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What is patriotism. Everyone knows what he thinks on the Fourth of July. What I'm wondering is what does he think on the 1st of May or the 15th of August or the 19th of December. College radio players resent the patriotic play by many callers. Today's play is one of a series produced by the college radio players under a grant from the National Association of educational broadcasters for adult education. As usual you're on time Jim. I'm like you. Sleet or snow packed crowd you're hauling. Just
disappointed that your company force you to a strict schedule. I've got leeway right I guess I just like to think that you can look at your watch at a certain time know that Jim's boss will be around the corner in a few seconds. Thank you Miss. There's a seat there in the back. Maybe that's one of the answers. I guess maybe that Jim's way of being American. You know what you want. You think in a few seconds James Fox will be on the continent. And in a few seconds at a time calling. Is that WiMax has delivered the goods with nobody forcing it. Did you say some lady or were you talking to yourself. My wife always does that likes to talk to an intelligent person to say what are you reading. You must keep up on things yourself. Just the papers got a read on the way to work or the news is all before I get it it happened so fast lately. These investigations they're having in Washington right lady. You mean that so many people posing as Americans really aren't.
Yeah a bunch of panhandlers. They're drawn big fat salaries paid for out of my taxes. Riding around in long cars while I ride the bus and me paying for their cars. Me taking my lunch to work to save money right now Bus work in the stock room and those jokers centenary Fuz and hiding behind the Fifth Amendment you know. I decline to answer on the ground it may tend to incriminate me. Suppose my boss suspected me is smuggling some of those coats out of the stock room where I work. Suppose you haul me out on the carpet and said to me man. Floor coats are missing out of the stock room. Did you steal them. Could I say I declined to answer on the grounds it tends to incriminate me. Heck no. Either I stole them alright didn't steal them. If I stole them I expect to get prosecuted if I didn't steal them I expect to go free. You're guilty or you're not guilty. Nobody was ever kind of guilty of anything. You are you ain't guilty. You're a
citizen or you're not a citizen. You think anyone who thinks against America has no right to the protection of the American law and that's what I think Lady. If you can't think American out your go says well this is my stuff coming up lady here's where I get off on you. Thanks lady. That's where I drive. You sit there and tell any investigator that he has no right to violate your Bill of Rights you have any right to the Bill of Rights. I beg your pardon Lady I couldn't help hearing the conversation you and Mack had no Maccie is a swell guy and he sure got plenty of patriotism for six men he shelled out of then zeal. But you gotta remember this lady. In America you're innocent until you're proven guilty. That holds even when you're sitting there refusing to say whether or not you're a commie. You're still innocent until the courts prove you're guilty. Then you think that anyone has the right to hide behind the bill of rights and demand his privileges as an American citizen even though he is working against America until it's proved
definitely that he is. You've got to remember the Bill of Rights was made in the first place to keep belligerent men from badgering books were littler than they were once in a while you got to do like Teddy Roosevelt suggested. Walk softly and carry a big stick. People are only human and committees are made up of ordinary people. You agree then with the theory of I may not agree with what you say but I will defend to the death your right to say I guess that's how you put it. I'll admit that when we're at war I believe that the government has to take steps and go ahead and do things without consulting the people every move. Thanks for the information. This is where I get not say there's a crowd downtown today. And you go to school at the university do you. Yeah I'm in journalism. I understand there's quite a squabble
at the university regarding loyalty oaths and professors with pro-communist leanings. What effect does that seem to have on you students. This atmosphere of investigation what are you asking me that for all I'm just getting a man on the street consensus regarding patriotism that's I want my name looked up with anything lady. I don't even know your name well I don't want to cooked up anything I don't want to sign anything or be quoted anything like that. You could get me in trouble. How could I get you in trouble. I don't know how but you could. Half the fellows never signed anything or join anything or say anything if they you for the past 10 years are all fouled up in loyalty oath stuff and investigations been accused of being pinko stuff like that. We students are getting so we can try to analyze every word anyone says amateur FBI men all of us. You can say what you think without being called a pinko lady if I ever decided to read Karl Marx and anyone caught me reading it. I'd be a pinko commie a fellow traveler. I want to read a few of those fellows who claim to know what communism is all about. How can I fight communism when they're trying to take away from us the right to know what it actually is. You gotta know what you're
fighting before you want to fight. There isn't much communism on the campuses there. Not that I know about but it's like I said we don't discuss it. We don't want to stick our necks out. Dad always told me when he was in college the guys would have bull sessions that I'd probably knock the heads off of some of the investigating committees these days you say your dad was a communist. Dad that's the last lady is as regular as they come. Vote a straight ticket Rotary Club Sunday School Red Cross Committee. All that stuff you never signed anything when he was in college but he talked plenty he says but some of the stuff he said then would make him think of a fellow traveler now. He still says you got the right to assemble and debate the bill of rights you know. He doesn't like it the worse scared to debate and argue but me I'm not taking any chances. I've got to find a job and I'm out of college and I don't want anything hooked up to my name. Thank you for the information why you're not going to get in from school are you CAN I don't even know your name. I don't even know your name. I just know you're nice to let me call you that
should be the goal in life. When your father went to college he says everyone said what he thought. Is silence more I think to be fair discussion. You know then I beg your pardon Lady I happen to overhear your conversation with the boy back then you agree with him then you think too much suspicion cast affair upon Americans. We parents have got to be careful our children not the ones they want the young impressionable ones. I say leave no stone unturned. Reading out any supervisor teacher or minister or anyone who advocates communism either by subtle approaches or otherwise termite ism that's what it is. Destruction by Red termite Thank you. What is patriotism.
