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From the 1968 Wisconsin workweek of health sponsored by the State Medical Society it was Gunson and the Wisconsin physicians service Blue Shield. We bring you another in a series of programs designed for teenagers and taking as its theme. Youth on a four day trip today Dr. Robert J Samp Assistant Professor of Clinical Oncology at the University of Wisconsin Medical School discusses smoking and other burning issues. And now Dr. Sam the language the difference the contrast the clean looking crowd with only one or two pipe smokers and very few regular smokers in the audience. It's a challenge and a treat. I talk for groups where I can hardly see the front row. As a matter of fact it's like home for some of you where you don't know your parents because of the smoke screen between you and the dining room or you and the smoking lamp or you in the kitchen. I find it's hard to get close to people not only because I hate to breathe they're healthy ptosis but also the exhaust fumes. And when they start
breathing and their breath shows and it just isn't because it's a cool Wisconsin and Madison morning I'm frightened I'm frightened by the black tongues that I see on some of the patients because the hair that grows there and the green teeth and the bird cage bottom breath this is enough to kind of gag a maggot and nauseate me. Well. I'm tired of risking my shirt and my tie and my coat to their sparks and I have only one small idea retaliation. It isn't much I learned it aboard an airplane because when they all light up in peace I guess because we got off the ground and they take a deep inhale enough that their ears curl and their wattles atrophy and they drag in the spark show and then they blow their smoke all over me. I get violently airsick and I breathe my air sickness all over them. Well. It's not the best retaliation but it's a start.
The biggest retaliation I think is you in my own thinking. Your thinking and mine on the why the cause and the current situation. I'm worried about young people 15 to 17 who are smoking more. I'm not worried about the 18 or 19 year old who's tending to quit. I'm not so worried about the 24 25 year old who still is able to look back over the facts and all of her his attitude and his habits accordingly. But I'm worried about young people 10 to 14 who are confusing advertising with truth. In some instances and have the idea you either must comply or follow or ban or associate with those habits going on or you don't belong.
I'm worried about the masses who are not as lucky as you. Who have the intelligence and the Godgiven sense to look at facts and decide for yourself. I'm worried about a tendency to follow the leader in a lot of young people which I thought was nonexistent over the past decade. I thought that this whole hippie movement had a wealth of freedom and common sense and revolution and a seeking for the truth. But you know you talk to a young hip. Many of these people are disenchanted. You know they have rules of their own. You're either straight or you're narrow or you're straight or you're them. There's very little borderline. You either play their rules or you become establishment. You're either clean like they are or dirty like the people. This is some of the thinking. The idea being unless you come ply How can you be free.
Isn't this an anatomy. Isn't this a crazy attitude. When you start talking and terms to join you must follow these rules because if your hair isn't this long and your sandals aren't that shape and if your ideas are in this great a burlap you aren't a part of the movement. What kind of freedom is this. Freedom of thought and expression. What you still can't. Become a member. You can't take part. Nice you truly qualify. I'm not so certain that's the freedom I want. I like the revolutionary thought. Not in terms of blood and guns and guts but I like the idea of seeking truth. I think it's wrong to tell you that smoking stunts your growth because we don't have any evidence of this. I think it's wrong to tell you make the next one for the road milk because milk makes people sleepy and it isn't too smart when
you're already a little the NE pre-dated or fatigued or upset. To go sleepy to the wheel. I think it's wrong to tell people that they're going to have abnormal babies if they smoke. And I think that we have lost our audience scientifically in many of our aspects of health education because we began telling people that sex is dirty and it isn't. It's very beautiful when it's coupled with love and responsibility. It's just like saying drinking is wrong and it is not wrong. Are the ministers and priests and rabbis wrong who use ceremonial wine or the Apostles and disciples the Lord Himself. Who took on alcoholic beverages. We have some of the finest groups in the world who have liquors daily in their life. And have a better family life and a better background in future than many of us who might condemn it.
