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Listen to the sound of education in early New England. Listen to the sound of religion in early New England. The New England run a long. Run of song. This was Donald born professor of humanities a Boston University continuing part two of the New England renaissance. We take you today on a
tour of Concord Massachusetts visiting some of the spots which were well known to the transcendentalists places which will visit other boy same places some of them that you would be inclined to visit should you come to New England for a vacation tour. Our first stop was at the Orchard House one of the oldest houses in Concord having been built about sixteen fifty fifty seven it became the property of the orchids. Amos Brown some schoolmaster and idealistic patient hardworking wife Abigail children including Louisa May Alcott's Little Women and little membrane Waterhouse even today stands in quiet dignity on Lexington road outlined by mountains of shrubbery mammoth trees in the area famed Revolutionary Road. To the left as we are out of the door we see the library books everywhere and a friendly host James O'Brien with our questions about the house to the
right of the front door. Front from the yet that portrayed Bronson aka myth made namely that. What about the piano that was out there that was here when they all lived here with one of the piano made by the kicker in Company in Boston. That latterly the Louisa May Alcott What about. That or whatever these or radical colors were made by May he was in Europe one of the copy of a pinna or burial of Wilkie. Up the river Roger and got a ride to the group. For the road you're drawing the ration. One of the familiar one thing I know how the route a Rajah's through that period. It made the weather.
Back to area. Where he was an architect roughly a roll of the crop from the end of a profitable we remodeled the house when they came here. The lay of the kitchen of the kitchen is that they in the front part of the house was built in the middle. 17:00 and the remodel the whole thing in 1850. Devon that's when he put a movement through the window or whatever. Let's go into the room here where you throw a little we're bringing up the living room or the death been in the dining room in the dining room and that's the family that cooperated Louisa May Alcott down by Healy while he was in Europe. How about the clock only a preview of the comic clock not the product or from the problem you're.
Trying to do that kind of along with it and the coveted handmade. I think with their off it did not make that we're going to remember Rome in a moment and rebrand something good to read about but work with the latter the put creative with the John Pratt who would then and he with the John broke of Little Women. Melodeon there by the their way there we are look at at the moment. I think the morning to Him belong to the Reverend Samuel met. Through the roof of that province that that brought her mother from England. She thought her mother did the whole set of dishes that matched.
One of the silver plated was a picture of it with one of the camera on Meg wedding present from Ralph Waldo Emerson and I would go into the study. Then we brought the problem of you prefer your own home and. I think that one now that it's not too bad. I don't know very. Well but we go on talking about the old piano and the move around the house or more the thing of God who more than anything else about or the continual comfort of the place. Mrs. O'Brien told with no important changes have been made in the House and the orchid family lived here for both of these rooms who photographed the place where the Hollywood set for the motion picture. Little women the great Obviously the orchid family and many many happy hours in the room now are in the study most of the brunt of that right. Yeah I load up at the diner with just the front but the front fork of the right that right leg up the picture of where I live
we don't know who did that. Good luck with all. The. The inscription on of the mantle with painted there by May all cut and William Howard canning wrote the line the hill Di Maria the day if learning that it played. Very You will have a letter here from where that was written right. No I think this was written to a friend about a visit that Bronson often made to a town in the Midwest when he was out there lecturing were excellent. One. Said I was present when he met a group of 20 children on Sunday afternoon. He wanted them to gain through the activity of their own mind. And I dear the immortal power in their ability to think woman that one with us
over here. But the conquered some of the pull off the top of the front of the people who are yet that imagine it was they had a good many people believe they had a hundred twenty five pupils at the School of Philosophy at the thumb of the school and you had a lot of that up there to look into the rule of Rothley having a lot of those here the conquered some of them for a third term on Monday 11. They 81 of 9 am and will continue for five weeks. Another who would return who would be $3 who through the pride with a very expensive amount that they probably more than more learned. Certainly another here one of the elect you're. Reading from. For all the loss of one woman program of what
