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The University of Chicago and the national educational radio network. Present another concert by the contemporary Chamber Players of the University of Chicago. The music directors. Are featured soloist for tonight's program his baritone Charles Van Tassel who will perform with pianist James Kidd and members of the contemporary Chamber Players of the University of Chicago. Included on the program will be works by Dalla Piccola Shure and Baer P. Lombard Brahms Handel Babbitt and I. Charles Van Tassel was born in New York City in 1937 and got his start in music at the high school for music and art where he studied trumpet French horn and piano. He also studied voice with his father and later continued his study of boys with Blake Stern at Yale where he took a Bachelor of Arts degree in Chinese studies and philosophy. He came to Chicago as an economist for the Amalgamated meat cutters. And his interest in music was revived by the contemporary Chamber Players of the University of Chicago with whom he has now been
singing for two years. The first work on tonight's program is friends of ours by Luigi Dalla Piccola. Della Pickler who was born in Italy in 1904. Is considered one of the few living major composers. And is the chief Italian composer of 12 tone or serial music. He was profoundly influenced by Weber's and although he met they've been only once he later said that he thought it was one of the most significant experiences in his life. Friends of ours which was written in 1946 for PIB Narcan Francis Pulok represents a return for dollar to a more expressionistic style. After the first impact of his meeting with a friend during World War Two in rents of ours the 12 tone technique is used so as to incorporate traditional tonality. The basic key of the work being G minor. And now here are baritone Charles Hamm Tassell. And pianist James
Kidd. To perform rents of Rs3 fragments from the Song of the land by Luigi Dalla Piccola. You have just heard.
These three fragments from the song of real life by Luigi Dalla Pete the baritone soloist plays Charles castle. Accompanied by James Kidd on the piano. Next on our program tonight we will hear two brief songs by Arnold Schoenberg. The songs are zome of it and talked. Numbers One and Two of the three songs in Schoenberg's Opus forty eight. The songs are based on poems by Jaco abhorring. According to the publisher Opus 48 was composed by Schoenberg in Berlin in 1933 and he goes on to say these were the days of Hitler's rise to power. And they must have been dark days for sure and. So dark indeed that the memory of having written these songs was completely obliterated from his mind.
Fortunately they were remembered by a few close friends. When Schoenberg's attention was drawn to them he was highly surprised but also greatly pleased. Following the show and barracks arms we will hear two songs by Stefan Balti. The first is titled On a mural by Diego Rivera. And takes a text from a translation of a poem by no oxter and. The second is David's lament over Jonathan. In which Mr Van Tassel will sing the Hebrew text from the Bible. Stefan Volpi was born in Berlin in 1902. And studied with was only they bring and share him. He lived in Jerusalem between 935 in 1939 where he composed his songs to Hebrew texts. Since 1939 Volpi has lived in the United States where he has continued to explore the use of rhythmic asymmetries as the basic vocabulary of his composition. Among the young musicians who have studied composition with old PRL shady who is
the music director of the contemporary Chamber Players. And Leonard Meyer chairman of the music department at the University of Chicago. Now here once again are Charles home tassel baritone and James Kidd pianists to perform first Zama hit and taught by Arnold Schoenberg. A. Oh.
You heard two songs and tote. From Opus 48
by Sharon there. And in just one moment two songs by step on bowtie on a mural by Diego Rivera and David's lament over Jonathan. Luna like me might be in. Thank
you have just heard. Two songs by Stefan voice on a mural by Diego Rivera. By no acts during the lyrics and David's lament over Jonathan Hebrew text from the Bible the performer was baritone Charles Van Tassel. Accompanied by James Kidd on the piano. Immediately preceding the vote. There you heard two songs from Opus number forty eight by Arnold Schoenberg. The first was is all mute and the second was topped. Next on tonight's program you will hear a work by Robert Lombard of. Robert Lombardo was born in Hartford Connecticut in 1932 and received his bachelor of music and master of music degrees in composition from the Harte College of Music where he studied with an old friend Shetty. He received his Ph.D. in composition from the State University of Iowa and is presently the
composer in residence at the Chicago Musical College of Roosevelt University in Chicago. The work you were to hear tonight is top. Taken from the Expressionist texts of August strat the German poet telegraph operator of the First World War. Pop was composed when Mr. Lombardo was studying at the hostel a few Musiq in Berlin in 1059. Because of their brevity. Mr Van Tassel will sing these three songs twice. Hear them is Charles Van Tassel baritone with pianist James Kidd to sing Robert Lombardo's top looked at. Oh.
Oh. My. God. Well. Well. Well.
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Chicago Contemporary Chamber Players
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Episode 2, part two
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University of Chicago
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University of Maryland (College Park, Maryland)
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This program, the second of four parts, presents live performances of various contemporary classical compositions.
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This series presents concert performances from the Chicago Contemporary Chamber Players.
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Performing Group: University of Chicago. Contemporary Chamber Players
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University of Maryland
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