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Were the following program was originally released in 1956. These were the Valiant. From the four corners of the earth. The University of Michigan brings you tales of the greatest national heroes of all time. Tales of the valiant transcribe series of historic adventures produced by the broadcasting service of the University of Michigan under a grant from the Educational Television Radio Center in the operation of the National
Association of educational broadcasters. Today the story of Giuseppa Geter Beldi national hero of Italy. Italy in the year 1860. For many years the famous boute in the Mediterranean has been parceled out a spoiler for the powerful nations of Europe Spain France Austria Each holds a corner of this tortured land with an iron grip. Into this land at this time came just up to get a body to lead those men who sought to build unity out of chaos. To speak with those who sought a new voice for Italy in the concourse of nations and to dream with those who thought of free independence. Our story begins at the summer villa of King victory Emmanuel overlooking the restless blue waters of the Mediterranean. Sit down father Pantaleo said Don. Thank you Your Majesty. It's a great honor
for a priest to be invited to the residence of the King of Italy. I thought through many problems. You're overlooking the sea and I do have a problem with general Garibaldi. You fought with him and know him. Now I want to know him if you don't know about he is an Italian and his only desire is to see a free Italy count coup or in the ministry however tells me Garibaldi's caused him much grief. Well your foreign minister and get about a different method Your Majesty but their aims are the same one Italy one flag and one king. This was evident many years ago during the fight for Roman 1849 the French took the city from get about and things looked indeed very very general. A French messenger has arrived. General Odierno offered you and the men safe passage if you surrender and agree to leave Italy I'll remain in Italy father Vassie as long as I have one rifle and one cartridge. We may have lost Rome today but the time is coming when the people of Italy will be united. As for the men those who wish to surrender may those who wish to come with me are
welcome. Then your reply to the French general. You may tell the French if they can find Garibaldi in the mountains to the man. Tell him I am going out from Rome. But those who wish to continue the war come with me. I offer neither painter quarters no provisions I offer hunger thirst forced marches battle and death. Let him who loves his country in his heart and not with his lips come with me. Your Majesty good about he wandered in these mountains for a month with a handful of followers. Their food was gone their wagons falling apart fever killed many and most were sick. But you know Father Pantaleo the French were convinced that Garibaldi was dead not dead but surely defeated his dear wife Anita who would not be left behind felt they were trapped. The French to the west Austrians to the north the Neapolitans to the south and a secret escape by sea to Venice was their last hope. Venice. The Austrians had a fleet to there but they found that out too late as going to
these little boats rounded the point of going on in the moonlight silhouetted them against the shore the Austrian feet were cut off from Venice No. We better split up. That should be the village of Camacho behind the trees. ANITA. We're going ashore. I'll get a doctor general. Yes father. You had better stay here with your wife. I'll go into the doctor you hide here in the woods. Anita we're sure Anita. I I believe she's fainted. I'll carry her up on the beach here. Find out Doctor. But be careful. I'll be back soon Jack. She was sick. Oh. Where are the children. We'll be home in a little while and need the rest. Now I'm so tired. So time called God have I the right to destroy her life my family our hopes.
Must it really be saved at such a cost. Will God tell me to sign a sign. Don't lose hope. Now we all right. We don't care about their newborn Avram Grant you have been watching for your boats. The Austrians have been watching too we must hurry come. No I must wait here for the bus he is going to the village the village. It's alive with troops General there is no time to lose now you Bobby. Do you care for them. God God on me. Don't worry. If you want to save him too late he's been discovered save your wife and yourself get back into the boat. No she is too weak and he to. Her body was not even able to see a need to to her grave.
