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No outruns cried the minds of many situations while God walks is soft and grandmother who. Was. Each of us has undeveloped unrealized capacities for effective living. They await out true understanding of the mental and emotional forces at work within US forces which we share with the minds of men everywhere. It is toward a clearer picture of what goes on in our minds and our emotions that we work in these programs. Not that picture as it appears on the broad canvas of all humankind. But as it is revealed in the small dimensions of everyday in the lives of others very much.
There's a Bible in every room in this house. Did you ever hear of such a thing outside of hotels I mean the Gideon people put him there. That's what daddy told me when we first started staying in hotels. He said the Gideon people put him there to solace the wayward travelers if they need solace or just to induce sleep if they needed sleep. But my grandfather put him here to keep everybody mindful of the word of the Lord. So wherever you are in this house he says the Lord can speak to you which I don't understand because it's a nice sized house but not as big as all that. Not like a hotel. There are lots of things about my grandfather I don't understand or the Lord either. They both seem to be two or three different people depending on who you talk to. I don't understand them. Maybe I will if we stay here long enough.
If my grandmother takes whom sweet time about dying. Radio television and the University of Texas presents the minds of many. A series of explorations into effective living. Written by the Durham twins and directed by R. C. Norris. These programs are prepared with the assistance and counsel of the Hogg foundation for Mental Hygiene. And produced under a special grant from the Educational Television and Radio Center in cooperation with the National Association of educational broadcasters. Their aim a keener understanding of the forces universally a work in the minds of men.
Each man fashions his fate to his own needs and in his own way. Boundaries do not set the line an ounce of belief nor Olson's mark that. They are confined alone by the invisible walls of the secret and seeking self. Today we have neither a story nor a sermon but a reflection from one small vantage point of faiths several and separate facets. It's odd to be in a house where somebody is dying. Because it isn't time for sorrow Kwai. But you can't be happy either. You don't know really just how to feel. At least I don't. And the others don't seem to except Uncle norm. He thinks the whole thing is just utter nonsense Madge just hanging around here and who knows for how long. I got a business to run. Well my mother is dying Norma and taking her own sweet time about it if we have to. If you'll excuse my saying so I
won't call the cruel heartless look let's be realistic about this thing. Every day I'm here and I'm neglecting the store and for what. What good are we doing I never dreamed you thought so little of my mother. I think a lot of your mother. I always have. Haven't I always been good to a thoughtful considerate remember birthdays came up to see on Thanksgiving and Christmas. Yes but no right. But now what. What can I do for her. She's dying. But doctors can't do anything for us. They've said so. She's not in pain. She has everything she needs. She may live for weeks. We're going to hang around for weeks doing what. What can we do. Well we can pray for her nor pray what pray she lives pray she dies. It's all decided to pray for her so we're salvation. That is not decided no harm. How come it's not. She's a good woman the best I know why I know but she's she's not. Which is not a truly religious person not like Father Bruce and madge. Well not like I try to be who thinks very little of whose mother I
love my mother. You know that that's why I'm so deeply concerned for her return also. And you think of the three of you vouch for as she's maybe got a chance to make it her like a large sigh or a fraternity or maybe a yacht club. Bush Norman that's SECRETARY CHU Well that's about what you had in mind was not what you don't understand these things you never will but you'd better take care for yourself norm. You're in danger too. God is not marked whatsoever a man so that shall he also reap but he that so with to the flesh shell of the flesh reap corruption. But he that so as to the spirit of the Spirit reap life everlasting. No no you don't. Every time I've ever asked you a straight question like that up goes a smokescreen of scripture. You say I don't understand these things. Well what's the matter Madge don't you understand them either. Or are you afraid to look at them head on to see how they translate in everyday terms and of course I'm not afraid. Why should I be. Because maybe if you ever stop to see what it is you're saying you believe you'd find out you didn't believe it.
That's not true. What makes you so cynical so contemptuous of people with a steadfast faith. I don't think I am but by my lights you know what faith is to me Madge. It's something you live with all the way through. It's the feeling you've got that makes your life add up. It's just something you learn by rote in the nursery or something you're grabbing at in a pinch when things get rough. So so it seems to me that that's what your mother's got. She's not storing around at the last minute trying to cram for the exam or get enough sponsors to shove her through. She's got it made. She knows it. She's ready to stand on what she's got that steadfast faith to me Madge. And I'm not the one who is hanging around sneering at that I'm not the one who is claiming it's not enough. I mean inclined to agree with Uncle norm and so is dad.
