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it's been well i'm i think related to any particular coverage and julia call he can anybody
you need he was nice speculation a related measure
disclosure i mean anyway good morning
that's right he refused specifically was it the revelation of it
you know you need it i don't recall any specific statement regardless about it and they got him involved call ladies' reasoning
for the second entry in the lake in to get an impression from the group improve surveillance a proper cover puerto rico karen michel many japanese information
i don't know few days that's really good that's right you know
and you know with this notion and there are fears that the fall out of addicted to require insurers to question whether you approve he's a professional political relationship
nice job but you know that's right
the opening years of the oven thank you he received support you in mississippi i said no
i'm supporting the painters were what is it publishers weekly all right and it does cooperation
no words the request main engine and legal expenses and the question we were just finished the raid in the shuttle atlantis launch mr wessel it's just five this morning the man who came finally to a fall in demand to do so you didn't i like ireland well notion of a payment made in on what you consider them are occasional maintain the shops open
landon agrees many of the regulations thank you the conversation workforce yes sir
yeah well you know the commitment they didn't even make commitments knowing what shaw you would have to be paid on the validity of song about that that's the case mr turnage
and again i mean it land on you a long email and living expenses reality of that someone who overheard her use these people to undertake this operation center it is
you know it tends to be like the contract that you don't think you could do it unilaterally want to a lot on short selling you you did this is american news channel goes on joe lieberman anyway
mr mitchell no how big a letter addressed to live beyond twenty and andy discuss these things with libya that that he had shredded all about their true nature that we've got thank you and they weren't all the committee to reelect president la person that same conversation our listeners what was his reaction to sam lee's story and it was only more information
curator those revelations it was great now i don't know who's in florida senator mr martin parties come into the committee raises fist and uncertain terms of the us audience reaction around the district it's a notion
they claim the nomination so true you have a meeting with mitchell on june twenty nine hundred and seventy two which involves commitments that were probably made a lot have been made of the defendants nina totenberg everyday people
spotify commitment to comment let's do it it was his understanding too and taught the internal investigation of warranty mad at me for the re election fight you refused political investigations
what conclusions did you reach a jury investigation in the viking center rating enter the electronics for violence that was conducted at the democratic national committee did you really religion conclusion
called the background in the united states think that pope and another provision on know anything of the year in these shelters changing the shutter relationship thank you watergate the election straighten up because they didn't get that knowing
that it could affect the election are seen that way and there were the terms of conceiving of the center for talent the best tomato the fall there's also deliberately concealing we do who is that four no
mr davis right today mara liasson thank you you see my bike we have a
reaction that the players are called read more that's right
he was the conversation well the mood this plan adam rapoport is going to imagine that mitchell seventy seven major john it was a lot of discussion about it the money paid to the pot
and how much did you pay to him in the two hundred then date
oblivious to be new instructions to katie and i'm running down through these and consent avoiding over twenty five thousand dollars and fifty thousand dollars to twenty five to thirty four years was the amount last question and seventy five thousand ministers present money
thank you mr there are recommendations that go on to be one of the mischief to my family and this information was for charities to small expenses in particular given this information came from the ocean well
do you see tony carnevale it's interesting
you know how much money had been transferred to the watergate defendants in the crime that there's a review i mean you stayed in that is the question so for sure user information any question about it
it was too much mission well senator did you have a conversation
would you i think that our thirty minutes or fourteen minutes of notion of courageous women minorities are not on board just be an instruction by muslim if you go to youtube contacted an attorney general is declining again in california where those instructions one of those three will get you instructions senator of that forgot to make a living to help him and to find
contacts he'd wilson issue you know what the day of reflection of that reaction this was an instruction to get information about and that's all as a party threw you a timer what was your job special session
if you have a history of people began occasion to see most of the people who would come into seen estimates and this is strong with them into the case here you have occasion to speak too infrequently right right maybe check with you on matters involving information the white house when he as a liaison between the gop and the white house
you have an understanding that we have mr rickman oh tuesday was yours sessions true story need it and then in the boston meetings getting sir
and day would you say that mr michel did attended most of the budget means no and who maybe a budget presentation in those meetings so that a lot didn't get mr mitchell artist painted by the notion that view equality discussion the budget meetings are any other places the happy with respect to any his first months too much of it you know from the engine on his first instance to make not for your show and not before january seventy one year nineteen seventy and consent to then subsequent to january seventeenth nineteen seventy
two major nominees for best radio show you know me when did you first know at the size of these amounts senator reduce loan and if he had been the song meant to do you any concern about the size of these amounts before june and after january the seventeenth goodness juices flowing again concern before jin yes and i'm disgusted to before june seventeenth brigade
