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the herb herb herb the oath salary west this program is made possible in part by a grant from the texas committee for the humanities a state program of the national endowment for the humanities and by the subscribers to kbr a dallas fort worth many
of the land it's a good size and resources legendary long before it became a center of commercial population is endless horizons also seemingly unlimited african nations struggle with the sol slash you don't control all things cool you know my folks came here the board of directors we're left with a little lamb
they were still waging battle with former lance france along with sky three airports highways or suburb in this interview from here is the quality of life the amount of green space center says survival are made him on values rooted in myths about the land you know there are ways of explaining in giving order to our world they represent the common wisdom and experience of people culture fears that she has an aspiration this program is about these beliefs and values textbooks may without names dates and places with some traditions and mixed with tex is real or and
so they know texas covers more area and the largest country in western europe it's an immense territory where the continent's diverse geography vegetation lives converge create a meeting place for different cultures eighty eight the colonel is hunting grounds wants expanded across the high plains in an analytics they own land was sacred through his fruit making morning ritual where our tribe
member jon gold preserves the myths and traditions of these people i go buy a da vinci know moderate confidence years ago and they get it on only if you know that the continental fans aren't very very difficult to get the call the whole valley night engine down and i think they forgot that they feared for unocal wants to to carry on this way in my younger young they were a young man then i'm paid them off on monday den but what's that got a town the thing about that will win in caucuses if they've commissioned in futility ones that they want to be accounting treatment and i think
that he knew that the three people at a greatly in the three to move on our la so these civil wars in west texas or cartoon drawn by some of the many native american cultures are made texas home of the native cultures with the version most shared mists which depicted the winds and rains letters in all living creatures as interrelated while indian conservationist say they believe may tucson who live with respect conquer and fifteen twenty eight and no wave of this and that is washed up on the texas
yours with the arrival of the first european have a certain block it was on the gulf coast near galveston now part of arc and other members of the ill fated expedition planned for playing it to give up eight years cost taxes and reconnect when erratic dollars tails the unheard of cities made a go of opera with texas several as they promote the sun lotion with rape myth that has enormous wealth of potential and he touched off a land grab the spanish attempted to corporate taxes as we have mexico security there may i think god intended than they used to be subdued christianized inmate useful in spanish fails of mines finances and that is another thing that never knew god's will successfully defended their land i think one on spain's empire had five tax is part of the new independent
mexico that became a destination for americans looking west word ally is anglo which live by a set of myths that sanctioned nomination rose george myopic or so and only desire of my ambitions inside versus object was to redeem it from the wilderness to settle it with intelligent honorable and enterprising people stephen f austin who might be called texas first major angle real estate developer so laments of opportunity in abundance in texas the offer huge amounts of land in easy credit well that i think that lamb promoters didn't have much trouble attracting land hungry settler among them you are chances with fear in the big thicket regional effects is a few large
scale subscribe to the myth that raul is our ancestors detect yet that an attack it is for fifa all i do and then go right in ways not at night he jared cohen who will not diminished where it and i think that when they feel fourth floor made from falling down well the whole thing to leave a little my wig on overnight the younger half are legal law and that they are they can form an
older made from pj eudora have no use for city life its pioneer heritage makes him a firm believer in the myths came in the wilderness and making a productive as a last august's healthy mr burak right for long the first bailout a favorable effect of the heart will become in a lot of way that they involve great great edward thornton why given them an eight gunmen are there horribly go only so far today none of them and that offer and that's the norm and then having them status and everything you know do
you say things are better now than they were back there which went when people live like your folks veered off the gulf or out of the earth of their own produce by their own hand of what what you're feeling well manny i wish they would that was from a sale but like a war on women better man got a dollar show but they were used to not at that one nominate love happy you had been at a few ron our shop one flower for you of cornmeal boiling in a vision get worse you were huge fan of an awakening the anglo american settlers ability to organize and help each other survive on the frontier also enable them to mobilize against mexico for control of the land tales from the texas revolution which took on mythic qualities
the battle of the alamo became a legend in his own time and i still a sacred episode we need to execute through the modern medium of movies and myths surrounding elmore preserved and embellish and this nineteen sixty were large hardy plays colonel william travis john wayne as davy crockett republic republicans one of those words that makes me tight knit purl think i'd miss the man gets when the baby takes the first step for that first baby sherry or so i'm a battle cry remember the alamo lately the vast territory while the term manifest destiny income and old until eighteen forties permissive the white race was morally superior and destined to play a key role and the texas
revolution in a letter requesting aid from the united states even if arthur wrote a war of extermination is reaching texas war of barbarism and despotic principles waged by the mongols spanish indians and negro race against civilization and the annual american grace forty five this is the thing they only independent nation ever to join the united states minute take on those that is texas mexican in their homeland of three hundred years as an occupied country during this period angles viewed the legendary texas rangers maintain on our take on political or phrase of the ruthless protectors of the writers they yell
