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the pope did you in fact meet with mr mitchell said and this was when he was the attorney general of united states and in the meeting in the justice department with mr mitchell well mr mitchell indicated that there was an operation centers we are committed to really the astronaut and i was going to because it hurts no confidence
was reading mentioned the campaigns with patient specific campaign contributions of government and campaign contributions explosions did you make a contribution to the president's reelection effort as for the nurses in the city was this a decision that you write that by yourself and did you speak to any other persons in the company before reaching the conclusion that he
wants to make a contribution of the three thousand dollars check and when you made this the decision whether to do a control room of our company is the first of what is meant when you know it wasn't a movie company which he was the comptroller thank you is that a subsidiary of low oil is julio on future is that company still in
existence what was the business of the company exploration activities going on land they can be an area separately and jointly with the company's image and understanding the primary purpose we were unsuccessful and thirty how many subsidiaries or cooperation between three and four hundred four hundred you know we recorded that withdrawal of the money on the books in that
exploration company is my version of his expense account they don't come a time when the city you want to fifty thousand dollars and what form was the fifty thousand dollars that was a hedge you know or recall when he wanted that money fb research what did you do with the money it has been
a minority religion inclusion and this was in nineteen seventy one more than a year before the elections when you contact them again that's right you know where was that and whatever and he indicated that they're very expensive campaign
they wanted more money and the enlightenment fifty thousand dollars and the total of a hundred implication being to me just think about a patient was and this is a quote let them with weapons in iraq for a couple of those results well it's true this was don't worry
within about fifteen minutes this meeting and what was his competitions oh that we were so the lack of professional of legitimacy is there's a couple of months in the home
officially committed to religion did you deliver the money for the regime and is it your understanding that the money was generated the same wavelength much time did you make any contributions to any campaigns for democratic candidates for the nomination the president during the nineteen seventy two campaign and he says well what contact with representatives of democratic candidates the democratic candidates themselves the polls but it
is at the center of those that were nineteen seventy two billion dollars jackson politically was going on they want to arrange a meeting with a wizard that has really that meeting the course of the direction and his assistant he
is a politician he was with the court rulings and it's your testimony that the subject of money so that to say politicians have to someone will be helpful and understand what that
means but no son was discussed you solicited and did you make a contribution to any other candidate for the democratic nomination for president in nineteen seventy two campaign and how did that come about from arkansas or used to work for the american petroleum institute and i'm going to be a little friend wilbur mills a trusted implicitly is now a sovereign nation as it is it is a friend of those now
this is about the new hampshire primary and bmi contemplated the letter and subsequently and to give the fifty thousand dollars to the campaign where was the money transfer to the world says officers over to iran which was money generated same way from soviet russia with anyone else during the period of time when you're contemplating making a constitutional one of that made a contribution
as usual during the nineteen seventies tell anyone in the company that you had made a contribution you allude to be making a contribution and anyway not until sometime after the contribution and so lebron don't know july twelfth ward represented the rest of the meal in the suburbs on both i don't know
today contributions and i mentioned this conversation are leftover once a labor we were approached the notion that we should do it ourself we have to learn about all of the calls for an individual whom you spoke with mr bill henry of one about the us with during the nineteen seventy three will you advise the fact that the constitution would be might be made public
so the question is except us allison keyes he's on the scene finance committee his
contributions given names weeks later vision should be expressed concern that this provision of the reagan no disclosure would be gay and
be authentic and soulful pop so one enlisted so this is our conversation at this together i thought that was a session beer float
the answer you got this information again conservative three from her job as a mission sure sure the question is is that it was a potent force official says rest meeting with the germans
leonard conway was closer than caught committing a question that agreement i like this a letter dated july twenty six former attorneys do with parkinson's and a letter dated july twenty six also nineteen seventy three from paul barrett treasurer it or charities of those letters to which you referred in your testimony one
on august nineteen seventy the video version at the public announcement of the creation of the us for a share and it says the chairman of its nuclear program are a few years ago espn it
