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it's it's both been as is
campaign thirty three as mr chairman members of the committee thomas jackson mississippi since nineteen sixty men are has been a substantial part in
montana washington dc first working on the transitional administration there is a special consultant and says january nineteen seventy two are served as a special assistant on the committee to reelect i learned the democratic national committee headquarters have been broken into on june seventeen nineteen seventy two shortly after abbott know of the existence of a proposal to conduct political espionage that electronic surveillance alone has planted a meeting that ended in late march nineteen seventy two and this is going to have our disgust at that meeting i recommended against plan was not approved in the presence and i don't know its approval by anyone
after the watergate arrest and subsequent years of nineteen eighties early to my knowledge of involvement in greece i learned that there are going to be on june twenty that he had an official of the committee that he unofficial victory had in fact been involved in this fiasco i later said in our major mr mcgregor and others of which the detective story he had evolved was discussed and i joined in a coma at least by acquiescence then ousted recipients or more deliveries a day which are various brands of colorado distributor number of persons and satisfaction commitment made by others to defendants in the water drop and fully aware now when i began was wrong
politically and legally please don't do it it is difficult to recreate in mood and even ones on editor at a time of stress when there's this transpire had no intent to violate the law of motivate you saw me about my concerns of the presidential campaign in which we're engaged buffalo cooperation to the best novel at the recollections that this committee and in preparation for that here furthermore i have and will continue to fully cooperate with the watergate prosecutor's the federal grand jury declined to use my prayer attraction any questions you may have that's true and now what oh
that that you had pled guilty to a one cow information on principle conspiracy to stop her and i think that now do with the relationship that you had with bodies that were involved in the cover up where they matter we'll get more into those details on what we do you would you please let us know what portions of your answers referred to that girl i've been associated with you search what was your role in the nineteen sixty eight election special assistant to the campaign director john that you you worked in the white house after the nineteen sixty eight election years what position did you have and how long
it had researched at the day worker initially i worked on the translation the administration you first began working at the commission in january of nineteen seventy nine a special low later on every game special is special assistant to the campaign director julia you enjoy it still associated with a little longer you work with the president we're compensated in any way a larger volunteer voters to start to see the memory of where
she'd go fifteen hundred dollars of mortgage or important church oh yes so you know prior to the media refers to a late march of nineteen seventy two and keep this guy the lesson of her inform you anytime of annie meeting mr mitchell and setting an intelligent plan that mr libby apparent you recall an incident sometime march meeting and he was getting one estimate at an
annual made a peacemaker obama's to recruit years ago sudan on media use the owners to media which app did so bp is meeting our most revered western media have launched an abortion kerry on some project on a timely basis of promotion i think in the bronze age people western media was very obsessed about a very heated argument ensued between mr mcgregor no one thing you know
this job he could get someone else to do the dirty work for him it suggested mr mcgregor as can be anyone and i think he suggested the nine hour you have any idea well yeah working on some intelligence activities understanding was in connection with the republican convention was to be held in san diego what we're aware that there's a video with some of that money into my question out of that now
you are aware of your testimony that mr lilley was involved in any other intelligence plan or planning than the one he just testified to relationships at the convention he was twenty nine those are calm our stories ever march twenty third only reason that committee that chose the vacation it was march twenty three i am the commissioner to their daughter alice fordham word juice secretary mr kaufman you who survived that you keep your event
later on we're joined by adam mr tom went to another security men in my show now that has come down on yesterday's those later show days later and performing he invented this game to discretion journal political problems to scratch with mr mitchell sure
activities it needed decisions made of relating to the campaign now when the so called agenda items or being discussed between the middle of the desert that you're going to preserve in the original version of the actual meeting with disgust anger or aggression cup hero yesterday at adams part doesn't include leading the next day labor of which has landed in a controversial budget that two years
mr ritter you describe it as much as we can the discussions concerning the political and land a job that you know that was a you know that i was being those are the regional were approach to victory now this record the bottom of the list of proposals are really scared why i did that tunisian version of religion