to do with Dork witness the goodman and the professor Howell who would prefer that her Professor Harris was the commissioner of education in Washington and he lived in that house during the summer he rented it from the office and he really was the one who failed and conducted that Bronson off that with the on of every day. Let's get up to the school of philosophy. If you let it go that yes I'd be glad to open. People can only look at the guy would be a wonderful thing. We go out back of the orchard how to the school of philosophy building a rustic arrangement of planks and board on painted well weathered the kind of chapel form in Dryden a huge room with a plank Clore whole rows of playing for those who want to hear Bronson or critique against the simple plan the war placed on pedestals. Then bust through Plato Pestalozzi
and Emma from below the budget of Amazon of the words Ralph Waldo Emerson who sang divine ideas below on the ward with a group of photographs of educators in the West be of men and women who were taught here among whom were William a recounting. Julia Ward Howe Elizabeth Peabody Frederick Henry standing here in the school of philosophy and proximity with the orchid orchard how home we think. Once again a Ralph Waldo Emerson description of Bronson or virtue in order that I was from the highest Juniors of the time more of the God like than any man I have ever seen. Just a short distance from the orchard house to the congregant aquarium society which houses a phenomenal collection of items of historical interest. We go there now and rustle a crypto president of the society allows or actually if you go into a Muslim study move into the concrete and acquire impulse rather from
a Muslim home across the street. Both of ordinarily are allowed only to look at the study through glass windows. Let's first bribe to hold up for a home that read surely through windows on what's up the ether not the high ceiling. Certainly your right or if you're from a shop and you look out on the apple trees were through here and within the day and you look out on the pine to use them in a day they were great and a great many pine tree you can leave. We planted I think six to seven that will take over the job when the few remaining one go that everything in this room actually was in the and at the time that he died everything was kept exactly in that. Way even to the cow and the court that the table that he used to. There it is probably just the way it was on that day.
Another hole of a door here the electoral bell rung to know I think of him what he wanted for you wanted something that was the call to Unlike some of the things the look. In the room there are what. Let's start with a party who obviously I don't know wrote out for great money for the home I looked out a while ago. And one of the second century one of the seven and everything in this room in this room and moved from across the world to the building about 19 late 20s one hundred twenty nine I think because everything is in the position it was written on the front door and the
copy actually in the thing relative to the company building that it was in his house across the street with my little brother would step through it get up to the top heroes or whatever. Good working with the stuff in the New York what about the amount of praise that obviously over for. The good life the one with Hugh about pick up the. Thread and the thread though that one thing Cromwell a picture of Cromwell of your family portrait on the floor or on the reward of what you have. Described the Tree of Hope you will read on product or on or rather than the.
One it called the pine furniture of early New England in the other is called the early American Room room. Read a proper trick would need it. Need to book would have that chair and because it had both and rocker and it dates in about. 18 months where the new and later perhaps the rocker. Part of the ship the crew from the. Record rather than the minute that the they could have put in by the manufacturer not by the gentleman who put the report with the Brampton rocker that is actually the curate that he worked with when he was going to study. It Up veronal in another room with your two right. Make sure that the neck cannot make the book neutral in rather the room really represents.
Classical revival your love it has a marble mantel piece and the and the copy for the floor. The shadows in the window all date of 19th century and the fifth and the feeling on the ceiling. Knows. What I wrote about the furniture that would be from manuscript to something I've never looked in my Don't be a collection. Of them work on the road here. Yeah that's me as a human so that of course Michelangelo's remarks were provocative that a portrait of a Muslim. I think it's a friend of theirs from the river on the road runs through one of those open your property over there obviously next to the bus. What kind of regular resorts resort the period.