I found that the truth about tobacco and its dangers served me best as a teacher. It impressed audiences after a while because they couldn't contradict me or I couldn't contradict myself if in truth I stuck to the truth. What we know and what we can show to be true. Therefore I tell many an adult audience that I wish they could switch from cigarette to pipe or tobacco in a form other than the cigarette that they inhale. I'd like to tell the pregnant woman. If you must smoke. Would you try to avoid the early period of pregnancy where we feel the fetus is most vulnerable. If you have to smoke in the pregnancy at all Could it be in moderation. Like what. Maybe one after every meal and not to inhale so deeply. Or maybe a half a cigarette instead of a full cigarette because down towards the end the cigarette you re burned tars
chemicals that have been deposited in the most natural filter we have the tobacco the Russians have a cigarette giant size that's half filter which is a sort of a MUST be an economic drive to save tobacco I suppose. But the safety was almost serendipity. They discovered it by mistake that the error and the smaller amount of débâcle did something for them and especially now that we find you can cool the smoke if you used a yard long cigarette holder. You would be getting away from tobacco. Theoretically figuratively and you'd be helping because the temperature of the smoke is very important. Hence the person who drags deeply so that the eyeballs and vegetate hair begins to pull in. This is a different person entirely than a woman who smokes and talks or the pipe smoker that spends more time fidgeting and fussing with the gadget who burns more matches and lighter fluid than he does débâcle. This is a different smoker than a cigar man who's chewing it. Who is really benefiting himself by killing worms
from the spittle he swallows from the old juice. I think the truth. Is an awfully fine approach to our problem at hand. And I'd like to talk to you about some of the truth. I told almost a Freudian slip can't be for audion but it was a slip on time I told the audience. I don't mind if you smoke as long as you don't exhale. I had meant inhale but I really there was a some. There was a little bit of a maze of Kisan or sadism in myself. And that's why the slip came out. I didn't want him to inhale because I hated him to carry the ingredients of the smoke from the lung to the arterial supply to their own systemic organs because these things are carried. I demonstrated to a class one time something that had bothered me a long time. I delivered babies in the homes in Chicago as a part of the
senior ship senior preceptor ship program as a medical student. There weren't enough hospital beds and so we had to deliver him where they were. On top of their color TV set in the Cadillac in the corner you name it where they were. Well a lot of these gals had 10 12 babies and they were bored stiff. They would smile during the deliberate puff away. They would wave at all the staff reading comic books. And we the poor students shaking in our boots combo and outfits. Well we were frightened. What we noticed when you listen to the baby inside the mother you can put the stethoscope right on the big tummy and you can hear the baby some time to scream and maybe. A few things but you can hear the heartbeat runs about one hundred twenty eight regular high. But now the mother would drag you in and you would exchange all the cards resins nicotine doo doos and everything. When her system carrying the
material from her aorta to the placenta exchanging the mother's blood with the fetal blood across a semi-permeable membrane through the umbilical cord to the brain and the heart of the kid the child was smoking whether it wanted to or not because the only smoking and now listen to the heart. Came somewhat irregular with irritated it had to be needed. You couldn't help but feel this is just a little different than the ordinary T-Zone or appear in the throat in a Schnozzle area and up around the sinuses that they talk about this with the stem mic Gen.. You couldn't help but feel that there could be a difference in the children born of the mother who did smoke heavily and the non smoking mother. And the studies by the Navy and substantiated really documented documented and corroborated by many institutions around the world showing truth
that the children born of mothers who have more than a pack a day habit. These children are smaller. And they're born more often prematurely not the full nine month or 10 lunar month term and not really that but there is more breathing difficulty in those children as reported by those attending at the childbirth. They have to smack a maybe twice or both sides or they may have to jiggle them a little bit or they may come out with a croup like the old lady has or that PA has that you can recognize when they don't stop coughing til noon. You can't help but be truthful when you witness a difference between the so-called normal and the abnormal. I think that truth is touched more young women at the high school level and may touch many of your friends who insist on taking up the habit. They may not be able to break and carrying it into a period
where they really should break it. A very precious period of life when you can create. With God's help human bite where you have the responsibility as the host to this parasite fetus. Nurturing of caring for providing good clean air of life and sustenance. Guys are not impressed by this so much they don't have babies Dione think about this the thinking about sports and athletics. Girls don't think about sports and athletics they wrestle occasionally on a Friday or Saturday night. But other than that. They're pressed by things of the girls World guys are impressed by athletic achievements. And the cause of many a guy smoking seems to be he doesn't have the goal of conditioning of wanting to be in shape of trying to give himself some staging and going power. They want to give themselves some reserve and some build up
our athletes at the high school level protect themselves by a life of moderation. And contrariwise without an objective to be in better shape or better physical condition there is a tendency of the non athlete to drownd his sorrows in the hypocrisy of the low oxygen tension of smoking we find smoking among misfits among oddballs. If you have a kid who's eight foot two say and he's only a ninth grader you'll find he stands out. Yes I didn't mean it that way but I find him to be out in the feeling a woman who's five five not an inch is five feet by five feet. This girl feels different. Some people aren't blessed with your good looks and good clothes and the look you had parents to push you into reading and expanding and thinking at a young age and there for those misfits as I might term them those unfortunates who aren't quite up to your caliber the normal student.