home values and ui for the borderlands have been placed down in revolt seventy eight year old enough he almost alone those bills i agree those who his family and well real life us army
louis ck and no university pictures for growers of america publishers texas rangers two hundred more are full of them the cooperation results were the more land in south texas was clear that could be developed by anglo says and then fifty years ago when i first came out here in east texas is a graduate student at the university of texas collecting o lord are still able to find people who had actually been bombed and slay like
here in a tiny woods and rolling hills are alive with the government can only read so the mix of traditional lanes available one another or the region's population high a mouse and arrow it they're spirituals work songs and they'll help them to hold on to their values and cultural minutes and provided lee's of pacing in this is this guy is a whole song such as dual way of freedom
law the poems and stories handed down those yo ma is a dallas reflect the black culture struggle to survive and he's hoping for a better day and this moment only say don't you forget a single one on bin laden's and there were written down man na na na din mr rashid no idea i don't know won a few do audio podcast to learn before you were ten years old that can your mind all these
years the army's statement i l meaning to that they love that man's calls william and the protection laws we're new long as anything like a sweeping oh oh i'm not a lawyer but says we'll recognize ramos who is how old this nation when you give me justice now out the patio where they sell off and that don't heal bodies and rain i did it made us in this because i want you so i hear they're be underway in wages and madelaine so railroads you know all of them i don't how innovative financial ruin how old this nation when union just as now american american icon now do my romanian
light and as the weary trying to go on say it say it would be you i remember those they enter ii sometime of violin maker and no one else rebel flag from the job that they're you know a song everyone in they'll buy the joke about in a needle in there and i remember that says i've got shoes that you gotta shoe about shin and when i would only soon whoa calm about him in yeah man i was only sent them are lonely and so ms williams you can feel years ago along they were saying for
one crimea to another legacy the ball's in there and you have to tell and they sang annuity sang in the one man he had one of the need to know this holiday season one and the bay right in their leaves yo ma waves in dr al and the beasts and then you know then they were gone and what will mean several wave you know put all the way to try to always entrapped air so oil westward expansion and picked up speed was a gilded age to major mark kelly go rush robber barons homesteaders gunslingers in the ku klux klan out of this year of the great myths of the american west his most enduring cowboy
as business delegations made the cowboy than a show some more rugged individualism actions strained the civilizing the west the life of the working cowboy yesterday as it is today there's little resemblance to the romanticized version of cowboy the hired hands who work the wall growing
hours for low wages while hollywood cowboy are almost always angled nearly one third of the working cowboy is we the mexican or black america's mythic native son is actually the descendent of a mexican with carol would develop the cowboys basic skeel year and vocabulary i thought were drilled workers and bloggers were all part of the lore of the plane and the west but it was the image of the cowboy hat captured the public's imagination stage a revolution the possibility
says if the two thousand it is this is that somebody rockmore says mary anna julia tread a way grew up with the myths of the west the day these myths get their lives it's hard work you work from there like the dark but you figured if you enjoyed your mind there's some union jobs if you work at it it really like him can get their money that you like and if you don't like the job used to quit it's hard to find a job now dies when it is for us to we came in here that you enjoy what you are doing now you really
enjoyed it for those old country it's somewhat not a bagel north carolina you like it or you don't like it there's no there's not much in the plane was all the characters move pretty bird as they are going out areas of beit you're speaking so countries sort of the joy and self was there is that there is about waters lived in ways you got with treason of the water for a flow one of her favorites in here
this is npr news it is this is an old fashioned irish the region's and pays tribute to write critically rodeo is a link to the days of the frontier the ceremony and come to symbolize the conquest of the west and the grand been through riders right out over the dirt floor arena the
settlers were not aligned in more than a century ago this is the real events that individual gets about a man against nature reinforcing the mythic reputation for adventure and they can listen to the law enforcement only veil a pose and here now
the issue and the globetrotter dated back the bottom a new album or three months for that label the game rather than the last eleven begin a good thing we appreciate she was a woman that way about war it was said many people did know were crossing so they pay for the rights that she only came to town about three times a year is decorating was one of jason cheated my way she looked hebrews
so it's been a powerful image of a cowboy to the sailors nine as ben elgin baylor the white house on his exploits with the celebrated rough rider is aggressive big stick foreign policy and his attitude toward native americans are extensions of the cowboy ethic i don't know if i think that the only good indian but i believe that nine out of the piano and i should not inquire to indicate to them and in nineteen eighty and eighty four presidential campaigns on radiant that is conservative politics to the mythical cowboy ideal self reliance individually as one campaign memo quoted by newsweek magazine
