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it's big we can reading tonight we'd like to take a somewhat different approach to some of the main things in the news one man's view perceiving jim lehrer is here with me from washington our guest tonight lives is like doing washington dc is in new york because tomorrow night he will receive the eleanor roosevelt peace award presented by saying a citizen's organization for saying world he has been honored according to sign for quote is long and consistent dedication to the proposition that people commit of nation states for his early and inspiring resistance to america's longest and most shameful war
his opposition to military intervention by any country as warnings about the arms race is ex pows areas of government coverups including the abcs radioactive fallout and the johnson administration's handling of the tarp and girlfriends his compassion for all the victims of conflict in the middle east and his dogged pursuit of truth often alone and against the tide and quote man's name of course is i have start could only be honest now it's a stone's work independently most of his life and in recent years he's received honors and applying that have made him almost a full year old college campuses among other places were very impressive <unk> word phrase it like that or just wanted to go through some of the news items are regarding the the budgets from the wire services and whether you know about ten newspapers help use this to help make up their front pages the inside pages each afternoon with their morning papers
from the rundown simply worldwide wire services produced and what they think the main uses about services look at some of these for tomorrow morning morning paper stars for more morning from sesame at president ford's all over the place today he's in durham north carolina saying that senator edward brooke could be one a vision would be a choice for a running mate who's on video tape are a polemic from trial saying he didn't hear the click of the dung in that incident is about to take off for an overnight flight to paris triggered a german with the leaders of other western countries and economic summit remarkable llosa forgotten see certain that a lot of news today on a terribly encouraging and should they really encourage foreigners are investors in our country republic run so well that while the president is never there just keeps right on going and i think sometimes i think maybe we ought to do it in a big corporation if an executive failed to show up day after day on the run and the hard times i just scratch out his job
and it seems so we really don't need a president and a dummy on macy's window would do the job and we can save the money and applied to the large deficit hughes says does there were bands to form a comeback in the oval office one of his trips and flooded removed his copper maybe like to do that as it is for one thing is it becomes like the oil or more shorter struggle what can you think of i think he's in la in shallow man i think it's awful a great country like ours should be a live body laser lasik eye of the it's all about i thought isn't soda buffalo the other day and i said the victorian but obsolete animals and possibly obsolete societies i said now take the dinosaur and how powerful body like the pentagon and had like gerald ford was explained to explain what you think his problems remain other than fourteen years and he got two the village of the village a big candidate finished are now
wish a forty one we need you sang in a country where leadership among the big question but what to leave in new orleans no i know who would you like to see or what kind of a manager like to see where gerald ford singing when you suggest that the country could run into a lot of like you're saying will govern the way he was before he got the nomination get real specific thing obama's before they know you're not in new york or where you have worked here when you think about the year the way at least until yesterday he's been treating new york today in yesterday's been under some of the different on tuesday can't find the words to express my discuss that after all the billions we spend on a domino theory that was nonsense vietnam two lower refuse some guarantees a new
york city talk about dominoes if loan if the greatest country in the world what's the biggest city in the country go down the drain what will people think of our country we talk about faith in the dollar and investing in america people outside of feel we don't have the brains imagination and the cop a poster on our own society i think it's very serious i mean if you if it if he can go more aids i'm sure the country in the world leaders to new york to fall it with a million dollars with a million dollars dollars our first thirty is planning at least promised was planning yesterday that has to forge tough stand up to now might've been responsible for some of the measures the these state legislatures not tackling new taxation words on some fresh austerity package typing it's about everything is it possible it's always remembered for new york
