouble with that and i know for one or at the more convenient not by the chicago daily defender of michigan are the new chicago free press of terrible people are people bigger my window right now not by the minute with a little bit of a bubble i never got a family and a veteran named the loathing that in fact they were in an hour long television you're going out alone on a clear that children very much myself on a trio we'd like to leave you with this the river
these yeah no
those bands it's b and a former governor otto kerner quite vetoed the legislation
that they all i like a new thing for booing and they're making like a bill that will be defined in the law that there will i mean yeah sen richard neuhaus one of the front row for every available at the moment i guess the legislation friday stop in this legislation is a step in the wrong direction festival supreme court decision which has been interpreted as saying that in order to follow this decision allstate sugar not an actor stop and frisk going to sprinkle as a metal handed down a decision that gets at some point you can paint the capital many it's the kind of conduct the fault within the scope of that there is no way in which you can write a law that would embody the supreme court decision is a
decision the supreme court now stands and a posture where it is on a single case of a single cell is a change in any one of those that may bring for another pointed to a decision with other kinds of god and it's impossible for people to write the kind of law that will comport with the supreme court decision secondly it's unnecessary it's a necessary because as soon as the supreme court rendered the decision it becomes a part of the commonwealth simply recent years the commonwealth now it's unwise politically what's on in this bit that at this time when he and seven hyman says that when emotions are running high and the worst thing that can happen in the community is to have a kind of role on the book is that it's susceptible to abuse and this one is not my experience has been the experience of our community is
that we have not yet reached the level of professionalism unquote but the kind of job that the exercise that is demanded of a person and they're stuck in this cycle that they were named a police officer stopped one on the spine or observed some some demeanor which in his own interpretation will compel him to say oh look forward and see what this is all about now that the court decisions already saying that it was acting suspiciously or if a crime has been committed isn't it an instance in which a policeman as alike who all rest will rest and we'll report now what we have here is a law that says we missed the whole interrogate never stopped robert there's
no evidence that was out there listen in the valley along someone stops you to go on the current at the hands of this the carpet about who planted almost a half dozen that they've been kind of that now the likelihood of an explosion occurred as a consequence of this is extremely far but we've got a lot better than what we do well first of all we're going to have to make solid but the kind of dire consequences which are predicted in this bill without that we have to make certain that all this is that the kind of thing that they get that they became coverage of the people on that begin to empathize with the kinds of things that they see in a lot of problems i'm sure the invitation from afar often
eerie frightening than ever via the fifth vote with people that's right now and part of an area or forty people would you think that relationship with adequate and as another thought it would be my feeling that in the absence of the small that job training could come around come about and rebuilt that's because we wouldn't even be in a position where some officers who are not ruling in june on the force feel compelled to use this mall as a license to have these people and that's the problem now given the law and the fact that this is possible in the train passes you want to know what a lot of our people who play video they were doing and they were and yeah
i could save a lot of nice words about one of the private detectives that as a practical matter of problem can get you alone you know an automobile that the testimony live between the standoff with the government and in most cases the kind of abuses about with a speech will take place when there is one person and when you get more than one person do have some witnesses and there is ostensibly a symbol without casting aspersion on the bottom and the problem is that a lot of the facts of life or that an internal investigation means i'm going to report on the number that i've noticed and hopefully down the line
looking for something better and looking for this i think there are a lot of numbers and a growing number of police officers now a record that may not be the most talked about law and order and justice and affirmative action or now if you take a look at the background of our people and we usually home the facts of life are that law and order not been justice in my hometown in louisville kentucky for example if i were downtown shopping as a child and i wanted the drinking water all the hot heel blue all require that i leave the downtown area because the world was ruled that ownership of it to go off at the black table in a lot of it was talking to me there's a lot of it isn't just that now in my community and your community i think the concept of them all in order has excluded justice over a long period of time the same way and some well we have to begin to
reconcile and i see police officers now we're beginning to recognize that the job is a good deal more sense than having to make x number of arrests than having to take people out of that circumstance not taking into consideration the undoing of them the kinds of things that wouldn't be done the people a non candidate well i hope that our people will not have gotten with the help of a lot of it kao thea lee wrote an article in the new yorker magazine four letter to my nephew short while later from the four fold in the fire and that sandoval won and many of the novel here that
happened practically about problem all right rather than with him recently at an army felt about the question that might have been directing anger about alton more than anything will likely close as you face the same question all the time and that's what he's been writing from something else do you think a black cow licking people well i enjoyed so long i can recite the questions in mostly us and what is at base of these questions with mixes of people to answer is a lasting a real question you have some questions of faith and what do you do with it