They have a reason to smoke if they're behind in school. If they can't care to study if they prefer to fidget and teachers don't like fitters and if they're picked on and slammed or ignored or embarrassed they escape in the small. A lot of them use jargon cliches and rationalizations that really don't make sense but they call on frequently I smoke they say because it's comes my nerves just before I parachute jump. With or without chute I find it very satisfying and they're almost right out of the advertisement. Word for word like was about Greer who said. In between the Habs I feel much better if I have a puff. He got a thousand bucks for that ad he really wasn't thinking of the young people who would watch him smoke. Nor was Paul Horning who endorsed a national brand for a buck or a thousand of them not thinking that young people who would idolize would imitate who would really follow this as a challenge might be in
some way persuaded but we have enough people. Who are either out of step or feel different or aren't up to the Pace who need the attention. Who liked the idea of a SO PERFECT asylum the fake in a sleep producer or a sedate or. But it's a depressant. Truck drivers have rationalized to me that I smoke because it perks me up. How long a minute the blood sugar rises as the adrenaline arises as the gastric mucosa is irritated as the system is irritated initially. This is why you and I when we had our first puff became somewhat nauseated and I really liked a barfed all the tobacco log with one fell heave. But we didn't and luckily we tied it over. So they say I really get a pick up but they don't say how long because if you ever charted the pick up it's a quick line up and a quick drop off and they're just as depressed or more so shortly because a lot of these people truly have a lower oxygen to the brain you
can find carbon monoxide in the blood of heavy smokers and carbon monoxide come Petes and very nicely with oxygen for command of the hemoglobin So the priority goes to the carbon monoxide and not to the oxygen. And these people don't have effective hemoglobin transport to the brain. You show me a heavy smoker and I'll show you a guy that doesn't Sarah Brady isn't as fast. You show me an athlete who tries to smoke on the side and I can show you a neural muscular coordination that isn't as sharp Is it might be. Sorry sharp professional athletes. Have told us in symposia in national meetings we wouldn't dare small because one or two days of insult would take months of conditioning. You know that you can test the saliva the blood the gastric juice the feces even the cerebral spinal fluid in a smoker who has quit and weeks after he's quit. There are still traces of the chemical residual
of the smoke absorbed by that person. So the guy who tells me it calms his nerves. Why does New try a baseball bat sometimes. Because in effect although it's brutal This is what he's asking for and the guy that says I only smoke because it makes me feel grown up. I have bigger as a result must be reminded that our psychologist point out many of our smokers continue to smoke in the face of mounting evidence that it is a social. Tragedy. Pathetic. Because of their immaturity not their maturity the immaturity shows in the inability to cope with themselves. The immaturity shows in the follow the leader the immaturity shows in some believe it or not because they don't have a thumb because it's not acceptable in these parts of the country. They can't put the thumb in the mouth so the substitute for the thumb or the blanky or the bun balm with the silk still happens to be snow peas ciggy butt.
And this is their answer to maturity where the true test of maturity is to find that if you got your foot in a fire. Don't rationalize by bringing it to the edge of the cold to just make it medium rare instead of well done that to test a maturity is to admit I am certainly on a bad kick. And I'd be smart to back off. The freedom I spoke about among the hips that bothers me is this flaunting of science of everything. I'm not benefiting by the experience of the so-called establishment. I'm not putting any faith in anything and not allowing into their true does those things that are contrary to what they believe. They've got answers that no one hands. And it includes an answer that they're almost tent. We have a lot of foolish adults who feel they're going to live forever and nothing can touch them. And young people see no death they see no sickness. They just see good fun and health ahead. They're
going to live forever. And this pervades the thinking of those who feel that nothing can touch him. They're above it all. I remember my own feeling this way. I was a medic in the war. And it said right on my Red Cross Geneva Switzerland that I was a my little card it said. This is a noncombatant. This is not a real combat soldier treated accordingly. So I'd flash it all over the battlefield and Mike is not the first thing shot out of my hand was the card. But let's don't read and membership doesn't give immunity and freedom of thought certainly doesn't protect one from the danger like rushing out in front of a truck and say I might follow suit on. You can't really hit me and plowing arents like the sailboat urging and arguing right away over the tramp steamer and gets in the process. We asked some of the people of Oregon a suburb far west of here why they smoke.
The younger people and they felt it was the thing. Well right now it isn't the thing I'm very pleased to say very proud to report as we have seen in many of the posters. Now although I have the smoking physicians have quit that's over 100 thousand previous cigarette smoking physicians have seen the light. There's a fantastic movement in this country to improve health. And it starts with moderation. It includes cleaning the lungs and cleaning the air and the water and the habits. Or modify or altering or adjusting. I'd like to think that if you're in that movement that by your example. That you're a part of this new science that isn't so established within yourself. That you decide on your own experience. Because the baby that finds out that the stove is hot by touching the still may learn something. But it may cost him a fingertip or a hand.
