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Poetry in song. The National Association of educational broadcasters presented by tape recording a series of programmes prepared song and narrated by Colbert Mitchell. American concert artist and editor of the poetry and song Bulletin. These programs feature outstanding musical settings of poetry and the literary anthologies of the world. Thus integrating the fields of music and literature. Here now to give us poetry in song is Hobart metal art expression and every form is of importance to us because each piece of music or literature or painting or sculpture tells us something about man and about ourselves. It contains a reaction of mankind to his life and to his environment. It can stimulate our thoughts and feelings. It can help us to see or hear in life what we have been blind and deaf to before
it can release in US feelings and thoughts which we might not otherwise be able to express at all or at least not so fully and well. All of us are likely to be too casual about our works seeking idle entertainment from them when we should hear and see in them what their creator is saying. Our demands alertness and participation of the viewer and listener demands in the fields of song and of literature that we remember the poet and the composer and hear songs is the product of their need to express themselves as spiritual like H.T. Burley's arrangement of Heaven Heaven is perhaps the easiest type of song to relate to the human need for expression. Yet we are even too inclined to consider spirituals as just rhythm songs. To God and
the way to get to heaven that I shall ever. Have. Everything about I am made to go into shock. I wish to God Goddess where to get there. Everybody going astray. No. Homo was.
Male. Oh no not. From the pan of an unknown poet and Lizabeth in England has come my love and her attire and appreciation of the grace and beauty of his beloved that is written with the direct simplicity of speech. The music is by Hazel and con Burke. By a time we just saw. On every rare sayings.
Oh yeah that's right. US was. Where. Is the. Less direct in its statement yet suggesting a scene and a story. Tennessee Williams cabin which Paul Bowles has said offers us an
observation for my eye. Home school. Oh.
Like oh. Henry personnel's I attempt from lovesickness to fly is so well known as music that it may be hard for us to hear it all so as a pertinent comment on our weakness of will. We are in love. God.
Oh my God I was so sick. Oh
well. Clarence Thomas did sending of Christina Rossetti is come to me reveals clearly it seems to me much a composer can deepen and intensify a poem when he makes it into a song.
Or song. With all.
The literature of song has a great deal to offer to us if we will hear it as human expression rather than as a means for vocal display or for musical sonorities and rhythms. If we will listen with awareness of the point and interior meaning of the songs that are song such a song is HD Burley's arrangement of hear the lambs are crying and have great religious meaning for us. If we will listen for what lies within the melody and rhythm and words of the song. So. You.
Do. I sure. Do. I love.
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Poetry in song III
The demands of art
Producing Organization
WCAL (Radio station : St. Olaf College)
Carleton College (Northfield, Minn.)
Contributing Organization
University of Maryland (College Park, Maryland)
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Episode Description
This program discusses the need for listeners to respect art and music.
Other Description
This series presents outstanding musical settings of poetry and literary anthologies, integrating the worlds of music and literature.
Broadcast Date
Media type
Host: Warren, Rich
Performer: Hagen, John P.
Producer: Mitchell, Hobart, 1908-
Producing Organization: WCAL (Radio station : St. Olaf College)
Producing Organization: Carleton College (Northfield, Minn.)
AAPB Contributor Holdings
University of Maryland
Identifier: 59-16-13 (National Association of Educational Broadcasters)
Format: 1/4 inch audio tape
Duration: 00:15:08
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