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The legendary pianists. Washington State University brings you another in a series of recitals by the keyboard giants of the early 20th century. The masters of piano art were made most of their recordings before the era of modern electronics. These legendary concert artists made their records on thick rolls of perforated paper similar to the old player piano rolls but designed for a much more complex instrument called the reproducing piano recital we will hear today. Selected from more than a thousand of these roll recordings in the collection of Dr. Campbell stock the chairman of the music department at Washington State University. The performance will be on a Steinway do a large reproducing piano and Dr. Stout's home. Here now is Dr. Campbell start to introduce today's legendary pianist. The pianist and today's program is Sarah's Perko fifth Russian composer and pianist. Born in 1901 he studied at the Petrograd conservatory under such man as
Rimsky-Korsakov and Llyod off. He won the Rubenstein prize with a piano concerto and graduated in 1014 with the highest award in piano playing. Today we hear him in a program of Russian composition starting with the Givati I got sent off.
Following the clocks an off give out I want you to hear now a composition bearing the same name but written by the cool fifth.
You have just turned 50. Next you will hear two short pieces by Been called Prelude poem.
You have just heard prelude and we will now hear pickle fee of playing more of his own compositions this time his sarcasms Opus 17 numbers 1 and 2.
Next we hear pickle fifth playing his own transcription of portions of the Rimsky-Korsakov. She hears a sweet.
Brickell fifth place for us next grillin Opus 25 numbers 1 and 6 by Scott ski.
Today's program closes with Brickell fierce performance of his own to Kata.
I am. I am.
I am. I am.
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The legendary pianists
Glazounov, Scriabin, Miaskowsky
Producing Organization
Washington State University
Contributing Organization
University of Maryland (College Park, Maryland)
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Episode Description
This program presents Sergey Prokofiev performing works by Glazounov, Scriabin, Miaskowsky, Rimsky-Korsakov and himself.
Other Description
Music by great early-twentieth century concert pianists who produced Duo-Art piano roll recordings before advent of electronic recording.
Broadcast Date
Media type
Host: Stout, Kemble, 1916-
Performer: Prokofiev, Sergey, 1891-1953
Producing Organization: Washington State University
AAPB Contributor Holdings
University of Maryland
Identifier: 62-8-22 (National Association of Educational Broadcasters)
Format: 1/4 inch audio tape
Duration: 00:29:00
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