Or with serious infection and complications. Even more and I don't think you have to smoke to experience. We're preaching a new kick a new kick called good health especially you young gals. And if you haven't tried it you ought to. You want to ask your guys how good they feel when they're in physical condition from a workout or from their sports or their own program. There is a certain keenness about them. There is a certain vibration. There is a certain tone that's indescribable. We rarely find it in our women but we find it in our young men and they for a long time have found the danger of smoking as it affects them and their personal feeling and their fitness. And it may be up to the young women who have overtaken and surpassed the males in their smoking to change your habits and to look out
for the cause that seems to contribute to your smoking. A loneliness that has no business. You're 15 and still unmarried or 13 never been kissed in a rumble seat or you're 11 and never double dated in a Porsche or something. And the most pathetic arguments and rationalizations and shame on your mothers for padding you all up in lipstick and cosmetics and you're hardly out of diapers and you want to partake of anything. Sneak a six pack sample the drugs puff away on PAs to parental or something. And the answer is that it's the wrong direction the direction that we seek is one of improving your health. We'd like to find a better a woman we'd like to find a woman and some kind of physical condition like a guy. I am very proud to see the incoming freshman fellows here in sheep who are almost is in good shape as some of our athletes who have been working out very
strongly religiously faithfully for months. But already the gals coming to college with their little Milwaukee goiters their little pots out front and waddling even though you're talking around it's behind you just look folks it's there with this rationalization is pallor. Look like you've been processed through a Bisquick cookie factory or something. And a kind man with us drawn in this middle aged slouch and you're seventeen and a half. You couldn't defend yourself against that sexy fly if you were paid. And in defense what do you do instead of conversing. You sip beer instead of being charming and smiling and downswing the guys with your fancy footwork bridgework and foundations generally and stead you sit there and sag and pop. Thinking You're beautiful it's ugly. And this happens to be a problem that you can correct in a hurry when a woman realizes that her vanity than her beauty is at stake that the
cigarette produces a taste as though the Russian army had camped in your mouth a week or so. He began to breathe black and turn silver mirrors. Shorts collar began bloodshot eyes and wrinkles around your skin. This is the time that you begin to examine where the yellow came from and where it went and why you've got this little brown dribble coming down your chin whiskers. If you don't believe what you want to kiss a girl. We did a little experiment our first thousand we found that the cigarette smokers were lousy customers. Very personal study that I teach you. And your first question you ask OK OK Doc that's fine and well and Danni what. From here where to and how. Why does the government put their thumb into this pocket as if they haven't already with one and a half billion dollar tax
that they derive from the tobacco industry. Why don't vigilantes start in the tobacco markets. Smoking is a friend of all people. Who had nothing else in life. You take a cigarette away from some poor Skid Row guy. Some mental institution patient some little person without a friend in the world because youth is a scared of age. You can't have anything to do with anybody over 40. These people don't have a lot cigarette as a friendship it's warm it's a glow. And I have no business trying to preach to my elders about where their friends are from a cigarette to the dying maybe their only friend because we don't know how to handle that guy. We don't know how to talk to people dying. We're scared of dying. We don't understand the philosophy. And people are afraid to die. It's pretty hard at this stage of life and death to substitute religion and faith for the thing they've used for a long time. The escape this ephemeral
dream the delusion the elucidation of being smooth or grownup or being with it are one of the gang or fitting in and their d dreams and their pipe dreams like their smoking dreams. This is a part of life for them. And still somebody has to take a stand. I remember Littlejohn was a rancher in Black Bart came on the ranch. He tied up his wife turned his kids out to pasture and stole his horse and tipped over his back. Allison raided their fruit seller and winery and helped himself to their food went on and John found a black bar for forn a half years looking for revenge looking for a Black Bart. One day he heard he was in town at the local medical society. Small little saloon down the basement I suppose. Sneaked up on him and he said Are you a Black Bart and Black Bart said yeah what about it.
It's been a guy four and a half years ago back in Wounded Knee Nebraska that tied up my wife and kissed her and sent my kids off in the pasture and stole my horse and tipped over my back and ate my goodies and swiped my money and Black Bart stood up to the guns and I said Yeah how about it. Like I said You better watch it from now on I'll tell you. Well I'm afraid sometimes that's our attitude the government says tobacco industry do you see what you're doing. Grown up kids like you are producing a product. I mention this in Winston-Salem to a large group of tobacco people as I can imagine growing up people like you producing a product that's not only deleterious but harmful due to the health of millions of people. Can you imagine you producing this product which is really 50 percent mine owner and 50 percent of the president of the company stood up very irate and angry irritated and he looked at me and he said I have you know your man.
