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The best understanding of America begins or so it seems to us. With the realisation that this nation is young yet. That she is still new and unfinished. That even America is man's greatest adventure. In time. And space. The University of North Carolina represents American Adventure a study of man in the New World. His values and his characteristics who he is what he believes what he lives by. American Adventure is produced on a grant in aid from the National Association of educational broadcasters made possible by the educational television and radio center. Written by Johnny Lee directed by John Clayton. Today's program presents Casey as Mrs. Broussard in the battle.
January 8th 1815 early morning the war with the British which began in one thousand twelve is over. But the people of Louisiana have not heard the news in the Battle of New Orleans has not started. The Americans cling to the wall of a bulwark of earth near the sea it is a cold morning sun. What is the matter John. Do you have a cold. But I'm cold enough. Nervous. You get cold you get nervous. I see what you're writing a letter to my wife. She's back in the city. Write no letter. She's going to have a baby. For the Lord's sake why have one boy already you know she wants it done now. But God will send what he wants to. I wonder if you cares. And what's to be said for a family anyway. I have a mother back in the city. She's all I have and I'm all she has. Well that isn't right she has a coffee shop me in a coffee shop.
Sometimes I don't know which one she loves the most. Nonsense here I am with my belly on the mud looking out at the mist what 12000 British soldiers are waiting to join. You're going to be all right. Yeah I know I know we have real defeats pirates to help us of pirates and good fight have Indians we have free slaves we have General Jackson do we have General Jackson shaking with malaria and I have a mother with a coffee shop. You have a wife with an unborn baby and each of us has a rifle you knows nothing about. Now there are 12000 soldiers who fought in the wars. Join a gym. Sit down write a let down. Like I'm trying to do a do something. We can't be cowards cowards by a coward. COLD WAR OF MERCY. Just because I'm afraid does that make me a coward. No it doesn't but we have to remember that behind us is the
city and it's up to us to protect it and we did it. We would enjoy each quarter you know I was the British would come along and get it over with. January 8th 1815 many of the women of New Orleans gathered in chapels in homes with knives in their belts and prayer books in their hands while in a room on the second story of a brick building shutters drawn across the window. A woman lies in early stages of labor near the bed a midwife sits rocking near a still stands a small boy annoyed by all the happenings which he cannot understand didn't apply. Breakfast. Yes I didn't see your death before you went out to bid. WHY DIDN'T do you direct the hot. Yeah
and I don't want your mother. There can be peace. I want him to be near Fatah long park come back soon. Yes did he go out on a boat. No you. A few miles away only you will come back before nightfall. Why did you go. Because because they told me to call Mantell name to Downing General Jackson told him alright it would be the best as a killing. Yes but not for a while. Finish that letter brochure. I never.
Write the page and I read it over and it never says what I wanted to say listen what he said. It's a mess. There you hear the British walking around I think. Yes. So the officers are peering out to now look away don't walk. That's General Jackson isn't it. Standing up on top of puting out as a sound is gone. The British have stopped. How far away either. I do not know. Close or are they going to come from. I hope so. You do see pirates out on ze cannon. It's so Dominick you standing up. Now look he's talking to some of the men how close he is. I see on Eddie those pirates sun's a Cannon he's going to be touted as the British would come walking through the mist informations you high on formations and sea pirates will be behinds the earth
loading and fighting as if the British were Spanish frigates and the high seas and terrible thing all part of being noble and protecting the city. But I look why couldn't we go out there and reason with English. Why couldn't we say look here. We're telling you that you've lost if you're tried now but go on home with your lives. What's so funny. Your suggestion is the logic of an old woman as she cooks soup in a kitchen with six cats and a floor sleeping I don't know that I like that combination. So to her to. Be coming in soon no. It stopped. Yes. I wonder what they're thinking. English Irish Scotch they're human too. White white not always the same. I'd rather be wet and walk into the American
rifles lead in white and than fighting for the crown white because they pay me but for no crowd fighting for money is like Sunyata life Irishman. What I mean what is fireman like if it's different stead of money you get potassium goes so your life for potatoes and bad BS. How much I think it's worth to walk into the American lines. Oh much money but I doubt if they're no better marksman than we are. His shilling should do. But that's not the way to think about it you know. Don't think at all that's the way. When the officers say stop stop when they say fire fire. You don't see anything to fire at fire anyway. A bloomin idiots say retreat now laddie that's when you start thinking for yourself. That's the only time I ever volunteered to run in the king's service and the officers tell me to try to get myself out of whatever the officers have got me into.