i'll know it all or so much attention is focused on the immediate crisis and the fact is it's a universal were big crisis the united states and we have to restructure although the government of all the metropolitan areas on earth are not all of the danger and that's the big problem number of borderline never ending talking about today is going to be in the papers tomorrow or you notice that after a practically nominating get senator brooke and a black college you went downtown a college so and that was it any american boy could be a political voice i think a very good solution as paula baby you're like a lot of big corporations one of six vice president's lack vice president a woman vice president joice vice president was quite verbal vice president a catholic vice president and there were before way to run for re election as the enemy not al assad has been flowing bones loopers various ethnic minorities was an idiot
just kind of me and the ap budget hear again now in the israeli troops have pulled back today we have the first poll by police on agreements on september handing over desert orwell's to united nations emergency forces for returned to egypt was a lot of news concerning israel this week what do you think you spent a lot of time covering the israel story over the years going back to your knitting postures in israel after the zionism was going back further than that i got the house on the first time the morning at the home and i'll begin the war against the british and over forty five and i covered but first reporter to travel as an illegal jewish immigrant from poland house on spain forty six i covered the jewish terror against the british and like covered they had passover in the prison camps for re jewish refugees in cyprus and forty seven i cover their jewish war of
forty eight was the first reporter to get a jerusalem seizures lifted and i was been back several times and since then so have a lot of ties our friends i feel very deeply about one terribly upset about this hysteria that's being whipped up over the anti zionist regime which i think that history is a very poor defense and i think that says very bad tactics for israel and the jewish people and for the world is perfectly true does not want to talk or say in this resolution there's hardly a single sponsor of a resolution that doesn't practice some kind of racism or tribalism us the ukrainians about their treatment of soviet union and that put the great contemporary ukrainian politics of going to prison because they hadn't told the moscow leinonen accused of nationalism
the record of israel compares favorably without a lot of these countries on the other hand is necessary to recognize that it's hard to be innocent heart of the american israel wager well because because there is discrimination against their spirits of the jews of israel have to be twice as good to get in to get in the university that they are changed their name the brand abraham to get housing paul effort to smart they get exiled have a friend your new york an israeli arab and a very distinguished pilot and incidentally he translated the greatest modern hebrew polka not win yeah like and arabic i think that's a lovely thing to do he's out in exile i have another friend fallacy alice maher who wrote a book to be on the
nra does a jewish saying it's hard to be a jew comes out gillette so he wrote a book saying it's part of the american hebrew the very kind but in the us many jewish friends and as the book of hatred and it's a book of warmth and humanity it was published in london with the preface on our wrote the couldn't couldn't get a single publisher and they are really touching when you say they were exiled what i'm into exile what are ways of getting arabs out of israel where you only get out stay out and he was that like in the right there will not solve the third goal that voters they'll look i see no reason why there should be a jewish federal cause of other states but i see no reason why a jewish state should be us open participation by by non jews as a french state are british david's open british open participation by people of different
religions and races i think that the future of israel depends on reconciliation that it can survive as an enemy of its neighbors the arab league to trigger the arson was really great forty four that reconciliation and i think it has a lot of rhetoric about the holocaust and i feel very deeply about the holocaust and i think it should never be forgotten unless the holocaust was not that we shouldn't discriminate against arabs they didn't build for instance there were nazis killing jews in germany last of the holocaust is very simple and that is what human nature can do and if it's one provision of age can throw another revealing things into furnaces that means we were we going to raise the very bad tendencies be better watch and to treat other people as less than
human is the beginning of the danger and and and his view prices jewish tradition and loves israel i do not want to see and are treated and anyway as my inferior or less than human of israel or anywhere else posture confident and understanding surely levy on partridge that was expressed here and they are not only the jewish community here people like ambassador united nations pat moynihan was to remind the present generation falling knows that but they did only christology the anniversary of room forty years ago all that holocaust not to to preach intolerance or hatred but just to point up the dangers of allowing anti an anti zionist resolution to turn into an anti semitic cant posture would you have but you can't say that i'm sure you think you honestly face up to the fact that the army to have a grievance that they are a second class
