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With the lonely skies shoving down on his shoulders and the dust of a continent taking his throat he left his brand on the front tier of our history. I squinted ahead into savagery. Civilization dogging his heels and we give him to you who can take him straight. The American cowboy. As a feller was guts and all. Radio television the University of Texas presents the American Council a series of programs reflecting the true place and picture of the significant historical figure this unique folk hero. The American cowboy has produced and recorded by radio television the University of Texas under a grant from the National Educational Television and Radio Center in cooperation with the National Association of educational broadcast.
Today programs six have horse after. A car is often cited as an instance of a stupendous manifestation in fact of the wonderful working of nature to adapt your creatures to the circumstances surrounding them. It is argued that once the Cowboys. Buy a ped with ordinary powers of locomotion but that during the course of ages becoming more and more attached to his horse and having gradually ceased to use his legs these important adjuncts have been incapacitated for pedestrian uses and thus the cowboy and his pony and developed into a hybrid of man and horse and inferior kind. Just wrote Sweet INOX in 1883 in their book on a Mexican Mustang
through Texas with a portion of their statement the cowboy himself would be the first to agree. A man without a horse is no man a tall. The Lord never intended to walk. I can prove it by the by. If you can't take the enemy's live take it all. You show me a cow hand a foot and I'll show you. But finish the sentence as sweet an ox finished it and inferior and you'd be apt to find yourself fixed for a fight. If I love the law I'd heard you fellows today. For there was nothing in his own mind inferior about this and he rode high in the saddle and he rode proud with an opinion of himself and his kind so lofty that it was well-nigh Skybound it showed in the confidence zest of a spring Violet. With winter gone in the range grass green back to his chosen profession.
It showed in his shaming contempt for all ground crawlers whose heels made friend with the alien nerd. Oh yeah I can walk. It's physically possible to me taking a bath in public is physically possible but it ain't practical. And more than that it's downright indecent. Just with horses His day began for the cowboy and camp breakfast in his hay and dampness and stiffness in his joints and down in the valley the dull throbbing of hooves as a horse wrangler came the troop of cow ponies the remuda
rushing before him and thus with horses that cowboys day looks like this here might be a bad night before it's through. So your better catch up and Saturday night ponies and be ready to go on a herd any minute. The horse was the main thing in the Cowboys where cows were his livelihood and horses were his life rope and flanking branding. These were skills a man did well to know. But what really mattered in the cow country was right and right and was what you were good at. If you aim to make a place for yourself you boys only use horses no longer Oh man Wagoner nor the Reverend Paul valet were working for him. Any chance of a job. Well the old man has a bunch of rocks he wants broken that is if you can rot. There are come from most of a body can rot a little when a horse comes into a remuda with a saddle and no man in it the man who should have been able to get his time. New Mexico wagon boss is a terrible fussy that way.
They were not alone. Ask anybody. Wedding Ring Charlie says Tomlinson. Any of that bowed in banded Brotherhood whose legs like their lives were shaped to the contours of a horse. They tell you that a man own two feet and that's stretched out country was about as out of place as hick ups at a prayer meeting. Why shouldn't he be all about him to be chaste and call him cared for to be led or followed or rounded up or headed off for the free to foot and the form of leg small chance for this nature shortened human critter to be a keeper of kind or a herd of horses unless he got himself aboard a range where the equalizing quarter paid. So he got himself aboard one way or another. Now look ed you ain't never had no chance and I'm not going to give you one. What do you mean. And I resent you come up that lane back there with you know with a run in and your staves the shelling and your mind made up to the cow hand you bending down at me to let you gather strays when the big
round ups begin. Well now I'm a going to let you rot Shorty. We're fixing to fix that right now. Cher. Oh good random walk. What you going to do she's going to glue you on him kid all of you have feet under its belly and turn you to move but I aim and no stay here. Me I need a man to let you. And that's where you're both wrong. Well you do live it around around for a while but I have a lot away staple the benediction and once you did that on a stair hoss play you know every day all day I got nuttin scary to show you. So he boarded a home he stepped across the saddle and from then on he never left it. Not really not for a long while with the seat of his pants maybe under certain circumstances you flank sensual rust and now he's going to corner alone and go places. Now you take one of them damn northern mornings and I seen few horses gentle or otherwise won't
