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This program or series or as we explore the instrument notes and racks of musical and historical records or performances of music. Earlier explorations in the series of ancient organs in common gave us an opportunity to point out that of all European countries and other ones are probably the most richly endowed with instruments remaining of the Golden Age. In this connection it might be well to get Albert Schweitzer and to save my work and the best understanding of the beauty and by the way the old organs is found in how the country is so rich splendid organ architecture. The names of organ builders in the Netherlands during the Baroque era might suggest a strong
German influence in those days. The list is a long one and includes such famous builders as Miller St. Clair and although these men may have come from Germany the secrets of their trade were based on the work of ducks and Flemish organ builders of old two centuries earlier were found all over Europe. These were the years when Dutch composers singers conductors and organists were equally famous abroad. The great building as well as many other outstanding baroque organ builders are continuing the tradition of the famous organ building family of NI Hoff whose members often worked in Germany under the Flemish language do a family who had descendants built organs in Paris and even far away Madrid. The parallel is strikingly similar in the field of composition. Bach took up whereas whaling left off whaling had great numbers of German pupils among whom the most famous were probably shite Schildt tried to fight the first composition to
be heard on the impressive organ in some of those church Haarlem Holland is a work by the famous Dutch organist composer yon pedo zones wailing wailing was born in the event or in 15 62 he died 59 years later in Amsterdam in sixteen twenty one his manuscripts are found spread over the greater part of Europe from Oxford England to Bart Hungary and from up sort of Sweden to Padua Italy and Paris. This certainly indicates that he was one of the most widely known composers of his time and that his music was quite universally accepted. Organist but I had bought a link from some Bibles church in Holland Holland now plays way links echo Fatta se in C major. The eco fantasy and sci major by the 17th century Dutch composer Young's whaling
played by organist but not but a link on the organ in some Bibles Church in Harlem Holland. It was pointed out earlier in our program that the great German baroque organ builder our passionate continued the traditions of organ building established much earlier by the Dutch builded nee Hoff and the Flemish craftsmen longer do and their families. It cannot be denied that there was a striking similarity between the tone of the organ we are exploring today and the shifter instrument in Sandra Coby's church Hamburg Germany. I heard several weeks ago on this program. The sticker organ is for manuals and pedal with 67 stops. The organ in signed by host church in Harlem which we are investigating today is three manuals and pedal and sixty two stops only five less than the German instrument. By way of comparison let's again hear stickers on Jacoby organ briefly the excerpt is taken from the Bach partita by grist is a good egg. The organist is Heinz Wunderlich.
Lord. That. The.
War. War. From this excerpt from the baccarat party by grist is a good egg. Played by organist Hines one delay on the full Emanuel Schnitt good organ inside Jacoby's church in Hamburg Germany. We could rather quickly detect a strong kinship between the tone of this German baroque masterpiece and the organ we are investigating in detail on today's broadcast that he and samba host church in Harlem Holland. The some Buffalo's organ was built by Christian Miller who lived from 60 90 to 17 63 made it was of German origin but because he spent all of his productive professional life in Holland is rightfully considered a Dutch builder. He lived in Amsterdam from 17 20 until his death in 1763.
The organ sound of those church is a most impressive sight. The case contains two enormous pedal towers in which the 32 foot open pedals stop is located. The tower is a richly carved and genuinely characteristic of the late baroque style. The organ erected in 1738 has had a long and eventful history involving many restorations and alterations. In 1900 it won the Danish organ building firm of Mark was saying carried out the latest extensive work on the instrument. Todays broadcast from some of those church in Harlem Holland concludes as organist on top of a horse performs another work by the Dutch composer Young's whaling a composition called commemoration. Organist Vanderhorst at my commemoration by the Dutch
composer yawns wailing. You have been listening to another program in the series ancient European organ writing instruments erected during the period from the Middle Ages to the end of the 18th century. Today's broadcast featured the three manual and pedal instrument in some Bibles Church in Harlem Holland an instrument of sixty two stops erected in 1738 by crease down move it derails with these programs are recorded by members of the European Broadcasting Union based program having them recorded in some bubble or stirred by a body are made of the programme was prepared written by Honeywell and produced at the University of Michigan
at speaking and inviting you to listen again next week at the same time for another program intra European market. This is the national education or radio network.
Ancient European organs
St. Bavo's Church
Producing Organization
University of Michigan
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University of Maryland (College Park, Maryland)
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Episode Description
This program features recordings of the organ at St. Bavo's Church, Harlem, Holland. Performances include works by Sweelinck.
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Recordings of noted organs at various locations throughout Europe.
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Host: Fidell, S. A. (Sanford A.)
Performer: Bartelink, Bernard, 1929-2014
Performer: Van der Horst, Anton
Producing Organization: University of Michigan
Writer: Welliver, Harry B., 1910-2005
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University of Maryland
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