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<v Norbert>Got him! Hey Jason, Watch this. Alright! <v Jason>Watch out for the spaceship, Ruby. <v Jason>Watch out for the spaceship! <v Jason>I told you. <v Norbert> Should've watched out for the spaceship. <v Norbert>How many points did I get? Great. <v Norbert>I win. Wanna play again? <v Jason>I thought we were gonna play that new game Wizard of wor first. <v Norbert>We'll have to wait till Darth Vader over there is finished. <v Norbert>Let's play this one again. <v Jason>Nah, You always win. Anyways dad says that we'll be leaving in a few minutes. <v Norbert>Yeah. But we don't know how to play Wizard of wor. <v Jason>So? Parts of it are probably like other games you've played. <v Jason>Just use what you already know and figure out the rest. <v Norbert>You sound like missus Framish. <v Norbert>She was saying the same thing yesterday. <v Jason>She was talking about video games? <v Jason>I don't remember that. <v Norbert>You know, when she was talking about reading, how you connect what you already know <v Norbert>with what's on the page to help understand it better? <v Jason>Huh?
<v Norbert>Well, something like that. <v Norbert>Look, Darth Vader done. <v Jason>Shoot, I'm out of quarters. I'll go get some more from Dad. <v Jason>You go save the game. <v Norbert>Storylords? I thought it was Wizard of Wor! <v Norbert>Lexar! What are you doing here? <v Lexar>I should ask the same of you, my child, even an apprentice storylord <v Lexar>must remember his duty at all times. <v Norbert>What do you mean? <v Lexar>The ring. Where is the ring? <v Norbert>Uh it's in my pocket, I think, somewhere.
<v Norbert>Here it is. <v Norbert>It's glowing. <v Norbert>It's glowing. <v Lexar>And has been for two hours, you are needed, my child. <v Lexar>Hurry, for Zore must be stopped or both our planets will be lost. <v Norbert>Hey, come back for a sec. <v Jason>Who are you talking to? <v Norbert>Just myself. <v Jason>Well, guess what? Dad says that we have to go. <v Jason>He says that we can play this next time. <v Norbert>That's OK. I just remembered something I've got do right away. <v Norbert>Let's go.
<v Norbert>Now, read the magic poem, peddle as fast as I can. <v Norbert>Thunder and lightning trumpets and drums readers rejoice <v Norbert>a storylord comes. <v Norbert>Hi! Marko. <v Norbert>My name is Norbert. I've come to help you. <v Norbert>I know you may find this hard to believe, but it's true. <v Norbert>I'm an apprentice storylord sent here to the land of Mojuste to combat the wicked <v Norbert>storylord Thorzuul.
<v Norbert>It's true really. <v Norbert>Cross my heart and hope to die. <v Norbert>Now, what seems to be the trouble here? <v Norbert>Thorzuul, that's not hard to figure out. <v Norbert>Gave you this scroll. <v Norbert>Wanted you to perform what was written on the scroll. <v Norbert>You couldn't understand it? <v Norbert>Thorzuul. <v Norbert>Said he would turn you to stone if you didn't perform as he wished. <v Norbert>That's Thorzuul for you, a are real, Mr. Nice Guy. <v Norbert>How long till he comes back? <v Norbert>Twenty four hours, one day.
<v Norbert>Let's take a look at the scroll. <v Norbert>It floats on the wind. You stand on the ground. <v Norbert>If you pull its tail, it won't make a sound. <v Norbert>Don't worry, Marco. I know someone who can help. <v Norbert>Meet you back here tomorrow after school. Home. <v Mrs. Framish>today is found on page one hundred three in your reading books. <v Mrs. Framish>So open your books to page 103. <v Mrs. Framish>But before we talk about this story, does anyone remember <v Mrs. Framish>what we talked about yesterday? <v Mrs. Framish>Simon? <v Simon>About connecting what's in our head with what's on the page when we read something. <v Mrs. Framish>Good. Do you all remember that?
<v Mrs. Framish>Norbert? How about you? <v Mrs. Framish>Something wrong? <v Norbert>No, I was just thinking of a friend who needs help understanding something he <v Norbert>has to read right away. <v Mrs. Framish>Well, maybe you can help him after this class. <v Norbert>I sure hope so. <v Mrs. Framish>Usually a book uses many pictures and words to tell a story. <v Mrs. Framish>But there's a special kind of book that tells a story only with pictures, <v Mrs. Framish>no words at all. That's the kind of book we're going to look at today. <v Mrs. Framish>Amy? <v Amy>How will we know what the story is? <v Mrs. Framish>We'll be able to tell the story by looking for clues in the picture <v Mrs. Framish>and thinking about what we see about what the characters are doing, <v Mrs. Framish>about what they might be thinking or saying where <v Mrs. Framish>they are. All those things, I think you'll be surprised at how <v Mrs. Framish>much of this story you can figure out just by looking at the picture. <v Mrs. Framish>Now, let's look at the title page.
