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Doctor tell me when should a mohel be removed. Because answering questions about your health is an important part of your doctor's services. The Minnesota State Medical Association presents doctor tell me here to ask the doctor your questions. Is Janice Hughes dead. Today your health questions will be answered by Dr. Harold G Ravitz a dermatologist from St. Paul. Dr. rabbits should be removed merely for cosmetic reasons. Well moles can be removed as medical reasons however we don't recommend their removal for this alone. Usually we like to remove them all for some medical reason. For example if a mole is a repeated leak in your safe or if it's located on the waist line or a long bra strap line or in the face where one continually irritates it by shaving then we say
these all should be removed. Now many people do have unsightly moles located in areas that are exposed to the public and they would like to have these removed. We do not discourage them and we do remove them for the sake of improving the appearance of the person. What methods might the physician you is to remove these models. There are several methods that we use for more removal. Probably the most common method is surgical excision. This can be done in a doctor's office but ordinarily this is done in the outpatient clinic of a hospital. The very simple method. Nobody is injected into the area. And this is a local anesthesia which deadens area in these molds can be removed by simple cutting with a cold knife and then sometimes stitching is to close the wound if it is a very small mole. Sometimes we use a combination
removal by cutting them all off and then cauterizing the base of the area with the electric needle so-call this is a method of electric Cautery. Which is heating the tissues destroying the tissue as well as stopping bleeding in the area. Cosmetically these wounds heal very nicely and a very small scar is left in place of the mole. But we do I like to emphasize that most should be removed in its entirety when this process is done or procedure. You mention something about shaving over a mole How can shaving affect the health of a mole. Ordinarily a regular shaving does not. Damage or affect the change in a mole. However if the person is
shaving with a sharp blade and should repeatedly cut into the mole and produce some bleeding in the area and damage the cells in this manner then we say this mole should probably be removed. How many moles on the face are shaved over without any injury whatever. There is no bleeding produced no trauma to the mole. And of course people who shave with the electric razor rarely are seldom damaged immobile. So ordinarily we do not have much concern and do not worry about this sort of thing unless the person is inadvertently making or cutting the mole repeatedly. What about plucking the hair from the mole. We do not recommend plucking here from the home because we feel that every time I hear is pulled from the mole this disturbs the growth of the cell or injures the ball in some small nation. So if a person has a mole with Hiers or single here in this father's and we
Doctor tell me
When should a mole be removed?
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Program number 348 asks when a mole should be removed.
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Weekly interviews with a Minneapolis-St. Paul area doctor about a current medical issue.
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Interviewee: Ravitz, Harold G.
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Producing Organization: KUOM (Radio station : Minneapolis, Minn.)
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