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When the following program was originally released in 1956. When these were the Valiant. From the four corners of the earth the University of Michigan brings you tales of the greatest national heroes of all time. I am. Feels of the value of. A transcribed series of historic adventures produced by the broadcasting service of the University of Michigan under a grant from the Educational Television and Radio Center in cooperation with the National Association of educational broadcasters. Today we go back to France to the year 15 21 for the story of
the ship. We begin at the Council of Anwar where the young King Francis the first is speaking with his powerful ally Charles Duke of burble. This is not a question of personalities drugs it is the vital question of who will save France idea Francis. Have you seen this by yard lately. I saw in that modern non-O in Italy that was never a brave and A must be nearer fifty. His knees are stiff his neck is not stiff Oh don't talk or actually Francis a man of my house knows whereof he speaks. As Duke of Bordeaux I have as great a stake in the future of our land as anyone and I maintain that by yard is hardly more than a ghost from the past France could use a few friendly ghosts. Or he may be but biota still a very essence of French on but you would need a military genius Lancelot biog can swing a Mason single combat but can you mount artillery.
Plan a mass attack defend an entire border and leave the strategy to me joke. I want biog but for one thing to stop the spearhead of German invasions. If he is successful we will have time to group our forces and deliver accountable. And why not give me the honor. You must take charge of the reserves their old your Majesty. Announce Yes your Majesty. So you have the card up your sleeve already waiting in the next chamber. You should have consulted me Francis. Yeah yeah. God save his Majesty Francis King of France knighted upon the field of battle by none other than you old friend. You'll hand it was a profound honor for a servant to night. I am at your service sire. Be brief. France is in peril from that dog of a Spaniard Charles need tell it my own way joke. When Charles bribed the electors into cramming him head of the Holy Roman Empire he possessed himself not only of Italy and
Spain but of Germany as well. Now good cousin Henry the Eighth of England has seen fit to spurn our friendship and ally himself with Charles de France is surrounded by and without a test of arms in this game of politics is new to you isn't it. Countries weren't so easily lost in your day runs is not lost. There is my ship arms will yet protect us from defeat. Armies with cannon are combustion. It is courage will win this battle steadfastness of purpose loyalty to King and nation. Charles has made the first move he has sent an army against the River murders only two fortresses stand in his way and Miss yet we must hold them. I know them both. IS STRONG Well garrisoned it can withstand indefinitely but told you it was helpless. I can see by the look face that yes it is indefensible.
Bad state. Furthermore on the far side of the river their only means of retreat is across the bridges westward. What did I tell you. Who commands the German army in the count of Nassau. Why do you start always with me in Italy and the code of chivalry makes it embarrass one that moment. My allegiance is first to my sovereign. Spoken and who now commands the Goddess and my lord a man of my house and I might add a man after my own heart not one to take foolish risks. You wish me to defend measure as my lieutenant. That is my wish. But consider the alternatives old friend I will not demand the impossible. Your life is more valuable to France than that of a thousand crossbowmen the armies of trials shall not set foot on French soil as long as I live I will take my company under all the volunteers I can gather. I will defend him as
yeah. You know Musharraf you're the most beautiful rose in this here and human capital value of the biggest food to stay in this town and what can I do. This baby comes with orders from the King. I thought it was because of me but because of you your death. By God you were afraid Museo Afraid Of course not. It's simply that I don't owe allegiance to him or to the King of France. I am a follower of the Duke of. And what do you want at the garrison to leave. We could go together you and me. We could go to the jaunty the fair what would the Duke say for the time being he goes along with the rest of France. Pass the wine Sherry.