we at the mondale in a position where a vote against rating isn't some subliminal science of old against a mythical america carol the frontier cowboy lasted less than thirty years on the turn of the century the open range had been fenced in the great cal rapson indian industrial revolution had come to the west began farming in the rio grande valley and landowners employed thousands of americans didn't hear the names are new grazing land into ringing irrigated fields the nineteen twenty a rigid class structure incentives ever django worked lantern thirty seven hundred and fifty dollars a year for the average mexican made only do this by discrimination mexicans continue to migrate north at freeing the time
all of the mexican revolution in mexico land reform as a major issue than ninety seven percent of families many were initially revolutionary leader amy on those apartments down in the land in liberty the land she ought to proclaim along he's been willing
to pay oh this is delicious era myself in a farm worker to lead to have eighteen and then my father was also farm worker i know beyond the closeness and the appreciation that tone that farmworkers still feel for the land that they care for it through good times and bad times in a scolding rains it's my teeth it's a very special feeling that maybe being mexican mexican american and part of our indian heritage that goes into it to be a strong feelings but they're out there and they're working every day because they didn't take care of the illnesses we feel like our farm worker
toyota actually that event that occurred you are you putting some in months of work into it and then some families act at the end of that long period of time to go home and don't have enough you know to feed to feed their families and over the year is you just keep thinking about that as well it's something that's not quite right here you're saying it's about time that that we also in the fields have some senses and that are put into the men and what it produces the sheer joy or magi as i at haha ma yeah
telling the story striking traditional nation and the great mexican artist was a common fear of school lunches end of wall painting you're painting is police selfish as it cannot be hidden for the benefit of a privileged few it is for the people it is for all
on the west side of san antonio a mexican american parents of these public housing projects not own the land on which really of what they've created a sense of community and ownership who the murals of their history culture the struggle over land during the better times that followed the civil war or powerful forces in shaping the black culture myths about whites and actually mainlanders this farmland year for rio during the late eighteen sixties hour before that ambition when it's emotional this land is the standard claim that it was taken from him by white landowners and local officials prove systematic world chavis willis anderson
commands has bought back some of the old form or go rogue he and other members of the family have filed suit to reclaim the rest of the lamb lamb walsh during a time when the ex slave was forbidden to enter the courthouse to check records and thieves family anderson well it's a struggle and there's a symbolic of the black coaches determination to survive and overcome the attitudes of shavers was a nice june atkins and many blacks living in east texas are shaped by myths surrounding a racial our stress of intimidation we have led the mayor elect read in iowa to move we have no
one job you know killed and touch the tail into that we were hit film loneliest things over to go through mile races that we're seeing here my father he died yesterday he was bedridden for about six years and he would always tell us don't give it up get a lawyer to take it to court and so you will get their land back and it just instilled in us that we could afford to give it up it is all the routes we had this is all we know about the willis family is freestone county if we could have done something years ago we would have even my father in his lifetime he would listen well as i'm sure when he bought them and he brought it for him and his family he would not have it take him if he could have done something about it but he could not
do any more than what he did was turn tried to remain alive and this is where we are today this is the reason that can also as descendants have gotten themselves together as a group of people the chairman the chairman and may i say that the third time we i'm a chairman to get this land that need you and those opinions for territory infectious with rifle out of white mansion of the benefits that the myth that they plan no indians and the law forcing these barriers progress the records of ice i'm afraid and agriculture and livestock and endangered railroad tracks and trains us calvary an anglo settlers
pushed for taxes indians off their hunting ground slaughtered the buffalo associate plaintiff right way of life in a jean seventy three alone it's estimated that a million of them extensively on inflation really care and the planes are littered with involves the comanches in the columns of the great war to sell planes fought to protect their land giving rise to angola may have civilians in the seventies in general philip sheer the source of the phrase the legislature prepares for the sake of alaskan peaks that he'll steer themselves until they have exterminated or easily cover
and the festive cowboy to a second form of civilization ms behrens be anglo celebrate their history and success in settling the way asked what romantic re creations are rife at a fort in indian country the indian wars in charlotte buffalo were part of the legendary winning of the west and life before all polls show there are anthony wright history in general is told from the point of view of a victory at the westwood launched is recorded in the words and says who felt the baseball not only for themselves but on what happened over
and the big vote this land belonged to enforce i think that we're going to walk welland on on the winds blow free and there was not going to write that when i go into the river i see cancer soldiers on its banks the soldiers cut down my chamber that they kill my buffalo and when i see that my tale in ways he won here at the bureau canyon
near amarillo comanches of the caliph all their final battle all along for their planes culture you're in the world eight teams seventy four seven if soldiers from new mexico answers oklahoma and texas converge on the riots ten years after the civil war a free tribes of the texas plains and the buffalo permissive values of native americans will alarm in the conservation movement seeing now here in west texas the rio grande a curse around the ruggedly beautiful country of the big ventilation or just park was established after a thirteen year campaign of robbing and fund raising but texans determined to save this remnant of the frontier in