Definitely over the period we would get a little gold pattern on the white front artery was in his room know it to the type of world that we have one in the 1820 room up there just about like that. They're like gold and they're like the white background photo. Can we see you. How many books would you say were there. Proximately you might be getting a little more of a small book with a very sensible and rather large rooms at the bottom. You know. From being something to play the 75 and the list of them with the other kinds of pad the third section the library that attaining knowledge either was running through a lot of work. See another one here on things the planning and the different the 61 proponents for me are.
The problem here. Probably grow a product that works on Oxford 1837. That's the truth of the shows about this one. Will bank roll through the 90s that the volume we haven't time to read road write the confidant aquarium building in which the eminent study and perpetuated of an extremely interesting history in the midst of the eighteen hundred or conquer the handyman newspaper boy if you will coming. David started collecting big and darker items of significance. It was a poor man. He frequently paid for the phone adjourned service with or by pocket. Later a group of Concord residents required that they have a collection and expanded it into a number of period room or with your contact and all of which your regular display. There are 14 rooms and or four ways empowered to
do. I would call them covered. Included is the AMA's room which would go to that with the Victorian room representing the period of Concord literary eminence and herb garden in the rear for many objects connected with the revolution or war period or so on the way the thorough room with furnishing one owned by Henry David Thoreau at the Henry David thorough room which we visit now. I'm like hey what about the room. Because of course the room actually were not anything that thorough Bella lived in a little alcove. On the second floor of the museum that we had left over after with a find the main room to the 14 room museum but actually we decided that with the most appropriate place that you could put or when to turn the surveyor's instruments and various other things. So approximately the size of your heart. Here or here we here we have everything
from the motor to the birth. Peter through to your local car which I believe he made himself a very uncomfortable looking fire we slept on that he had three chairs and I believe you have it in writing that he had three chairs one for solitude to proprietorship through three foot mobile is a good line you know because the lady won't talk with me of math but I had no room. I thought he would call and what services were with me through the course Louisa May Alcott wrote a poem about and largely U.S. the conventional labor he indulged in using some of the pencil that he made and use the mechanical drawing instrument surveyor chain and all the world of the layout of the native Concord to date one I believe a great mill pond with your brother who really
peak at little work school. Yes and I've got to live from that the life that came from the house from the heart in Walden Pond. Very little left of the foundations would have been governed by Mr. Robbins No she would I wager he made himself who were prepared. Broadman And what about the right behind the group of us by going by the three pictures of him. The one I remember with Alan Frank found in the New York door and it seemed reasonably well authenticated that we bought it and certainly of a Floyd rose up and it looked like you know and I think what about those photographs that I can't tell you whether it's not been when he was over almost from a portrait of him. Yeah. What I heard about a lot of stuff
I don't know really imagine him having having it the mower there either a live fire and very interesting of them from the original taken for Dr. Webb. The picture of John Brown and the service here farewell God bless you John Brown that that wonderful picture. What on Bravo did well in Concord and he was a friend in the sand when he was a friend. Thorough was Frank So you're right about the CIA let me read the plan of a road block in Lincoln Massachusetts bowing to Schuyler parks surveyed by Henry de Oro. They put in before you are the principal maker of their architect or their surveyors instruments of
the best. You know what I don't know and you might be interested to know that how we came to acquire the pieces partly his system is thorough had the after thorough had died in the end. Society was being formed. We were able to buy them from her. Also Mr. Tallman who was a great Concord and Aquarian of quite a while ago he had them when they were very throughout the time that they were given because the place that anything of our ocean and out of me at work in the grove McCrone were here and I do you really want with their growth over another. There's a great deal of the appeal of Henry David Thoreau in the tiny room of the confidant
of quantum society the Baron of simplicity on keeping with the man himself the man who went to Wharton pond because he would to live deliberately to front only the essential facts of life. Barely a moment of war can be across the street from the conquered anagram is the home of the rose friend Ralph Waldo Emerson kept in perfect condition throughout quite poor and wide with majestic trees guarding it and the surrounded by a white front in the side yard of the garden rhubarb and all the plant growing in great abundance of purple lilac Blanc at the grounds of the something in much the same as it was and wasn't. Time now they were coming out of the Muslim house in Concord Massachusetts I'd like to introduce. Dr. Richard crock novel. I'm doing research on that from Duluth. From questions I have to ask him what it is with room growth only right at your problem of the house.
