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fb there would be no reason in the world these are the calls there were more poor and he was going through those of december january
which you know do you that's right it never disappears any of the experiments with john ehrlichman in any of the specifics of that nature with respect to any individual and i went along on the twenty second of march or the most dominant than taking care of her and here they would be mistaken about the game and i'm putting together a wire rack on it and one day was
well with respect to the specifics i mean some of the confusion the total picture and uncertainty i'm steve inskeep i mean this is going
to get unfortunately at times you know thank you
is that meeting that you had with the april thirteen what is a forty nine state laws the present mr what circumstances lawyers for mrs
i don't know so it was different there's been a conversation going reason to believe that this or any other great and reflection i do think that this conversation probably was thinking wow for a reason here
so switch it's been i suppose or the protest the admission of billions or not voters with his vote or an essay or calling her last april seventeen yes sir
singing it's true the president had made his statement by that time with your loved one and was in which he'd ask everybody to come forward and to disclose what they knew about this matter whatever it was mr president or somebody and has not happened as i believe henry peterson go to mr libby's local kelso here in the district must canal and this canal a neon carried a message from peterson to the canal ancient history roosevelt like president wanted everybody to fall on those tomorrows spent a lot
of it was his opinion of just really had a case on appeal carter and other matters a wormhole and you wondered if i can't give them any guidance as to what president meant by that particular phrase which that we have been quoted verbatim from peterson finale questions were so the questions from fred thompson raised new questions about the credibility of john dean's testimony in a moment there will be questions about mitchell's own credibility during the kind these confirmation
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from washington and that continues its coverage of hearings by the senate select committee on presidential campaign activities you again correspondent robert mcneil as the times' resumed in a senator herman colleges turn to resign and john mitchell's role in the watergate affair well why target will remain by that phrase was with his customers and a volunteer doctor ellsberg's dr i think some of the other phrases used with respect
this is deanne it's we're talking about an alleged extra curricular activities in boarding area of the bombing reporter bombing of the brooking institution a lot of miscellaneous matters with respect to chappaquiddick in this that those very areas where john who is now the white house cards i don't know that i can answer for all those is senator i think that the problem some reports some stories that have come out press probably give you better picture of that than i can imagine you play an act ancient vital role in the campaign before you return his attorney an active supervisory role as what is
i'll sit coms of the president's request to keep an eye on what was going on over there and i had frequent meetings with interventions dealing with matters of policy also with individuals who would bring other individuals over and introduce them to me and discuss their talents and their qualities were respectful in certain jobs and that particular service you would consider than it should good for you senator i'm not quite sure that i have the future to a supervisory and so much happier you get beyond that well and you just
can't this nomination because this is the advantage of that i think went further and this is a question that senator kennedy responsibility to have our mark on the republican party i do not have to have any responsibility no room for our responsibilities now some of that is about six weeks
foreign relations committee this is for you no relation campaigns on religious mr menken i'm going to make i'm going to make an application to jam and many i haven't yet through the hearing that i can't really do the reasons the ice and then you date thirty three
on the possibility seventeen two weeks because of the public you just got a moment ago in response to a question that i asked you did and campaign responsibility as prime time he returns to get phone logs for me for the judiciary committee i can send a
candidate for reelection campaign responsibilities that question generally the republican party no relation and i still don't yet for us to give testimony into a new test the bottom line of those who had no pictures election responsibilities yet before the judiciary committee and the united states senate nineteen do you justify that state forgoes rivers of the republican party
and this is the reason that i raised the question and respond to it is my intention to do so and that the president makes and take a big change now the judiciary committee for the reelection of president memorandum to the attorney general and the seven third nineteen hundred and thirty one other language here we recommend committee for the reelection the president soon all white house support activities stand by their best and is really likes that
as innate it is as well it's big as samurai
civic and started interacting lives on i ask also be inserted in the record is on a rare coins and again and an event and journalist john mitchell a lot for the nineteen hundred division and demonstrate for the salmon that sentiment in the mambo talking here iran is breaking the campaign monday june twenty seven nineteen seventy while one dated before by january fourteen nineteen seventy two on la confidential the attorney
general on involving republican national committee budget telephone plan for a primary i send them also to make job density asian eyes the police began to pass because beaks but it's because banks
both fb freak is by the people's business speaks
both so far apart thank you for now feminist and i want
to say that it's a scene that drew a lot of women improve the truth was cabinet corroborate his testimony that he was actively involved in the management of the campaign that is asked the chairs and also point out that there's nothing illegal about any presidential appointee engaging in consulting with respect that would carry out a political fortunes i'm not arguing that point ms mitchell you testified on both these aunts my question moment though the request of the white house will actively involved in the campaign
i grade english language directly lot holding last year liu testified the opposite will do this week on your statements as anna simons recommend records show the public can draw conclusions as to which statement is an hour major implications i would like to go back there at your statement in that part of the record the spiritual and that's raised nine started off the directive factors on american people can draw their own conclusions which correct i'm not arguing with your testimony that if i read the english language and two different places the opportunity to use that got as i understand the nation i learned in all