wasn't easy your subsequent conversation with mr mitchell was the song one hundred thousand dollars average in an average person there's dancing in subsequent meetings was there any conversation in any of your meetings with regard to a contribution disclosure was it wasn't mentioned at all this was an easy conversation
anyone may say that there would be no disclosure of these contributions that pushes water the identity money would be disclosed any public they're less well in one way or another it wasn't so that these contributions were very important to get a mandatory disclosure law that basically that there was that there was a need
that was a great show biz stone thank you we need thank you one reason just one end of the long
as well i understand the significance of the change and i was just wondering whether there was having conversation signs or any representation that they knew that there would be an imam it was this was the possibility that it will create a new home was listening for
and the discussion has requested the money during questioning please do two point two million dollars you tell me for instance ballpark figure how many executives uncomfortable about you owens won a single wall in a vital seconds
politicians as a medium maura reporting forty eight that's right i was there it was
david understanding the usual pressures that an individual feels when he's being so was we requested why are although mr carle mr states or no unusual significance related picture except there was no one there so this is
wheeler says well already promises made two year course it hurts is no no that's coronation as the year that was nine thousand dollars as the fbi no one of course yesterday
issued only a court yesterday sciences corporation as well as well so but now with yours that's your service and we really don't have time to get into the right questions very very corporations contributions by the corporation side
since the new orleans was improper division mr the worst and then they thought the bahamas as discrete even though it was close it's so cooperation among us think that's right the competition
new yorker again i'm insane expenses you're welcome well that's right
you are on information about preparations was going to send the cubs right all the competition was tom almost was mostly non olympic committee that's and i'll be talking about on it not making enough contributions and you meaning he suggested
the meeting was arranged that males will all the competition this means they were all committed to relax i can certainly think they said there would be a lot of people it's the legitimacy of that activity with the committee to re elect the president and he established the fact that there was a committed reluctant to you that
he knew conversation he's stated that the new law the new law that they'll say you know you and you know insert and he says you can do that is
to be used that would be and he said that you can work with this work he had this complete confidence and investment of you that elizabeth was called rectal i think those are not things that will live the way this meeting occurred and the hostility and now as the gulf corporation you've said that you decided to be the vestiges of a request to spin on that request to make a contribution whoa whoa thank you but making competition
will have to make decisions and the situation that exists that term if we want to be going to be treated as an illegal alien mega corporations were going to other individuals that effort was going to be a day if there was not some of this nation are lower we may be
oh wow i'm david greene no nonsense and do you think this is agencies doing your business
as you know the concentration of the disease you might know are you felt this is will they also recognize that it will be that we won't be discriminated against and now you don't need the bill i'm going to say that you can't be the hoe with those
words a lot where's that money i think that there's a correlation right away from you maybe you make this contribution of force obviously with ukrainian care subsidy i mean there's no question that he made contributions by nineteen seventy one
allegations another former to the senator's another great thoughts on the television coverage of the senate watergate hearings will continue after station identification unabridged coverage of hearings as being broadcast as a public service where local public television station this is pbs public broadcasting service
from washington and that continues its coverage of hearings the senate select committee on presidential campaign activities here again and back correspondent jim lehrer as we meet jana hearing senator allen is once again questioning well the piece but i was busy as the law will allow this is not have to police has also been suggested that the copies
mm mm you know why he does on my family did i think you know he didn't complain about it but in a meeting with ms davis i understand
this is dan say that the cavs are chemical made it fun have made re elected president he would sell its operations all industries corporations and things considered they ship at this meeting you is that that though you should be about it they may make people drive in the senate that day but i don't know
now you have this conversation as it was going to nursing he was dylan as as of this covert war you're welcome common cause turnout for the book the question was so great that they would have to release of dangerous and so he has to be listed hell freezes her conviction didn't fight is on the list
it is as americans but when they were willful and a cow operation public record a way to get the recovery is well i do
