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Voices of Europe Milton Mayer American lecturer and broadcaster author and professor of social research from the University of Frankfurt has been recording the voices of Europeans who are alive and sensitive to the tragedy and dilemma of the conditions that surround them. Today Mr. Mayer interviews Princeville area Borges in his office in Rome. Forty six year old prince Borges he is the head of the M.S. I came over mentor sociality or Charlie Arnold the so-called neo fascist party of Italy the prince as a member of the one of the most famous families in Roman history. The book cases have given saints and popes to the Catholic Church as well as several cardinals among them Scipione the founder of the celebrated Borges the gallery principal Gacy's father Prince Leo the chief of the Borges the family of his generation was in the Italian diplomatic service on his mother's side Prince brigade as he has Dutch English and Greek blood. Trained at the Italian naval academy at Leghorn Prince Borges he had a spectacular career during the Second World War. He specialized in submarine warfare and was commander of a vast Italian sabotage organization in the Navy.
The 10th mass Flotilla for planning and personally leading the dangerous and highly successful submarine actions against Allied transport in Gibraltar. Alexandria another Mediterranean harbors. Prince Borges he was awarded with the two highest Italian military medals. After the Italian armistice in 1943 Prince Borges he went on fighting on the side of muscle Ynys New Republic. He was interned by the Allies in 1945 released after six months and then in a celebrated trial in the Italian courts was condemned to 12 years imprisonment for collaborating with the Germans after the Italian armistice of nine hundred forty three. He was released by Amnesty in 1980 and now lives in Rome as a civilian and is a naval military writer for several Italian newspapers. Here is Milton Mayer. And as for gazing. As we do ahead.
But they haven't asked. Ah. So you tell our listeners. By the way as to how it came into being. And how it has grown. Entirely on the source. And my side is a political organization. Big hint. From the December. 90 hundred. By a group of young men. Man and war veteran. Well-wishing. Tough to rise from the ruins of defeat. And anxious to bring about. Ever conceive. Amount they. Can divide. By the first part after the young man
and the. Mole and saw how they've done it. In the most silliness of the public. I'm plumb. The King of the South. Peaked hand again. Trying. To put up. A new. Hall. Of spiritual. And. And I tickle. To get out from the consequences. But he needed it and. Which was. Bobby Ball. By. This particular situation in which the country was the. Muslims of the time Italy was. The
allies of completion. It's well known. To Military any country in the world immediately. Picked around. The. Position and nationalistic spirit against the British. This was probably. The reason which the man had immediately search. Expansion. Now the reason for which the movement was I would nearly expected by the. The big hole which was me my. Allies the whole an hour gone mutely off to.
Try to cut hours from the beat on. The last 20 years. The image of the. Dog. 20 below. In the school. Play. Doubt. We are with the whole lives. Which. Probably many good things have been done. As many. Of us. Don't think that it's. The history of a country to pick out any PDA by which. Postes. Now interrupt transport Do you see to it. But would you say very briefly where some of the good thing
and some of the error. But the fascist theory of it. Well some of the good things. Perhaps the best things have been. Given to the. National unity. So it is a very young kind. And lacks of national you. Second very important thing which has been done on the fashion. To be doing. Live from dishing out the most to the lowest class in the country work. But the homework and fallout. Better living of the lower class. Also which didn't exist in Italy. Before all fascism have been. But in all for the first by doing that he ended the standard of
living out of the lower classes actually raw. Standard of living of the worker plus. Prized very very much during that period and. We can see honestly that the biggest part of the fashion. And that's one of the reasons for which the highest class in Italy had to be against fascism and a fall of fascism. The Fall. She's out. In a matter. Which was propped to kind of fool fact man and pull that PDA. I need to get the. Date the ship is of Paul. And that. Can be done and can be supported only in various national. Conditions. Which in these conditions we don't think the 20 years
of fascism. But such to keep for all this time on the. Dome was done perfectly the day the ship would be necessary for the first five or six years off of our wall when. The life in Italy. Was. Cost to complete cost than to pull the knob. And be that it was necessary for one man for no man. But to tap all the power. But immediately offer was lessons. The lectern the position goes and the position is all was it meaning. And. The directing plots. May I ask just briefly at this point. As for Daisy if you regard Italy's and friends into the war into the second world war as a good or bad judgment on most ways.