go wrong on them cold wet blanket their hide that kind of a morning you're likely to have a hand ride a mile or look around. Michael bugger every instance and part of the way in. We asked Red intones solicitous if he had made his will any girl in Texas who really loved him still. Was there any parting message that he would like to send to someone in his own home who still might be his friend who was his pet undertaker. What parson should we get flowers on his coffin. I can hear old booger yet most EU full of lies but just no tears from me. A rotten kid from Texas from the O-ring bar see. How a boy might go out to the end of his reign or light to walk the twenty feet to the chuck wagon and from time to time depending on the job at hand. He'd have a different horse
between his legs. No such thing is just an all round top horse leastways I've never seen one. Top it what. Cut n run circle standin Nygaard then things take different kinds of horses. That's all there is to it. The ride and circle now you want a good strong horse lots of bottom and gumption but you cut and that's your second set of brains at the round up. He has to have lotsa speed and savvy enough not to use it to leave the animal out of the herd. And don't come talking to me about them Hamlin stylings for open stock. There ain't no cowards there are no i was going to linger around polite like wow I missed a blue blood walks a wild Trots of peace and finally decides to break into a run. Oh God work like a heart and what can I call our John King. That's what Mad magazine has written in jest but this working partnership was no
jest and it was more than a partnership it was a growing together of muscle and nerve out there on that prairie stuck full of rocks and overalls. Well them stairs are runnin in the dark so think you can feel it. You know a man riding a horse you better not be. You'd better be a horse was for sure a feat and a man is just a kind of assessor. It was a growing together of mind and heart and that's why the cowboy thought horses lived horses breezed horses talked horses mainly horses mostly horses ever and always next just missed out more catches his head weaves in sunfish is hitting the ground one leg at a time all stiff and given me four separate jokes. He downloaded me then and there but I heard shots from the Cheyennes and it scares me so you could chop me loose with an axe. I've heard many a hawse ball before but this
one roared. Now I believe in it eat me up smh I only ever saw what the CEO does named Joe. Why Les and that horse knew I was doing a little bit more. And you're talking about a cat in the poop. Joe thought so far ahead of them could have taken the name they may have bought that steal anything. One time I dropped a bottle of whiskey in the wash bowl and broke. I strained out the glass and left the bowl for a while and sure enough when I come back there was grandpa drunk as a dime store mirror and the whiskey gone. Good ones bad clowns in Scalloway. The roster of horses remember rolls down the years old brown. Oh a legal owner might live with the range was once a man was matched with a mount those horses were his and his alone so long as he stayed out of it.
And after that for ever if you wanted him in memory and recollection you say a phantom remuda to be wrangled out of yesterday. Each name clear is that of print. Even after the image of bunkmates had begun to dim and fade. Smallish as horses go but that would be all right when they grill a bit. That's what stranger said about those early Spanish Mustang California and they have grown a bit in the passing of time in the rain until now their shadow falls giant like across every page of the cowboy story a story that is and always was as much horse as human. How force have human Radio-TV the University of
Texas has brought you program number six of the American Cannibal. Today's broadcast is based on source materials from the Texas History Library of the barker History Center and the western publications True West and frontier times edited by Joe small. New Mexico wagon boss and Granville references from partner of the wind by Thorpe and Clark. Outlaw horse from trails plowed under by Charles M. Russell. A bibliography is available on request. The American convoy is directed by Bill Burke from Scripps by Mary D Benjamin under the supervision of Robert F. shank. Producer are senors. Original music by Eleanor Paige. Our narrator is Horton Wayne Smith and student production assistant Alan Tate. Dan Langfield speaking. After half human was produced and recorded by radio television at the University of Texas under a grant from the National Educational Television and Radio Center. And is being distributed by the National Association of educational broadcaster.
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The American cowboy
Half horse, half human
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University of Texas
KUT (Radio station : Austin, Tex.)
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University of Maryland (College Park, Maryland)
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This program focuses on the importance of the horse in the life of a cowboy.
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Documentary series on the American cowboy, produced by the University of Texas.
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Announcer: Langfield, Daniel
Composer: Page, Eleanor
Director: Burke, Bill
Narrator: Smith, Horton
Producing Organization: University of Texas
Producing Organization: KUT (Radio station : Austin, Tex.)
Writer: Benjamin, Mary D.
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University of Maryland
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