The Austrian patrols closed in too fast and he had to rush away and father basi what of him. He was caught forced to dig his own grave tortured and shot in the same day. I got about he fled to England in America and I heard no more about him until the affair in Sicily 10 years later in Sicily. Yes that's raised a new problem. You may remember your Majesty the uprisings of last summer when a few of us who knew the general felt that only he could carry out the revolution we had started against Francis of Naples. You know because you know a Sicilian paper it was sent to a list going about his help. And finally after weeks of discussion and planning going about he was ready to meet with your foreign minister called cavort. I've heard much of you such an impatient man. Why can't you radicals leave government in the hands of those who know how to use it. Use it. That's what I've been working against all my life. Governments are not to be used by a few to hold down the people count. People must be governed by their own citizens not by foreigners and Victor
Emanuel not an Italian governing Italy. Victor governs a small part of Italy and you seem determined to give even that away from our general. Perhaps my methods may seem not to be in the best interests of Italy at the moment is to give knees to the French now I'm afraid you plan to leave Sicily in the hands of the boardrooms. I'm no diplomat. I'm a soldier. Let me tell you know that I intend to go through with this Assyrian campaign nothing you say will stop me. And what makes you think I would try. I know diplomats can't. They always want to avoid any inconvenience. Suppose I should back you in this adventure general. Have you any idea of what would happen to our lives. I know that you could free the kingdom of Naples and Sicily from the tyranny of foreign rule. Noble words general. But there is more at stake than a few Sicilian peasants. We're a small country surrounded by great powers. Those of us who love freedom can care for and are willing to fight for sit down and listen. I do love freedom in general and I had to fight for it. The prize here is not just Sicily but all
Italy. I want to see all Italy united under Victor Emmanuel. Then why do you oppose me oppose you. I said I cannot approve Garibaldi. Remember if you go storming about Sicily I must keep the British Navy from blocking your ports. The French from allying with Naples. If I send a small army to Sicily the Austrians will invade Piedmont. Now General we cannot approve this adventure in the slightest sir if I can see the King I speak for there kid then sir I shall take Sicily without the King and you will one moment general. As I said we cannot approve. Not that I would oppose you if you do a bit of recruiting and some money raising his majesty would not object in the event to say over Sicily. I shall be forced to send orders for your arrest to our fleet. But I will make sure they cannot find you. My apologies Comte. I begin to understand you. There seem to be uses for diplomacy after all.
What's the progress of the recruiting more volunteers than we can take. We have arms and money for only a thousand men choose the thousand as though your life depended on SEO. For very likely it will. And what about these volunteers from the King's own army. I don't want even the shadow of the king on the strip. Choose the men who have been with us before. But don't enlist any army people. Very well General. Here's Christy with the other reports. I suppose you've spent all our money. I'm afraid I've spent too much. We're going to be awfully short of ammunition how much did you get. About 10000 rounds black powder and a few artillery rounds but no cannon yet. The Reds should so you find we can't afford fancy uniforms but I want the men dressed in red shirts. I've managed to find about 200. The rest of the men will have to find their own fine if all goes well. We leave for Sicily in a week and then General let Francis the
second King of Naples and Sicily look to his board and crowd. While this was going on your Majesty I was waiting in Sicily for word from the general. But you say he had only a thousand men 5000 men your Majesty a thousand men with all rifles and ten rounds of ammunition apiece and they were going to take sis and Francis of Naples. We had counted twenty thousand of his troops in Poland all alone and as we were afraid that we had brought a thousand men to their deaths in Sicily. But the die was cast on May 11 1860. Going to be landed at Marseilles. Welcome to Sicily general. The city of Marcello's yours tomorrow all Sicily will be yours then. Not the mine but it appears I am here for
Italy and Victor Emmanuel Italy our Garibaldi the words of the same to me and especially the peasants are joining by the thousands. We should move to the attack of patients because here we have much to do here first. Crispy. How did your meeting go with the Town Council. Just as we hoped. We have their support and we have some good maps too. Look here. General Monday is in college a female with 3000 troops and he has artillery and cavalry. That's right on the only road between here and Palermo. General Luck teaches in Palermo itself with twenty one thousand. We got the telegraph but I'm afraid we were too late. I'm sure they don't know our strength and they can't know what we plan to move next unless they can find out now the easier it will be for us. This won't be easy at any time. We have only a thousand men we can count on these peasants may be willing but they have neither training or discipline. Other Planta Lael Good to see you again. What is the news you get stay here and most all of it long general.