no an answer but the quiet that's the question he has not asked really really means when you really invest willie nelson is asking he saying it wasn't so that really didn't mind being that you know you're not having children so many minds an advantage that you say is now not that that am i are you set evidently with you know know what i you know i'm not interested in you know i just would like to see my friends my people my work no identity eight people have died and jay leno
that not to look at and that i'm not able to add that child is not really without people who you so i can only employ it is something that is having psychotic thing is to have gone totally wrong with that if that's something they're mothers also got into our people or young people the livid moment black and white people are very frightened with the sound there was had been fighting the way they look and sound with an entirely new and cancio not people it appears the right people have a special kind of feel that i can't give nothing wrong that really can't so it's not simply that i have no no one of these alike are not a fan myself and he was doing quite
a lot of that influence it thank you everything i understand that and that little known no use restroom on the highway living in one of those arrested or you know children with activists can be normal no more women in it right now this is a psychosis this is a city once known as many people as you write it was rigid to themselves and to each other we have been victims in the target it is in some way in the white house in church and my black people who were invented act out the sexual
fantasies and magical fantasy of white people well this is something that helps having been a longtime is they're only out is that it's something that we are people can do to help with their lives theories that sings it has read that you didn't happen because of that likely not to do it he's the generality don't know but i was watching something that i was looking to move this statement will subside and there was washington walking those people and i was very struck by the way it's the way of other treats it up the way that we did when i was a kid and it was always
something is happening again and wardens i've been very important but i don't respect that you didn't know that they do you even begin to reach out and said it's so insane well not really in this country because the great effort in this country it's always been known to destroy myself respect the soundtrack so that automatically disorganized that you know and i mean in the in that kind of frustration or raised but that has begun to change and i'm really trying to get at is that i think that this generation i mean my generation the younger generation is really learned that lord knows how
frame of reference and where they're going they don't think they may not know that is part of our generation of black people know not to do that to be no witnesses of them now for the first time with a vial of that kind what is and is not the word we're sure that bill in her good place for road as a go if you're going to sing any one direction of all the home in the villas at all over and leave you know the envelope think that will change a lot of people out of the country their arms not all those are those people let a lot of them in the city and one of the stately think and then that happened rather be a lot about the
city government accountable well no not in detail because affected and don't know that they'll win we give you a position with it and give us a fresh approach how do you see it as a person coming to chicago just taking a glance at the way we live and it's a hard question and that's one thing about a sinister lebanon e cigarettes are and like you can you see naked eye by the senate is freetown sierra leone they are positions were so freetown and you know you can see it with our eyes that the congress thought of the continent you will go to carlos
outside major hollywood and you have chicago you can tell by looking at the streets looking at the faces looking at the children looking at the housing that chicago really mean to do with its black population but they say the songs that you know i can't believe what you say but i see what you do well according to a person making the third kind what kind of league without <unk> chicago what would you leave here with in your mind about what he would like to see i think that it's only a guess i think that now there's always our studio as i said before i think they walk out and i'm a white man and they need and they judge
themselves according to that standard anymore and they will again i think that we say oh they're great hall as he is this generation's want missouri to his generation to be smart and we have to bear in mind but there's no way ordinary <unk> streets of time in jail they can be as odd generations in a way it was originally conceived in the mara liasson as we know it was a jew their elders to force situation such an extent this must this has to be perfect it mean that i mean that economic power they have their way but really duplicate now especially in cities and
seems to me the finishing rick pluta commission which is responsible for this last corruption knowledge can go up and down the station's extensive inspections and oversees the station and are run for the benefit of a handful of it and that is about as the broker this is only because i can see now that we cannot really look like is weekend and the estate tried but we can use our way to mobilize there's a pounding that has to be done not only for the country but for the country than a little wave of violence itself at its own category and i wonder how you feel about the difference in white violence and why they're getting it flowing in season the
senate that america has driven as i say none of the people that was common to the violent rage in spain that balances a great great quality of being in the interest of the show for most children and the economy was one of the really interesting that in its rituals in a minute right which have memorized throw it right in saying that in the crystallization was incredible of the men who broke out about a woman's birth of them united and only then vive radmilla i
understand how the snow phantom menace in the conifers and sen leahy live in a certain way and i don't you know if he is a kind of wickedness is a very weak which is whichever alan magill and mind my you know my back my major concern it's clear that we do and i don't want you in the street and not because of me and not because not because i wanted the public to be tranquil i just so want to things that i know of that and i don't want that ever to get to the suspicion of a sudden he's the militia now that it's worse when that same area so many of our