<v Mrs. Framish>What do you see? <v Mrs. Framish>Jason? <v Jason>a kite flying over a town. <v Mrs. Framish>Good. Now, if I tell you that this story is called The Kite's <v Mrs. Framish>Adventure. Can you guess what it's going to be about? <v Jason>It looks like someone let go of their kite. <v student>And now it flies all over the place by itself. <v Mrs. Framish>Very good. You both looked at the pictures and used your <v Mrs. Framish>imaginations to figure out the story. <v Mrs. Framish>Now, let's look at the first page of this story, and we're going to do just <v Mrs. Framish>the same thing. <v Mrs. Framish>We're going to use our imaginations to connect the clues we see in the pictures <v Mrs. Framish>with what's in our head, what we already know. <v student 2>Just like you connect two pieces of a puzzle. <v Mrs. Framish>That's right. I think you'll be amazed at how much information you can get <v Mrs. Framish>from just one simple picture. <v student>Do we just look at it? <v Mrs. Framish>Yes and no. Some of the information is on the page, but a lot of it
<v Mrs. Framish>is in your hand. <v Mrs. Framish>Let's take a look at the first picture and I think you'll see what I mean. <v Mrs. Framish>Now, here's the sun. <v Mrs. Framish>That's one clue into this story. <v Mrs. Framish>What does that tell us? <v students>It's daytime. <v Mrs. Framish>Good. What are some other clues you might see? <v Mrs. Framish>And what do they tell us? <v Jason>It's warm out. <v Jason>He's wearing a T-shirt and shorts. <v Amy>It's summer the leaves are green. <v student>And the flowers are out. <v Mrs. Framish>Good. So it's a warm summer day. <v Mrs. Framish>And the boy is flying his kite. <v Mrs. Framish>Now, what do you think is going to happen next? <v Mrs. Framish>Norbert? <v Norbert>I think the kite string will break and the kite will fly away. <v Mrs. Framish>What clues made you think that? <v Norbert>Because you can tell it's a windy day. <v Norbert>His hair is blowing in his eyes and the trees are bent. <v Norbert>And on the title page, it shows a kite flying by itself. <v Mrs. Framish>Let's find out if you're right.
<v Mrs. Framish>Very good. <v Mrs. Framish>You got clues from the picture, you put them together with what's in your <v Mrs. Framish>head and you figured out the story. <v Mrs. Framish>You made connections between what you saw in the picture <v Mrs. Framish>and what's in your head. <v Norbert>Holy moly. <v Norbert>That's how Marko could solve this riddle. <v Norbert>You have to connect what's on the page with what's in your head. <v Norbert>Listen, it floats on the wind, what things float on the wind? <v Norbert>A bird. <v Norbert>An airplane. <v Norbert>A cloud.
<v Norbert>You stand on the ground, that's pretty obvious. <v Norbert>If you pull its tail, it won't make a sound. <v Norbert>Couldn't be a bird. Could it? <v Norbert>It can't be an airplane because you can't pull its tail, it'll pull you. <v Norbert>What else floats and has a tail you could pull while you stand on the ground? <v Norbert>I think you got it! <v Norbert>And just in time.
<v Thorzuul>Milk breath. <v Milk breath>His royal badness, Thorzuul. <v Thorzuul>Thank you. Well, well, well, if it isn't our half pint <v Thorzuul>friend from the Land of the Mortals interfering again hey? <v Norbert>Not interferring. Helping. <v Thorzuul>You're about as helpful as an ant colony at a picnic. <v Thorzuul>Milk breath. Our collection shall soon have two new <v Thorzuul>statues. Or should I say one and a half? <v Thorzuul>Well, Marko. Enough of this idle chit chat. <v Thorzuul>I'm ready for your performance begin or be stone. <v Thorzuul>But you can't. <v Thorzuul>It's impossible. You figured out my riddle. <v Norbert>He just connected what he read on the page with what was already in his head. <v Norbert>Like any good reader does. <v Thorzuul>You.
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No. 2
Connecting What You Know With What's On the Page
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Wisconsin Educational Television Network
Wisconsin Educational Communications Board
University of Wisconsin-Stout. Teleproduction Center
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The Walter J. Brown Media Archives & Peabody Awards Collection at the University of Georgia (Athens, Georgia)
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Episode Description
In this episode, Norbert helps a mime, Marko, understand the riddle given by Thorzuul. By using what's in their mind as well as what the text says, they are able to infer that the riddle is describing a kite.
Series Description
"Storylords is a series of twelve 15-minute video programs teaching reading comprehension strategies to primary-grade students in a fantasy setting with exciting materials and adventures. This segment teaches that as a student reads, it is necessary to draw inferences from a combination of what they already know and what is given in the text. "Storylords merits consideration because it brings reading skills and an adventure fantasy series together in a way that continues to involve primary students after they finish viewing the program. Storylords was developed as a portion of a total learning package. It addresses expressed needs of primary students. The student video portion is supported by interactive computer software. There is also a full complement of teaching guides and videos to help the instructors meet every objective for each of the Storylords episodes."--1985 Peabody Awards entry form.
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Producing Organization: Wisconsin Educational Television Network
Producing Organization: Wisconsin Educational Communications Board
Producing Organization: University of Wisconsin-Stout. Teleproduction Center
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The Walter J. Brown Media Archives & Peabody Awards Collection at the University of Georgia
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