We have never put any hay in our cigarettes Well my the government steps over and says. You better watch it guys. One warning on the package. Look out could be 20 on the inside of the package. Are they fight is a very sweet little. Polly. How does he wows. But you got to hit him in the teeth even though they're paying you know one and a half billion dollars for the privilege of raising it. You have to be very careful too because on our own campus where there's a pittance of money in anti tobacco education there's about five times the amount in the production of the better tobacco leaf in the state of Wisconsin a grant to decrease the blight. Here I've been trying to invent a virus to invade the whole country. I eat the little beauties from the roots on up and down and they're spending tens of thousands of dollars to produce a better yarn or tobacco leaf to produce a better auctioneer they're going to be a baby. Up up up up. Somebody with
spring tongue in a sober throat. And you say no hold on a second you mean to say that we can sell this stuff that's harmful to youthen isn't the friend of the old people that my daddy is using and it isn't against the law. American Cancer Society's position I think is a rather wise one. And health educators too. We aren't here to legislate morality. We're not here to dictate. You never challenge a child by saying no because the reaction of the kid is now not dad. And I go and do it. They jolly well please. So to have your say to someone don't smoke because it causes rot gut. They all try it for the sake of experimenting themselves just by telling you the place where you're going to die. The date and the hour and you avoid that place like the plague until a date and hour and you sneak up to see what would have happened had you showed up at that time.
And your goal. We don't have an approach that's dictatorial and has to be giving facts. Like what. In summary. We don't have any evidence. Of the benefit for the masses by the cigarette. We have no evidence that the calming effect is real. Depression yes alteration Yes. But coming no. Does it have a place as a tranquilizer in America. In a minority perhaps. But for the majority it robs people of the full essence of health. The long term detrimental factors. These are the ones you must be wary of in the face of a habit that can approach an addiction and you couldn't quit if you wanted to. The danger is to establish a habit.
As some of you are doing at a young age and then when you reach a period where you can review and approximate to measured to weigh and to decide then it's late. Often times too late. You have to decide for yourself how important you are for your own survival. You have to look at truth and facts and to believe that somebody has done some research. As tens of thousands of scientists had and have and are doing now to show you the correlation between smoking and ill health. If you see someone smoking that you love dearly you do a favor by reminding them that if they smoke they do so at a risk to their own life their own longevity their own health.
The actuarial tables now show through a recent study that you can decrease the number of years in any given group by heavy smokers compared to the normal population where the normal population is a non smoking population in most of our diseases where we try to correlate the why of the disease and the why not of the disease. The common denominator really is the question of whether they smoked or not. For those of you who are quite interested you'll find that the current epidemic of disease in America is probably tied with the single factor of the smoking habits of our people. If you would begin to add the long to the heart the blood vessel the upper respiratory system even the bladder which is a deep drag folks.
If you began to add in the car accidents from the smoke and spark in the eye you begin to add in the burning motel mattresses and the carelessness the fidgeting the fussing the en attention to job and duty the last hours of the so-called smoke break. You'll find the number one public enemy right now to you and to me and to health and to progress is that very pernicious lethal. That very addictive process called smoking. But the decision is an individual one. You have to start with you and your decision to look up the facts and be convinced. The motivation not to start or to quit or to cut down or to alter or to switch is based on being convinced that there is a better life. If you are clear headed clear along with good habits not that you have to experiment to show the establishment that your freedom includes
suicide with the means to it or drugs or liquor or promiscuity or a freedom to do as you damn please. Which is probably the poorest sense of freedom that any man could imagine. We need discipline self discipline based on good common sense. Now you are using the brains God gave you to figure out an answer. That's very close to the truth. Now I need the truth from you. I need your reaction. Where are we fallen down in our educational efforts. What don't we know about the high schools your schools your teaching. What about your parents that continue to smoke. What about the challenge of our government to the grants in aid of débâcle. What about an ag state or Vernon county that has a primary crop up tobacco and an economy that depends on it. How about those eight states with 16 senators and 93 representatives whose economy is solely dependent on
which way the tobacco pops in or out. Up or don't want about that challenge at the present time despite all the evidence we have great authorities around the country who say nothing. Nothing to it. Just a blast. So many symbols tingling in a dark room. What about it guys and gals. Your reactions now. I need your reaction. Dr. Robert J Samp as he spoke to a group of teenagers on smoking and other burning issues in another lecture from the 1968 Wisconsin work week of health following his lecture. Dr. Sam pantsuit questions submitted to him by the audience. The questions were read to him by Dr. WD James past president of the State Medical Society of Wisconsin. The question is how long after quitting smoking do we find some