January 8th 1815 morning the mist rises slowly and as each foot of ground becomes visible to the Americans the men wait until they concede defeat in the legs and then the bodies of the first ranks of the British army lined up before them ready to advance. BROUSSARD You know how to pray. Did you. Did I what pray. Well let me alone. I'm right. Good Lord a mercy what is that a newspaper. I prayed you know expect my mother's prayer and right. If God hears either one of us it would be my mother. I hope I haven't done anything wrong you understand but. I suppose you've got to judge a man for what he's done right. I haven't done anything right. Fighting a battle and he's right is it right to kill even God says so hard. I don't understand God very well. Look would you be quiet joy. How can God be on both sides. Look here they got twelve thousand men
had we got how many. Two thousand and I sing so well then and suppose they were to pray twelve thousand prayers and we were to pray to thoughts and prayers. They win is that right Lou. Well I'm just asking. Ask a priest. Let me ask you something else. You were wise Broussard. Can we count the slaves as a full prayer or as two thirds of a prayer. You finished your letter. He's unsigned but I'm sort of. Did you hear my question about the free slaves. Yes I had it the world is still full of oddities. Merrily we go into battle each man with the same God and watch us God and we'll show you that no man has our God at all.
Close the shutters. I thought I'd guess where you stand. With the right. Don't you. It's so nice. And your father. Saw her. Yes. How long does it take to make. Sometimes no longer than a few minutes.
It's not God. She said they believe she sure is a pretty baby you know eight pounds. Louis was ugly when he was born but these Ronnie's predict you won't have no trouble remembering her birthday ma'am not this one. Not with the battle to help you remember that day of the great battle she was boned. Please do. Yet back from the battle I meant and Dewey did the two boys my song he steps out on the steps may have been that income. Yes I'm. But you keep quiet boy. Yes my mom as the thunder stopped. Yes but
that applies and how have the men come back. Yes really. Go to the window and watch for him. Open the shutter. And when you see your father tell you. Yes mum I know who he is it is very important for you to see him and you must not to make a mistake. Yes maam it would seem to me that he has had time to walk the distance. It was only to MA and others have already walked in. Don't you fret so soon. How long does it take to walk to model now do you know. I mean when I lived in a car he would come to court. He would walk out from the town and it would take you. I believe he said 14 and I live no farther than the battlefield is from here. When did the can the.
US should. Go. Was it in the house. Please be quiet. Footsteps and on the stage you know we're supposed to go to don't know you how could you let your father come into the building and you not even see him. And it's a very important time. But. I didn't see. You. Yeah. If I must be quiet so my security through your afternoon has been difficult his mind. But now we both must compose ourselves to meet your father. He is back from the bath. Yes. Is this the apartment of a member of Shar. Yes. Louis is that you and Louis where I bring news about him. I make of it yes. Who are you. Right name is George Picard. I've
worked in a coffee shop today. Do I know. You know. That's my husband. He didn't did. When you were boys to me this morning. Sit down. Yes go out into the hall. Close the door you. Watch brought in from the hall window. Close the door you know tell me anything so that you may have to see me. Except that my husband is dead that I cannot hear you tell me he has lost a leg or both makes on his blog. This is proof but I would not listen if you go beyond the business Prashad I have no choice. He is dead. He's dead and I'm sorry. It's a miracle that he's gone and and it's very strange. This morning we stood side by side in the
lines and talked. He was confident and chided me because I was afraid of them then the battle started noisy thing people running here and there the cannons are firing and General Jackson was rushing up and down the lines yelling at the top of his voice out out in front we could see the masses of men the British army walking towards us with the front lines falling time and again as the cannon sounded. Then there was a moment when the British fled. Confusion lessened and I looked beside me to find your husband gone. I thought he might have run away but I remembered what he had said before the battle. When I saw him lying on the ground the letter in his hand as if that in the final moment of his life he'd been trying to write down something signed his name at the bottom of the page.
I can't say as to that. I use that time. He still uses Rashard I've come up here if I had not been sure what used to be the home he's got. Well don't worry about that if if you permit I'll see that arrangements are made. I have been in charge of anything like that before but it's something I would like to do. We were not not friends you understand but your little boy and the baby and and you. This family as all families are right. Just so the whole family heard and I. Could. Not get the baby knowing Toby she would cry only for on the net. She lives in the world of men and that's her name and.
