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The national educational radio network presents the BBC World Theater these weekly broadcasts are made possible by a grant from the Corporation for Public Broadcasting. This week on BBC World Theatre Stephen Murray and Googie withers in the reign of King Edward the third play published in quarto in 15 96 and now thought in part to be written by Shakespeare. It's been arranged for radio by Raymond breaks with music by Thomas Eastwood on the title page of the 50 96 edition of the play it says as it has been sundry times played about the city of London and it was entered in the register of the Stationers Company as a book entitled Edward the third in the Black Prince. Their war is with King John of France. The play wasn't recognised as Shakespeare's during his own lifetime however it was edited and published by Kapil and 1760 as a play thought to be writ by Shakespeare by changing one word one sentence of the introduction to capitals edition serves as a
fitting prologue to the broadcast you're about to hear. After all it must be confessed that it's being Shakespeare's work is conjecture only and a matter of opinion and the listener must now form one for himself. The reign of King Edward the third. And Adama Nies thirteen hundred twenty seven to thirteen hundred and seventy seven. And in about the eighteenth year of his reign King Edward knowing that he had just
cause to claim the crown of France in right of his mother Queen Isabella. Caused the matter to be thought of he debated among his cunts. New. Robert of Artois banished Goby from France like native country yet without stuff help retain as great a signore recreate the Earl of Richmond. He might be very careful about you know how go forward without pedigree who next succeeded King Philip Lobo three sons of his we all successively did sit upon their father's regal Frodo yet died and left no it's your there Lloyd. But so was my mother sister and of those he was my load and only Isabel was older daughters that is really bad. But no top rank number of their yes my name's win that's the lineage of the
bull was it the French obscured your mother's privilege and though she were the next of blood proclaimed John of the house of Valois I know they're the reason why Stacey the realm of France ought not admitted governor to rule except he be descended of the male. This comes along like a fruitful Schilens had added grown some to my dignity and by the fiery bigot of my words hot cottages engendered in my breast which heretofore was wrecked in ignorance but now we got monk with golden wings of fame and will approve faire Isabel's neighborhood your desktop next with steel that spurred against my sovereignty and progress. Just go from where it's come to something like this because you're going to be cross with treats you have conference where they are news blogs but we may hear from you was
already called up Come let us in on it. John I promise to be at work and I mean come on is that for so much as my good little gift again due to the not doing the only homage for their sake and for that purpose he and I summon the only path to Crohn's within the 40 days that they're according to custom is the Army's peace won through Leishman To aki. I guess I tighten up problems die he shall repossess the place see how occasion Laughs me in the face snow soon I'm minded to prepare for frogs blitzkrieg Viking with threats upon a pill to join to come to a trial dish pop to see him get a return on so by law. I mean don't visit him as he requests. But how. Not serve Violet disposed to bend but like a good eye to make him about one
day he come on the field hear me tell him by crying that he was up to save mine and where he sets his foot he ought to me Oh it's not a pity you don't look I claim but all the whole dominions of the realm which it with grudging here refuse to yield. I'll take away those bottles. Here's one cent to make it people will do this. Do it here in spite of all I know what I do pronounce the finest I thinks I have heard one we read by get back even to the bottom of my mostest my right hand see it spoke with the evidence of a king. My gracious father and these are the laws I hold by Miss each by just cutting loose and Him that sent the like lazy drone of the crypt up by stealth on to the eagle's nest from whence we were shaking with so rough a storm. I'll go shall be wanted by you stop my soundest counsel I can give to France is to send the constraint
of voluntariness your head let's go home. Then why not approach with violence is all of degenerate outof vibrate in the place when I was posted and I didn't see her face aha to me. Conspiracy nut may behold the shop Miss August you. Pervert DCI all that sits against my heart is far more thorny picking and displayed for that with the nightingale I shall be scared off as I dispose myself to rest until my colors be displayed in France this is my final answer. So be gone. OK now logs off thinking boxes under sail again just grow not quarry soon begun but not so quickly brought on to an end. One where forgotten so will your mother you know how stands the leap between the Scot and us back and yes I know treacherous King of Scots. No sooner was informed of your withdrawing of our army back straight forgetting of his former oath he made invasion on the bordering town
barricades one New Cross inspired and lost and now the tyrant have because we see that constant of Roxborough wearing clothes that come to his songs but he is like to perish the country songs but just like Don't Know What It Is it not a smile on here noble Scotland now style none to grieve but simple ladies with life threatening arms to it will make you shrink your snaily Hong's first step to Shelby I charge go let me put on what I want to show you my son must not all be Dons you know be shy or elect a seminal band that the soldiers are lost. Such as nothing but this all those blocked at once by myself will with these forces that I have at hand march out once for a pulse. Scott. How much in vain my poor eyes gazed at my sovereign should.