chemicals left in the body as a residual from previous smoking. I'll answer that question two ways here. One Dr. Bradley biochemistry who gave us some of the ideas along this line mentioned for months afterwards they can find chemical traces. Pathologist like Auerbach. Said for a lifetime. You can find biologic traces you can still see in the lungs of people who didn't quit years ago. Changes in the Bronx kill windpipe epithelium which approximate changes in cellular structure loss of the cilia of the final fibers that carry out the dirt junk and stratification almost a piling up of cells which is abnormal little pockets of irritated cells years later now there is a cellular change that never reverts. Or maybe it doesn't progress so there's a difference between a chemical change residual of the smoke and tires and the changes of the body in some people that stay forever glutinous filled
room with proper room planning programs. I've been working with American Cancer Society since one thousand fifty six in their program from their very first they went to the students asking them questions many of which I put. Today to this group why they smoke. Who are the smokers in the class how we might get you to quit. My own feeling is that we did involve you with or tried to but it's a big job you're talking about reaching 26 or 28 million young people at one time. And there are dozens of programs going on simultaneously health education has not been a popular subject in our United States schools it's relegated down to bird nest robbing and a few other things. Great mythology. And it's a very important subject so it would take the attention of the students in proportion to how much health education was going. We've had youth councils we've had youth groups. We've had movies and forums and poster contests. But like everything else
it's tough to catch their fancy. When there is a dance the next day or a football game that weekend there are better things to do than to be talking about illness and death and long term health problems. Request from the council room are babies born early smoking mothers more prone. I don't think we find a relationship in the cause of asthma with smoking. There may be some aggravation of an already existing asthma but I don't know of many people allergic enough to cigarettes so that it produces an asthma they have an asthma cigarette believe it or not for people with asthma where they coat the smoke with. I don't all mentholated or something which gives them the feeling but there is evidence that it does nothing but sort of white washes the brain on the way down. Someone wants to know America first came of the ewes. In Madison was brought here by Abe Lincoln. No I don't know really. They talk about it that it came from antiquity it's that Western Hemisphere invention
and I suppose it's been in use in this. There are some evidences that they had long thick innings changes and a long in remains of mummies. I don't know if they smoked in those days used to smoke the pirates like their smoked herring but that was for other reasons but hard to say much about the history for some of. Them. WOMAN 1 put smoking causes most women in lib your answer do you prefer cigarette smoking and refer to lung cancer I don't think good people the type that was really associated with lip cancer was clay and porous and therefore some of the tars materials were actually soaked through and I think it found a deposit there in the area where the cancer appeared. What do you know it isn't such a cause and effect that you take a little cancer producing substance and stick it on the lip and it happens because we're all exposed to the sun and the lower lip
especially and you would think that we'd have more lower lip cancer women are protected by lipstick. MAN 1 100th of the time I suppose by their little bit of lipstick doesn't make that much difference however in our thinking about the tobacco only to say that there are some protective means the bakelite stem of the pipe helps the cigar holder helps not putting it in the mouth not lighting it the heat of the cigarette how much you inhale it. These are all factors we don't see as much oral cancer because the nutrition of the mouth is improved thanks to our dental education and our fine dental hygiene program as our tissues are gotten stronger by a process of elimination. We may well be a survival of the fittest and it may not be a susceptible people to oral cancer. It's hard to pin it all down. We don't see as much because we have changed the manner in which we smoke. Do you recall the picture of the Frenchman who smokes until the cigarette almost disappears in his mouth. That used to be a big problem because it would burn and they would infect and they had a
lot of that cancer. Now with the filter tip and along so you lied and so forth they don't burn like they used to and they don't infect and they also don't have certain other diseases like they did. There isn't as much of the cancer in the fridge. We have so many questions I don't know the recruit. I know we're going to cover one of the halves. I don't want to discourage people who are trying to get as many as we can. Question is related to stopping smoking. How can I stop one young person and the other says Do you really think there's any way of stopping people from smoking. I gave a talk one time in St. Paul Dr. James and it was a nice group like this normal 10 told people seven I'm one foot three on the other. I was trying to impress him and I tell him the only way to stop is to stop and I karate need their oxygen levels and all Rostam and I went right through the top of his record he orange crates. It's made of olden days or something. But I went right through the top and I think they were impressed more by the karate chop at the
rostrum than anything else. There's one way to stop. You must quit not to taper. You stop by not smoking the next one. Taper is a dangerous thing you stop because you're motivated. All of a sudden you have a reason that if you don't it's going to get so tough to stop you can't. Or once you get so many cigarettes in you you may cause irreversible changes. The motivation might be because you look better smell better feel better or better shape. There's got to be a motivation for your parents or maybe need of some real medical help. That might take some sedation tranquilizer or something to help them sleep. We have people who take away their cigarettes before surgery and you still see him still fidgeting on the operating table we tie their hands so they can't reach up and help you with the surgery. But you see them trying to wrestle out of the stirrups and out of the handcuffs to assist you really to get up into that pocket. Up into the chest pocket excuse me to pick out the cigarettes and smoke. We try to motivate