I heard on my way here that the Neapolitan fleet is coming to bombard the city tonight tonight. How do we do now. I'm not too surprised. Let me see that map. Here at me would be a defensible position. This ridge here can be held for days. We'll get those Squadron of the Syrians organized then move. Then we'll have action. We'll see what damage we can do to General Lundy Tuffy me I am. You know don't give away. This hillside is terraced But if you stay close to the terraces because if you give me a few min to get the cannon up get your head down and say here this is a battle of life. Steel get the right up there. What's the matter with you man. Rather pointedly What in heaven's name are you doing with a musket. Heaven's name is right General. I
can shoot straight and you need good shots if I can just keep these critters out of my camel Jebel they're going to drive us back down the hill with those cannon shots are going over our heads. If we fall back they will hit us. We've got to go forward. I don't see the Sicilian volunteers don't just look over there on the ridge. They look like spectators at a soccer game I think the closing will have to do all the work here. Keep your head down. I'm going over there and drive all squad they don't get up. I think we broke in the attack. We're moving up there on their own no. Yes here we. Are. We beat them general. There goes back to Palermo but at what cost Father what are the casualties. 30 dead 100 badly wounded 50 slightly hurt. Your son may not be wounded in the mountain or a dead body hurt. If Monta Nari price is high the price of what General Italy freedom is any price too high for the price is not paid father. We still have to
take. We have just started much our own already general. Today's battle will add much to your own great story. My glory is nothing. I want only one is really free and independent. When that is done I'm finished. While it is not done I will lead armies wherever their fates take me. The Fates will not take us far if we don't get more help from the squadron. They did nothing during the fight. Absolutely nothing. They never were closer than half a mile and they just shot their guns in the air and cheered. What helped was the Haitians big steal their young and see only the excitement and noise will make soldiers of them yet. And while we're making soldiers I suppose we'll have to do all the fight all the fighting. We are doing a very small part of the fighting all over Italy. Patriots will rise to join us. Even of the thousand is lost if I am lost. What we have started here will continue until our flag flies over a free nation. Here is our strongest ally because the face of Garibaldi in a just cause.
With these allies a thousand men can take the world before we take the world gentleman I think we should start planning to take Palermo that will keep us busy enough for now. And so Your Majesty the first battle was won general Lundy retreated to Palermo with wild tales of the Red Devils of going to Bali and we heard that landed told his superiors he'd been attacked by ten thousand men and ran away because he was outnumbered and that was all to the good that they overestimated to stand or won it through Palermo into a panic. We also heard that Garibaldi made himself dictator of Sicily. Well your Majesty that was another overstatement. Then what are the facts. Well the Neapolitan administrators fled to Palermo and left the country without any government as good a body increase be moved a thousand up into the hills around Palermo.
They realized something had to be done to prevent anarchy. We've got to set up some civil organization. We can't spare any of our own men to occupy these villages. The leaders of the island general have asked that you declare yourself dictator and rule the province. We might have to until we complete the campaign. But I want it understood that my rule lasts only until I can turn the area over to Italy and the king. You could have the kingdom here if you want to general my king is Victor Emmanuel. My land we will divide Sicily into several provinces and appoint a governor for each. He will prepare an election to be held as soon as the fighting is over. Very well General. But when will that be. Can you possibly take Palermo from 20000 men we must. Until we have Palermo we have nothing. Palermo is a symbol of the rotten corrupt rule of Naples. Win there and we have beaten Naples without setting foot on the mainland. That.