a letter written by conservationist and future prize winning novelist wallace stegner reflects a spiritual legacy of the american indian some of us as a people separate recall an individual in the world art of environment of trees and rocks and so part of the natural world and competent belong in it americans still other channels more than any means but well we were demonstrating to sell the most efficient and slashing and burning and blues gospel jesus was working on us it remains of this surely is a new name for me on the line dream of human liberty and human dignity became in america something more than free market
down at least partially the fact that we were in the subway and eight bears the scars raising for the creation of the court term he's graceland isn't always the midst of the text is a limited resource this led to the waste land is pro growth value reflections from fears that this latest development today but how we use our land and natural resources to meet the needs of texans growing population has become a major political battle nowhere is the conflict will grow more intense than an austrian noted for its natural beauty queen the latest green bay are some open spaces austin is seen as a
refuge from the mythical urban ills of houston and the materialism of balance its image as a healthy glow as a laid back town this directly tied to its environment florida springs is a symbol for many of the quality of life of which of those flames here and icy clear waters of the edwards offer for bubble up through the ground haven for the matches before the city without an oasis falls tonight barton's has great meaning to me personally has had most of my life is ever since i was a little boy i'll watch the runway or if a century ago to be truthful about our family's been coming out here long time ago we came from the old summer lot of a lot of ocean family's mortgage brains routinely of life but austin is also one of the fastest growing
boom towns in the nation that growth is fueled by a successful courting of the hack if you make products industry and the exploding real estate market the irony is the very qualities used to lure new growth bulge them maybe the qualities role destroy its path the mayor of prosperity through grow and rushed back in to the myth of the value of preservation of the conflict raging to fulfill all its parts that is to speed up the studio very long long tradition of the year to songs reflect the saying he tells of the bestseller last
minute the race the city so las vegas this city the move was the epitome of the modern boomtown this fall its vitality of seemingly boundless opportunity within days often cited as an example the world and prosperity may have gone awry
that mess now knocks on the doors of the residents of the fourth war or with oldest black community and used the message in alloway originally call friedman's down because it was settled by former slaves the community sits on prime real estate sandwiched between downtown and four ropes most the land now belongs to absentee landlords and speculators since both the city and the developers agree that that land should be put to a more profitable use they're working together on a public private partnership to clear the way for high rise office buildings condominium it'll happen one of two ways either a deal happen in a haphazard fashion with the residents of the area being displaced a few at a time or the city can get involved in the redevelopment and we can assure that the needs of the reasons we have to take care it is inevitable
because the value away in the beer summit of land is such that it cannot be used for any other purpose were dealing with land now of being priced in the range of twenty dollars per square foot that means that a shotgun house now sitting on a lot in that area which is roughly a forty by sixty three is sitting on a lot that is worth and then approaching a hundred thousand dollars and it is not reasonable to assume that the economics will permit that continues to slant of freed slaves settled in this series gladys houses preston of the freedoms down association a neighborhood group founded upon the mayor at a community has a value of its own liz to citizens of the united states of america was to citizens of houston texas and we're still residents of freedom stamp and with taxpayers so i may always say that well
sure this year the taxpayers and there's a double standard here you all just too important to me that i think it's unfortunate to sail a human being that lane is much more valuable than he is of her life and especially of all the great contributions they've made to the growth of things as add these days they reflect the experiences
that's right i do well the city
is this it's b he says this center travel following grand prairie just outside dallas is the largest in texas a recall members are more than fair it never tried to come together to socialize and
share your vision itself has gotten mad cow indian hilton we can in many of the urban native americans find themselves part of the melting pot in the us these regional races and celebrations are part ways of preserving and the indians seth people at fisk i've divided between you know the whole life and in the lives we live in the urban areas we work with old job just like a lot of professional doctors lawyers were just ordinary americans not respect that we still have our cultural time we still believe in uranium waste storage songs are stories in illusions and very sedentary for
us on our lives while proponents of lonely people this was involved in thank you today these native peoples and their neighbors who hail from more than thirty different cultural re shaping texas future has been projecting taxes will have more than twenty million people body of thousands of second only to california and is greater numbers of asian central americans and others like texas home from humans become sort of the texas tradition a failure to understand the roots of our own miss those of others need to fear conflict and caught mr wylie forces airline
that girl for the once and create people know i'm so if we have people who have the files or what would go to teaching ged a zillion again eh eh eh eh eh eh eh eh eh eh is
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Exploring some of the myths about Texas.
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Myths and stories presented include the Spaniards attempt to conquer Texas, the war with Mexico that took on mythic qualities, the myths about the American cowboy, Manifest Destiny, Indians as bloodthirsty and others.
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