these people. By not getting to the state where it is so essential they smoke they would rather smoke than eat or smoke than breathe or smoke than live to stop. Takes a reason. Find your reason your age as a reason your place in life your vocation or avocation. There's got to be a sound reason. Oh Mother and Dad you've got to tell him I love you ma you're good kids. I love to have you around for another century. Make a two even. I'm up a couple hundred year old parents and I tell him I love you and that's a good enough reason to have him around after they pick themself off of the floor out of shock. They may actually believe you and it would be helpful to give them a reason why they should quit. Motivation is the truth. The smokers lose word. There isn't a rumor that if you smoke that you can retain yourself like a hundred an 80 pound figure. But you know the
fallacy here is the fact that smoking destroys your appetite not only for fattening foods but for beneficial foods. People need constantly calcium they need protein This is why skim milk ought to be in your diet. You can't take the calories of 2 percent or whole milk skim milk because it's cheap but easy this is why Wisconsin has got a product to sell. You need good food and the first thing that happens when you smoke is you lose your appetite for basic foods. You've got to go to exotic things like chocolate covered grasshoppers and garlic on the rocks and things like that to get past your dead taste buds. So what you're doing is destroying an appetite and a taste for all foods. And the answer therefore is if you want to cut down weight and stop smoking at the same time you must increase activity. If you love to eat the balance the diet of the future is to do more and eat less. You eat what you please but you burn what you eat and you can't use
the crutch of the depression of all tastes for food of the nausea that goes with it with a depression and a poxy a low oxygen as your escape because your body cells change almost daily. Oral cells every hours gastrointestinal cells every 24 hours. The body changes over and of US doesn't have the ingredients that build good cells. You are zilch or whatever your name is and you aren't as good that minute as you are the next. Next question What do you think it was New going gome. There's smoke in order to work you have it. Somebody came up with a brand new filter they thought was very clever for smokers. It is a glass ball with a tube at each end you put the cigarette in one tube and you smoke in the other and in the glass ball be a put a mouse. You smoke and you know the mouse gets lung cancer then you change filters the gum gimmick. I heard about not too long ago but it's almost like the non-tobacco cigarettes which are made out of alfalfa bluegrass.
They're made out of asparagus tips. And for those of you who are really exotic out of broccoli with cheese crust. But. People don't smoke. When we put in a good filter in a cigarette all you got through the filter was hot air like your lecture this morning and people don't go for that. So what they have to do is to invent a hot my version 8 instead of just the beautiful little leaves they put in the stands. They put in ladybugs and the roots and the dirt and everything into a massive magia nice thing which you could taste through the filter. They said it couldn't be done. Does your cigarette taste different lately. You're darned that it does with the junk coming through. I'm sorry to say the small gimmick may be helpful. It's psychologically for some. We gave a group placebo stop smoking pills the placebo means I shall please pleasing to the person except a bull. I give my kids get smart pills and they do better in school I also give them love school pills which wear off by the time they get in the front door. But at least they go out of our house
with a vengeance. The placebo effect. If you believe than Tabb Mickey Mantle why Eternal and they you believe that that little stop tab or that little gimmick truly will make you quit smoking. The placebo effect can be beneficial. I shall please use the psychological adaptation this or that good Course version rooms or home for dimmer products such as the server which are supposed to help you kick the habit. I think the question is answered by that reference to the placebo effect. If you believe that a walk in the fresh air which I think is an answer every time a person gets a feeling they want to smoke which is tough when you're flying you can get out in the fresh air and walk around the place a little bit. When I quit smoking I had to keep away from coffee for a while because coffee and a cigarette went together. I had to keep away from a beer. I had to keep away from smokers because they all suggested to me to light up. I objected to going to a smoker I asked them make this a boys conference or a seminar or an open house or reception
you have to keep away from the near occasion and I think that is psychologically. Those pills play the same part. Question of true mother as those of journals still get into the system. Well I think the child is at the very top I think they're talking about the unborn child when the mother quits. I am certain that the baby's clear their system a lot of this material they have a liver they have kidneys. The trial functions within the mother and it has the ability to clear a lot of those ingredients from its system as well as does the mother and of course the placental barrier holds back some of the bigger things. And I'm certain the baby has built in protective mechanisms. Gretchen is it common practice for all room and or question their mother's smoking habits. If she has a history of Burma sure delivers. That's an awfully sharp question. And I I I can't answer. I do feel that plenty of physicians generally when they advise and I bet you do Dr. James advice people about their health. When you pick up smoking history especially in a