Went up into the rugged hills overlooking the lovely valley of Palermo with battle losses and the sick strength was only 700. But join with us with the Sicilian squad now about 3000. Blunderbusses sides and lives. In the city below. Gen. Alonzo was waiting with his 20000 troops waiting behind prepared defenses supported by artillery and naval guns. He began to work out his plan. Blind there in the city where the telegraph cut and drawn back he doesn't know where we are or how many we have now we will keep circling behind these hills until the time is right. Then move fast down this road to the Porta San Antonino and straight through to the center of the city. What do we do ignore the army. I don't see how you can expect to get into the city much less into the center. We would have 5 min left alive. We have to count on several things happening but first the new Republicans have no idea yet how few we really are. Second I expect a lot of people
and I think generally poor information will keep those troops spread out so they don't offend anyone point too strongly and we have got to and they do not. I have heard the marksmanship of the Neapolitans is as bad as your own. If they can't I don't suppose it matters how many there are. When do we attack tomorrow night. A rising will take place in the city at 2 o'clock in the morning. At that same hour we must be near the port of San Antonio prepared to force our way into the city with the bayonet. What will be the order of battle general will travel light. No food no baggage no wagons just such arms and ammunition as the men can carry. We'll go as quietly as possible. There will be no firing until we reach the gate. Only commanders will be mounted. The rest will be on foot. There's shorter term and you are only three guards and I'll take a couple of men then go on ahead. No firing because we don't want their whole army awake you men this way. Quiet now.
Now begins general. Tomorrow we will be live heroes or dead rebels Op Ed Rendell to Palermo to heaven general. Yes father or heaven. Do you hear anything. No and because he has silenced the first sentries force forward men quietly. Invite you into Palermo general the gate is open. All right folks you. Will get as close to the bridge as we can before firing. And charge as hard as we can. No no no firing yet to make knowledge that it won't come off then we attack no. Forward to the stand. So we stormed into Palermo your majesty to the field of Vicky an old square in the center of town. From there we
broke into small groups and dispersed in all directions. One of our lines on the Neapolitan army if I told they were baffled by this kind of fighting. We motored into the city and hit them at the most poorly defended spots in the way a small dog baits a bear. And who exactly the plan worked well. Shortly going to Bali was in control of the city and set up headquarters in the Old City Hall. No matter what the U.S. citizens going out fighting they will fight for their own freedom John says because you know your wound makes you light headed. The citizens are fighting already how the city is ours. Those naval can be killed. Give me 20 men I'll storm the palace take once a prisoner you know you've lost too much blood. Put him to bed father hundred miles and see these days there Billy's collar. All right Christine. Come in here. Yes General. No it goes well except on the lunch as men are protected by the fleet and we can't move them out.
Naval bombardment must be stopped general we aren't losing any men from it now but it's already started some bad fire so I can't see any answer right now we don't have any fleet so there's no way to get to them. Perhaps we can use the fishing right below us right out of the water. We'd better concentrate on the army. Most of his men are holed up in the royal palace. I think we can just leave them there. They'll probably stay if we can manage to hold the bridges. Wait general listen for what. But Cannon. They've stopped the fleet has stopped firing. Have I wonder what they'll try you know. This much he just came under a flag of truce from general and I what could he want. General and so to his excellent general Garibaldi you called me Excellency. He wants a cease fire. He could have had a cease fire without asking. We're out of ammunition he's prepared to talk terms listen he wants to meet me on board the British ship in the harbor. Was. General Garibaldi and I am Admiral Monday Her Majesty's Royal Navy. Glad to have you aboard
sir. May I present Mr. Goodwin Lieutenant Wilmont to Mr. Turner a pleasure gentleman general of representing general Lund's girl. I must protest the presence of these men in your cabin. I understood this was to be a private meeting between Garibaldi and me. These gentlemen are here sir to keep the record straight. I don't know what you have to say to General got about it but say it openly as representative of his majesty Francis the second. We object to these foreigners and as a representative of Her Majesty I say they will stay. Now what have you to say to General you know I have nothing to say to Garibaldi. I am here to draft with your help the terms of an armistice with these rebels and with my help sir. And I merely offer a neutral territory on my ship. You deal with general get nobody there he is. Tell him what you want. The envoys of King Francis do not deal with trouble sir and we are wasting time. One moment Admiral. Generally have you instructions from general answer. Perhaps it would be helpful if you read his suggestions.