When I told him what I had heard he said you know baby Norm's righter than he knows about one thing. What's that daddy. What he said about grannies taking their own sweet time to die. That's what she's doing Steffi. She's dying with all the grace and the fineness and the sweetness she put in the living. It's a wonderful thing to see baby. But then your grandmother is a wonderful woman. She's not religious not by our family's meaning of the word whole but it depends on whose standards you take. I don't think I've ever heard your grandmother voice a biblical platitude. Then on the other hand I've never seen her do a mean or a petty or insensitive thing even in the name of righteousness. If living abundantly and joyously and selflessly running toward life with her arms open to get all it has to offer to give all it needs to take. If that's what you think of as religious Steffy then all her years have been devout. I can't see anything wrong with that. With Barry's reasoning I mean
and I'm sure he believes what he said. He's never lied to me not about anything. But I'm not so sure he knows because he is after all the prodigal son. That's when I told a man that the prodigal son all over again mad off kicking up his heels all over the place giving nobody else a floor and dragging Stephanie with him. Goodness knows where that child is being or what she's exactly but putting the best face on it. The best days possible there were months went by we didn't hear from him didn't know where we were. As you hear all the time keeping things going taking over the load it wasn't easy. No sir it wasn't easy. When Dad had that long spell with his liver and somebody had to see the business and then mother's illness and trying to keep good help these things don't run themselves you know. We came up whenever we could Bruce but you know how it is with a store and all the norms so set on not blaming you marriage.
I know how the norm is but where was Evan's turn out to right now when he thinks there might be something in it for him after mother is gone. Just like the prodigal son I tell you. Except that the Prodigal Son was repentant Evans isn't repentant. He just the same amiable charming pleased with himself on Pit not Heathen that he's always been. Maybe he hasn't got anything dory planned of what's that norm. Oh don't pay any attention Bruce it's just some of Norma smart alec ridiculing of things that are all things that he has no business making fun of. All I'm saying is Don't knock the man. A guy can't just repent. He's got to repent of something well Evans doesn't lack for that goodness knows. How do you know you've been following him around now don't be silly I can guess. After all he's just a well glorified travelling salesman you know the kind of thing they do. I know what the joke books are all right. That ought to be enough. And you know what the Bible says or you ought to except you repent. You shall all
likewise perish that's what it says right in Luke the thirteenth chapter of Luke. It says something about charity too but we're not talking about charity we're talking about repentance. OK OK let's talk about repentance. Check me out on this one. Was that repentance pure and simple that sent the prodigal son home or was it a sudden growing thought that as things stood even his father's servants had a better shake than he did really know. If you can't speak of these things without blessed I don't think there's much profit in pursuing this. Not in the spirit. Oh don't let me break it up. I just wanted to get the facts straight. Madge will tell you I'm all for the fact it's a business man and you know that's the truth. I wouldn't expect you to know much about Evans or his motives. But you surprised me being so shaky on the prodigal son. And the truth is speaking of the truth mage you don't seem to savvy much about what's behind the homecoming of either one. The OS.