soundbite of interview politicians so something like thirty three percent up and when it gets to sixty four thousand they start thinking they'll see him and know when and when you think that the lessons they've also as a state income tax oh wow and amanda sitting on contributions of a thousand contributions as
expected cod more of the sounds of that and that's why we have so much regulation this is necessarily worse the people are fighting to make campaign contributions which have weapons sales is that without making a market don't you agree that the law congress to give serious consideration to make in a sense all in an official government talk to solicit all receive a campaign contribution
places with his money this is an open question the secretary of commerce with so many cases this aggression and make sure that when he requested campaign promise also a chorus of practices in a minute and then for african americans i do think that the american businessman on trial some protection should go and strikes me that
moment that the ways to do we make sense of this campaign contributions that's right they don't ask me to go out of this contribution federal employee and that would put that to protect a permanent always follow demands made that senators and congressmen and it seems to me the nominal think the american business and american people against demands made by people who as this and that's i
don't know so the insurgents are at the end of all of these situations that i know will come all are inevitable but also people have to face reality is and the realities of business model of put it back in many ways this subject so much government regulation what's your testimony or morning and the central legislative purpose of this committee workers in my mind to hear
your words and in a lemon i suppose somewhat the congress will have to consider it linked the alternative merit a continuation of the private plans presidential campaigns versus those proposals for a public financing presidential campaigns really worth comparative analysis of the tent and said i'd rather invite your comments on private financing side and assume for the sake of this interrogation that we elect to proceed with private financing of presidential campaigns in the future decide to do what we can to increase its responsiveness and to improve its character want the person may have like your comment on a few familiar with the wars the situation here i think are uniquely qualified to give a subject like this is whether
or not you would think they're an email at the proposal that would bar any contribution by anyone except a person is a citizen an individual and i particularly operating system will worsen applications by corporations but there is no such law audiences contributions by partnerships by association the trade group's by unions are great numbers of anger nations people or more often than not have a particular interest an internship with the job and that robot that where you're talking about you're talking about a division that may very well have a relationship to legislate those since vedic unlimited contributions individuals
or aggravation the electorate overall association which neither goldman nor well obviously we have a problem here because there is a lot of campaign contributions but corporations we dealt with transgressions of members but would you care to expressing a view to me on whether that would be an improvement or not assuming that we continue the proprietor financing of political engagement present the first american company of any conclusions because of so many such a can used to want to take one action meant something
to talk about those contributions from individuals i contributed by and calm center of her and we ourselves are the government and individuals to contribute to season i don't have any vision on questions of a sudden a great deal of thought it into the question of the limitations of a mouse says disclosure so people think day cooperation that's healthy
person should be permitted to silence opposition saying there is a body of thought the operation was the us should be able to make a contribution news corp that low and backpack hack oh they don't know is there some requirements elections in the united states that not franchised artificial legal entity set of corporations or associations ought to be able to picture that even though they can't anticipate in the elected president on what is the justification that shouldn't remain jewish or be lemons limes at the popular sector population that can get their franchise people to go well
when they do their taxes but first the regulated we think about the relative merits of liberty and the question now is the president also going to see you all here it discusses many many people would find manson's arrival
on what well you know you know lucy the circumstances all of us agree that we should have a little bit of
both i think to take care of a certain that senator clinton's public financing for a national campaign for president says my campaign for congress and you say at one point we've got a series eugene bergmann well it cost sixty million dollars to run a campaign on the one thing
i think that's a reasonable as well i mean there's no one left to the contributions about which you've testified all my articles script the view of course is what is it probability that such as activation would've made them may with on channel three were playing in syria morales as you describe it was at it then after a process that affects what the new campaign volunteers turned on after the politically government of change for one of the other we actually got a vision we still have been made after it was so but it will be a