right you're welcome it's because by letting mr mitchell it is so responsibility as chairman of the finance committee was raised money they testified that it was
just want stability as eric collins sam kamin expenditures there are that we had that some more than a million dollars and yet that was not accounted for then expenditures and these are ms katie pugh has been responsible for these guys just part of the comment on that i don't believe in that sermon on the film's debut as the testimony in the suspense and uninformed schaper circumstances i'm saying and the campaign working on what types of which mr stanton those people on the senate finance committee report and parcel of the things i was on the political side and working on what must spend part of the next
if we can clarify it was less to stand responsibility to raise money as i understand it is that inaccurate no question that the responsibility was introduced it was the responsibility of the spurs who was actually dispersed by the finance committee but i'm sure that's not the thrust of your question the question is who are the rise of programs which the money was spent humble dollar i checked in with thirteen certain amount to list than well it depended upon the period of time and all this it was and so and so get so much money when did you take over as chairman committee chairman mccain campaign director wellness center challenger and it was
announced on the night of april that i have been working as much time will allow plus a vacation from the twenty first of november through the third or fourth of april and trying to put together budgets in the woods these monies would be expanded after the end of a tourist on here that authorized dispersants in connection with the budget years and so until up until the first of july when you're nervous or your responsibility now as you've heard from the discussion here this morning it was just as solidly about the cause of what i was doing when you know the political organizations in fifty states that almost as a recruiter at continuing authorization which of course artist stands testimony to authorize expenditures of money then they tend to say that i missed snow plow for us
the bay of the living expenses for authorized by you said that that was just on the remote so it's big there are to my knowledge was never any money paid the committee that purpose now if i can go back in my testimony few moments ago that when this matter was first brought up and was turned down and turned down a call the money that was yours or if it was a bail money and i'm not sure that the attorneys' fees of support were not permitted mornings where did that money come from well i really was just ends justified and i'm no expert on the subject matter of all the answers to i believe mr stands just five the best comebacks request and this is the first public knowledge that i have and others got started twenty ninth of june mr stanza turnover monies that were not part of the campaign moneys to
mess to come back and the amount of seventy five thousand dollars the the past five the day say you own that new authorized second stands or are those who authorize that this works that was not in his campaign funds this was money that was just that's just like the outside of the campaign and he morton was the comeback of comebacks request was to come back and instead of this was for him or vision and i'm quite certain that that is the custom hatter is a campaign get campaign money outside the campaign this is interesting liza mundy everybody says that they came from nineteen sixty
eight and then i was a campaign manager in nineteen sixty eight going on for six hundred thousand dollars i agree well i'm sixty did this campaign committee and there was only one campaign of one right now you've collected campaign money outside a campaign i'm sure mr spence record and i am i think he testified that they send me five thousand dollars was made up of forty five thousand dollars and he had a safe deposit box sixty eight campaign and thirty thousand dollars in income from some filipinos over to be returned or if i'm not mistaken that's a seventy five
thousand dollars and he didn't come to me now as lonnie ladies find and we've found over a million dollars kay know six or so case we've bantered around a lot now and it was amazing to me that mann is able to show five of the counter business expands the money be an uncertain and five you have that accountability good morning now you mentioned that he can fix mr stanton's testified you met with him on june twenty third nineteen seventy two regarding those objects is that correct to retire remember her
once on the twenty four of your contract i will be delighted it was a matter of some concern of this of this committee because of implications just drew stands in the picture in twenty thirteen to the best of my knowledge of the posters and minor and merlot twenty four this is the signal
the information and it resulted in martin going to try and get in the story that that was only forty thousand dollars and most of your letters was forty or fifty thousand dollars secretary gates were there was this confrontation by the well liked in trouble here but this is the only mean i ever have a few small anytime after june seventeenth and it wasn't in connection with is going to be a payoff remember
it's much much more and this is the only way to put the record straight welcome home and i don't want to take credit for this statement that was reported on growing its top of that the center muscular just seven a couple of days before you so you didn't making sixteen i mean i didn't even connection with respect to the major campaign he hadn't won take it over no sequence as shown by monologue but
after that meeting the spirits sloan apparently went back and mr stanza writers see the information below the payments that they get for a believer in june third suspense calling mrs fans came up and saw me alone it was an image of the recruiter and it was very morning and the recorder recruiter i asked martin that would be the last thing the world martin was investigating the circumstances i am going in the us because mr spans with respect and knowledge of the watergate was quite severely in june of anti more severely in the executive committee meeting and it was later in public just now was that the first time you had breaking in
presenter simon twenty seconds was a as i went through with the mr thompson was involving recruiters said that it got its approval of the white house and a lot of things that they say who are you the pittsburgh whitehouse definitely interested in campaign goal of the campaign was on a campaign for reelection oh there's no question that a home in the white house to discuss the watergate break ins earlier this morning
all right for being with us to listen to the very rim has been campaign director not ever being able to keep a raid on the individuals are working for the campaign that time i had in my mind of course the supreme court was the only one who has the ball because it's like an advantage that telephone call was on the twentieth june going to audit committee has it took place but telephone lines at the helm six twelve separate what to tell the president about watergate break in that landed killing employees of the committee to re elect president will involve the president has been
