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Some would suggest that the moon walks that built spoke early and some 20 concept made that can fund boys and I do use Mozart as Peter Symphony Orchestra despite wishbone forms on time I don't believe so. Clifford Curzon love you. You're beginning mit einem you're going back mode science doesn't fill me in as to work. I'm hundred yards from the 1967 Mozart festival held in the German Brock city of votes park. You're about to hear a sympathy concert of works by both going on a day as Mozart. Performing is the but there Ian Radio Symphony Orchestra under its conductor. The piano solo rest is Clifford Curzon. We begin with the work of Mozart's the symphony in E-flat major Kushal number 1 8 4. The relief is developed I mean of sorts was on set he said it would only be a little mound of youths who was always on down the line Corsair Safranek component is what they're both going on but there
was more and they were dead or locust as I pointed out to you about I was a student you makes you wonder if I failed to Billick or piano. We thought girls. Knew camels but we know what is on most seven year me beyond measure but was just like a shell sank at my cat. Present I'm also going to hear those in Forney Corelli celibacy that there would be many a done deal if it were the Mozart of the universe indices in they see it. Now sort of put it in that regard but out get to the heat up in matter of Heil Kubelik act on the commercially it Benita Clifford cult and. It promise a nickel nobody when today Mozart let him 20 and maybe more a majority in the Sindo it in they gotta. Know my God over some fate an AC died in him and it would work against me to sing for any good to 50 Cent who says and they say that it was almost an hour got a good orchestra sing for you got that right about the era. Sobering said to my
astute I was so nice to be on the set our Clifford girls said Who said I need this but he made us all because to solve a Mozart symphony or amy be more my order in the end I got. And through. I am. More.
More. More. More. More.
You are.
You are. I want.
Our OF OUR are on. Our way. You're. More or. Are or are or. You're one. Her.
Thanks. Not as in 2010 as do work but I wonder do you want to see these even heard in symphony orchestras by ocean on forms on top I don't really know nd US concept for your club you know on August. Few hundred I don't want to see one more tot. Solaced Clifford Curzon after that performance of Mozart symphony in E-flat major Kushal number one need for the symphony orchestra of the but they're in radio conducted by a graphic link. Now play the Concerto for piano and orchestra in C Minor Kushal number 4 9 1 by Mozart the soloist is Clifford Curzon.
Michael locust told you about was also for the most part I was so used to little girls. That I've seen plenty and maybe are more mature in the 10 day Quatro the most how to get there I mean and a lot of it doesn't point to that but what I did explain that I filed Kubelik yet down the coast a little beneath that plea for a curtain in there but it didn't seem to know in there you know in the May not be in the months ahead. I got most of you seen for my auto industry act prosecuting I was not going to settle but up yonder your guest in our industry sent was you know going to the mortar that goes on. So a lot of gas to go sing for New Year. The. Hour.
You're. HOUR OF. Her. Birth the. Lord and the. Hour who were. Our.
I wonder you are her. You're.
The way. I am.
The I AM.
The law. The A.
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NER concerts
1967 Mozart Festival, program two, part one
Contributing Organization
University of Maryland (College Park, Maryland)
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Episode Description
This program, the first of three parts, presents portions of a performance by the Bavarian State Radio Orchestra from the 1967 Mozart Festival at Wurzberg, Germany.
Series Description
National Educational Radio presents a series of recorded concerts.
Media type
Conductor: Kubeli_k, Rafael, 1914-1996
Performer: Curzon, Clifford, 1907-1982
Performing Group: Bayerischer Rundfunk. Orchester
Producer: Deutsche Welle
AAPB Contributor Holdings
University of Maryland
Identifier: 67-43-7 (National Association of Educational Broadcasters)
Format: 1/4 inch audio tape
Duration: 00:27:25
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