He proposes that an armistice be declared and that the city of Palermo be turned over to General Garibaldi provided that safe passage be given to the mainland to His Majesty's troops and that the gold stores in the mint be returned to the rightful owner. Francis King of Naples very well except the troop shall turn over their arms to us and the gold stays with its rightful owners the people of Sicily. We cannot exceed. Very well. The truce will end at midnight on the way. Generally I submit that if you hope to make any arrangements with general going to Bali you make them hear them. Otherwise I should not blame him for continuing the vigorous prosecution of the war. But I cannot. What's the use. Well you exceed your will evacuate Palermo within the week. I assume military and civil command as of now I declare Palermo to be under the flag of Italy and Victor Emanuel. Was. The. Was. The.
Was. The. That is how your Majesty going to all these thousand men conquer the nation. General answers 20000 troops surrendered and left Palermo under the guard of all that was left of get about his red shirts. Three hundred men. Incredible father Pantalone. I cannot tell you what it means to me and to Italy to have such a general and such an army fighting in our cause. No reward I could offer could begin to express our gratitude. Your Majesty all of Garibaldi wants is a free Italy under one flag and that I promise him I will keep your best gift now would be to leave him in peace he wishes to go back to his farm in Capri I. Did ask one thing however I granted whatever it be title and money honors I granted none of that Your Majesty. Yet nobody wants a sack of Neapolitan beans. Do uses seed on a printer.
We wish to acknowledge the help of Professor Georgio speed of the University of Messina Italy in the preparation of this program. No here is Professor Albert Look Tony of the University of Michigan a grandson of one of the famous thousand Professor Makoni speaks on behalf of Professor Spinny. How the time got a body life before he died I mean don't compare I easily had become a unified nation for the first time in history. They're out all that the story no figure has been more controversial and more loved than copy body he's added to list with the noblest of all idea was devoting the south to the cause of freedom justice and humanity. I've been doing all talk to the
person again. Yeah the concept really these live for though the building color words all the free nation. Just separate out the upper sends an already this truckload of $40 and freedom brought to the world to talk a little sad for the determination of the nations and they do enjoy freedom. Force of the free isn't that evade the league for the protection of his life that he body spend several years in America and England but he never lost his great idea of a freak on the 3 though. And his life and their actions have any end is a separation for all the party odds whether stuck in they own nations for this same idea. In breaking the rules of the BB guns and so don't need to worry. We showed him a salve for the enemy of oppression and misrule. He says he didn't campaign you put me to the many abilities over the man. Great committee that really did want to just your money Teddy idea at least your separated body truly represents so that
imagines all the Motown a deli as a great nation. The University of Michigan has presented tales of the Valiant to transcribe series about great national heroes throughout the world. The story of Giuseppe Garibaldi a national hero of Italy was written by Dean coastal and produced under a grant from the Educational Television and Radio Center heard on the program where Norm Hart Wegg Henrietta Hermel and Bob Rinehart Don St.. Jerry hawks to Dale Stephens and John Sargent and Don Wiley consultants were Professor Howard impairment of the University of Michigan and Professor DRDO spinny of the University of Messina Italy editorial supervision by William Bender Jr. direction by Edward starship for the broadcasting service of the University of Michigan speaking. His program is distributed by the National Association of educational broadcasting. Originally released in 1956 the program you have just heard is from the program library of
National Public Radio.
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Giuseppe Garibaldi, hero of Italy, valiantly leads his Red Shirts to victory in Sicily.
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