citizens a myth if greeks suddenly invaded house ought to accept the state established the greek orthodox they made jews and muslims second class citizens we were protests disturbed their protest and i think we ought to be big enough to recognize the true what's that recognize recognize then you'd say all these other things that are very important us ally but but if you see the trouble is that this year's resolutions going to do a great deal of harm is going to undermine the moderates in the arab world like saddam it's going to undermine the moderates in israel and in the end the american jewish community because you're going to have to start screaming about the resolution his racism isn't not racism that will be a big propagandist to battle an end and it plays into the hands of those who don't want a song the words those of the oneness settlement are gunning for the united nations
for kissinger for a detente they want cold war i don't want a world organization they want a kind of american israeli alliance or by holding out the torah the rest of palestine extrude more arabs have it'll become a fad accomplish now i think that's gambling i think of gambling with the future of israel and of the world and threatens a whirl conflagration a cell where there were seven well there's a new season the one of least resistance for israeli politicians because in their divisions are very do see the thing is this it's very curious situation on the one hand the divisions are very deep in the community on the other hand if if israel really were given a package that said the the occupied territories go back to
the achille arabs compensation is paid for lost properties of arabs and in israel and the state is established a palestinian arab state and a return to israel would get recognition opened that you know open doors for trade and travel i think that such an agreement would win an overwhelming support among the people of israel and i think that the israeli government would be well advised to step four protect finished an offer offer a big package deal or for the indian territory back and in return asked real face recognition acceptance and then go to work to there's an awful lot of reasons natural reasons why the jewish state of the arab states would give him a chance tend to grow together as was their
regular united nations partition ninety and so what we have to work for heather takes calls and the hysteria and its slow and difficult but it's not going to be helped why a miniscule changes a boundary of the suez huge increases in the and the armada both sides this is a dead and it said to have ended sooner or later will mean death for the arab and jewish and is really good what should the united states posture the characters and that honestly we know there's a lot of talk in washington about let's withdraw funding of the united nations or leave and talk about what's what for altogether very much against that i'm very fearful of a lot of it i think that with all its faults united nations is all we've got there has to be a world order that the league of nations doesn't really provide a world order isn't the chat gets a beginning it's a very difficult task the league of nations gives the first the united nations the second thing we now have but if you look at the
world and you see how many problems are now beyond the power of any nation state no matter how strong they can't fake a simple non controversial call like pollution season fisheries no one nation can handle a problem the whole mediterranean basin becoming faster but what about this region more and more even before the and does on a new resolution and typically sounds that the human has turned into strictly a debating society in on ourselves for that the un was ok we can use it as are and why not now there are other people there too and you're taylor don't like it takes a lot of patience but there's no other way out we're all in one planetary lifeboat with a vociferous really getting rid of a begin to recognize or parts of one human family whether it has been unthinkable that can blow open a time as all kinds of deadlines november thirtieth
november thirtieth two weeks off as the deadline on the un the un commission on the syrian border and that the year the head of the middle east is not vietnam support for wearing this is a classic morality point for the world i want to see israel survive i don't want to go wander like think the crusader kingdom at last a hundred years it can only survive through reconciliation that means a different attitude by jews toward arabs a willingness to wreck to see that you see the world through have their eyes as well as ours to come to terms to make the lower courts every day are full of clashes of pictures in which the job of the judge in the law is the conduit to come to some kind of a compromise nobody gets the whole loaf the body gets complete justice but some sun as it was a compromise decent enough people settle down
that's how i see this business of eight of the west bank and i've talked to two right wing israel they said okay you don't want to give the west bank that taken in to clear a part of israel and you've got an extra million arms and you've got almost an eagle population you're living in the modern world and you got to have thomas says the ship got a binational state i don't mind i was from our nationalism nineteen forty six reeling but by nationalism and awed by nationalism i mean what i'm not originally well i propose the binational state taking an old old pals on the scene is jordan which is a cutaway nineteen twenty two and palestine one and that was a state in which hebrew and are back would be the two official languages in which they'd be rotation of officers and use of both wineries the joint parliament equality of rights on and on a national scale what used to exist in this upheld a python to lee are jewish war forty eight there the one day when the mayor was a jew the vice mayor was an arab