If it was them with and thought he they actually thought he had been put across the trade in the antiquarian of dieting that a duplicate as nearly as possible of the original. It does have the original fireplace the original mantle on that. The room the bookcase the on the left as we come in is the very similar to the one in the antiquarian the siding and a good many of the finishing including a shelf and a table of Boston Rocca as Emma did his work on moving them to the next room on the right toward the rear. Looks like you're for the piano here one of the four. I think they call it the music room of the back Hala. It. Has the piano also has the comfortable chair than another fireplace which they evidently found that the theremin the central
heating on over the pine trees to our right if you look up the windows sort of north northwest would be I think not let cross before with a big bow and there are big lot rooms very light and carried to it must've been a pleasant house to live and work in for and the records for her who left rear side of the house on the ground floor and that is obviously the dining room. Very nice flowers there from the God and around here there are rather extensive grounds and grow. God and the thing that they have the house cop it on the floor a cop extending to wall wall making a very pleasant room to come by. Right grew a reluctant recruit come back from the dining room drop the front of the house again. The bedroom where they crawl out of that was the pilgrim chamber where they
entertain they get the whom they didn't had a good many. There were popular people naturally and with them the faith you've conquered were thought out by many people from hot part of the country. Where they stayed overnight if they stayed over my thoughts stayed in that room that crawled with the program. Dream before the operating room for a work program. What program coming to the shrine home of the I think you'd call it the Rhine they looked on it that way. At that time and it's still a collective very popular with the conquered Matthew. Now watch your go up stairs on the. Right rear was where Muslim slept and left rear room and somewhere in there I'm of the prim rose room with Imus and. Let him live and write of them to stay in Provo while I read it there you can see it from
here look up the stairs in the front doorway. But certainly if you dream of the great living death I would think though it seems to be lead to a legally how one suited to. A calm and quiet existence which the only way and that. If not for the clay at least if he with active intellectually. Approached rooms on the second story were who are Muslims who brought the one to the right one to the left. Once on program number O-level of the New England run along with taking you on a short tour of selected transcendental spots they are today in Concord Massachusetts. We sincerely hope that the Reeves who you are you may live to come to Congress and see these things for yourself. Much of the rural atmosphere the quiet pride the meticulous beauty of the house of God still remain however due the power to the people of
Concord and vicinity. Still the living heritage of the present and the promising to give a future perfectly preserved by understanding in mind the physical memory over time from the lives. Of the New England run of song. This has been the New England run a song written and produced the Boston University for the National Association of education abroad in cooperation with the fund for adult education the New England Renaissance was produced and directed by George W. Sloan assisted by William bag and Mel grey
our script was written by Diamond Dr. Richard C. carpenter was a research and content consultant Professor Donald born. Narrator The music for this program was taken from Charles Ives composition three places. Program number 12 interviews with the descendants of some of the transcendental if you will here family traditions and memories present day traces of the lives of the transcendental of. This network.
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This episode explores spots important to the Transcendentalist movement in Concord. MA. First visited is the Orchard House, home of author Louisa May Alcott, where the narrator tours the home and describes the interior and its objects. The narrator goes into the School of Philosophy, located in the backyard of the Orchard House. Additionally toured is Ralph Waldo Emersons study and the interior is described. The narrator visits the Concord Museum which holds artifacts related to Henry David Thoreau. Emersons home, next to the Concord Museum, is then described.
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A dramatic re-creation of the New England Renaissance produced at Boston University. In this part of the series, the Transcendentalists are viewed from the perspective of 1954, when this program was recorded.
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