My cousin Montague I fear to select a live shoplifter solicit with the king in my bag. You have not told him what a grief it is to be the scornful captive to a Scot either to be wooed with or forced to by order insulting barbarism. He has not told him if he here prevail how much they will do right just in the north and in the phylum civil skipping bravely for their conquest and overthrown even in the barren bleak and fruitless. I must withdraw the everlasting flow comes to my walls close to step aside and listen to their battle for love. I'm full of pride. A lot of love to our beloved of France coming to us as the man in Christendom whom it was to reverence an entirely alone. Touching your
embassage the totem and play that we with England will not only not never make clear where the north take truths but to pardon their neighbor tones and persist with the good Lord's beyond their city. Farewell my lord let me in until your king you leave us here before this castle where you came from us even when we had darts yielded to our harms. No Douglas to walk or not to ask again for the devotion of the self and spoil leisure I crave the media and no more. Soft you saw it first must make my choice. And first I do be speak up for myself. Why then my leisure let me enjoy Had your thoughts on how it all one still liable to heart and who inherits heart who was with all my might be a scotch and he strains her want to leave as we were playing on the blue jean my Jean Hill or would we make this cry of mighty host of men the sun reflecting on the Amish all a fuel of pleat and would have pikes advanced.
Much Does Lol I just love it. Just a moment to moment when you block constructive talks we have too many trying to Wilma lesion there for three years by No. Just gotta learn where you stay and drink talk to us. I kind of to do right. Good morrow we do see the fat lady which hurt you will. I'm sure. I know you will do with Sharon. She's helping this gentleman. I'm not with that comp but makes the score not just surprise up the other furniture. But I'll tell you that you can offer were I excused the bombing she had got to very well although I do not know that yet you know you. The happy couple Welcome to our
house the comfort of the boisterous boastings before my walls. They would not back for all the power of this land with baseless fear that ever turns his back turned heads against the blustering northeast wind upon the bell rope forked and the name of. Thomas Day. My cousin Montague writes he thought of as my friend. Where Oh may I give our welcome cousin to pretty well it all comes to well to chase my phone from an ok person. How may I entertain his Majesty to show my duty and his taking to take. Them.
Wow what a long couple of days. They are my liege but try what I hear. But see the gates to open and my daughter whose beauty hardens with the cost of missions. Thanks gracious king I have seen her when she was house trained and let those guys win the excellence they have. But now that I have powered the group my subject dies. My leisure in duty log on the ground I need you and for my
dull knees by my feeling heart to witness my obedience to your Highness with many millions of us have ject Thanks for this your presence whose approach has driven war and danger from my gate to stand up. I come to bring the peace. However thereby I have purchased war no war to you my leash. The Scotland dog and galloped home toward Scotland with a gun with pursuit of scotch. Why my little one my gracious sovereigns tell you the part of a mighty king on our roof. My husband in the wars when he shall hear it will triumph for joy. Then dear my liege not thy state being at the wall and our gate. Pardon me Countess I will come no nearer. It's yielding here right behind me. Shameful. Want to
toss it away. What might I speak to make my sovereign stay. What needs a time does such as speaking I. But more persuades than winning oratory let not thy presence like the April Salmon platter R Us can suddenly be done. More happy do not make an outward wall than thou wilt graze saw in our house with. Our house. My leave is like a country swain whose heavy crude and manners blunt and plain persay just not yet inly beautified with his riches and pride. Nay to make up my all too long compare these ragged walls no testimony on what is within. But like a cloak that high from Withers waste the unda garnished pride more gracious than my terms can let thee be in treat thy self to stay a while with me as wise as what found fit can be heard when wisdom
keeps the gator's beauties God albeit my business to me it shall attend while I attend or be governed by laws. Yeah will I post tonight. Then. It was with the king that day and rocks but a car so was his secretary and confidant. One lot away. You might assume the higher you hide boss. He used to drink her sweet tongs I couldn't see and changing passion like in
constant clouds that her record on the coverage of the women's increase and died in his disdain cheeks glowed when she blushed even then did he look pale. Her cheeks something chanted by attracted had the chair departed from his own on with little and PIA when she grew pale his cheeks put on best God ornaments. Why did he then bust out. It looks as if she did blush toss $10 modest shame being in the sacred presence of the King. He didn't budge. Plus read the modest shame to veil his eyes and make being a king. If she looked pale it was a silly woman spirit about herself in presence of a king. If he looked back it was with guilty fear to talk to mace being a mighty king. Then Scottish was there well I feel it will prove a lingering English siege of peevish love comes His Highness
walking on alone. I step aside you know ever since I came home malls that every were going to go away. More fluent. What a strange discourse on phobic you have David and his Scots even glass cross she spake and then spoke broad with epithets and accents of a Scot but somewhat better than the Scot could speak and thus of course she and so then her so for who could speak like her. But she has some breeds from the wall and angels note from the heaven of sweet defiance to have Barbara suppose when she would talk of peace Methinks the time come on David Ward to prison when I wore it waken Caesar from his Roman grave to hear a wall beautified by her discourse. Wisdom is for me from this body in her tongue. Beauty are slung but in her fair face there is no summer but in her cheerful looks nor frosty winter but in her disdain.