my recollection was really recall conversations i don't know when did you make it it's funny well as development calling in california when i was their announcement affect the testimony in effect you're just going out there asking what the war is all about that and i don't know if i never get back to substance seventeen eighteen
saturday or sunday that doesn't midnight monday we love brotherly for the return portion when digital published coach i've been somewhere is much further down many many many mornings before you have ample opportunities to go out of the wall and was making of that chocolate different view of youthful is they'd say so we will last class security
at fifteen on this was the writing staff that involve a listener or so when i when you asked me when i first wanted to continue and seven basically and the concept of the political problems are presented it democrats there's a battle over the circumstances same time did you direct robert long to telephone latino june seventeenth asked him to try
to persuade music planned as an act an attorney general or arrange for mr mccourt be released from beirut to most voters that the surgery that would not be the case raises some compensation if somebody might call an acting attorney joe find out what will happen and i noticed the most to reduce the testimonies of that i selected martin because martin was a great friend or a martin would just say just go to commit perjury before mostly i can't characterize her injuries that that doesn't happen to be of fact of what you just said and i've just been i don't know i'm sure that many of the people who were present also been a lawyer mr mitchell test fine on both go i
know that you also have to have the internet i think along with that under certain circumstances and i'm sure that some of these conversations in the intervening year and a half years i would not want to characterize what to say and his intentions might be the biggest factor all right recollection there are many other circumstances well it is mr deans testify for those admitted to this meeting was twenty second nineteen seventy three when you met with pam karlan mr reitman you said that there was no more want a
problem for most the one this one meeting take place pj places where missourians mormons jesus that meeting took place prior to meeting the presidents on march twenty seconds of bridges were all the harlequin human cell i know answer yes as things are now where are you for the president that they have to read the dustbin said had
testified i talked with the president about dealing with iran when comedian that point is that correct we were so there are a number of committee this is a special place previously that morning the real problem the president was having in connection with executive privilege that was a real focal point of
military service that was right in the middle of the great earrings where the concentration was an executive privilege matters word the white house has made in america president promised that what chairman the vice chairman of the committee on the subject matter to start discussing these matters of executive privilege until the relationships in her you can then surprised in that time many are waving at higher quality so anxious connie oh i can't read the president's mind but i would believe that whatever the president doesn't necessarily doesn't in connection with the president's inaction are some
individual problems that he may have protected as dean testified that on march twenty eight nineteen seventy three he met with you and mr mcgregor and that you indicated domestic painted his testimony could cause problems that he take place there was a meeting on march twenty eight i believe that too for years the meeting march twenty eight there was word for president the meeting really what the discussions there is no recollection of the meetings and justice for the one where the state was made hitler
testifying before the grand jury did you make that statement of his testimony could cause a problem this was getting surreal i was her as president as being also testified before the meeting at the view officers plan right in the watergate that approved without anyone fully understand example is david you said there was not fall before your committee
you make a statement over the past years and discussions of those fears asian as to who is involved how are done with that certainly wasn't made at that meeting march twenty eight because i'm american mr nowinski right you resign his campaign director of the july fourth nineteen seventy to july first or july first nineteen seventy two auditors times that
others america like did anyone else do anyone any semblance of bell so i wanted to do dollars it is it is
you remember those right previous week so i'm actually was sort of expand observed and press and those themes testimonial mr jd get to take blame for this role where she was shaken by the circumstances now isolating right would you like to comment on that you're welcome you're also remember perhaps one of the contributing factors that has left and he visited
the white house and it means he the president is on so you have an isolated regime i have an unanswered question for years there has been running through his journeys law while that's very funny and one thing i came to understand as mitchell as i understand it you would have been probably closely associated with the president and probably the man who has all thought well probably his most
trusted confidante was an immediate access to the white house in the presidential race why so fast i think that's the point now you've been in public office i've had that privilege also of government state now for sixteen and that is in the united states senate the first requirement was a lot of it was copied than in any combat is absolutely impressive when they see anything going all involved in this period needs immediate corrective action they reported inch that
you found out all these crimes very says cover up in committee while they're going to walk in the president's office and telling the truth question so the new law this morning speaking major all that matters it's not understand viewers on edge if you place the
expediency of the next election of years on disability manicured vice president pearl surrounding here was his deputy campaign director who all there was his two closest associates in his office him bought or rounding people involved in crime murder rate excess react to find new deliberately refused to enter the expediency of the election was more important than them for an election of richard nixon and what was available until assad was more important that i couldn't just you think anything short of light you think anything could have prevented it eric
thompson i went through the first time winners with the yankees to make a live no further questions and jam so challenges at the initiative and looking for motivation and in this case the answer was a combination of loyalty in politics in a moment you'll be senator burns turn public television's covered the senate watergate hearings will continue after paul for station identification on a bridge to coverage of these hearings is provided as a public service of the member stations of pbs and public broadcasting service fb
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Part 3 of 4
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