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the polls but and this debacle were there any conditions attached to this money we save the measures that required due to either plead guilty or to remain silent oh there are absolutely no conditions and the answer to either plead guilty or to remain silent is that just walk away any operation of executive clemency transmit to rights communicated to you in on it and issued to remain silent no detail this committee while chose to plead guilty i was guilty i was caught inside of the national democratic headquarters but bottom
up do you have any knowledge that anyone pyro must develop almost the libby was involved in ordinary operation i knew mr hunt by names although i don't want this kind of the buildings at largo and this operation in the same way as musical naming the baby boomers the reason i know now is gordon liddy i knew him as george i cannot find out mr libby's name until after i wasn't taking and he was to the best of my understanding as defense appearing this can be competitive in this war that i knew oh no one actually connected with those above mr hunt my question and mr libby but in a majority lead
to peace which are many the only opinion that i can intelligently remains is that it's a result of the first operation in which alison bought the first operation which i was involved i was tall and i think of the ongoing operation that it was a matter of national security oh a high sensitivity that an evolving into this country where given information for foreign embassy he or his associates and
up i proceeded on that assumption in the time since then i haven't told nothing different of what any other organization i was explaining that particular time and place of national security was about the fbi and cia which is who knew oh the methods utilized in the operation was utilized when i worked for mr khan the baby invasion this training i received
with the rest of the cubans from a government agency this is this is not the cia operation that was her opinion the director the only reason this money that that is a natural thing for me the money as the money that we receive from the attorneys for expenses and for the family support was received in the same spirit and under the same conditions that would have been somewhere in a cia operation comparatively it is based on the following philosophy if you are caught by the enemy every effort will be made to retrieve you always will we have taken care of and your family will be provided for this was true of the baby
pigs invasion to my knowledge this some of those families that are still be taking care of that i know of and i we expect that this we were not surprised to say that the situation with the past however this was about in my mind at that time the effect of what they did me what the national security me as above fbi or cia and the question still not been socking my mind if it was the cia operates cia operation only the cia would admit not i i couldn't meet because we uphold what it was i knew the person to draw mr hunt had been my superiors and the baby pigs invasion and i would assume that restaurant was an old counselor look at the
white house and the authority for it to become involved in a matter of national security for which my training and my disposition was available at that time not really this has never been discussion you're never has been but you've written that you have the prosecution and their visions you for cross examination of it any other defendants aren't in amman was at a consideration that you know he's
been a while ago i explained that the methods of operation continues with a sane though we had made a matter of discipline of compartment patient and the fact that we do not discuss these operations with anyone or even amongst each other this was a room between art and his pack a painting we have received we have never discussed this even among ourselves even with this no new
taxes that's right i can always take my time to the best of my recollection i've come up for a meeting of the attorneys also new motions that were going to be put in and i had been asked by mr robert plant to meet him at this development office of actual mr olson org and i asked them if they were dropping off the land office but this office because this is how i thought of
the office i have an office in a lower level of the same building and so that's my recollection i went there to meet mr rockwell in the bus my recollection nothing was discussed nothing was told me about the means that i can remember i don't remember i ride there had been no conversation in the air and as soon as i arrived and i thank them for the lift and i just one of the office by myself all last fall than there were in the capital no one i reached the elevator they want their
money this building was actually pretty calm at that time as far as i'm sure in the cat eyed reporting and the confusion of the time it was the best of my recollection that the time that i got in the cab was the master i remember that was that means for
my family it was when i came up to the surface for some pretrial motions but here's the question in this business this little bar of the cuban americans now and tell him that the architect and this report says yes as a whole i don't know whether he was going on but i
was never offered anyway i didn't either recollections of different i never discussed this matter with the smoke pouring my recollection of whatever reason for this and i can remember something that i was not offered and i'm renee montagne rehabilitation he says it was
open a servant particular pressure is intense the only question that i had at that time was a disagreement with my attorney mr rockwell as plead guilty mr rockwell did not want me to leave you know we refuse that at that time i thought the conversation was up to me i had to wage whether pleading guilty and draw myself at the mercy of the court and at a time when i had the copy democratic headquarters when mr hunt said
that means that the evidence tell me that you're going to buy it the evidence against them was overwhelming awe i describe have not caught inside of the watergate i had i consider him a very intelligent and capable man ended mistreatment at the time was going to plead guilty and i was caught and i think it would be ridiculous and it has been proven for me need anything but we'll be a social decision that i have made what i'll do respect and reflective an indication that he conducted himself actually in the car that he was this was about and no one else influenced me in this decision
