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Doctor tell me do you recommend a crash diet for an overweight person. Because answering questions about your health is an important part of your doctor's services. The Minnesota State Medical Association presents doctor tell me here to ask the doctor your questions. Is Janice Hughes dead. Today your health questions will be answered by Dr. Philip SUCIA May an internist from St. Paul. Dr. Seuss What are some of the most common forms of crash diets. Well crash diets are popular and popularly proposed in so many of the magazines that you see on the newsstands about half of them are labeled Mayo Clinic diet's and I can assure you that the people the Mayo Clinic would disavow any part of them. I've seen people trying to lose weight eating nothing but eggs. I imagine if they could have stayed on the diet long enough it might not have succeeded in causing lose some weight. The individuals I saw had some of the worst hives urticaria that
I've ever seen and they were terribly miserable. They couldn't stand the diet for more than two or three days. It was completely senseless type of procedure. Another one you see people that will eat nothing but grapefruit for a while. Actually if it became medically necessary for a person to drastically cut down his weight his doctor might see fit to put in my normal food. A no calorie diet plain ordinary city water and that's about it. Strangely enough on a starvation diet like this as long as a person has enough water he can get along for an amazingly long time. And we've seen people go for six months or more in an attempt to cut weight from astronomical circus sideshow figures down to something that was reasonable. A very interesting thing of the companies this is the observation that such people do not require extra vitamins as long as they are not taking extra food. As long as
a person has adequate supply of liquids he can get along for surprising length of time living off the fat that he has stored up for just such an occasion. Why is the crash diet patient likely to regain the weight that he or she has lost when the crash diet person got to be obese. Almost every time because he ate too much in the first place he had developed a rather poor eating habits. He was satisfying his. His ego if not his appetite by overeating and therefore became overweight. Then when he went on the crash diet and drastically cut back on his weight he got back will say to a body weight that he had aimed for immediately reverts back to his original approved diet is over. Abundant diet and naturally he gains weight again.
The purpose of any diet should be twofold one to cut down on the excess weight but secondly to educate the individual into eating habits that will permit him to eat a variety of foods that will make life enjoyable and still not overload his body with more stuff than he can possibly use. What. Does the pancreas gland play for a dying person. Well the bank is has its own rule regardless of whether you're eating too much just enough or nothing nothing at all. Thank you this is a very interesting and important organ. It it poor is certain digestive juices into the intestinal tract that help to digest Stark's protein and fat so that they can be broken down. Absorbed in assimilated by the body. Then internally into the bloodstream it C creates a substance that we know of as insulin and probably secretes an
anti and slurry or an insulin controlling factor also the insulin we would. We know in the from my diabetic friends is necessary to utilize the food principally the sugar that you eat. Thank you very much Dr. Sue Sheree. The Minnesota State Medical Association has presented Dr. tell me recorded in the studios of KUNM at the University of Minnesota Janice who is dead has asked the doctor your questions if you have any additional questions. Write to Dr. tell me. Minnesota State Medical Association Three seventy five Jackson St.. St. Paul Minnesota 5 5 1 0 1. This program was distributed by the national educational radio network.
Doctor tell me
Crash diets
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Program number 340 asks if a crash diet is recommended for overweight people.
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Weekly interviews with a Minneapolis-St. Paul area doctor about a current medical issue.
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