Let us not think of fighting running away. Let me go. Someone's coming I don't care who it is. The knight in shining a place all to have a cup of wine. What does this woman doing here and what does a woman do anyway. I gave orders that all civilians were to be evacuated from as you're only the permanent governess and will remain to defend the fortress. Little Marie is all the fortress I need her. He's drunk my lord. Obviously he doesn't mean what he says. Why haven't you left with the others Mary he said I could stay. Told her to stay. I am giving the orders not Captain Doc how I want you to leave MS Yeah. Yes. Either this girl stays with me or I leave this minute with all my men. You
would do that with the Germans already had moved on I would do it I can do it. My men are loyal to me not the King of France who set things to rule the world. Which do you love more. Their armies of Charles or the freedom of France show this patriotism of yours is nothing but blog. Does little Mary stay or do you defend MS You are alone your give me no choice for the honor of friends I will permit her to stay but on one condition name it this. Normal whining. Do you see my hands this dirty. I have been digging trenches with my men. Together we have been tearing up the paving stones from the streets to rebuild the broken walls on our hands and knees we've been planting spikes in the moat. So the glory of knighthood has come to this. Digging trenches. Yes and the next time I look at your hands Dhaval I want to see them dirty. Do you understand. Do
you know. Madness madness. And now a. Letter to his Majesty. Yes sire. The battlements have been partially repaired and all those who cannot shoulder of the been evacuated. Thank you. We. We have two hundred men at arms and two thousand foot spies reported from second gunman Nasaw have a total force of thirty thousand. We are not dismayed. Have you been out having not made. Yes I have.
Captain of all reports we've run out of cauldrons for pits and oil other no more containers in the entire town. Only those with water when we need them for putting out fires when the bombardment starts. Tell the captain to do the best you can. A soldier yes or what about the observation mast mast. Yes the wooden towers. I want them high enough so we can look over the walls into the enemy's camp. I'll check on it immediately if I was not dismayed. We are not dismayed. I can't think. I was never born to write letters or fight like this. I'm afraid you're right. What has become a grim business my son in the old days one fought for the faith of that which is for money and material riches. I know nothing about such things. Yet it is true. The simple life is gone now which is no longer
one hero against another. The individual is lost in the mess. Gunpowder has levelled as obsolete chivalry is obsolete and you and I absolutely too. You were talking to Peter. It is only the truth I am not ready to accept your truth. Some things have changed yes but not pride not duty not. But say it. Did you hear. Yes. Open the door. Cannon fire from the north. It's nearer than that if you're in the mood. Yes it's the German artillery no doubt of it has fallen but muso was impregnable. No fortresses impregnable. The men inside are what counts. But compared to move zero we are pitifully weak. Do you hear the cannon suck of blue there are no more than a few miles away. What can it mean. It means MOUZON has fallen. There will be a Tamil tomorrow if
moves or has fallen we must retreat. We must leave before nightfall. No one leaves you can't hold the garrison no burn the bridges. I said burn the bridges. If we do we are cut off from France from any retreat turn the bridges burn them burn them. This is a position used to expose my lord you should take shelter. You know I like it here on the tower. I can see the entire fortress and all of the opposing camp. You do know what has taken the Germans three days to get into position out there and there still is some confusion. There is no protection against a bullet. I suppose that will be my fate I have to die by the bullet and not by the
sword. So the old gives way to the new object. But look down there. Look at the brave Pence waving in the breeze the glitter of German armor. Oh if I could only toot for the county of Nassau County those days gone perhaps. Notice how the German army below is still split in two parts one second going on the count of Nassau are not fighting as one can and is stopped. What does that mean. Rock a knight riding out of their camp he's coming toward our gate. Hold your fire below there. Do you think they want a truce. More likely a demand for our surrender. We are not going to let him into him as you know. If I let him in he will see how weak we are. No. I'll talk to him from the walls come out OK. Let's go down. You have a God who calls the cult of Nassau
sends greetings to his former brother in arms Bejar returns the greetings to his brother knight to the one good hour I could pierce that visor stand away don't how this man comes in peace rather indeed he's a follower and I may say what to Mass each of you the count extends his hand to his fellow night with an offer of life and amnesty. Resistance to the light of His Majesty Charles the Fifth is futile. Lay down your arms and depart in peace. One never oh my lord know your father. German swine. I have sworn allegiance to the King of France. Town not so we shall never surrender. He will give you a day to resign not a day not an hour not a minute. The answer is no surrender. Foreseeing that the Count has one other request by yard ask it that you will meet him in personal combat to morrow between our camps of Mon. Alone to the