and i think that it was proven i mean who wouldn't mind and the babies that's correct yes except that i personally was this at the time and i have today to that what i did at that time was correct and that is you know
that is great you know well i i don't think that this this applies to anything like that for this major i was my decision i think in this respect me too much as they make that kind of a plane this is my position not mr khan no but yes at the time when i spoke to mr hunt mr hunt told me that in his decision and his condition he had gone through what trouble are available on but he was not physically to that situation and besides the netherlands
by the district attorney's office again it was overwhelming you know he told me what he was bleeding i decided what i would be alive if that was really how he how amnesty now of how this fuel is overwhelming that is the fact that we were constantly carrying in premises in itself is indicative that this piece was overwhelming evidence would have been my wave so you've witnessed the whole you revealed it was not a consultation well there was a law he's going to be with
you yet are not influenced yes well i consider the most important reason he was overwhelming he had been caught i had it appeared to me that way it was my decision oh yes
you have a real estate business in miami you were previously involved in the bay of pigs operation that the cia you're a veteran of the united states army in mortuary were kept in the onion or you're a german prisoner of war or seventeen was sixteen mr barber what on earth would motivate you at your station and why is something actually knew to be only e howard hunt under the name of their liberation and nine deny my services in the
way that it was proposed to me on a matter of national security knowing that with my training i had personnel available for this type of operation i cannot deny that request because i felt it was my duty to comply with history with requests because within a matter of national security because organizations that are discovering new information why haven't told by mr khan who was a crater was passing he read his associates a foreign embassy or
solace move into one who was pressing the information to the soviet embassy wearing was not mentioned mr allen i was mentioning power for me then when i found out the name of the person of all what was the connection between the allegations are the ailes situation and the imminent an impending bacon and the democratic national committee headquarters of the watergate complex at that time after that we came up on american policy during the and
i came up with you mentioned for security reasons oh that were devastating confront the capital are against the war and now the group included mr colbert mr costner and other other person's age level as you know why would you do that loyalty to the stage or your concern for the freedom of cable why would you be involved the infiltration of the group that was there to demonstrate either the war or only presents our last rites for de groot why would you do that there's a reason why he wanted to do that he said
the best i mean what we call information that these people would probably desecrate the district it was also paul that these people would wait to get a contract that if it was possible to get that flatly that it was not my decision at that time i was insisting on mr russo here in missouri thirty minutes prior to your entry into the watergate complex the democratic national headquarters you speaking of the first great panel of the second thing was giving me about a half hour before the reagan into the sec also misunderstood that go back and ask you
what was her motivation for persuading you to enter the poem like i said it's not about what they are managing the hoover then we came up for these operations which involve not only the break in the national democratic headquarters but i suppose that the same kind of mission but government headquarters and our mission at those times or only two of me and to try to locate documents that would prove that the democratic party and senate were receiving contributions nationally and national and foreign contributions from organizations often that work leftist organizations and the kind of violence in the united states and also follow that
castro government they know cause you have any reasonable even such documents that existed the fact that the castro government was aiding the democratic party have been rumored and had been spoken of freely in miami from different organizations and personalities that i have confidence in however i have no hard evidence at all that this was in this play some part in your motivation for making the entry into it at all yes but not a home mortgage or other or all sides when before we were assisting mr hunt who was a non factor in the kind of the liberation of cuba we have holes that session in the white house would be a decisive factor in a later date for all
obtaining health liberation here mr barker are these reasons that you've just at the basis for your previous statement a moment ago that you believe what you did was correct are there other reasons you know there are no other reason when did you decide to plead guilty during the whole thing a time when i originally because i was around it was after prime time i said i'm a humorist that
i would place the second time i don't keep records of time i would place it about right after the velvets of the redskins it says the proposed to play in the wake of the watergate orders on june seventeenth what was your assignment irresponsibility my assignment and responsibility where my principal simon was location about identity as a unit would mr martinez who is at the top unfortunately
i followed up with mr martinez and i understand that finally later in our interview i've dedicated my entire district when the time when mr mccourt the nation was all we did you participate in the taping of the doors never neither in either want me to you know dictate the door on the first glance like oh well they were different people tell us if you would take the door so what is on the first occasion the country was watching divorce we need the capability