This is a little difficult to give. Generally conceded that. If you win a war you were out of the right side. And if you lose it you were out the wrong side. How what. But it's very easy what is the status the strength. And the composition. Of. Your party of the NSI at the present time. What evidence is there of its growth and expansion and who are its members and lead. Since 46. But diverted the. Development. The consequences. Of being visible.
This last spring when we had. Our common administrative elections. The popping sound of about 3 a.m.. Again. It looked over 20 Home million. Persons. We have reached to be such a fall guy. The poppy in Italy. Often the Democrat Party and the communist. Witch in Italy is vanished all. The. And the idea by which so many people and specially. Brushed. To the Pops. I can see these few.
His home policy. All these firsts. But conceded the shame of the city wall as the violent. Take on. A rising generation. To be given more litigation. They give me a lot about how we chop of the sea wall that have. A little from God. But the question of the resigning have been all. About a pound and medians. These must be in the bill too but the speed of the line of the night native country. Along side the policy that may fall in any kind of the data feed. On progress.
I mean come on. If the Constitution of the time in the public must be finalized. In order to make it down. AS. Efficiently bother presenting the spiritual. And the production for a couple of. Our mine. Does fall upon policy. With the east. The Beatles. But they would be in the buy a house or what I'm doing must be in a vial. I don't think that it's possible. Be Done allow. The planet to go back to. When we are on the condition in a whirlwind. Of. Two. Because of the beast.
But foreign policy must arrive with only the natural function. The. Time. Gone by the necessity of a European unity. But phone lines to Africa. May contribute to the progress of the black continent which has now become more than a necessary complement to you. But the kitchen of the native population that on a leadership would one day be upon them. The joint responsibility of governing the country and
policy toward the countries surrounding the Mediterranean. And country was the one hope friendship of the Union of them with the minium to. The. French for Daisy. B. Americans generally. And certainly also. The political opponents of the NSI in Italy. Regard your party as fact. The new fascist movement and you know. This is a true or a false characterization. I think you would want to know exactly what you mean with the word fashion. THE MAN. And she's on. The ME. Burning with the fire.
Not giving the position the real hope unity. Of the Hmong in the dawn. On the point of view. Young as fascists. We are. The world's democratic because we believe in the. Big time to the government. To leave but he bought his mom. But. Me not to. And with which must be equal. Everyone. But in our the world maybe we are a little fish. Out. Of.
The chaise. By which. The three broke. Down falling into view. I want to see. The interests of the people. But I want a huge. Party. Certainly a strong nationalist party nationally. That. Plus five got. To do the best for the people who elected him. Through all. This nationalism. I'll be the wife of 30 years ago. But changed so much. Little can't. Please buy it sent. To day. Without
the necessity. Of the mommy moment spiritual. Being with out to. But. Up and down must be to arrive live. But. This can be done with a very good goal. And not by the way. Now if I understand you Prince for Daisy your reply to the challenge to the characterization of your party the NSI. Dispassion. Is that. If in the American sense of fascism. We mean government by dictatorship and by fiat one. More party repudiates without the gates did I was we don't I mean the idea and in this moment because we are just
finding in this five. Part struggle struggle just Paul this because the actual nominee in Italy. Putting out some. Against our policy. Put it out of the mall. We don't think that this is a democratic way Bill 52 puts it. To the founder of the AMA side. Which. Of the Media and Democracy need to. Power with the memory of the paywall fascists for. Just the Masowe slightly comical humor. Pardon me Your quoting the science model.