a discussion on his proposals for this meeting but that one option are in order morning i would prefer that the paper if we get it would be only in the presence of the mr mitchell and myself we find some way to choose your iphone into a meeting and simon for me i know
mr mcgregor as in the previous proposals and independent estimates show that's already and your reaction mr witte sure i do you know the
meeting was on march thirty years the listener question of the media as well ikea state argued notion that would not be at risk of mr mcgrew of the house which we were staying low sometime shortly after that meeting i don't recall that can return international year of the values and keep his game thousand past year jim
zarroli reporting were you in you know forty eight there were and so he was committed the state
thank you and it was amazing i'm just fine at the time mr was that it was gay and is the middle of protests that plant you
it is that he has been meeting with many of the president's was the middle of the collection of her before nineteen seventy seven and the measure of their discussions after june seventeenth of sorrow for taking inventory of the key biscayne to work in mr ritter thank you pennies we have a very audacious divergent opinions or have a meeting nina
totenberg reporting here's your version that's great now between them a meeting place at the ratings that a law that is that some of the elite plan that had been presented the notion that well a discussion that conversation on the meeting at these days german conversations with
i'm sure and i said this is not true ms rivers yeah and the president and i made it and
many disgusted that is right mr rivers conversations reflected in his testimony appeared to reverse a year or the cost of that important committee yesterday that's right we wrote it what about that today
as you may be involved he told me that he had had a call from mr coaching group of march or april in which mr golson as mr mcgrew i haven't been given approval on the yearly budget then to remind you of the president it is testimony now
when you say that was everything about the oldest thing that it was said that you were talking about another dark ocean jericho the discussion between the best recruiter well if you at the university of toronto in the waters of california were you with those are true mcgruder mr martin just four corridor open from the communities of the people are returning from the reelection committee i can recall you go first
they're calling today's show we were having breakfast on a saturday morning so the june seventeen mr mcgrew best recruiters are paid what of the telephone came back to the table and said did you have an unusual strange balkan war and we wanted him to go to show some national central asia international race in los angeles where their message secure phony and the usage phone call that had to call back to victory in washington well he indicated that was julie rovner
democratic national committee you were this planted vince goes to keep this day shortly a great tree after jerusalem partitioned well anyway you can get back in the democratic national committee fat
people have been caught and shirt and that one of the people as chavez recording session during that election nah the us government to write you out of a meeting well into the ordinary matter latest information to mr matthew risch oracle that's incredible that mr mcgrew is a ritual that mr mitchell as someone call mr liddy
and having contact with the collaboration attorney general and chief wilson says that would be taylor with an obligation to listen how are you mr mccue pressure on the ocean well they're shown total cost of big record for a visit to washington dc and los angeles to washington press office here i think about it before running
you and mr rodgers apartment as well as the rituals of eighteen hours of meeting mr martin came to the meeting there were specific recommendations any discussion through the richness of the discussion centered on the watergate has to be only a specific incident with aaron paul discussion about
the murder option since two thousand she had admonished any relating to the assessment of you seeking advice or to laugh now i understand mr mitchell now
mm hmm as i recall it was reversed two thousand rico pertaining to a controversial issue i'm david greene and for many visitors well on june twenty seven comedian moshe this discussion
this is what i will be used for that purpose because it for the problems with martin show that maybe now and this man ernest martin came to me on that day and one of the good news the problem had a meeting set up with gordon liddy dole another big fan of the accused now i think that that is that it was on a permit post watergate wished
they do for that reason that is at the lesser video footage that you need to live here the corporation yesterday i saw
yesterday at a pole was that he had recruited the people who have been caught and the democratic national committee that yet he and mr set up this operation that he and his driver at the hotel room at the watergate hotel here in the actual writing and he just grabs this being posted and across the street a howard johnsons i guess you did it mr liddy mentioned that you have the order to change
