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Welcome to bluegrass and bounty program of all time American music. In the days before Radio America was pretty much a do it yourself affair with music providing a great deal of entertainment. Music was a source of enjoyment in and of itself topical songs kept people informed of what was going on in different parts of the country and learning to play musical instruments helped pass the time in the Southern Appalachian Mountains the most popular musical form several generations ago was the string band typically consisting of guitar banjo autoharp mandolin and similar instruments. The music performed by these bands at gatherings and local functions had a very definite style and flavor referred to today as old time or old timey music. The modern resurgence of interest in folk music has once again called attention to this musical genre. Bluegrass and mountains as a series of programs on which we'll hear a wide range of songs that were
popular in old America. On this introductory program let's listen first to a song depicting preparations for a weekend picnic called Hot Corn cold corn the cold corn referred to in the song comes in a demi john and it's corn liquor. The lead instrument in the song is the mandolin and it's played by the New Lost City Ramblers the New Lost City Ramblers as a group which delights in sounding old timey and specializes in songs from the 1980s and the depression as well as earlier times in American history. Louis. With. Their downstairs out and the kitchen up stairs down there is out and the kitchen they are downstairs out and they get to that. Old Coco just the real an individual. On going cold on bringing along the damage on the current goes on bringing along a bandage
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Free to. Come when the children are young. Chickenhead the ringing of the toenail declined. Going cold calling bringing along the name of John Doe song bring along the band The John. Cole going along with a Madonna. When I heard it galloping in the morning. Yeah. A lot of old time music traces its origins to the British Isles the pioneering settlers in the southern hills were a fairly homogeneous stock and took with them to the new world ancient instruments and songs. Once in America however their music continued to evolve and become more and more distinct from its European origins and some styles of playing the banjo for instance. The fifth string is played as a drone much as the drone and bagpipe music Bill Monroe provides us with an excellent example of this process in the song called Scotland. Two
fiddles tune slightly apart from each other provide in effect strongly resembling the wailing of bagpipes just to prove that the songs in the American idiom However there's a brief mandolin break in the middle with some very bluesy sounding progressions. Would thank you would. Go over. Thank you.
Thank you. So much. Would I ever would. Thanks would much much would. A true aficionados of old timey music are
constantly troubled by the distinction between ethnic and commercial folk artists. The distinction is a meaningless one sometimes in terms of the musical ability of the performers on bluegrass and mountains will hear music of both types and leave it to the listener to resolve this thorny issue of artistic integrity. This is a big John Hurt's about as ethnic as you can get. He was born in Carroll County Mississippi in March 1892 and except for a brief recording session for OK Records in 1928 had until recently never considered himself a professional musician. Nonetheless his music is certainly of the highest quality. We're going to hear him play a variant of Casey Jones a song about a famous train wreck which many of our listeners are familiar with. IT companies himself on the 12 string guitar. Yes. Well.
All I want. In my. Boy. Band. There with. The. Way. I'm. Playing. In. The world. Why. Do you go. To bed. With a. Good.
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To the right. Through. The. Phone. Thorough. Sweating. With. Him saying. 6:30. That was Mississippi John Hurt playing Casey Jones on future programs of bluegrass and mountains will hear more songs about train wrecks about old fashioned romances songs of historical interest and many others. Next week we start a group of programs about individual instruments and old time string bands will hear programs about the autoharp about the guitar mandolin and other instruments. And next week's program is going to be
devoted to the mandolin and. Bluegrass in Melbourne is a program of old time American music is produced at the University of Michigan
Stanford file speaking. This is the national educational radio network.
Bluegrass and mountains
Introduction to old time music
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This program gives an introduction to the types of music that are explored in the series.
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Recordings of and talk about a wide variety of old time American music.
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