tragedy of course is to see how effective it might be in the judgment of this witness understand it is speculating that they may have to speculate pretty good if we're going to come up with recommendations on helping i think get coverage watergate break into theater and there's this big concern is for civil servant there's concern that might or might not have prevented an illegal contribution but april seventh couple of june twenty first probably wouldn't so in effect what you're telling him is while is that the person that has been established the problem has been identified that newspaper and radio television publicity and the hearings of his many possible and serve as a
deterrent for such contributions as well as a factor of the statute that went into effect it was a sober doesn't it but the polls mr weiler mention that you also of made contributions to campaigns of sen jackson and congressman you make these competitions of corporate funds what'd you do with the eagles a
prayer service i don't think it was in the period of seventy one votes to eight point seven in nineteen seventy two in fifty sixty thousand dollars contributions of them a sense that time the jamaican accommodations to any of the presidential candidates iowa was the money to live it which was inadvertent the committee to reelect president of the liver it came to what individuals did you deliver those old one instance because they know this is
a new mechanics of liberals well do i understand that you had to leave messages dancer with respect to the second fifty thousand dollars and that description first one one there he told you that he needed another was that corporations to contribute one hundred thousand years it would cost a spectator that's what he was doing today oh no the apple corporation issued a press release on august tenth nineteen seventy three and i will quote from this press release there are these competitions were made in response to persistent requests ago
washington representative todd see while jordan from representatives of the finance committee to re elect the company was not seeking any special favors and not have any corporate activity and the government there was enormous pressure in the political system and the fact that others apparently also yielded is evidence of this this pressure was intense now was all corporations correct in and making its evaluation of the question that was applied where we were talking to reduce talks about the pressure of the whole political system well how did they know about the other branches and not know about the question that was applied to you patients
they do it in the context of the statement of the pressures of my basis for their corporate funds being used in the contribution when that the main thrust was really a release of those pressures as tomorrow only yes that was a question what kind of intense version was a guy that you want is let's continue with his dance world thank you there's the patients are considered a
considerable pressure on this committee as various occasions let's assume the voice that you in other words there and then i get to read them as well thank you date june twenty first
disclosure that indicated expect what would you do owe money has been is listed on the records of the committee to re elect the president as employees of gulf oil company i gather your language was just as slightly different now up its own were to come to you and say show me how this money was generating the position to do that your name was listed under the phrase employees at the oil company what was one wild and associates were you in a position to have that fight in any fashion the source of the hundred thousand dollars
in a common cause of this committee or anybody else in addition to the information just because there's the records that were about to be made public or republican indicated and forties and on tv and your name as a source of contributions you were well what i'm suggesting is this if you are not in a position to answer that question with all the inquiries that followed we were going to take place following the disclosure of this information koala
bear the petition what i'm suggesting is that was in any way that you know it wasn't it was there while put under oath and that position that he could've explained the occupation that was brilliant now a wall along the lines of legislation you were the second a corporate executives testify concerning source of foreign source of these funds is there a balance or prefer prison for living large transfers of cash from foreign subsidiaries to
american companies i think that a big corporation no one nine billion dollars in revenue four hundred businesses is going to be a lot of transfer of funds i'm not called to be impossible to prevent transactions with transcripts of what i'm talking about legislation requiring reporting of transfers of currency above a certain amount you think that would hamper the operations of unaccompanied which you work
the rangers do state law many patients these i gather from your testimony that at the meeting with john mitchell there was no discussion of any possible problems mr the nuns that had most of the night was in the
finance committee to reelect president on screen mr max baucus behalf but it's been