I cannot blame the Scots that they see each other but she has all the treasure of our land. But call them cowards that they ran away having so rich and fat of course to stay. Now there are a lot of work. Give me a good paper. I will myself and bid a last hold on that play at chess but we will walk and meditate alone I will. My knees and I was well read in poetry and have a lusty and persuasive spirit I will acquaint him with my passion which he shall shadow with the veil of a lawn through which the queen of beauty is Queen shall see herself the ground of my infirmity as stark pen ink and paper ready now to make ready my liege then him this summer sit by me make it our council house on cabinet since Green our thoughts green but the conventicle where we will ease us by just buttoning them might he. Now a lot of we could invoke some golden muse to bring the hit and then chanted pain that may force size set down true size indeed and when I write stuff tears
In culture the word before and after with such sweet laments that it may raise drops in a tart as I make a flint Heart City and beautiful but so much moving have a poet's pen then if I be a poet moved I was so when be enriched by somebody slap but if the touch of sweet concordance strings could force attendance in the ears of Hello. How much more shall the strains of poets with Big Island ravage soft and human might to whom my lord to I direct my style to one that shames the fair and stops the why. Whose body has an abstract thought a brief contains each general virtue in the world. Beautiful. Better than beautiful. I must begin that device for fair a fair word unfair and every ornament that I would praise fly at a picture above the song of praise but that if you are not to be convicted. But when I admiration ten times more ten times ten thousand more but worth exceeds of that I want the praise my praises with begin my thought I will to
contemplate the while. Forget not to set down how passionate how heartsick and how full of languishing and her beauty makes me write time to a woman what I think started like a big heap praise a whole lot of what conditional to state she is what requisite that I should know. I thought of such a state that hers is as I've thrown my estate the footstool where she dreads and maced out judge what her condition is by the proportion of miking is right on when I put her in my thoughts. Shall I compare her voice to music or the nightingale to music every summer leaping Swain compares his Sun Bird lover when she speaks. And why should I speak of the nightingale the nightingale sings of adulthood it wrong and that compared this to satirical. A far softer than the silkworms twist like to work flattering glass stuff make more off the yellow amber light to a flattering
glass comes in too soon for writing I say that like a glass they catch the sun and then see the hot reflection Dockery banged against my breast and burns my heart within our world that discount makes my soul upon this voluntary ground of love not awake has now turned to gold. If not right but in letters capital my mistress name meant it will get will buy paper read lovely Greek filled out the empty hollows of my ears with the sweet hearing of my poetry I have not to appear you have brought her praise her praises my love both infinite which apprehends such violent extremes that they does deign an ending period. Beauty have no match but my affection hers more than most mine most and more all of them more hers more to praise them till the sea by drops. Nay more then drop them as the earth by Send send send by send them in memory then. Wherefore talks of a period to that which craves and indeed admiration. Read let us hear.