Who is the true patriot. The man who blindly follows his flag. My country right or wrong. Or the man who walks softly and carries a big stick. The government does carry its big stick. The Federal Court of the land it views with an unprejudiced and impartial why not one touched by the fever of fanaticism or swayed by the craftiness of conniver as the court walks softly and carries its big stick. And as the court walks it listens to the people and to the accused and it decides cautiously. Those things upon which the people cannot agree. So here is jokers carrying commie cards and then walked off. When you say you were an American because when you're when you're sworn to work on organization. So they ain't got any right there you know. Oh and the federal court the safety valve of its very people listens to those people and makes this decision and who can say who is more patriotic or more intelligent time here have become so fanatically patriotic
interbank your kind of patriotism is the only kind of patriotism. And both of them are patriots. Neither is violating his rights of citizenship. And each of them is American because he represents the people. It was for each of them the Bill of Rights was drawn up and for each of them that the court was established. Yet. Almost every day somewhere in America the Bill of Rights is violated by someone and the court listens. While that very person demands the sanctuary of that very minor on the grounds intends doing Grammont they are does the court ask first if this man is a patriot or try to. Nor does it deem him guilty until proved so. But he listens cautiously walk softly and carries a big stick. The people are the Patriots and the court is their conscience and the court. Oh I fight communism when they're trying to take away from us the right to know what it actually is and it
hears the. White families and that is satisfying myself on its face. Anyone else. Forget. America is a Coat of Many Colors and every American has the right to choose the color that best becomes him. When his individual hour of watch approaches him yet he must wear his color openly proudly without shame or craftiness or defiant. This is his freedom. To wear his collar. And over this Coat of Many Colors. The Bill of Rights labors for fairness and equality. And over this bill of rights the great court of the land to choose and mends the laws with its golden threads. And it walks softly yet to carries a big stick. And all this blend into one wonderous Coat of Many Colors.
And believe this pope can fit America. Only America can wear this coat many colors. At Grinnell College radio players were privy to a Coat of Many Colors by Mary Agnes Thompson. A Coat of Many Colors. It was directed by Herbert Prescott. Nancy why unfelt was the narrator of today's story. James
Leavenworth was HER TO SMACK Robert stare at was Steve James Stewart was Bill. Sally Osborne played the mother and Jerry Tomlinson was Jim the bus driver. Production was by Tom Reed and Bob gallants engineered. A Coat of Many Colors was presented by the Grinnell College radio players under a grant from the end Eve be sponsored by the fund for adult education of the Ford Foundation. Special theme music for the series was composed and played on the Harry chapel organ by a while carpenter. This is the ne network.
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Coat of many colors
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Grinnell College
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University of Maryland (College Park, Maryland)
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Episode Description
"A Coat of Many Colors," by Mary Agnes Thompson. what is patriotism, anyway? Follow Nancy as the rides the busses, meets the man on the campus, and woman in the crowd, as she seeks the answer.
Series Description
A series of 13 patriotic plays by professional freelance writers as edited and directed by Herbert Prescott with the Grinnell College Radio Players.
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Loyalty oaths--United States
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Actor: Leavenworth, Jim
Actor: Tomlinson, Jerry
Actor: Osborne, Sally
Composer: Carpenter, Hoyle
Director: Prescott, Herbert
Funder: Fund for Adult Education (U.S.)
Narrator: Weinfeld, Nancy
Performer: Brownlee, William Hugh
Producing Organization: Grinnell College
Production Manager: Reed, Tom
Writer: Thompson, Mary Agnes
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University of Maryland
Identifier: 54-1-6 (National Association of Educational Broadcasters)
Format: 1/4 inch audio tape
Duration: 00:14:19
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