black people who have achieved some level of political strength or some level of other representation people are going through to really make significant changes and they in terms of the local hack politicians slain in terms of the the black man who was in a village and at least bring some weight to bear the weather change in the black and so i'm afraid that the trap of a place that people in very cunning and more efficient lights on this level that you can tell a black man in a country which penalizes that people so harshly an award by people so and so it's inevitable
that some black cats the region will not continue to face that when i was kid in holland said police did issue that is to make sure to like that you know we have our people have been oppressed and so there were more police and community relations that you had control of saint of the police academy i wouldn't mind would you tell these guys what kind of oh i was hoping we can get them when they go into our pocket in the first place at this as a judge to use it i think your listeners can see it looks
but there's something else table in an interview in his life his shop know that's when a lot of devices just through a simple things that physically which roads are going to have to but the trouble with the police is that they are working for a power structure which is placed you in getting better but that the lives of black people they don't know anything about my property that's only three was based in conservation japanese keeper now we're talking seriously about police and community but it's about people who lose a decision it is because white people are incapable of doing that they cannot afford to have been killing each other for a while too and in the beginning of the rate at which
we haven't been killed and that and i don't know trade you know of that you lose you're supposed to get here the much more that those that they have about the appearance that there was too much faster is would not know is that he was a reason i was and now they're not going to do that but we have known since the reclusive ms levy presenter last year and you know the longer i mean i know that when you're living like there's almost always some uncertainty about writing i believe that someone else except one question about you have been writing or somebody directly toward some residents
to have a baby sister and i thought about that and then it has its thing and you realized who i address myself to her an unusual ally financial very well one final thing everybody mail about freedom after interviewing many people would have them in new ways and means simply that i do know i do something that
i can go so far and that i do my part so now my possibility of a thousand years to me means that you're a random here but we do buy things that need that they for my way of the fun of lamb where i can be what i can do that if i don't want to be rude let me raise my child so he knew every note and you don't get any definition don't know we'd now label in the wretched those go into care i'd like yeah my kid you know and they came out when i became a
delay though perhaps for that mission that you are someone no i mean i think you know yourself and the more everybody gets to know themselves the more we as black people get to the point where that we have someone direct sales pro quo from a compliment though it's been great having other people think you know that by law the more important consideration in our washington state representative from the military overthrew them and the fight for the format now here's your chance my calling in europe with any question you have for our debt the fall five three nine three forty four a number of them in five three nine
three forty four we will directly toward harder time being a new thing and i think all of our people of the credit in our community and informed there almost in defiance of the magic is that why you were opened fire and about credit report which are finally jim it's the main reason that i am concerned the malefactors were the main reason why originally ran for a seat i thought that someone somewhere must concern themselves with the plight of what i consider to be disadvantaged and people who have been completely and totally no about the lows of illinois and for forest consumer credit violent and so i would just flavor and i went down there with a mission in a sense that would do whatever i could to reform or to reform the consumer credit via law of the state a fortune in my party in the
background permitted me to become chairman of the subcommittee which no question primarily an almost exclusively witnesses from the ghetto black people puerto rican for one social and the stories were all say they were over so they were so inferior material even the very loose low that we had were piloted amenities and people they will garnish you know my job was to stay in our parlance they get a recall the czech government gone through bankruptcy and with a problem tenant of that kind of financial crisis would rethink their families were totally disrupted know why i couldn't get along a wallop than the divorce courts of the family court all of these social problems which floats the ripple effect that we want people to get off to a great extent simply did not know how to function this complicated economy
which was geared towards a normal year toward protection of the merchandise a rather than the consumer so vivid not a function within a given society and to no one was making an effort to curtail the unethical it's not illegal practices of maybe not all but many legendary the farm was simply fantastic is still fantastic but for now have homophones to serve a lot with i think when the lyric of mixed that will solve sears the consumer credit buy in for a movement but for the people fall into because of the nerve cell it's part of merchants we can do something now about it you get a bad credit deal we can do something a bomb it if we pay attention to what's been unfortunately the thing that disturbs me is that many people simply will not be attention to what they're doing roll and was so remembers meeting the
communications you well know tremendously a little bit more current we want the television we would all think there was one and that it would simply cannot afford them for mccracken economical and we must understand that and that it hasn't even though weed that what we want ferguson for material needs a low price of these laws i think people will pay attention will be governed by fatah and i'm concerned that by hand them i think we can have coverage of what the law really the way we were well on the federal level as a lesson from all the federal commission would protect the law will go into effect early june of nineteen sixty nine the rules regulations pursued that law have not been worked out and will be for some time but once this law was in effect they would do a great deal from people