Mark Patton chased that he's the queen of shameless lying have two faults grow some capable. My God compares her to the pale Queen of Night who being set in dark seems therefore like what is she when the sun lifts up his head like a fading taper. Been dead my love shall brave the eye of heaven I've known and being on last shine the golden sun. What is the other fault. Myself annoyed you read all the line again. Or hadn't changed I did NOT be the talk of trash today. Sex over treasure out of her mind out with a movie line I would not have it and we have had likened to the sun. Say she has thrice more splendid than the sun but her perfection emulates the sun that she breeds sweets as plain as the sun that she does for cold winter like the sun that you took your fresh summer like the sun but that's all gazers like the sun and in this application of the sun bade her be free and general as the
sun who smiles upon the basis that grows as lovingly as on the fragrant rose. Let's see what follows that same moonlight line more had a chase that is the queen of shade mall bowed in constancy and constancy. Then who but more bowed inconstancy than Judith was. Oh monstrous line but in the next hour saw the actual word to cut off my head. Block block Good luck. Let us hear the next. There's all that yet is done. I thank thee then Tao has done little ill what is done is passing passing. He'll let the captain talk of boisterous war the prison out of a muted dark constraint. THE SICK MAN best sets down the pangs of death the man that starves the sweetness of a feast the frozen so the benefit of fire and every grief he's happy. Opposite love cannot sound well but in lovers tongues. Give me the pen and paper I will write.
But soft. Here comes my treasure my spirit. Large awake that knows not how to draw battle draw these wings these flankers and these squadrons argue in the defective discipline. Of trance to placed this yeah this other yeah. My memory and my yelling go go all the same. I could be in what form got a lot of I can't take this paper with your heart you go my liege. Sorry I am in my house. What made I said you do have to drive from the concert hall a melancholy lady. I am blunt. And cannot stroll of the flowers of solace and the ground of shame since I came here by Candice. I am wrong now. God forbid that any in my house should think myself over in wrong. Price gentle King acquaint me with your cause of
discontent. How then shall I be to remedy. As near my own my woman's power component still to abide I remain if her speech is true then have I my redress engaged by public to redeem my joys. And I am joyful Countess now inside dying I will my countess I will come by heaven I will take myself a little way aside and tell myself. A king does Doc Tony say that within my power it does lie to make him happy. And the darkest sworn to give him all the joy within my power to do this and tell me when I should be happy. All this is done by thrice dread sovereign that power of love that I have power to give the hast with all devout obedience imploring me hard I will improve. They have all the history say that I do it for my beauty you take it if I can see the little I do prize it ten times less.
If on my virtue take it if I canst for virtual store by giving men this beauty that I want to try to paint it I would wipe it off and disposes myself to give it the. Sovereign it is a tall order to my life. Take one and both for like a humble shadow it holds the sunshine of my summer's life may just lend it me to sport with all as easy May my intellect was so violent away and yet my body lives as lend my body palace to my soul away from her and yet retain my XD. If I should lend her has my lord to the I kill my paws and my poor soul. Me. Did Starr not swear to give me what I would I did my LEE So what you would I could wish no more of the LEAST GIVE not but I do not but I rather by that is my love. And for that love line
in rich exchange I tend both to the mind. But but your lips was sacred. Good my lord you would profane the holy name of love that love you often me. You cannot give her Caesar owes that tribute to his queen. That love you beg of me I cannot give for sorrows that duty to her nor would he that the clip will counterfeit your stamp shall die my Lord and will your sacred health commit high treason against the King of Heaven to stamp his image in forbidden metal forgetting your allegiance and your oath. In violating marriage sacred law you break a grito on other than yourself. It is a penalty to break your statutes though not interacted with your highness. And how much mo to infringe the holy act made by the mouth of God.
Sealed with his and I know my sovereign in my husband's love who not loyal service in his was done but to try the wife of souls Brit. Whether she'll hear or wantons alone no less to being there in guilty by my eyes today. From that not from my. I turn away. And leave you. But he's a beauty by what it's divine on how sweet chaplains to have beauty light because the wind beautify a sail and as a sail becomes the unseen wind. So who do have words a beauty beauty.
