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National Educational radio in cooperation with the Institute on man and science presents a series of talks drawn from the institute's annual conference held recently in Rensselaer Vale New York the Institute on man and Sciences a nonprofit educational institution chartered by the New York State Board of Regents. The annual assembly of the institute is designed to focus attention on 20th century technology and human relationships resulting from its application. The speaker for this program is Ju jai a professor of Chinese culture at the New School for Social Research in New York City. His topic is what philosophies have molded Chinese life. Here now is Professor chai. It's really great to be here to discuss with you a Chinese philosopher called Latin with Chinese way of life. Before I talk about the Chinese peanuts off they liked
coke a few I think from all our American friends will have the channel name in a year. No one has said the rawest get personal X p.m. right in following him to send and takes the Chinese half a Chinese way you'll all be saying B and say that with them poised to end the standing up to Chinese people then my site I want to call it another patch also for all my friends for last a missionary in China will befall you
he said. I coped when I first went to China. That into a part of China I really am amazed at the know given the people he had the people means to passengers. They pay us. But on the other hand I'm really surprised at the content on this and those sects can. Be happy in public. They send out the poise to Ando stand to the chair and if people you know you know I'm sure you
chant if people had been you pop. During the years the Chinese people have given up and call me shit. I've saw them cry approach sort of reality. This kind of gave the Chinese people the way to decide for happiness. Well there are many factors making when people depend from the outside for you sense social and physical embodiment but with mass to remember oh face it go social
violence used to all native basic all indispensable facto a competition to give a chance to life. Possible but not actual. I want to emphasize this work policy and the actual Not the basic costs. The basic call to bake the Chinese people de-friend farmer are the people. Used to we couldn't hear and decide for happiness. Now the question had been the people I fired from my career in that. And so to this question. This is because we have a man defend to say stands often not softly. We have to de-friend the style and I
thought that I knew consequent today where you have a mandate de-friend types of command you may not pick up some you know aspirations for you says one type of friend of mine a day comes that there had been this happiness depends appall satisfaction you saya that means some board decides to set you satisfied and happy you know you would be this one type of people know what's up I'm not the type of the people just the opposite. When. There you see is that the happiness depends upon what you did mean Nation of that you saw us. He's brazen you say the more you saw
us you such a fly the boy you won a consequent today that brought suffering you would be so not the happiness depends upon all. Even though I hope that you saw oil you have no doubt you saw that you were people happy. Now we have to two types of people both website and tree then we have a solar tide and beam. I take to be that way. This time I crave with the first top man was born with you can go to hell just so I have to satisfy but I don't know other hand he had prayed with a second pie of the people decide I can end up the fool and is satisfied.
You have to eat the meat of some some of them that you to say decide I can look before one is satisfied but decide I can not be and hide. So we got to a certain type of a modern day. So this bastard had been this depends upon all malt to ration off to the side. He saw I should be bald the radio decided I should be CON-TROLL decided should be and the Khan's trend to tie off the day the press sent it by the Chinese people. Well you can go to and do a stand there is a kind to people where you have to cough up for a FREE FOOD. So away all the child it's been
us all free with a problem how to be happy. That's the way your former life but I see you know we have to describe Saul I just pick up to your post and when that repressed son get by con First you listen and don't use this to save time of salt. I con trick to country you got that was a good friend. Well ripostes and get her money from the auto repair costs and get that not too loose and yet the company man to each out of the CADO to each out of the GM friend. You've got the words they are unlike the
fact those which exited the great test begin friends only Chinese way off in life. Well that bit started with become wage cuts I could load it and dominate it. Chinese mine won't go through all the sins of the. Site just to point out the prominent characteristics come from a few feet north off a year. Her Majesty used C for emphasize placed on nations brochures with Saldana trays to the metaphysical and the supernatural.
Come through if you listen sometimes. Maybe call it the trend of the social status. They see just to show off and not softly behind the nation sheets they see the principle of the social structure and social control wasn't important the idea was to come for she was teaching you world status. Of call which Chinese 40 status to work its way called and been said men. Means friend means do what they say and then use that title that title
gave the person you the man or woman as definite a status definite a place definite posse and even not society which could be knots. Then define peace with nations with the obvious. I called him to teach him the comfort issues. I met with salt Nan with salt a status. No he still today would not know he said the nations with the obvious. So not yet for a man. All the books he's prostitution I called in to keep them afloat although I would be open the book would be. And sure they seized the volume pot and
Pine Key and those thing did all the Chinese we have to live in the society. No way can I keep you are not the Pollock and. Statement. And they they won not the proficy native profit self from. Off track when the universe space can she come to this country about five years ago. She gave an actual value not the actual content BFI used. She has traveled to the calmest China Monday times. She taught me.
One. Where Havre. She went. In fact in a school in a venue each unit Kamil. She noticed this is a high seat rock on the ship has a sign and a recommendation that just that's today all that you can give it you'll use a high tortoise track social structure. You got the words get found out everyone. You won't get to a girl that comes China. Everywhere. You go ball in the goal which keep you know. Look this is where you often lie to show
the teachings of console she also had to walk all the ole China columnist's trial room in ends to get away from the comfort unison. But Lisa we often life really has been looking out all the bases all the doctoring up the social status that the weight of the law is based upon all I'm face size to say cooperation and the power that even the relations of man to man I could Sapt supported and they seem not to go to the grope which Dippenaar Yes you go to the world.