And then going on with the petition. However if one used to be objective it must be admitted that on the electoral system there is little political democracy in the all of the world. That this. Bitterly now enjoy enjoy is the dictatorship of us call them up to. The dirty little if any. In the opposite happened. This part you see in repudiating. Parliament. By dictatorship and by violence. Do you. Also repudiate. B. Ottoman. Dictatorship of the old fascism of Italy. Or do you not repudiate it completely.
We don't we put you to completely because with thing live in certain fields. Did the ship is a necessity. Necessity is a natural. Phenomenon. And these are the people that are asking for it. Did the. City did know which of the Southern woman. On. The beach. I think this is a match from my mom. To count me on would you. Just a piece of history and what is the cause of this phenomenon. In your view. Something like. Off we. Something of what. I am. All this to be busy over. Position. The market and. Political position. The way of governing the country.
Moment. How good the Pope pulls and fall. Back on the day but the day the. Bums out by himself and not because it has been looked full. That's why I would think it will be terribly because if we had the not all the party had in his book to look forward to. Does something you don't find. It just compounds. It come as a under certain circumstances as a proper historical necessity Exactly. And in your view the future of the middle. Is such an historical necessity arise. I don't see any possibility. That had expanded.
By. 20. And I don't think the form many manage send though is with having not been spent a month of the same way. As parties do. You say that your party. In their side. Is a party of. The older man in Italy the the veterans of the old fascist regime. I observe the fact. That you yourself were born in 1960. And you don't look like an old man to me. Is a. Party. Which draw in strength. On the old fascist regime and the old fascist political support.
Or do you see enough and actually any basis for saying that it is a new party with a new kind of strain. I come to do whether this is right the new policy with a new quality of style. To be as the new something. That has never been set up onto the. Biggest number of the flashes. On Mt.. You know what the democratic popular democracy. Have lots of leaders coming from flashy. And. Needed to be have many leaders coming from fascism. And the AMA sunny. Who are the smallest part. Of the biggest part of all. Membership memberships come from the World class.
And specially from the young. By. The very yawn from the students. In the. Elections. That we keep in Italy. In the universities. We had the biggest success among our. Universities needles and BS. But the biggest. When the students are assigned man. And you can think with these without clashes. Let me see if I understand you clearly. Friends. Be MSR your part.
Interest in a student be like in these great universities and in a way it is now the leading part among the student. Exactly. That says 3. 0 members of the. But them to sing in the ball of. Boat sailing ship. Was to be handed over his wallet but if. Just a has been greatly admired by all. The verdict of the process that followed constitutes a I'm not responsible for the deed. But the universe. And among the students. The founder of the march 50. Is a consensus of many people. To go around. And organize the first counter of the European natural you.
Preach all countries in Europe. Come on buddy speak to. Those organizing systematic going. To sporting activities for these young men. Char which is the flea. An interesting thing. Interesting part will be a bunch of students on the. Power symbol. Is that in the city with us humans. Have. The young. Mixed together these two classes which. I was being too much the mind. The interest you to know. The. Bill
not. Because the mentality. Of being. Human. But something mome than being a temp worker. To think that this is quite the wrong idea because the student and the pen work have the same hour. Think that they have dicks on Europe these. Poles. Through them has modeled this then the world. But that I must be the sea. Those without equal. My. Bum in the. Park easy. When you mention your are student sports organisation which the NSI is developing. Under the name of the flying. To my correct in recalling that the symbol. Of your party is a slight exactly the symbol along oppositely divide of the three pots. In
which the commas offer a really wide array. Thank you prince for gays. The program you have just heard is made possible under a grant from the fund for adult education an independent organization established by the Ford Foundation. These programs are prepared and distributed by the National Association of educational broadcasters in the interests of better international understanding. This program was introduced by Norman McKee and this is the end E.B. tape network.
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An interview with Prince Valerio Borghese, an Italian fascist leader.
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Interviews with noted Europeans on a variety of subjects, conducted by Milton Mayer, American author and broadcaster, lecturer and professor in the Institute of Social Research at Frankfurt University.
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