It's what I wear to honey gathering be too bad the comb of the jewel from his flower and not a poison sucking envious spider turned the juice I take the deadly venom. Religion is austere and gentle to script a guardian for so fare award. But she wed as he had told me why so she is. But when I would embrace her this do I catch you I think but my so must enjoy. But I cannot beat with reason under a profound love away yet comes I Father I will work with him to bend my colors in this field of love. May I know your history my old endeavor of approval of it. It shall not come along just kind of voluntary gift or prophetess to that I was forward to a big to be bought or without the greatness of
luck today. Why does men's tongues with golden words and P's their deeds with weight of heavy lead not faire performance come up full of promise or that a man might hold the hearts close book and choke the lavish tongue when the dove after the breath of falshood not corrected that puppy it from the honor of my age that I should write code red to lay it ages assit me not I say again but if I knew your grief and that by me it may be lessening my papa should by your highness. These are the vulgar ten does a false mend up never pay the duty of the word. That will not stick to swear what I will say it but when though most my griefs condition this rush to scorch it but we don't live word that we'll eat up again and leave me helpless by heaven I will not say that my grief is no way made some noble but by the law some bruising of thine if nothing but that the last maid planted you I would die content lost my vantage to thinks that thou canst UN swear
by oath again I cannot no I would not if I could but if I dust. What should I say to be more baby sent to any perjured villain that breaks the secret want of an oath. What wilt thou say to one breaks an oath that he had broke his faith with God demand and from them both stands excommunicated. What office with it to suggest a man to break a lawful and religious vile an uppish for the devil not a man that devils of his must do for me. I'll break my oath and cancel all the bonds of love and duty to slice off and be deaf I want to if i want i so the Lord must of my word an oath go to my daughter. And in my behalf command her. When her anyways to be my mistress and my secret love he will understand begin to make reply I don't break I was all that I saw. Doty K. Oh I got just a little face.
Well of me I tempt myself to run my SO would he have swarmed me by the name of God to break up out made by the name of GOD WHAT IF I swear by this right hand of mine to cut this right hand off the better way to wear to profane the Idol than confounded. But night will I do. I'll keep my end to my daughter make a recantation of all the virtue I have preached. I say she must get her husband souls but if she remembered to embrace the key I think I know may easily be broken but not so easily pardon the being broken. Say he's Greek made bet out the shape but not his kingdom get buy out sin. I say it is my duty to persuade but not on this day to give consent. Oh I see where she comes. Was never a father had
against his child in the embassy it's so bad why all the law I thought for you my mother. P.S. imports you to keep in presence of His Majesty and do your best to make his highness many social into this now and ever. It's not called Chime but where's the part of the wheel in such a stoop to do so his child might have souls but should I so but he had my brain and where it is part of the brain that would do frigid certain damage. Whether my daughter nor my dear friend's wife from Adam I am not want to talk think but an attorney from the court of hell but I suppose my spirit in his form to do a message to the king the mighty king of England saw the he that had power to take away the life of power to take on.
Then construct a poem by rather by Ana is often lost and got again. But life once gone ethno to come the king will in His Glory hide by shame and those that gaze on him to find out the will lose that eye sight looking imbecile. Well but can one drop of poison the see whose QJ boss just can to just below make it lose his operation. The king's great many will temper that Misty and give the pit a potion of approach a sugared sweet and most delicious case. Us in his bed just his behalf. A paddle seemed in virtuous sentences and develop an ion say in his suit. Try to see which will be unhappy to escape the danger of my food and to be ten times worse invited by friends and he no means to stain my honest blood but to corrupt the author of my blood and to be his scandalous and files a list that are no Marvel
though the branches be infected when poison have an accomplice in the root. Why then give sin a passport to a friend and you. But dangerous reign of Liberty blot out the strict forbidding of the law to cancel every canon the prescribed a shame for shame or penance for pence. No let me die. He's too boisterous will have it so before I will consent to be an actor in his graceless. Why speaks disciple have to speak of Mark how I can save my words again. An arm of a grave is more steam than the polluted placid the great American the greater is the thing be it good or bad that he shall undertake the reputed moat flying in the sun presents a greater substance than it is the freshest summer's day soon is below that carrion but it seems the case that sinned in times aggravated so that is
committed in a holy place. An evil deed done by authority. You see somebody's dick a pin tissue and the beauty of a row bad but the greatest call known to the beast. A specious reason. Between his glory daughter and die a shape that poisoned the show's worst you know golden cup Dark Knight seems dark about the lightning flash. Lily's haste is no worse than we are neighborly bloddy that inclines to scene. The shame is troubled by the opposite. So leave I with my blessing. You know I was a witch then convert to the most epic curse. Well now converts just go to the name of a black section lucky Shea follow the.
And when my mind turns so my body's eyes. I don't know. There came to rocks because the Lord orderly with news of the troops he had never had for the wars in France. Thrice noble or play well encountered here always somebody who's just for a fortnight since I saw his highness one time he said before to muster men
which I accordingly have done and bring them here in Colonel Ray before his majesty the king is in his closet malcontent. I know not but he gave in charge to lofted and none should interrupt him. The Countess Soulsby and her father why Dick and all the court look underneath the brother whose company is now broke. How come I know. Before myself oh my sovereign's wish 12 with which to make it so low to only greeted with a caucus and half according to your highness the list you have not but that which you had all but not all of what news with you. I have some foot according to your charge brought them here. Then let those four truck hits upon those horse according to this charge a big dog may be unknown.