with mr martinez i mean the dorothy mr mccourt it would be the last person in and he would remove the page and the first one i assumed i don't know all the second operation it was handled differently there's still important one in the book i don't know what i mean what after everyone was inside of someone then they get on the first oil well first he went in and capable than when we went to those with late entry then when we went to enter the picture but remote then we went into a conference to analyze this at the time but this record was the opinion that usually just the mailman what was an alien who had been in a
time northward today we talk about the basement and we go and whatever the morning at nine what it was in the early morning hours won fifty seven in the morning on the mail man or if it was just about that we were due to go ahead notwithstanding that obviously someone had discovered that they do work and then we really were and they were the information was given to them and then after a while how school pretty so we were i went down and i will be intriguing to go ahead and
enter or you see knowing the doors had been taken some unknown person not of their grip better move it a bird or is it about continuing and i was against that time and to the best of my recollection show was based on what i have no idea the operation you know then we i went in there was a
battle in the entry of spirit soul that's different from the last operation we going to be everything philip reeves reporting to the best of my recollection my penis asked him if he had taken off the plate and this record replied get an actor wild frontier there's a second injury and this was after the doors of intimate and a license second best record indicated on the second time that he had removed that was not true i don't know so that the police discovered that there were still take all i can say is the fact that i remember it i can't make that initial
thought well you're an american citizen or not the american citizens i was an american citizen originally by curtis yes american citizens i think that at all at the time i was i joined the cuban police department in cooperation with mister spears of the federal bureau investigation with the times legal attache at the embassy in havana this was before cia then some of which outshines interview with police department in cooperation with the federal bureau of investigation i remember at that time anderson and garcia with whom i worked in cooperation with at that time
all this was announced the embassy and one day i found out that my and taken away from me that contrarian view represented the department of justice in cuba the primary law so all the case of as a matter of personal hardship an attorney ellie greenwich affirmative and they put the ruling congress from my relief i'd ever fall into the time warp be coming back despite that comment was younger i didn't have the money or end
then i found myself in a position of being citizens which i was for some time and then i became an american citizen again never been anything but an american citizen i was born in cuba and registered in the american embassy as a citizen by birth of american power half my life i was spending two and half of my lifetime spent state when did you need to look i remember going in grammar school then usually you're in going back to look at comeback fear i graduated from from the high school i worked for veterans feel after graduation i went back to the university of nevada and i joined the army air force half of my lifetime has been spent cuba and half of it in the united states to me is my second country along reminiscent of the joint efforts i joined i was a first volunteer in the second world
war from cuba first american law and the american embassy in cuba on monday apple car i want back in unless they're with and then follow us that they're having their uncle was to cast the whole country that night i have to leave you newman and real estate business and farm the united states' rights of actually activate the division i went to chicago where i work it seems absurd very around corporation oracle who has seen its subsidiary and i went back to miami and i got a job as an assistant manager in three stores and we're like really license and obtain a salesman for it
evolved over a realtor and another room for the valley floor and then i became a broker and a realtor on opened my own office at the time but this country turned ten years ago that they felt the baby pigs invasion i mean if you want to contact me by the time i had my own office starting ten salesman and i was building that kind of free condominium buildings which amounted to poor sales rose three buildings not a couple of stale total three million dollars and this job recruiting tool for the base that was you know i i went inside and said to god for how did you
get involved in the same way about all i consider that my country as don no now you have working for the cia at any other time except when you witnessed the heart of a big argument now believe you made you involved in california that had inventions democratic national committee
four times to a successful less than when you were arrested for astronaut wally was over the memorial day weekend last year i mean they have a proven successful ah one was we had a banquet and to the best of my knowledge someone was staying late at the democratic headquarters in the mission was aborted first time second time on entry was tried on just walking into the building on the choose we want another four didn't work we've with any other instances except for gunmen attempted break in democratic national committee headquarters to which was successful and
listen to him we have plans to enter the government headquarters but they were never actually attempted those aboard and also us now isn't it true that some lawyers showed up immediately that you have to break in order to that you did not sinful and you know the members of the awakening the date you know it i know you anticipated that would yes i did you anticipate that if you had no previous knowledge of work finally if you are the enemy every effort will be made to rescue who did you think
whoever my backers were you know you know i have no knowledge of anyone other than this or why don't you agree that operation but i dealt with in this operation as the black lily wyoming which george allen who do you think you're in a little bit different you didn't you i have actually you know you think you have and
since then the anti communism the government of the united states i do think it did liberate cuba about just begun and weather in washington dc now if we go into an area i will further and i believe in it would establish a situation in which the size of the what did you win having this government in this nation i feel that way of cubans