mother to be you might talk about this danger. I don't feel that our doctors have any business reversing the whole process this poor girl is on a diet. She's taking things she never had before. She's doing things she never did you might drive her wacky if she's been on a heavy kick by making her quit entirely. You may have to taper down. You may have to alter habits without making your quit. I don't know if in the premature histories we've ever gotten around but there's a study out that says that there are fewer sick mothers who smoke. During their pregnancy in terms of eclampsia and toxic reactions to pregnancy there's some evidence to show that it protects in some diseases. I don't know how it does. So there's another side of the coin there that I hate to get into in this very pro debate anti-tobacco Greg. Gretchen are there some families were genetically protective against cancer. Isn't it true there are some families which have a history of cancer if you examine the histories of your families you'll find about 100 percent of families have cancer yet one out of four people living today
will have it eventually if you find a family that has no cancer in the background. They don't have a very good medical history most of us do not know what our grandparents really had a lot of us don't know the true cause of the illnesses in our own family. I would say there isn't there aren't many instances of no cancer families close to most of the circle of what you think of people just because they like it and not just because of the thing. Yes I would certainly acknowledge for many people it's a true pleasure. I think it's a pleasure among the innocent because there are plenty of unhappy smokers who want to smoke and the only way to read it cut down on the troubles is the stop reading. And I think that we have unhappy people and we have happy smokers no doubt about it who enjoy it. I'd like to think they could enjoy the life without it more in the long run it would cause us fewer problems. Ladies and gentleman I did a study of a thousand sixty eight lung cancer cases at the university hospital to be published in our Wisconsin Medical Journal. I hope this fall.
I have one nonsmoking person among the bronchial cancers among the windpipe cancers one a none and it's an atypical lung cancer and I think it probably is not related to the type of cancer that we often see associated with smoking. So if it is an atypical and odd type then we have 100 percent of our lung cancers rocket from the windpipes they were in the smokers long time smokers and we don't have a handful of these people alive. Could you give me some way to stop the cancer of the lung. If we can't keep what 6 or 7 percent alive 5 years in desperation we look to the cause and try to prevent it. And it is an enjoyable habit but it is with risk to your life. I'm sorry to say we may have to take away an enjoyable habit because we don't have the weapons against it. It's no fun to see a guy coughing his heart out his lungs his guts out. And you can't do anything especially when they grab you by the lapels and say
doctor I have a lung cancer do something. And I wondered if he would have done something 15 or 20 years ago would he have the accepted the challenge there. Milledge GROSS You know many people go from well it's estimated yearly probably a third of a million when you totally emphysema that chronic bronchitis the effect on the blood vessels the accident associated that many forms of cancer at least a dozen Adana fied we're talking about a third of a million deaths a year alone. Now you can add to that near associates and you could add to that the long term crippling effect because we have millions of people with emphysema and smoking is tied up with this disease of destruction of the lung who are walking death. They can hardly gesture without having air hunger because the exchanges between segments of lung rather than out in in because of the destruction of the elastic
compressible factor in the lung. We're talking about mortality death and morbidity illness we're talking about millions of people affected in a year. This is why I feel that the number one problem which takes in so many problems may well be wrapped up in the irresponsibility only put tens of people who smoke with impunity or whatever the name of their roommate is and never worry about it. Here's one of those in the research of smokers from the rural are those converted loons are smokers who just rulers where there's a great amount of air pollution. These figures have been published widely and are very acceptable and done in England in the United States because many people said it's air pollution folks and it isn't a cigarette at the present time I would think. Among scientists who are involved in the field lung cancer was talking about 70 percent of the causative factors are wrapped up around the smoking smoking habit
10 to 15 percent may well have to do with occupational and environmental changes and the rest are idiopathic we don't know. But when you compare the rural areas to the city there is a slight increase comparing non smokers of the rural areas and nonsmokers of the big urban areas. There is a slight increase in lung cancers in their rear in the urban areas but we can't even explain that in terms of air pollution because the diagnostic opportunities are better in the urban areas with more x ray equipment more physicians more labs more hospital beds more physicians per capita more shots. So you do have the opportunity to diagnose it. I don't think we have any proof. Freedom from cancer just by talking about your pollution. You have been listening to Dr. Robert J Samp Assistant Professor of Clinical Oncology at the University of Wisconsin Medical School as he discussed
smoking and other burning issues. This was the final in a series of programs drawn from the 1968 Wisconsin work week of health. The project originally designed for teenagers and held in Madison under the sponsorship of the State Medical Society of Wisconsin. And it was guns and physicians service Blue Shield. These programs were made available by W H A the University of Wisconsin. This is the national educational radio network.
Youth on a four day trip
Smoking and other burning issues
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