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he says he is i agree you're right around the world one of the most difficult things to speak as a foreign language i sure
found that out when i visited a school whose first language was chinese i learned a few words but most importantly a very interesting discovery was made the feeling of being with a group of people who not only you didn't understand that didn't understand you i started out by asking this question id similar chinese visit is a well in chinese naval weighty a court will narrow main new editor for the navajo very old yale and yale it's a trait at something ugly hello how are you know to say hello how are you see a whole and with them a memo app on him or whether it harriet ok i was saying hello in chinese a city in a hole this is really weird <unk> a whole now homo how are you little mom and a woman okay
now if i was to say hello how are you today will mark on a little thing a little late and the market they'll come it and that much weight they wanted a hall made homophone that little coming in now no mei home of their home at the met and the americanization with you and say they're for my and then you can answer a while though all the work in the poem what is our house is fine but they say and i was as a year say i am frank yeah i think it will be better without him we get are you my name is not the nine my name's steve okay our growth as somebody who's chinese and say hi my name's steve how isay how wal mart are gone mad men you do you
will know i'm steve mencher i don't know what it says a comparison is very confusing here i don't understand i thought now to make that my name is the nudge l a job so you know who is my job my name is steve hello my name is steve it all while mancuso seek iphone are i am so confused than that you know you know it it might you know it feels like to me an italian it feels very very strange you know now you're all laughing right now it's funny because my name isnt joe it's the night you're in a classroom and all i'm ok and you're the only one in a classroom that speaks chinese ok and everybody else around to speaking
english now everybody around you starts laughing about something and that your stammer what's the feeling that you're you're feeling what's going on inside of you carlos upsets him because i'm still a very potent the coalition invasion really don't understand what they say so just carefree and the new owners were not calloused skin air balloon crash i think strange it has a real strange you know did you feel like maybe you're arguing for a planet you can find some this this big things ratchet down right in the middle of nowhere and there you were as it is it's something like you know talking about which you're talking vincent i'm fifty two fifth and ski again these cars i don't know if the coca
the second night they would tell me somethin i were no honey it's a member of the thinking you know like somebody as kym so a question you collect embarrassed because he did you know what to answer in ditches with itchy yet they used to usually with egypt or do you think he recently african american because they met and then standing in a wretched speak english but dinner was real cool mind is there another yeah cause i just pull your great year in our scared scared to literally i know english and our estimate as they enter they also attacked an afro scare monger and for realtors in february he includes in let me quit his own lands so what did you not hurt hopefully emotional reactions here though i'm actually
a leaf or start anew and was ignored then there's the value that you get out and who are taking more than two years and they have to be politically to allow you know that you know i think how severe they were to sit there and say go to jail it is all of us are in touch with their feelings sometimes we don't want them to ourselves and if we do they're often difficult to accept
pakistan sometimes like really we do that americans have homework of the tracks is something up there from puerto rican nothing to do with a dish of a committee chair union sheriff song just hadn't problems fights and i have them were sentenced that stuff lately that's right that guy for that something you generally value is the man glamour and so my aunt in
that legs and researcher and i imagine what i think about eight when they miss him person dead and miss the person and i really care about the person who kind of bad now having them had patented them that not unless somebody me cause they say that would cement iceman remember dave
is that always seemed to you kept up with them you can have power don't think you can think about the things the good things they gave what do you do to make yourself feel better have fun oh no i'm going to travel to a czech air controller work must have them on the cheap cheap to start a mad dog owner five and even know of try harder we wanted we were sitting around seventy know if it was really important to
hear my great grandmother through our students haley a lot to me because you know i asked them all still not turn corn that there are two things she do the major realty a precondition this mostly bare like when i would see and she used that tell me again it turns stormy as she used to say to me for many people the slave era lot like photo scientists several of the tiny mayor
lam they are yeah somebody who loves booming moran primary i respect a very gifted and she's a psychiatry switch the joslin clinic and i've known you for orlando only years but that i find myself there was a young lady earlier that spoke about losing her grandmother and how she dealt with
that loss maybe maybe you can now share with with the thousands of young people listening and the adults about how in person michael about dealing with his or her last was the first thing that though we often kids are not is to say to cover it up so we find something to take up the time that then if you stop reading or stop playing or whatever it is you doing the sydney find yourself remembering grandmother knew him said the question then is when the world into the sadness and a lot of people try to pretend it isn't their increase in my field we'd say if you said you said going to cry cry when somebody feels really really so yeah i mean you know their families real sadness are and what happens then you know it's your whole brass is that one has to go through that a young person must go through because if you're really sad uniting be aware that you maybe just i stopped in your tracks may not be worth much of anything man have much energy and the first thing that somebody might wanna do to help is to try to
encourage you to talk about your grandmother for instance i'd like to know about the little child's grandmother what she looked like what you like to do what to a story she told her grandchild some very personal things about her then after you work through that then maybe she'll begin to cry and that would mean that the sadness was a little bit less denied you ciao to be just a little less stuck in it and as you keep talking about it you'd find that she drew a listen happy things and begin to feel better about grandmother and the more you can get the next remembering good things and also remembering sad feelings than we were two out of it which is seen as it's ok to cry that's ok to craft an intern for anybody for a boy girl and woman child be still make a difference doesn't matter traveled the minute that you know they're right now greg there was another young fellow that bit sad that i spoke to arm today he lost the use of his leg and he had another type of loss and then that was kind of hard for him to walk him
