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And him when he died and that meant he believed he was the Emperor and made what Germany and being rather bluntly what they're about to arrange is why I'm in order to satisfy him. The psychiatry charge of him that people have been very good and wrest him from them so that on the very first level of a concert around here and around the way I've been standing there with a man I'm going to bed you want covered but not in the manner in a manner more of the good eating a magic thank you ality that he didn't burn the thing. We have the modern man and we're
in the second life. What happens in the supply chain. The main thing that happens right. Like I should put it this way the main thing that's already happened. Just that then you need a place where only the curtain goes up. Eatable has already married his mother and yelled at her father and Martin and action like concern here. I happened to discover who was responsible for the writing which is of course in south but the name he has already died and that's why I ever know exactly yes and saw his work.
The main thing has already happened. The pub has already wasted life and 12 years of insanity in the trial. That and I have no record lighting. I'm certainly happy that the woman who is in some way responsible for the wasting of his life and for his madness because it was the jealousy of another and her or him for the madness of the Emperor and me the more it was just a man's jealousy which had led him to spare his horse. Horses for and precipitate him into madness those moment
has now decided to try and cure our former lover and she comes to the asylum. Whether that you know whether a psychiatrist and a plan to shock him and show that there's no. The plan does not work because in fact the man is no more. He has recovered manatee. He sees through the efforts made. If you are him and he realizes you have a very profound thing that what.
You want to claim that is if you are him. Tragedy in other words the tragedy has already occurred. His life has been wasted and now people are trying to cure him. Having a wife. Something which he realizes is comical and in part they are trying to be his way since I cannot rename or given him a new wife. Again there is no point in applying in which. He having having made known the fact that he is not mad he.
Pointed to the hair of the woman who was responsible for the whole thing. And you know that it has that is gray or white even white. And she says to him but your hair is white too. And he replied yes but my hair grew white when I was in a room when I was there and he grew white when he was met. He did not experience the transition from middle age from you middle aged young manhood to middle age from middle age to old age. And this is why the effort the psychiatrists to cure him is unavailing. I would like to point out that the plot which
has been open compared to him and I and others and the comparison is proper because we have in it a hero who acts on both registers on the registers and on the register of madness who pretends to be married and yet may also be pretending to be flying a certain moments we've never be quite sure there is a royal feeling and apply to the cost of the costume and the reminiscences of the Holy Roman Empire and of Henry the Fourth. But there is one thing very striking which is very striking to me and that is the attitude towards psychology. We hear a great deal now a day from literary critics who have been drawn to Sakhalin let it be arranged
and also from a psychologist and psychoanalyst themselves who are taking the writing. We hear a great Do you know about the complex's family. I mean the fact it is generally very worldly believe that the who will accept the notion of how much is to be found. And in most production of Hamlet right is relied on for an understanding of the characters and of the events. About this I would like to make one. Point an Irish statement about glory. It has been shown that.
Freud's writings on how much come in a very particular moment in his life just when he had finished the interpretation of dreams and he was struck by the fact that according to the biography of Shakespeare which Shakespeare had written Hamlet after the death of his father. Well Roy had written interpretation of dreams after the death almost directly after and accepting the biography of Shakespeare by Brandeis as authentic. He did not fail to draw the parallel. And so for him Interpretation of Dreams was a work comparable to Shakespeare's Hamlet as was said by the Swiss critics our attention who was
himself I. And then I was that for you thought of Shakespeare as of right and what not and of himself as a Shakespeare who had been analyzed. Well what am I asked himself and. The interpretation of dreams as a rival when I don't have Shakespeare's Hamlet. But whatever we may think of Friday and analysis of Shakespeare's play it has increasingly dominated criticism of Shakespeare. Now in the air and then we know there is a far cry of us who express loses with a great deal of intelligence. Many notions
common to modern and now there is no right but on the part of Fear and doubt I want to show over the years and know that if he does not blow the dice in favor obvious character and against the US. But you cannot leave there having seen that play. Without feeling that the animal is humanly speaking a fool and I would be much more likely that Henry could analyze the analysts than animals and war. You have asserted the superiority of the protagonist to any psychological point of view which could be directed toward what taking Margaret in this were there is no trace of religion
nor is there a single metaphysic go or statement that could be interpreted or inflected in the direction of metaphysical statement of any kind is completely pure of that. So and what there is in the liason that physics is something else and probably this relation to metaphysics is necessary for any work of true tragic question. What I have in mind is this. French philosopher wrote a book recently called metaphysical experience and he asked this question Is there such a thing as a metaphysical experience. And if so what is it. What can
be called metaphysical. And he concluded that there is no such it. And the word is unnecessary to describe the experience any of us would have. But he went on to suggest that perhaps there ought to be. Not that what we mean by Metaphysics is a dissatisfaction with that experience which is burnable to us very much in the sense that a character in a shirker supply Donna now commits suicide by the way he says before he does so. There ought to be something better than mine. There's nearly. Not that we have can have experiences which can be called mental but
those feelings that are running very important to an ultimate reach of attention. Yes that's something like that ought to be part of those we have and the player from Henry Ford in which I think I suggest is one of the most modern works in modern individual can go to say that he himself on this day and you know rounder comparable to that. The Greeks projected for the No. Will arise.
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Peace, love, creativity: Hope of mankind
The tragedy of modern Man, part two
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WNYC (Radio station : New York, N.Y.)
Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science and Art
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University of Maryland (College Park, Maryland)
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This program presents the second part of a lecture by Lionel Abel, Professor of English, State University of New York at Buffalo.
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This series presents lectures from the 1968 Cooper Union Forum. This forum's theme is Peace, Love, Creativity: The Hope of Mankind.
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Producing Organization: WNYC (Radio station : New York, N.Y.)
Producing Organization: Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science and Art
Speaker: Abel, Lionel
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University of Maryland
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