give this passing in the disbursements with that mr michel the cost of discussion turned to determine the amount of money needed to show you michel again senator thank you and you're speaking of the period after joan jett a discussion with mr mitchell between january the seventeenth our letters but it will further between an april the first and june seventeenth with respect to any
disbursements tunis today by mr small no you didn't did you but you didn't know that many of these prisoners were being made to mr libby in june during this particular period and bears witness to a good are with respect to any disbursements to mention that now first annie as beans let us go to the meeting immediately after the
raid in which occurred and as an investment of apartment on june the ninth inning that right now that means you and mr martin and who else what was the main thrust of the question are you they're just waiting for you
leverage well would you say that this meeting was a meeting of a confession from one of those present to the fact they had made in the us and what they knew what was going i understand that that this mean you visited the information which mr lee had already invited to someone and then it was a subsequent meeting with <unk> you get there and then another meeting was arranged a job this was not to my knowledge is meeting was not set up discussed the unity
meeting well on june twentieth after you people many what was discussed and what planet on this particular me that's right a meeting with that victory new on the new martin family on june twenty well we discuss the eighties and pablo which goes whoa whoa where election to report any of the results of this meeting to mr mitchell actor as
me and that you recall that mr michel on that same evening had their pr six so i believe all the president ok ok fb on the air certainly josie ballin were you aware of this for the record to that time it was a call to the president promised mitchell
where you at now there was no manifestation a new manifestation of the fires in one of many of you you were merely trying to plan for the future because he knew by then that people in the crp when bill how did you arrive at this conclusion that people initially were both ends of the court and the dnc the rest of our conversation with
them it is really related to you subsequent to the immediate resettlement of the first call in california has to be used in this particular thing did you know and that was the basis for a statement in california and before he left that day we're not operating either in our behalf or without our consent issued a press statement in california for us to that effect
mr mitchell well i mean he must've had some information but i understand there was some conferences in the hotel with respect to the possibility that there might be in the audience what effect he testified to that effect speculation mr mccourt yeah well but you did
and that was not expected there was a brief coverage which the color white and now why would imagine at all true the major mistake i mean it's at that time nobody knew that the sea it wasn't all yesterday mr mitchell issued a statement that was connected with his own private company and they did contract work for different people in washington and a and that's a man directly state it that day that was
then well you say that estimate was right to that and then wanted to say was wrong now your team forty two forty one thousand dollars in their lives and my drama mr assange through mr martin and rob anybody explain to you why that money would be invested you flow of reporting
that the committee that this body the campaign then that you see on this twenty nine thousand nine hundred dollars now i understand that this request to combat voter republicans request to follow bob turner co workers church ordered the operation this is about then that he received money from a strong secular activists are and who was it in that now former governor of montana
you see fourteen thousand years and then subsequently do it in a thousand additional dollars promised a strong gesture when you were using the coordination maker in communicating with and he was giving you the other thinkers who were never didn't encourage you to ask them specifically what these amounts be used for communities used to be moneys that subsequently really most of that only the
overspending who is that is having the thing is mississippi the voting today with a specific amount senator the specific amounts were these figures were elevated him a bad state department were auditioning i discuss thursday's mr damon received
what's the virtue of government ritual what kind of discussion do you have respect for the gold with the ritual raided a kosher just play the latest virtual instruments us what the publishers are in the vehicle mr mencia right did you tell him that
there had been previous dispersants this man is going to be the background of this notion with many years told you know if you did not win mitchell says the background of this person's that have been previously made that i didn't want my question when mr mitchell paul ryan has is that john has charred six point on june point he had already been filled by new in mr
martin although committee knew about the case in all of you well you told that you stated that you know at a meeting with rachel i'll make a shutdown or specific recollection us in the dirt or so again it is the navarro ms micheline says visitors a day
that's right well there's a meeting intended to morning and there's no me is that tended to surgery about the political elite narrow route there is no means of the president continue to mature and mr at one so would that indicate that you have talked to mr mitchell before he made that call to the president that's right
are you i think so after waiting to hear from a third participant in the march third meeting who could testify about either jeb magruder or john mitchell was correct we're just as confused as before we are three versions of what occurred at that meeting that shows mcgregor is another roots stephen hess former aide to richard nixon author of political subjects now senior fellow brookings institution and