the next term alarm would be the marriage it would be the vice mayor and work very well they're the piece was disrupted by gunman senate from cairo by the mufti not one local local art hundreds of jews and arabs lived together in a wonderful period of human history what the great periods of jewish history as the business period of coexistence with the arabs in spain and north africa are greatest philosopher wrote an arabic a jet of the jewish poetry jewish medicine jewish mathematics or side by side with the great advances in power of medicine are of mathematics into people's contributed greatly when most of europe are still the arcade years and the arabs are great people there they're being they're having a same kind of an actual renaissance as the jews and other nationalities the past hundred years must be a modus vivendi angry jewish leaders like highlights been always looked toward this they always wanted they didn't want to treat the arms of something that could be brushed aside
look the bible preaches justice the bible the bible says i shall be redeemed by justice for me that means justice for the dispossessed arabs but what what would you advise the american jew to do now who was fearful were outraged by that resolution passed last monday will finally wise enough to be panicked the truth is there's freedom of speech on this issue in israel and not hear an american jewish community everybody you talk so differently from the hard sinus mine his brand of a heartache a traitor a monster at us online and what have you and write and jewish community is one of the great jewish music history were part of american problem that are proud to be americans and traditions and we don't want the tail way over their widening the dog and we don't want to use for money inflows without using our heads and one way to get the israeli politicians off the hook a very difficult situation to discuss these pro very difficult problem to discuss the
debate to think about them and not be panicked like a bunch of sheep and android hysteria doesn't do anybody any that's what happened this time ethan and that's what happened this time on their hand and his book is being used as i say it against the united nations' against a top against kissinger have a lot of reservations about kissinger but he has enemies who speak well for the only nixon policy i ever support local paper was even an impulsive rogers which kissinger unheard of always felt that that it was best for for america for the jews for the world for israel america would use its great influence that friendship with both sides to mediate this fraternal conflict and bring about peace and stability america's interest is to stabilize the year and it's not going to be zabel was one arms sales of the arab states want more arms for israel that's a dead end what is really asking for purging few operations mean now thank heavens among the
cities of them touch pershing's again without nuclear warheads means the jerusalem damascus tel aviv haifa cairo are under the gun when you say these names you're talking about sacred possessions of mankind cairo damascus jerusalem three of the oldest most wonderful cities on the planet that belong to all mankind to think of their destruction and hugh lost his leg why raise the ante and has lived in a war might be a little podium that's quick war they're bad enough why raise the advantage is that we just have a little time left course it's bernie retired last year from running a little newspapers as you said what he up to now well for eighteen months of and bakken in athens in ancient athens have a wonderful time i set out to do a study what's closest ally martin that is how we preserve freedom of thought expression
in an age of tremendous technological power in the hands of the state and the age when the great communist countries have really stifled freedom a full expression made of a kind of a prisoner of the mine has to be some way to marry jefferson eleven to get a synthesis of the free associations we enjoy with socialism that three parts of the world that have now gone complete the socialist will remain so i want to see what could be learned from the past i've gone back to this wonderful two hundred years of freedom and an ancient athens very inspiring so somebody were northwest washington early in the morning they would see you know about walking to american university to spend the day and all i ever write a face imminent lips money but certain lonely enemies um hum of repeating three conjugations traveled from the lie ahead but others say those american democracy look to her briefly at the inn as a result of the keynotes surfers study of greek democracy oh i think america is a wonderful country
a great country i have confidence in america and its traditions we the most important thing we can do for the world is to keep our country free and set a good example abroad because not many countries that are really free as ours is that's a heritage that we hold for mankind i have faith in america i don't think it's i think it's it will still be a shining beacon again an eccentric resistant thank you very much for joining us jim wilbur the song monday night robert knew the economy is bad
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