saying a lot what fortunately we now have an outlaw a sufficient consumer credit law or law to protect her plan to make certain that people will be protected so we don't really have much as some states need the federal law mr lamont we have a complete we have a complete overhauling of the returned home with chronic viral during the last session to a year ago they did so on things that interest ceilings interested me now when i go and i have a family that's greg allen on what that if these must be published by a lot of students at an album must be pup enough people that are we have if you board when it doesn't cover july would say first of all about
trade we're wondering and secondly important prop or forty four thousand in like the understanding of the law with something that almost half the left and those can do with a lot of like a very further that we can go again and a number of places that i would suggest that the primary source for information and if they can't get if they are readily available and qualified to referring to proposed that they should call the human relations commission in chicago caller global own telephone if they can't resolve your question on the phone who would go down to her office and you can also go to the attorney general's office won sixteen office sell them a formal complaint department which is being held by attorney general partners you know the care of a state senator and he earned a doing a mammoth job enforcing the lowest a simple thought i would go there you can go to the state's attorney of all california there are fourteen
complaint department many of the local offices of course have somewhat expert readily available can have a proper legal aid bureau is another source of information that i would suggest well if they're feeling about about anybody even though the words of a myth about with a lot of life we like it we were getting compared himself are you sure you can take your rather wary of do you feel the churches informed about the full show the former and that was about it for that guy in terms of our community i would say that that is one of the sources i would suggest to the church's martin that the train duane an expert in fuel consumed by among their pressure the congregation have both versions available to help their parishioners are members of a congregation to solve silicon valley club selection suggestions about that
our members are women that have managed not women i think what the question is that's why often live like this and the law is simply this that the movie family expanded law wife purchases of necessity which covers parts of the necessities you don't pay for those responsible question we're still around to the white in this part of the case a simple reason being the commandos supposedly the family and unfortunately on portland's summons and people do kind of providing the issue and the women are talking you don't have to go out of course and produce things on credit to provide those things and so our family expense that can provide that one spouse bridges a necessity why they're living as a family than others boston is possible over nearly that well be out of the recession is so broad that
there are a few things that excluded court and in the press a lot of the low one was when thirty days ago before before you can question them and have attended it didn't fail for a farm bill and new and you could divide them and they make a way to finally know the chemical with a sandwich if you see the word when a kid assigned to check that you santa we just in the beginning of the situation then there are the other do i have the rhythm and i think that an awful for furniture iran and the report of the police union a family situation and furniture we bought this separation of the military and of the family spends well as i said before with generally speaking vote on
another question here i am the maximum advantage of the very valid and the effect in the current conflict with both of them are good for one hundred dollars per year well after that i will do over the problem or they have actually on a new car than katrina's think about three hundred three year on the car when you're going through luckily we have many many other parts of our people and we will talk with you after the show than fifty kind of a lot of situations what do you say we both met at the person who knows absolutely nothing about the credit by the end
of the world and the world are build and run on i would say this we're going to buy anything on can take it though right after all and you can wake to three days you can wait three days egyptians certainly we take a ten second point i would make is don't hesitate to question everything that distant third don't take any verbal commitments where you from look at your income very realistic look at your income not entirely clear that they will what will be tomorrow and research research that you can't afford to pay your commitment of the conduct preceding now and putting it on paper they're strangers thank you so much for being our people and
that our people for the night aria from the opera brown jr university banking will help other shop for money will probably represented the college in afro american occupation about their special summer program the teenager called project overview the final bomb and hoping that i'll college aged men and women are the early hours of the light into the eyes of a parent we haven't forgotten people like a plane bomb by political repeal the law like thirty nine pm here's bb
our people have been entranced by iran from illinois bell telephone and was deliberate company organs of the preceding program were very remote road fb
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The program begins with a performance from Johnny Hartman, singing "The More I See You". Following the performance, host Jim Tilman talks with Milton Lamb, president of the Chatham-Avalon Park Community Council about the organization's work. Then, Ramona reports on local events in Chicago, and Johnny Hartman performs his own arrangement of "On A Clear Day". State Senator Richard Newhouse explains why he opposes "stop-and-frisk" legislation. The host and writer James Baldwin discuss present and future relations between blacks and whites. Closing out the program, State Representative Harold Washington answers phoned-in questions about consumer credit and credit reform measures.
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"'Our People' is a weekly hour-long program for Chicago's black community, the first such series in the nation. It features reports on job and educational opportunities, interviews with prominent Negro personalities who answer telephone queries from viewers, star entertainment, and an 'Action Line' providing help to viewers with problems."--1968 Peabody Digest.
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