She's mine. Let's leave him to his humor. What is this for Miss March the stuff you read in my books of warships came how it rolls with him the bigotry. Go play golf and parchment but I will teach you to conduct sweet lines on the bosom of a hypocrite and I would use it as my writing paper so reduce him from a scolding to be the Herald. Counsel better but weeks to God he summed up my case where I am going to work I go beat the drum of the Pats the looks on Hanuman the priests have a strong bond that we think and I'm Single think the couple haven't got such harsh results. Always giving away my will that I have requires no arms but these are my. He show me my for when a macho penetrable grown I shall be my arrows and my sight shall serve me as the vantage of a wind the world away my sweet start to love it. But unless she wins the son of me for that she is herself and then
comes the poet's term the wanton body of blind but love have eyes says judgment to his steps killed too much love it glory dazzles them quite well a lot of it but now for time that struck the lusty much my dear stands with Prince Edward your christ valiant son I see the boy approach. Oh how his mother says he smuggled in his corrects my stray desire and writes my heart and tried my thievish I who being rich enough in seeing her yet seeks elsewhere and basis theft is that which cannot cloak itself on poverty. Now by mocking your words I have assembled by doing all the father choicest buds of all our English blood for a lot of fans in France and here we come to take direction from your Majesty is to do what I see in him didn't he at his mother's. Is each of those his eyes on hers who looking wistfully on me make me blush for faults against themselves give evidence lust is off fire and men like a lantern show like lust within themselves even
threw themselves away sooks of wavering vanity shotgun knowledge let me go fabric to me by me be overthrown and shall I not muster there's little mention of myself. Give me an arm of eternal steel. I go to conquer kings. When shall I then subdue myself and be my enemy's friend. It must not be come by for the bus. Let's what I call a sweep the air across my dish. Well a lot of work. The Countess with a smiling tear desire success and your Majesty go but that a smile of hers have ransomed captive fronts. Said the king but often in the piazza and liberty. Go leave me dead and revel with my friends and a lot of work. Go fetch the Countess her and let her chase away these winter clouds for she gives beauty both to heaven and earth I go my liege. Sweden is mortal I can Hugh and to embrace in an unlawful bed.
Now my soul's playfellow. I've come to speak them more than heavenly word of yea to my objection in my beauteous love. My father and his blessing have commanded at our shelter you told me I really want you and that my dearest love can be no less than right for right a tenet of love for stuff then wrong for wrong and endless hate for him. But if I see your Majesty's hell bent at my own willingness my husband's love your higher state. No no respect respected can be my Aperture almightiness will bear on all these dear regards. I bind my discontent to my content and what I would not compare. I will provided that yourself remove those limits that stand between your Highness love and mine. Name the fake Countess and by heaven I will.
It is their lives that stand between our love that I would have choked up my sovereign whose lives my lady my thrice Lovingly your Queen and sold my wedded husband who are living have that title in our love that we cannot postpone but by their death. But opposition is beyond our law is your desire. If the law can hinder you to execute the one let it for beat you to attempt the I cannot think you love me as you say unless you do make good what you have sworn no more but the Queen shall die. Ibuki makes them guilty of their death. Upon which verdict I judge condemned them to puta wrapped when to the great universal stations called to convert the packing evil. We both shall tremble for it. What says my friend love is she resolute result
to be dissolved. And therefore this. Keep up my word Great King and I and my house and we're just all part a little from me and see how I will yield me to the hands here on this wall Who am I waiting that lives each day that all of this while I'm with it killed I am going by me to find her where she lives. And with this other dispatch much of which lies fast asleep within my heart when they are gone then I'll consent to have me knocked lascivious KING Don't hinder me. My resolution is more nimble of fava by prevention can be in my rescue because turn eyes strike they will stand still and hear the choice that I will put the two I swear to leave my most
holy suitor never henceforth to solicit me or else by heaven. This sharp pointed knife shall stay my own with that which I would stain my poor chaste blood sweat and would swear who I will strike and die before me here even by that power I swear that gives me now the power to be ashamed of myself. I never mean to part my lips again in any words that tends toward such as you to be my only fault. Why all those fame which after ages shall enrich me with I am awakened from this. I don't dream.
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