This is kind of a law I used indication that Keesha all of you can pitch in to have them know preys on totally grow up which could be anonymous. Before you asked to deploy I want to emphasize you seem to me the Chinese people have to best grasp all the trolls think could be Pickens who may be Nations. Why for instance you you'll be in deep begin to weigh in to the optos. What are those what do to you but the Chinese. We had refrained from the we in what way to the way she goes to to S..
But this is as I said you know valor a real sense the teachings of socialist I had to walk be cold comfort Hughes told us you do what you can do for you as I answer this I did just SE God why does it do him when you keep your success all it's saying because that's the sad fact being that your control your Warry combo shoes son is my principle accepted by the world. You just say. And he said again. Yet my principal to say that no backstop but that was you just all so fate. What you to mean by fate.
Comfort if I had just a percent get my teachings my principles my doctrines to brand the world into all the while the world will accept are not that beyond my control to God peace who are the fate you sneak into at the CST and the competitions in the universe. Quick shot beyond your control so that you don't need to warn about them. Not defeat to kill off it. You just the way you are today and your status you can take it. Well they've just sent two idea up to come first and I don't have the time to keep the chaos. But this car and off in Los awfully worked up while on the freeway
for the Chinese people. But on the other hand there are secret key chains up to comfort us. I steer you in sufficient for the life of the Chinese people. Because all the comfort unison used to fall more practical to Rio had to go back to NATION. Because we human beings will have a certain time and that the size you rather say is change you think before we. Oh you didn't think the folk are also they used to the for solitude.
You sit there for quiet you begins to to fall to retire from that we're used to be told to the day chill. But all these things I read Jack confirmations so that there is a certain type of the people who might because you create that nature as a crate to retreat. The simple give them as the idea of their life. But these people go to all these key. Oh I hear that based upon the kitchen often loud and drunk. No I say set come first yes I am phase size the Hamas May and although we're still a choice but a door you can based up all become
a part of that nature. Before we take the difference between these two types I want to eat industrial fuel storage not the one million but become a part of the nature. While I'm up the stories gave him the greatest toy Keurig see a hue and key key. The greatest of all is to fit in the fourth century BCE. He said he emphasize he's teaching to carry. Why are we saying you have to shut off. Why he's all psyched. Coming soon to the great happiness. Just a like a creative face you swimming in the great ocean wastes all the calm of
justice all of us. And I'm by him. The trunk you don't get toast as a story. You wait he said one day. Well this could make a tree. Dream could become about the fry fry you hailed as the mana for all was soul free. So happy and sad tonight. He awake became the man I get them. Then the great Finn most awfully said I don't know all well on the battle fry treatment. I'm not mad at. All. While you are not man driven at Butterfly this is what you are about to fry and that
drain both of you part of the nature will make no difference. You know we're all out here is good to have been there since I'm famous I thought I'm such as a state of the nature that it's an emotive tension between B and a night and be a. They took great finesse off as I said the contradictory and that yet they compliment each other the comfort you get from ripostes and get to the ideal of the open life and of Dolly's repressed scented the idea of this whole rife comforters. I emphasize the social
relationship. But this tape of that nature come for shoes. I don't say size about the ration object you saw him bolted it so I didn't need to sell to institutions like you right. Not even Bill C the contour your nature. But all you seem on the other hand and face Saif the freight them up that way. They seem to kind of fit enough in you to Tom and Rick I didn't put pipes up to finance off a make a salary and you kind of talk that kind off it drops off
your DNA tests and the Chinese been all software for the life I sat phone last off thank you to trolls. But come so if you do and don't need to use a powered up the trolls not that who are trolls. Each of the teachings has to be told the Chinese way up in life. Combo Should away all of the law I emphasize to him obey nation sheep council to the prohibition to count slaves for five times the relationship between Ken and the sap yet the relationship between power ends and the choke and the
relationship between wife and hast been radiation she brought those shifts and to diminish and she became friends and friends. But this kind of relationship as I said. Can good men turn your harmonious way by the way of the road show by the way of the soul used to Sion a whirl Mobley institutions based upon the rights and the music companies use will have the will to start cow meat be Martha raking to keep the min pulsation bar they find the right combos you say will have this sentiment to
wake up the emotion we have to patient is that there is this kind she can moderate bargain bins of the music. Would you just write the words of moderation. You have heard too jai a professor of Chinese culture at the New School for Social Research in New York City as he discussed the subject. What philosophies have molded Chinese life. Professor Jai spoke at the annual conference of the Institute on man and science held in Rensselaer Vale New York on our next program Dr. John mung director emeritus of the China Institute in America will discuss the topic creating a climate and building bridges. These lectures are recorded by the Institute on man and science. The programs are prepared for broadcast and distributed by the
national educational radio network.
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