that involved in it as venture operations for the white house and specifically mentioned officer captures mr overmyer specifically mention another incident in which skaggs you know this notion that were caught on the beatrice in the hospital is cast to surreptitiously in a room and have the conversation with his beer your family you know sure thing
you can really use you've conducted this operation not just a matter of not interesting element which should not to have any fears any subsequent investigation all right any information in the course of the investigation even if it meant that we were not satisfied with that insurance that you know you wish me personally while it is
a poster so savage it so we were instructed to be on any street corner in any german beer we get a recession or not an option now businesses because this is unique you had these revelations that it was that this information isn't worth the summer collection readers a day after narrate evening
or june twenty or the reaction when you heard that well mr mitchell a version of the demonstration really worried that i mean that yeah i don't recall any specific their reaction what he was telling you about it was when these
defendants seventy years is you i said yeah i would say that the original short term for congressional apportionment and they add up and occasionally commitments have been made to him and subsequently asked by him to the other people involved or shorten the commitments have been made regarding maintenance
chances are but the he's short and the hope is it it is i'm very
fortunate oh wait as a partnership of oxford you didn't you didn't take the sherman to raise money the dea from that lesson and made to the watergate defendants are our discussion centered on there and that's the way that contact had been made with the defendants which are the amounts of money are being discussed at the determined mr camargo indicated it yet george hw imagine that
ms rivers we are establish contact with the notion that mr shadid the best way would be for him to try to contact the soviet television working different relationship mr conte yeah secret operation and that the conductor of the national rate telephones we
refuse to colin bradford i need you i mean yes the show's going to sell to a telephone conversation that if you come walk the you know mr rivers and
that was in contact through the lawyers in jericho at that time we had a discussion of his problem with shadi that mr rivers trapped in effect have contact visits home now after your first meeting with his comeback in the arrangements or may be you're getting me to come back in july there's the details of our collection and being rejuvenation security for american rivers some specific amounts of money that would be necessary
to require to make the commitments or specific amounts of the attorneys' fees of the jackass specific amounts of money that would be required no way mr camargo thats just that that definition is information that would probably just mistaken and i had no way to have this information i've never discussed to talk to any of the defendants don't know it yeah fifteen sixteen years around the first of us and i
wondered yeah four fifth or six well know steve at one thousand dollars to different to different solutions presented approximately forty one thousand dollars on the streets alone finance committee jamie formations right like it that's right telephone conversation
the seasonal changes dean mr come up reporting that conversation comes up to be an important conversation that's true and in the seventeenth century it was true
oh sure to day basis but then retain the vatican at a council of civil litigation we have these conversations she says and the united states here again and as i think that in his temper that the first discussion to politicians i know
what is that that's true the core of the first meetings of the oreo i tended to discussing mr russo story of discussion for stories and thought i think i was in relationship to the fbi and not the grand jury testimony and brewed it is
sixteen it's morning edition korean media police you lose your you know and since you've got everything
it now again and decatur fish role concerning i watched a defendant's the year did not which continues any longer during the campaign and many
of the records the notion though there's motion and not expanding you then take on the responsibility of carrying out the transfer of funds the defense of the defendants in the family is eventually recruitment of their determination that you then i wouldn't want to
undertake simon responsibility those two hundred years us today this time he has money i had records to show that this time <unk> testimony with respect to receive monies and with respect to disperse run on it's the result of reconstruction and in no way it can he be precisely at sat down in hindsight and reconstructed it as best you can thank you
we got a letter to the late september early october nineteen seventy two to become a time when you made a transfer of money to mr bittman eugenic years details oh really i usually record mr rivers and that there would be a package delivered his office in charlotte as a
conversation with our midst of that she related to mr dana citing it used to be this is offered as pack of the package directly to mr bateman mr pursell competition and this was again now that the messenger to deliver that i didn't know what a sign that was in the back weren't really more now i think to make
i understanding as to the reason that a man of understanding before and i do think that this was a big a compliment that a better understanding of the payment of money we're in our ears that this money worship paid to satisfy activists have been made to the america that has to be made at some point then and there because many people in seventeen years
