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The National Education already own network presents a law in the news with Professor Joseph R. Julan associate dean of the University of Michigan Law School. This is the year an odd numbered year in which most state legislatures meet. It may be a big year a big year that is with the commissioners on a uniform state laws. That's the group which seeks revision of the laws of the several States so as to achieve uniformity with me as the president of that commission. PROFESSOR WILLIAM J peers believes there are likely to be a big year for lawmaking in 69. Most state legislatures will be convening within the next few weeks for their sessions. Unfortunately in many states these legislatures will be meeting at a time when they're faced with a host of problems. For example in the whole area of urban affairs the urban revolution that is now going on the transportation breakdown the difficulties in education at all levels of education the problem of highway construction new
state hospital mental hospital programs state housing programs etc.. In this situation we find that many state legislatures are going to be faced with handicaps of outmoded constitutions limiting the power of the legislatures to be responsive to these major problems. In many states the sessions are limited in duration and will be impossible for the legislature to give full consideration to the innumerable problems that they face. Fortunately in many states citizens committees have been organized or are being organized in order to assist the legislature in obtaining improvement over the conditions so that they can meet the problems that the people need to have resolved. For example limitations on the sessions of these legislatures should be removed. Secondly the terms of office. Many of the state legislatures should be reexamined and perhaps like them in order to give a longer
period of tenure with the development of a sufficient expertise. Finally the whole legislative power structure should be reorganized particularly from the standpoint of the kinds of constitutional limitations that now exist that prohibit the state legislatures from allowing necessary in a governmental cooperative arrangements to deal with many of these problems. In 1968 state government collected approximately 35 billion dollars for its operation this was a 14 percent increase over the prior year. Next year we can expect this increase to continue. But the demands upon state government are increasing and with their limited resources state and local government is also in difficulty because they must participate. Bill let me put a difficult question to you I think it's a difficult one but it's one that many of us are thinking about have the state legislatures outlived their usefulness what I really have in mind is that so many of the problems which we're facing including the urban problems
are regional problems which the state legislature seemingly cannot adequately cope. The only way that I see that I can see that this is a difficult problem for example New York City cost us three state lines in effect as a metropolitan area. It is extremely difficult to provide satisfactory solutions unless the states get together. This is another area in which the states are handicapped in getting to agreement because of their state constitutional limitations. The other aspect of course is that there has to be a complete reexamination in my view of the responsibilities of federal state and local governments. Now everybody's in the picture with respect to everything. For example welfare we have federal programs we have state programs we have local programs we have federal money state money and local money. This should be rationalized some agency of government should be identified as a responsible agency to me for example the local government should be eliminated from the Welfare picture and the states as rapidly as possible by federal action.
Now this total picture does not mean that we will not have a great deal of legislative activity in fact the total number of laws that will be passed will be increasing 10 percent level at least that legislatures will be adopting a large number of uniform acts hopefully. But because of limitations a large number of the necessary enact months will not be obtained. That was William J Pierce president of the Commission on the uniform state laws. PROFESSOR JOSEPH R. Julan associate dean of the University of Michigan Law School as presented law in the news recorded by the University of Michigan broadcasting services. This is the national educational radio network.
Law in the news
Commissions on uniform state laws
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This program focuses on commissions on uniform state laws.
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Producing Organization: University of Michigan
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Speaker: Julin, Joseph R.
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