Surprises me. I wouldn't think he'd know anything about the Bible any more than I do. Now. He was raised on it before he met Mother and had me but Uncle norm is a worshipper of Mammon. The store that's his religion my grandfather says a man can't serve two masters. He can't serve God and Mammon and uncle Norm has the store but there's no excuse for me. All those Bibles in the hotels and I never read them not once. I thought Daddy was all the solace I needed. And if I wasn't sleepy he'd tell me stories or sing to me till I was. Wish now I had read him because as it turns out I'm just a poor graceless child no spiritual training what ever. Really Evans I am profoundly shocked. I'm afraid I agree with Madge Evans Train Up a Child in the way he should
go and when he is old he will not depart from your brother and sister here are proof of that son. It's always troubled my conscience that I left your own guidance in your dear mother's hands. She she doted on you so Evans. But her spiritual precepts were let's admit it lacks a lot don't agree and I don't agree about stuff either as a man thinketh in his heart so Izzy you'll agree with that won't you father. The Bible tells us that. Well if you could and I don't say you can but if you could know stuffies heart is I've been privileged to know what you would find it full of grace some creamed asparagus Taffy that was like Daddy not to let me down no matter what. Like the day I tripped going down the steps into the market and he picked me up offered me his arm and swept me to our table just daring anybody to live. But he couldn't pass it off this
time. Not when we just sat down to our very first meal in this house and I had to be told that your head Stephanie man bow your head child. I don't think of your grandfather's going to say grace and our Father we thank thee for that which we are about to receive. We asked the to bless this food to thy uses and ourselves to thy service. Amen amen. All right Stephanie. You may raise your head now. Oh you mean you're not accustomed to saying grace. No man. They don't much I guess in restaurants and hotels. God gives us the food we eat Stephanie. It is only through his bountiful goodness that we have it to eat. Yes sir. That's why we was consecrated to his service. Remember that child. Yes grandfather I will. And a half. There is only one thing I don't understand why God doesn't give grandfather
something that look great with him. Thank you. I don't know whether it was just grandfather's constant complaint with his stomach. He and Uncle Bruce take pills after every meal or whether it was my lack of grace that upset him so. But that's how I got my first visit with grandmother's grandfather usually goes in about this time of the afternoon for a quiet visit in to read Mother some comforting passages from the Scriptures. But he was rather indisposed just Allonby thoughts that you haven't seen or it might be a very nice thing for you both. Yes and it's so hard since you don't know any 0.02 just stop with the psalm Stefanie there's a Bible on the table by her bed but don't stay too long. Now grandmother is very ill you know and she tires easily. Yes ma'am. I just knocked lightly on the door and tell you who it is.
Yes. Who is it. J It's me grandmother. Oh come in dear come in. Hello Stephanie. Hello grandma. Come over here darling. Come close. Now sit there where I can get a good look. Oh you do. You do look like your lovely mother. Madge told me why your frightened child. Oh no I hate told you I'm dying and that frightened you of course. I remembered your age how I felt about dying. I set people off somehow. I didn't quite know how they went about her. And in those days I was terribly afraid of the things I didn't know about. And you're not now. No darling. I Phaidon mystery extremely comforting. Come 13 grandmother. Yes dear.
We know so little. It would be dreadful wouldn't it if that were all but mystery now it is like tremendous bass and fresh air. You can breathe so much better knowing it's almost limitless. I see. Do your Stephanie high hopes will. Some people don't you know. Mystery makes some people uneasy. Just as space as your dear grandfather for one had to I'm afraid in Bruce. They can't bear those tremendous stretches of they are known so they've got to build a little shelter a sort of lean to absolute that they've known things to make them feel safe and cozy. Your grandfather for instance knows exactly what God looks like. He knows exactly what God thinks and how you feel. Don't you know. No I
don't care. Do I need to. Well if you don't know what he's lived or how he feels how do you know you're not afraid of him. Just know I'm not afraid of dying though I hold mystery to. I've no reason to be afraid Stephanie. God walks very softly in this room. I know of him that he is loving and he will take care of me and that's all I need to know. But how do you know grandmother. How can you hold out your hand my dear my hand. Like this. Yes. Now tell me are you afraid that hand will do you harm. It's my own hand grandmother had sacked me dear it's part of you. So please God not who hold your head under the window dear. Just about there. Do you feel the breeze on your skin.
