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The legendary P.A.. Radio Network brings you another in a series of recycles by keyboard giants of the early 20th century. These performances are selected from more than 1000 Recordings. Reproducing piano rolls collected by Dr. Campbell stuff the chairman of the music department at Washington State University. Was a highly sophisticated repayment of the player piano developed to preserve actual performances of Concert Artists. In the days before electronic records. Now here is Campbell stout. To introduce today's legendary pianist. Today's program features give Marna by a pianist who is still prominent on the concert stage today after several years of study in our native country Brazil she went to Paris
at the age of 14 to study in the conservatory with the door Felipe. She was graduated in 1000 Levon as winner of the first prize of the conservatory. And the same year gave a highly successful debut recital in Paris. After two years of touring in France Germany England Italy and Switzerland she returned to Brazil where she appeared in leading cities for another two years. Then in 1015 she played her first recital in the United States about a year later she made her first recording for the reproducing piano and continued periodically to record these player roles until about 1930. The person number on today's program featuring devise is Handel's Largo in its original form. It was the opening aria in Xerxes one of Handel's numerous operas which have long since disappeared from the stage. It had its first performance in London in 1738 miss Novis plays a piano transcription by Parsons.
Following the Largo by Handel we hear a performance by our no bias of two of the better known Japan etudes Opus 25 number nine commonly called the butterfly and the Opus to number five known as the black.
You have been listening to two short plays for us next Nocturne in G major.
Following the Rubenstein Nocturne we hear another Nocturne performed by this one by Robert Schumann. It is the one in F major and is one of the better known short pieces by Schumann.
You have just heard the nocturne in F Major by Robert Hume on our Novis recital continues with Knight in Seville by name and.
You have been listening tonight in Seville by Walter name on closing today's program as novis plays Will o' the wisp by her former teacher. He's a door Phillipe.
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The legendary pianists II
Handel, Chopin, Rubinstein, Schuman
Producing Organization
Washington State University
Contributing Organization
University of Maryland (College Park, Maryland)
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Episode Description
This program presents Guiomar Novaes playing works by Handel, Chopin, Rubinstein, Schumann, Niemann and Philipp.
Series Description
Music by great early-twentieth century concert pianists who produced Duo-Art piano roll recordings before advent of electronic recording.
Broadcast Date
Media type
Announcer: Rundell, Hugh
Host: Stout, Kemble, 1916-
Performer: Novaes, Guiomar
Producing Organization: Washington State University
AAPB Contributor Holdings
University of Maryland
Identifier: 63-39-23 (National Association of Educational Broadcasters)
Format: 1/4 inch audio tape
Duration: 00:29:30
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