have been helping in africa in vietnam and in other areas of the world where people in my medical association are extremely who favor on immigration mr kline represented this of the greatest degree you haven't gotten it all mr sturgis of the time have a mission of look out and got an internal cia review the cia identification was
jj edward edward j hamel this identification i was completely familiar with it is the same identification that e howard hunt my spirit of a pig's used at that time and as he was inventing a separate that are now you know what was sort of the fonz was you i can do to give you want to give it one ah i don't exactly remember the nomination of the money at an assistant at me but i was i assumed that they didn't two hundred dollars us do ever wondered what the source of that money was oh no i didn't have to wander the source of that money going to come from us recognize at wisdom jimmy
cayne for expenses and for my money as i explained before that he natural to me at that time to have both your daughter i'm your attorney or did you really not new botanist robert blatt was completely opposed to mine the ability i respect him because this was his conviction my eye but i believe she won my god rest of the matter but my daughter coincided with just a rock but then i should not plead guilty will well one of the things that weighed on my personal decision to a certain extent anyone of any kind
made any decision that's was my position and no one else mr gazzola never told me what his opinion was even his opinion was that i mean he never suggested is another suggested one way or another what his position was and i never even hints at what my position should be the pittsburgh we're hearing from the second of the five men who were caught inside democratic headquarters miami realtor bernard barker said he actually took four and for accounts up to get into the party headquarters but only two were successful barker said he also took part in a break in at the offices of daniel ellsberg's psychiatrist in california
is total of all a matter of national security in a moment we'll add even more details to a clandestine activities when impacts coverage of the watergate hearings continues after this offer station identification on average coverage of these hearings is provided as a public service of the member stations of pbs the public broadcasting service and that continues its coverage of hearings by the senate select committee on
presidential campaign activities you again correspondent jim lehrer as their marriages it is being questioned miami it was when i arrived at night you know contact me
and do it now i can't remember the name of it very very funny in a way it is yes originally be nice to you again i do
and to give them a reason i don't like it well i'm talking now specifically about what he wanted to do was just well he was there to go back to the ten years after that he would be in congo at the celebration it's bad ms the
nature of the operation of that i mean the goal of this meeting we did speak to a part of the oreo a plea agreement and it wasn't a lot of them are so there's nothing was this is just a visit to do well tonight
we kept in contact with anything special we didn't know if there was any other reason enough to remember that he was my boss i expected and it has good time telling if there was anything else and eventually he did indeed and i will say it was about family the week before they also sort of vigilante and why as i've said before i think what
it really helped him on a matter that comes three houses to buy a phone call and then after he's weaker and then i proceeded to sound and it is not in my organization mr martinez and his record including the painting of heart of the freedoms of what i felt was perfectly justified
i consider him one of the great spirit of that at that time was the video and the number of operation for you which had been specially trained to capture the flow of the operation successful he have received further training as an intelligence officer officer in the army units that he owns in my concert with the permission of the state baby names both and sometime after that i don't remember you called me and said that the two men have been clear information you say no
these as possible interstate compacts he gave me the address of the places where the place where we want to make the entry following day i went with my men nearly all had the exact address at that time than that we get into the area and eventually made entry they are
the only thing that i found a connection with him was an address book which obviously was we photographed we also photographed the file cabinet room that we we left no warning i don't remember whether i believe it was in one of the treatment of miami economy that of an impending operation dubbed operation which would pay less about a week when we use it all of the time i didn't know that i'm the time and all of the
warning the reasons mr carey in this operation that we were in we were doing we have no connection with the fire it is to the best of my recollection that the iconic i was not even under the direction of much less of myself or i'm going to be quite capable of that i have no knowledge of what bernie was what you all want that my mission the mission was was packing list which i prefer and this was going to be by that time
the reason when we got there he gave a general information a saint of years are going to be the physical condition of all one that we had the california all than say anything else was the idea that time warned that the hacking st louis was going to be thank you
i'm a company i think the company and there was at the general description of our revolution and i don't have that mostly the mission of this i cannot communicate with a man who had become the cause of mcgovern's headquarters it was a piece of the list the only information i had was that we were gonna have some kind of a banquet at the watergate a banquet yes it was
a cover for me well how did he tell you about what documents you're going to work for that he said look for many documents involving untreated and if i can contact him at groves were unsuccessful it was nineteen seventy one i didn't think it was right analysts from the type of things that i found in these files all the officers that are