You're. Everyone celebrates mother the streets are full of laughter. She did a wonderful night. You bet it is over and you win. And I'm well. I hear that the pirates are down on the waterfront having themselves a time you know we you know part owned by the John I love drunk because men can get into who we should be celebrating too. I celebrated only for a moment. There was that one moment when I knew that I hadn't been a coward and that's a fine feeling in itself. I hadn't really had a chance to think about being afraid when the battle started I just loaded and fired and kept at it and never once thought of fleeing or hiding. So I felt like somebody I felt like I was grown up for the first time. Here I am 29 years of age but for the first time I felt like a man must be you.
And I saw him lying on the ground. Sure Haitian no need to talk up there. And that letter in his hand. He has a pretty wife Mama and his son is hardly old enough to know who his father is. I was thinking this afternoon mama. Let's not talk about it now. Joy's beauty is not a film based by family no is because you last saw your father now you must touch mama. I will have to decide this for myself. I only intended to suggest that her ways before you have taken my advice. I have been to the battle of mama. I will decide it is not like it was before. You know like before you stand out there and watch men face danger and do it yourself. Men die
beside you and you keep on living and life takes on a meaning deep different cruel strong. God takes on a meaning. No no I must decide this but not tonight. In a month or two perhaps I will call on the shards. It's something I want to do loyally. But now let's celebrate the great victory and the safety of you all y'all. We must have it to host. Yes mother if you like her get big losses. Here we are the one your father you raised apart from friends. Yes thank you. No you'll Maypole knowledge in the toast. How can I say it. Let us drink to whatever it is which makes me whatever I am that is better than whatever I was this morning.
Yes. Do you let us drink to that. It is good brandy. Sure as you know Brooke took us through we don't as you what is the Met. Sorry. But I thought of her and him of the boy and the new baby. And then of the toast. Good lord the toast to what it was that changed me from what I was this morning. Yeah but we drink to warm other we drink a toast to war how can we drink a toast to war. A mother. That got my work on the streets already knows the shop the house and. She brought the candle to me. No please leave one on. Put it close by where I
can read. Yes and I thought about it a bit but he and I sleep. He asked his father. Yes his father and speaks really angry about the thunder. Once once in power is when I'll pull over when they should like you to fry How can you explain to a boy that that those wait until tomorrow good night me for one moment would you hand me the note that I would read to the baby. Yes and is it is it a letter or do men write methods before a bath. Good night Ms vision. My dearest wife and son and second son affair started the misters close about us does this include krill scratches. But when you read this the mist would have gone and perhaps I will bring the letter to you
in which case I may decide not to give it to you at all but a letter written in a moment of danger is not likely to avoid some confusion. But I can tell you what is clear to me that I love you is clear. You my wife and you Louis and you child not now born and yet how can we love the unborn whom we have not seen and to whom we fathers make such a small contribution. To love the newly dead. That is explainable for we know that but to love the unborn is not a mess Perhaps it is the future that always concerns us and the unborn our hopes for it. And so we live hoping that men will be better tomorrow than
we are today that our children will go on to become what we see that we have no chance of becoming. There is something outside of Austin. That I feel close that to each one of us. This mom and I have heard before in my life I had before perhaps because I feel that you need me. More than ever here behind these bulwarks I realize I stand protecting you. It is a remarkable thing that a battle is needed to make a man appreciate what he cannot appreciate so well in enjoying the thing he has the brains to be rehired me and one other thing.
I also see that the author I have. And the. Feeling I. Have. That I have. To. Take. To face this battle quite done. Some men have said that. Families make so helpless. So. The family is the source of my prey for just as the battle is this going to play. And if it should be. With. Us this death to be sure. What he first thought is kind beasts and. Being. A full human.
Until I come home. I would have. To. Go right. I don't. Mind. I know two of the three. What's the matter. Don't you understand. And you never. Know when they understand why your man will go into a battle. They're still betting the bid out to the back two feet up. And down below they sing and have a yawn. I have been stopped. They have stops in.
Last night. We lay afraid in our beds tonight. We are safe. People. Know me. What is it dear. And now you can sleep in this bed within your baby was or you must be a big boy and sleep by yourself. And tomorrow morning it will be light again and you can go and play. I love. To hear the cry Oh the swish. Oh to swell with the city. All is well with your father too. I think. Own his will with five. It is only with us to do that is not why we're here.
American adventure
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This program dramatizes events surrounding the Battle of New Orleans at the end of the War of 1812.
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This series studies the values and characteristics of notable figures from America's early years. It is written by John M. Ehle and directed by John S. Clayton.
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