john prine professor of law georgetown university law center and watching washington again watched today's proceedings with this i'd like to begin by asking mr kramer for your analysis of that day in terms of corroboration of evidence that's been brought forth in these hearings at all i don't think there was much cooperation as the lawyers continued conflict conflict will have to wait till next year four weeks of hearings to be resolved if in fact every is except perhaps in a court of law i therefore major issues of conflict emerged that was the basic question in this particular whether the hearings will prove that we are again today at the root of what mitchell we hear ourselves we knew before which one of those it was telling the truth you know that mitchell haven't decided that the meeting on march thirtieth and he felt that somebody high up and we pour in the white house but he just didn't think he was afraid of the us sexual partners who made the commitment to pay the
seven defendants yesterday in a transcript of conversations when problems come back to him with a couple sang perhaps up certainly that mitchell and dee were the ones who told him that the playoffs really made mr libby says it's a mysterious others still refuses to ask him who made it but you can always check with me and at others to participate again does not try to find out that someone it's a thirty ish why were these payments made well yesterday mr contact testimony the basic theme of moral obligation humanitarianism sound like think about that the mix a little touch the smallest is one of the studies and master for living expenses for several years four hundred and seventeen thousand five hundred dollars of the hope that that may not be two hundred and thirty five thousand of this goes to a lawyer for bobby baker in jail mr bittman hundred and thirty four
thousand five hundred those limits women bobby baker in jail as a prosecutor because it's going to go and this is not just a hundred and fifty four thousand five hundred dollars some of which goes up in smoke which she goes down and united airlines' grouchy some analysis will try for passing out as seventy thousand five on expenses to come back the last words <unk> really only fourteen thousand dollars is therefore one of the most cheaply one charities in history about a three point four percent administrative overhead couch as a moral obligation cia kind of obligation to develop a nineteen fifty nine and has the power to review to fly over russia to take care of yours was in this country and fight initially was at the he thinks the money was paid out because there would be consequences if it was but he doesn't ever specifically say that it's a matter of luck finally flat denied that it was a matter of blood is mine yet the concept of consequences that he didn't consult with all the things that he was asked
specifically about black male he said no he did not consider before to see is between those were wearing the pants on those were making and the defendants and the one side to have come back and be working depends on the other side with us what's in the ruble why did they make the facts in between the defense but some of his communicating with the defendants some money were not quite sure of possibly mr parkinson mr o'brien with lawyers agreed will be appearing somewhere next with three weeks because they continued on so what's a party that emerged just think we as take the case of the june nineteenth meeting in john mitchell's appointment on the question of concern the proposed destruction of sensitive documents through quotes mitchell is saying that it might be good groucho had a fire of this directly and seriously contradict john mitchell's testimony of course the importance here is the closeness of that route to match your call but when mitchell was a witness he virtually dead the committee to seek collaboration of his
story from java from a federal ruling well today we heard loretta lynn ruane he did not support his close friend of his former boss my one might also say that it and it'll ruin had pleaded guilty to obstructing justice and if mitchell knew everything room two year ago mitchell was also guilty of obstructing justice moore we learned today that the amounts of money given to the watergate defendants first by combat and then buy logo goes well beyond the needs for legal fees or family support unless of course the family name happens to be rockefeller john thanks very much find a lot of personal appreciation for tommy allies are once there were two things about him as a person which were refreshing after a parade of clean cut man who thought the whole world turn on the re election of richard nixon as practical results were nice and is good sense and certainly unusual problems don't have to solve it is complicated life and how he seldom of all a payphone calls the ad and it was loaded
down with change your questions are bus drivers how to transport staggering quantities of a hundred dollar bills without arousing suspicion are losing and he put them in bombay perception is that it never occurred to me i never lose it if you carry a briefcase you might lose that could carry a sack you instinctively keep it under your arm or on your lap we're getting searched and all those plane flights on airplanes airlines began searching for a hijacker has family says one time a felon front man to produce two or three batches cigarettes that set off the alarm i went to the pennsylvania railroad station what about mr someone getting in the way of his ingenious but simple system for dropping them on a town he says someone else had found the key it would very quickly be relieved of it once while he was waiting for mrs on to pick up the luggage locker key from a phone booth and he says a guy can run wiping the phone booth i sweat a little i'm not picking on this guy that is cleaning process was very far apart from this runyon esque turn of phrase like
the cookies meaning the money's in the bank of the most attractive thing about johnny was that he caught on first before all the smart lawyers and a young ambitious aids in august comeback as tony what he thought tony said well mr comeback something is not kosher it's not curable and the townie importance of richard nixon's reelection didn't make a culture as it did for so many others we'll be back tomorrow night for my colleagues jim lehrer and peter carey says robert macneil the night for impact from washington you've been watching gavel to gavel videotape coverage of hearing about the senate select committee on presidential campaign activities as coverage is made possible by grants for special events coverage from the corporation for public broadcasting and the ford foundation and has been a production of unpack and a vision of a greater washington educational telecommunications association you're only
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Robert MacNeil and Jim Lehrer anchor gavel-to-gavel coverage of day 23 of the U.S. Senate Watergate hearings. In today's hearing, Anthony Ulasewicz and Fred LaRue testify.
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