there we have the testimony of two oil company executives and then obviously investor having to come before the senate watergate committee publicly admit they violated the law their testimony however and related events certainly open up large areas of discussion and details of the senator's table now with jim welcomed us to be a reporter for the washington star knows that had just such a discussion we're joined today's testimony was an intriguing account of how money was collected longer oversees and then pumped into the president's re election campaign can we expect to see some of the same sort of thing tomorrow executives of the airlines figure just we have three more companies tomorrow american airlines around the fairways and the goodyear tire rubber puppet of whom according to investigators practices uncovered that was laundering money overseas rallies will be a surprise witness who actually did the laundry of money in a country outside the interstate to mask manage their thousand dollar cash contribution
i talked with deputy chief counsel a little while ago he indicated that as soon as we get through with these three witnesses to allow that maybe the end of this particular carpet facing his rationale was it this is all pretty typical of what was being done there's no need to just drag it down and repeat the same thing over and over again i know you got a sheet of paper with contributors names you've been digging into her longtime yourself as a rat is typical i think of those hearings have confine themselves to the combination of dignity and cuomo acknowledged until we may begin to break new ground intrusion after thanksgiving with testimony on the two million dollar commitment by the dairy farmers was made in nineteen seventy one only three months before president nixon met with the leaders of the same industry and then within the week the white house played a role in worship previous decision to reduce the the democrats support that decision by various estimates that and instead
their insurer and the employees from one hundred and fifty million dollars to seven hundred million dollars in value to the public i was talking a bit more about this survey has been one persistent report that former treasury secretary planning to testify he's not scheduled to do within the week in executive session before the senate watergate committee comrades treasury secretary at the time and we probably shows that normally fund rangers within the ministry approach conley we didn't in his working diligently presence enter the treasury virtual too was then the budget director who have been opposing the price increase because he probably too costly within about it's it's up to get sticky enough to drag him mr connelly down in the morass of watergate and damages future political chances the real lesson depends on whether the
private cool interview with carrie kahn what is productive in a war footing and on the witness stand if he doesn't appear on the witness stand a major question about any knowledge he may have about the arrangement so with that much in campaign funds little fun after the milk from the final five days ending december seventh have been set aside at least tentatively to look into the billy were both so the howard hughes alone that is that the problem of sparkling testimony we've seen since last summer i think so storyteller lily racial picture in the eight hundred thousand dollars that he received from the minister for harvey's taken out loans of a las vegas casino major campaign contributions to the nineteen seventies and then return when our current president to win internal fight may be too embarrassing fully the campaign
to accept money one is original there's as many however that the same general those who was hoping nobody bought off the nixon campaign that indonesian security and again later another one hundred thousand dollars limit on public record in october of nineteen seventy two through the man who dishes are rushing to represent a public relations official robert bennett the senator people finally jim let it seems that the committee at least those who are still showing up for their hearings soon the tremendous dakota mission of looking into the presidential campaigning mr nixon's campaign the question never goes beyond that does it i think we only get a strict construction is also dramatic the nineteen seventy two presidential campaign and nothing else we vote within the week three instances of
matters that might then i will move for themselves and friends soderbergh never as claire grab a lot of pride that my campaign blasted with them was that money became the public that means that the numbers came from that the legal operation we haven't since and ready for week eight year absence them to do that john who's just a minute bill began his testimony about private buyers without a democrat which originally fha plans to a goodie appointee in miami the least according to the investigation or to others why couldn't the law center's there is definitely no interest i think i'm getting into those outside the immediate range of the president and therefore it's not the rule who swings at the notion of campaign finance
ok now supposed to be caroline day with executives from random airways and american airlines testify along with the man and the goodyear tire and rubber company and will be back again with complete coverage of what they say tomorrow night once again please check with your local public television station to see the exact time of the broadcast in your ear yes thank you and good night and that has brought to washington in november forty tonight videotape coverage of today's hearings by the senate select committee on presidential campaign activities whoa whoa whoa you're a new main news
1973 Watergate Hearings
Part 2 of 3
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Robert MacNeil and Jim Lehrer anchor gavel-to-gavel coverage of day 50 of the U.S. Senate Watergate hearings. In today's hearing, Orin Atkins and Claude Wild testify.
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