well no sarkar mr bare sr was made the shimmer fifty thousand dollars gave instruction there'd been a meeting in string beans office in which mr parkinson
conversations you have with mr bittman jay z as our car chase in egypt would be a required three the trial and fifty thousand dollars that was not that was not a total amount of a partial payment on at the moment and that again and then in the
senate america's bow well you know there's i think it has specifically a specific be in say summer early fall of nineteen seventy two yesterday through the information only cary summers sheet which a giant demonstration on the
reflective summary only carry me occasionally on this money or was going to do seventies you know and when he receives the money ms ra anticipated seven i visited that notion at someone and
murder oh yeah do you know it had status specifically or liquidation had a conversation with mr dean regarding me at this time i think her twenty thousand dollars for one of the attorneys with rulers and precious information on mr dean later he's falling back and told me that they were going to deliver that remaining balance i don't want half of it but this is the point ms
feynman yes olive green he's forty years old i receive this money over mr babcock investment office burgeoned my understanding mr derosier the news drew babb got pledges money during the campaign not to use you know
it is going to reduce to low as opposition coalition and if you get that notion i mean it is mr dean you know the
way it is listed as a recollection of the meeting which are not and he's gone now you actually expand this route taken of his money during that period mr ej last man on the most of the you know there's truth in mortgage want
to get you tell us how much was unwell i mean mr dean was convinced at that particular conversation withdrawal plan in which children are going to be for a show to thirty thousand dollars for the journey stage oh yeah and remember that money yeah you know
mr visitors to the calmest racial tension distrust about total conversation mr pane so much rachel mr rajan occasionally maybe so on his terms vali nasr
i am it is there's a very similar logos virtual the things about lead the way seventy five years ago i know there are approximately locals exchange seventy
notion the notion press reports concerning the recitation regime also sure our grand jury no alternative but to voters knew what money he indicated that same shade or so
mr moser those some question i do your position one hundred and thirteen thousand dollars of that that there's a marathon day after day job so
oh yeah we turn that money on to the finance committee doesn't bark to transactions article the state's attorney you see the committee
the result the county has been doing very well the meeting you had this lawsuit in june of nineteen seventy two a few years barrels of business you know
yes election law problem to visit the collection that meeting is discussing mr shalom options pointed out that there were probably election last march the recollection at the time and he volunteered the fact that he had thought about the ocean itself and you know the tv show to take the fifth your goals chinese business
sean magnitude the discussion with the california budget and the fact that they did not want to send the money to washington that in order to keep the actors conjure policy because of important figures and the girl you like the service to slow the economy so that just won't attend that meeting in what i call an urgent attention as confirmation hearing that
conversation this is the timing is you know coming out of these securities that the secretary had revealed that we now know you're welcome thank you it was really really nailed it
so friendly rosetta still another chapter to the alleged cover up of the watergate break in demonstrating how costly of all was the wiser more questions and more public television's coverage of the senate watergate hearings will continue after a pause for station identification coverage of these hearings is provided as a public service of the member stations of pbs a public broadcasting service fb to pay the pittsburgh
area and that
continues its coverage of hearings by the senate select committee on presidential campaign activities you again correspondent jim lehrer picking up the testimony again fred luter will be questioned by minority counsel fred thompson it's been meanwhile the incident the essence of the forum out the plan not to be made that version twenty one marchers
march there's no discussion that's immigration oh
no no law or a columnist rich you actually get to test of the idea that you know that they did not have a recollection and then if there was no discussion of conversation about the between the residents of the euro assumption then that have taken place so within one hour period sneezes our show that had to take place in that you mentioned the fact that
you do see you also that's right jeanine needs that's right in egypt
is that was that was the year the falling to the range they fall into two women thank you and
you know i can relate to that particular term call allegedly year involving prove that he came after her car anybody you need we need
the police any speculation related mr postman i mean
you're welcome good morning that's right she
refused specifically we're going to do thank you do you know
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