available to me that it would be very helpful that these would be the back to show what it was like to clinton supporter luisa reasons we're barlow where they might people pay huge numbers and i also came across one document that involve the security the miami convention center why not just want to a question because my cousin who will reduce reason why you went in there now on the lesson for the town hall why did you go there again if you realize that the documents you looking for now didn't get to you at this time about you doing something that was political rather than national security
laws it was an evident that we were not in the office of the chairman and i second and we finally came to the office of the chairman of the democratic national convention i believe honestly that there we might find them then that's when you would discover that i have a question which was the bottom you have to just do it by the automation can work for the police department and the government of fulgencio batista is that it was very good that is the point
i have a group of veterans returning from the second world war all of my mission was mostly all eyes on a mission of nature i work with the treasury department in cooperation with the treasury department on drugs and on a kidnapping case on an old postal case no it's going to be it included as truman capote you're welcome but you are a
familiar with cia discipline procedures that you have those disciplinary procedure and although colbert activities is the correct this is very much later after he does have nothing to do with my time of human decisions yes i'm sorry one of inversion of this was a cia operation was there are i don't know the real answer to that question do you think this is a private jobs the notion that is justified its own record that you know is it was a cia operation the intruders
i believe now not really it was a national security or any other organization you are rescuing i'm so surprised i was going to say oh those are this clemency was unnecessary only had no application whatsoever you mean they will associate
us you know why i don't know supporters of the question changes yes we can music and the next week of these matters with each other up the you were gonna need to know basis if i know about certain information as to who is about mr kohn i mean i'm not going to no
i cannot want to know if some people i can't be suspected of those if they would tell me what about them and what about the confidence i'm supposed to have these people this would be unnecessary information in the confines of the nation this is the way also that the underground work and that this was common causes that he has discipline of only the whole new something you another question and integration this wasn't all all the operation was not in operation the yogi was something that i decided that mr hunter
thank you and after the in my mother's way of thinking it was because we had not been caught inside the watergate it seemed to be important and that seems to be back on that this was an intelligent decision for me to pay it is not necessarily i remember my own decisions and discipline procedures of the science is that it would silence us but in this
chair instead of a major operation in the city by the enemy you go the nature i may become the second most disciplined would be not who squealed on your profits that i don't think the military operation a criminal or less that this is not going to get someone's are you have to build these people are very disciplined under this was
not necessary i did not know major organs members of you know and who hung on as a great use but that implied a key leaders and the cuban migration you know you have to respect because it was not me mr hunt was pleading guilty by his oh thinking i was pleading guilty because it was proven correct the events that took place after that prove that i was part of my positions are you you know
mr lester you revealed injustice i mean if i was a white man i would probably been recently no really disrespectful but you also testified and i quote to direct and you had a quote personnel available for this type of operation and what you hear in the school of business next ten years i
was when i was born in cuba who is that it was dedicated to the job that i had actually might have had no i had no meat any explanation and he would sign it image with giuliani really discipline that your followers say that they're not into the engine of the government of the united states although in this case that does not likeable because i had no information i was afraid that i would
never commit an act of that nature i knew also that you will have ended by asking us or do you consider us this committee all share of the morning he was an iowa republican was mr mike he knows that i do not enter anyone here in any of this country or anything you must be human are i have the greatest respect there
was the government mcgovern as a senator or and as a presidential candidate i disagree personally with the kind of thing that i call initially and a mistake or where we're willing to play system of government intervention in japan thought it we were successful in obtaining that implicated the final moments of the few women in the operation it would be the nature of the evidence that it was the government that need to go in that aspect as it would be
when i was a bombardier in the second world war and germany and bob brown i i have nothing personally any people because there's no personal question as i see it is not to have one i don't know fbi has been testimony to a prisoner thank you nina they lie and say that i'm still hunt asked me to plead guilty and i say
is what i mean i'm saying that is different never asked me this i would not have to protect them as merely stating the truth that remains no that doesn't to remain silent you're welcome in that sense the operation russians and
in the course of the watergate operation i did you have in your possession a walking talking that were you in communication with anybody over that waterway yes i but can you identify what was a traditional one station was our one was desperate times and the other one was some hecklers so that's the there were you there were you can you identify the third station i can adjust to ask questions do you know i'd like to say that i don't consider it might mean in
jail for this matter or anything else but i have done this year and the last question mr barker you say that in nineteen seventy two you were doing these things in the name of national security letters the way it was originally given to me and you say that in nineteen seventy two you justify these acts in the name of national security i don't understand what you mean by testifying in this political situation was never think oh i have no reason to do that workers nineteen seventy three