to deal with hard to be depictions of course always have special problems because you got a broken leg you it's gonna hear you're knocked out of the running for quite a while annual make the team that year for sure so that in an orthopedic hospital for instance you hear like kids wondering how they've been a deal with the loss of their good foot that kicks have a good arm throws and that's kind of lost to what julie that kind you often get over so they're many types of law says gerry egan is your best friend you can lose your top rank in school you can lose your capacity to relate to the teacher could somebody else does it better we all have losses after lives as was the most important to remember is that we're all very much alike are differences in there but actually basically were all very much the same what change will say no way well why didn't this next segment listen to his voice as he really gets into the curator at one hour infractions are apparently she doesn't
know exactly what so you learning entering their fights against fractures ok from another precious together we didn't say their heyday you were really registered hispanic when they would come to nominate a new comedy i have no reason your average amount we are it really it really ugly recall recall problem down and fifteen ten when the drought and the new pathways back
please visit do you say nice ok where is the nominees and saying they are saying that they either say you get this at at this at them through two thousand hangers a lot take
five please yeah i didn't get to see if he had any poll numbers and if you do you have to add in reverse that is something singing candidates seen in eleven same as the main creative serving you like the attention and incrementally things differently now you're saying a question that can't
speak as the group of seven eighth graders was should we continue the nuclear arms race well these bright young people have an incredible response to that question i don't think they should be only cars were just idaho where they know when they get in india would enemy fire bombs at town and wiping out my family and why would they want to kill themselves to kill somebody else didn't do anything about it just very disappointed actually carry a nuclear warhead the zone and that they may see beyond the grilled wasn't on say seller and reggae on all the time it had leckie kind so far bp by the guild all of this will be talking about i think that the south of them and just won that and they'll like be no one thing lisa hannigan gave last weekend's rally in the current you like here are the people in another country rock duo in that the people and other contact him and now killing everybody else another radiation anything is killin everybody else are other countries that are in the same big
enough to do it and i think it's fair for everybody and we everybody out you know we don't want to see ourselves do we want to lead a decent i won't have to worry about we're a watery hamby she about nuclear weapons and how our about everybody but i know it's good about new they were especially after they run out that movie the day after their skit that really scared because that down that was the skulls of baby gets a nuclear one playoff than like there not that many people said that the nominee would want to be around when they have not resolved day before and i because that there will be any spirit of thinking about it was only after he got through even if baby is about to go on a castle or later they'll have no food to radiation and maybe they have to be on the ground law that so mad at them
anyway one way is through your ipad your dog you can whatever not only give you a nutrient why should listen to hear if you work at stories are similarities high as sandy i have a cat the calico it's orange white and brown and my pick is a guinea pig see steve sea bass player to make a drone anytime soon at it in a food ariane really very good at that actually pays for food like a dog and sat by hangzhou eight thats greats had named jack yeah the paoli he's two years already somewhat playful but i've ever seen and he's so powell collar and white well i'm very much i have a cat that's threatened chubby knees and what is black war ii
in these bags begs for food and he are does it during these refs have my employer and my grandma and there's this dire names lady why she doesn't allow me to go back yet where she's ok but playful black flags the bike as she walked like heath tonight and he did about almost three feet tall he very me and i liked her name season you're a mammal real relieved very fat cat and where it's feeding time he always tries to get sick and decide that the dingell he loves food and awe he stands for light are pulling grass out of the ground and a jury actually when your dog is shooting for on season like it she sang on the island goes by my mom's legs and
see she sees tonight's and she doesn't like that much because he's too nice to have a gunfight in the clothes thing when she's bomb cleaning clothes own fears iraqis shia reject that you know i have a treasure for that way a manager which are reassured that they poisonous no not usually it's a mexican and renshaw in its black with yellow spots on the legs and when it gets frightened when a get the water dish to put more water in it she sees all hare's into my hand and then after a while a roast at that age can you train a trench or i mean you know your true treasure to do tricks i don't think anybody or family for the tradition another heated and she said you ever find in your bed you said to this issue and splatter it
was she find innovators to spreading musician didn't allow a soup thank you ms caton and get to cat man they try and ending the boy and a ground and in pr and tank and contaminate i really you america's wine it's so that when they're being bad as a boy in your city is the crowd and diet steps to eat the years to put their candidates and calls it away and start to eat herself mean death can be in the days with them gets into the news pat fitzgerald florence that's eat from the flash oh one term i doubt neil my mother he dialed the good to come to camp without it would do it in another place here i we have a moment here let the dow the fat is so she edited a second enough then we see more good to die within a day away mr ferrer we have found a double
we know india when he died there without borat and it was in the us and he stands up and the gas and yet you the lesson in the car yet now people in the county who who who cleaned up business the bread and how a new hobby rather low go away you know each and every one of you is a very special person realized that whatever you're doing enjoyed thoroughly not worry about how good you are or how good somebody else's just be yourself forgive me the dark that's right what
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