Yes me and the sunshine yes. Can you tell where those feelings saw the dog. I know. God is a part of those things too. Can you feel anything so quiet and perfect merge with your own self. Stephanie No I think you must surely trust don't you. Of course you've just crossed yourself. I think it's odd don't you that somebody is unreligious as my grandmother would know so much about God. But then of course he's a very different person in her room. I doubt if she'd even recognize him in
the library when he meets with the family for prayers in the library Nell. He is the most high. He thunders in the heavens and He gives his voice hail and stones and coals of far. And he is angry with the wicked every day. I'm glad this house is big and the walls are thick. Because grandmother much be afraid if she could hear God speaking in grandfather's voice he will not hearken unto me and will not do all these commandments and they shall despise my statutes. Or if you're short of horse my judgment I also will do this song to you. I will even not play it over you tell consumption and the burning lake you that show will consume the eyes and cause sorrow in the heart. And I will set my face against you and you shall be slain before you are rid of it. Of course grandmothers dung anyway but all the same God makes some pretty
terrible threats down in the library when Grandfather reads the scriptures and if he were not yet for all this hearken unto me I will punish you seven times more for your sin and I will break the pride of your power and I will make your heaven as I own that you are a fish price and your strength shall be spent in vain. And if he were not for all this hearken unto me but walk contrary unto thee then I will walk contrary on to you also in fury and even I will chastise you seven times for your sins. I don't know. God's kind of new to me unless it's like Grandmother says that he's part of me and has been travelling around with deddy me all this time. It's hard to understand how he can be so different. Right here in this very same house. But then everybody in this house looks
different depending on whose eyes you're looking with. I know one thing though I'm glad it's the way it is. If God has to look different to different people I'm glad he said his nicest in grandmother's room. Now a new or. A whole. New or. New or. A nod to discuss religion. Here are Dr. Bernice Moore consultant to the Hogg foundation for Mental Hygiene. Chaplain Major Raymond T Matheson assistant chief of personnel Air Force chaplains and Chaplain Colonel James R. Davidson and Chief Air Force chaplains. Washington D.C.. As we take a look at the various characters in this dramatization it's quite evident that
all of them have a capacity for religion. But it's also evident that some of those particularly the men in looking at several others such as the grandmother and mad and. Will Stephanie seem to think that there's a misuse of religion in there particularly as nominally others describe it. Well Matty I don't think we saw a misuse of religion in this particular family group. I had the feeling as you do that we saw more diversification approach and depth. To religion and religious faith. But you know and certainly the clinicians know. That we have many people who use religion in a way that has nothing to do with the basic integration and development of personality. For instance let me give you just a few examples of what I'm thinking about. The person who always has to have
whatever he or she is say boasted whether it is real or not we have a fancy word for it even if you theologians do we call it autistic thinking. That is they will allow nothing to come into their thinking that doesn't affect their own point of view very positively and so I quote glibly of the Bible to back up the sort of thing that they're trying to put across whether it's reasonable or whether it is kindly or anything else. Another one we see is the sort of person who uses his religion particularly the Old Testament of Jimmy. As a basis for very autocratic authoritarian relationships with people and he can prove to you he has a perfect right to dominate everybody from the cap to the Canary to grandmother to granddaughter. Anyone that comes in the picture. Then of course we have some people who will escape complete responsibility for their acts. They say it's God's Will doesn't make a
difference what happened. Of course I happen to think that many times they happen along and then of course I think that the worst misuse of religion is the intolerant bigot who sustains a point of view that is really detrimental to his fellow man by quoting scriptures to hold a point that has no justification in human relations in relations to our God or anything else. JIMMY What about Naaman his comments on the prodigal son this misunderstanding of that word mad of course. Norm's comments indicate that he is a MUST be a religiously illiterate person. Because it's the one he has hold of a thought there which is. Lead to something profound he isn't quite able to bring it into focus actually.
What he's trying to say is that there is a misinterpretation here. The parable of the prodigal son and he sees it and senses it and yet he can't focus it perhaps we could focus it by suggesting that perhaps when the prodigal son got out of the pigsty and started home he did have mixed motives he might have wanted a good meal he might have one want and clean clothing. But if he did These are normal human desires. The point of the story it seems to me in so far as the son is concerned is that he had a remembered confidence in his father and he had a confidence that were he to arise from this bad environment and go toward his father. He would be accepted. This is religiously profound. And this is the kind of trust that anyone
it seems to me who looks to God as a father has. And this is the thing I believe you're talking about. When you speak of mental health. This feeling of access to our source of power which is great and open and which will receive you and make you whole again. God walks his softest and grandmother's room one of a series of explorations into effective living titled the minds of men. A presentation of radio television at the University of Texas. Taking part in the discussion in today's broadcast. Dr. Bernice Moore. And Chaplain Colonel James R. Davidson and Chaplain Major Raymond T Matheson. These programs were prepared for broadcast under the supervision of Robert F. thank him special music by Eleanor Paige. Janie Morton was heard as Stephanie. And Kirk speaking. This program is distributed by the National Association of
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God walks His softest in Grandmother's room
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This program explores religion's role as a dynamic in effective living.
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