you still feel the national security as a proper justification for you i feel it was a proper justification for alternative fuel and although not insane degree i feel that was the justification for war but quite frankly i am just a human being it confused with all these things do sometimes i don't know the edge of police questions i don't pretend to have all the future mr barker along had been since you have been in touch mr hunt family went down to florida and lesser note i think part of her face how long had it been since you'd have seen mr communicate with him prior to the time that he went to
florida unless you may know in the ten years but past between the patients and the time that i had no i had occasional communications by mail from the air of a political nature since that first visit to miami how many times you go back to florida to visit with you coulda been anywhere between i would say the dozen or a dozen times at least in miami perhaps maybe between one doesn't have between ten twenty twelve twenty four by now did you during any of those visits less costly probably
going into the democratic national committee where is our orders or anywhere else other than i don't recall than in miami either them of problem or the democratic headquarters for the boss or does the plains ny then why well we invite you take with you you mentioned the luncheon to head one in nineteen seventy eight nineteen seventy one when i went with mr clegg to the area where they were commemorating the invasion had us backing down there that they were unveiling and death mr martinez
at the time was a girl with me a salesman in my organization he had been in the nation prominent fire in the naval activity i presented him it was the content that time and then when that was terrific i don't remember i don't even know any given him as one of the people who was there was no one who was the other part of history and this is what my wife and mr martinez when they did you go to mr martinez and mr diego and recruit them for the washington operations mr makin isn't this a video were recently recruited for
the operation will subsequently they participated in mi nombre security operation and they were i mean for the operation over the weekend of the idea but morally week and it read you mentioned that didn't then mr khan have not they do any money i'm mystified never never meet me any money iranian it would work at the higher the money and in that sense of the word how did you pay for your expenses and how did the other individuals who came in from florida bay their expenses and how expensive baby when they went to california all in some cases it empire i received money before an operation to pay for these expenses another case the iranians for
the kids i don't mind well and speaking of this trip did you receive any expenses for the two people who went to got to california or any expenses for them and for yourself well like i said in the california the operation for the best of my recollection this these expenses recovery after we got to california and i never was sent i mean to me in miami this different from other operations and i believe that the best of my recollection in the washington operation i had been given amount of money in previously by mr hunt and i want to use some agency and
before that like for you given that a visitor and i don't i don't remember what i was given for at that time and i imagine you covered a certain amount of expenses i had no resentment for the california trip now in california that i was not advanced any money to the best of my recollection at all i was kicked out of my american express that was reviving did you buy the tickets for mr macinnis and the day or any other people came in from miami to washington out of europe with your american express card not only saw babies raises all these expenses came out of the operational money in the account in which it i would do which was the front of the time as senator al cubbage when you that and the people who really believed that this seems strange when you are doing a great operation all expenses are
cleared out that wants to get taken care of and then they have forgotten about that you don't think about that again you don't remember them you don't specify them except that they're trying to give an accounting to try to remember the exact detail after two years which was the operation where the money would give up i cannot i cannot recall a question i'm asking you is did mr hunt give you any money for yourself on these other people i actually going to california or prior to coming to washington dc in the case of california i could best my recollection i was given no money power in the case of the trip to washington i believe that was written out of money and i cannot remember what amount was given to me because in those particular cases when we came to washington there's so many it was a larger number of people involved and i dont remember now the
restaurant tell you who he was working for at the time yes hello the prime minister was a coal hauler at the white house i on one occasion i remembered that i had that was the second building and one and then you mentioned the internal security aspects of the over gate and then it was with that motivation that you got into that now what then he mentioned to you about the owl democratic national committee headquarters in the mcgovern headquarters other then that the simple objective of going in there to find out what the foreign governments have made contributions to either the democratic national committee or to master go
it was never discussed well you mention to you that the reason he wanted to go into that fb
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Episode Description
Robert MacNeil and Jim Lehrer anchor gavel-to-gavel coverage of day 5 of the U.S. Senate Watergate hearings. In today's hearing, Gerald Alch, Bernard Barker, and Alfred Baldwin testify.
Broadcast Date
Asset type
Event Coverage
Politics and Government
Watergate Affair, 1972-1974
Media type
Moving Image
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Anchor: MacNeil, Robert
Anchor: Lehrer, James
Producing Organization: WETA-TV
AAPB Contributor Holdings
Library of Congress
Identifier: 2341608-1-3 (MAVIS Item ID)
Format: 2 inch videotape
Generation: Preservation
Color: Color
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