death. And if I should win May's you will be spared. If you will go with the fortress is our Its a trick by God. They'd never let you get away alive. The counters a man up on the top. There's no water in a pack of thieves. Go back to your master hireling and tell him by yard stays here I know this is my business the business of all of us. If you use the yard don't touch it. I can't refuse the conflict do you think I'm a coward. Better be called a coward than a fool I am in command here don't valor and break and my side I'll be there is not time to remember France. Remember you I fight for his honor much never alone. Consider your country if you should fail and I'd like to see somebody tell a calm time. I will give him an answer tomorrow if I send him my gloves. We will do battle to the death. He told you never to drink again. I don't
care. Give me the bottle. I should I worry about him. I tell you he's more interested in his victory ideals than he has in you or me or the city. What is the greatest fight of all how could he lose if one nail of his horse's shoe dropped out the Kingdom might be lost. No one man should take the risk when so much is at stake. Talk to him again. Talks threats mean nothing. The man has an iron will. Right or wrong he will never waver. Then we must go. Go where does it now. I heard some men making plans yours are too big that phrase is me and you think I'm afraid. No no but we could join them. We can escape down the river. You could live to fight again. I have my honor to own this. Will you think about before this buyout came you were a man of solos. Now in one breath you criticizing his own fashion and talk about your own honor. I cannot desert him now even though he's wrong even though he is wrong. And you are
all stupid. If he won't listen to you maybe he will listen to me. What do you think of that. He would be courteous he's a knight. Yes and he will listen to a woman will try it. Tell him he's too old to fight now so go on to many things worth trying. But whatever happens. I'll see these desert is drawn before I join them. They're finished. I never allow anyone else to make these final adjustments in my armor or superstition but it brings me good luck. You would need more than luck tomorrow saying you're still worried about my fighting alone as much as you. I know you're confident of your own strength but you're worried about the right and wrong of
it. Honor comes before all else but not pride. I want no Simon. This is selfish pride by a hard not to God and country comes first. I know what you want me to do you want me to invent some ruse by which those two German armies will be split. You want me to deceive them so we'll not have to fight it. The idea is yours bio but it is treachery. It's dishonorable. Those are the tactics of a savage. Not tonight. Better to be a free 7 than a knight in chain no. Not against all reason the truth sticks in your craw. We can no longer subscribe to the old ways any more than we can fly. I must ask you to leave. You would throw me out I must make my own decision in this matter. Well what are you doing here. Excuse me my lord. I was about to knock you were listening at the door. Yes my lord. What is it you want. You wouldn't be rude to a lady I would go if this girl has something
to say. We will hear it and the best for her sake if she be not our love. I apologize mademoiselle if I have acted rudely. Sit down. I'll stand and I'm not going to your pretty ladies with powder faces my lord. You needn't worry about my reputation. I'm a citizen of this city. Have you forgotten that this once was a town and people lived here. Most people want to come back to their home some day. My father my mother my cousins my friends I want to come back as free men and women not slave to some Spanish king with German armies. If you lose tomorrow I will not lose. Yes if you will all suffer when I win the town will be free to Captain value our hero monsieur to all our friends your great hero. But the Germans will kill you tomorrow in any way they can. If you beat their champion they'll shoot you in the back. I know you have sacrificed not just yourself but this city. Maybe all of France who I beg of you my lord for the sake of us all. Give up the fight.
Do you love this Captain do you know how desperate is our position. We've had no reinforcements. The ramparts are pitiful. We are outnumbered 30 to 1 by fighting tomorrow I may save your life and that of your loved one. Do you think there's only his life to concerned valid dessert tonight. He has my permission. I will dismiss him from my service. You're a brave girl Marty and loyal. It gives me pleasure to reward you in this way. Consider good after tomorrow we can disperse the gossamer. But if if anything goes wrong as you seem to fume and you and the captain will be saved. Oh if you don't I don't want your favors trying to be kind. You didn't understand a thing I said but I did perfectly. Now run along to give my compliments to Captain Dhaval bid him God speed.
You eat. Captain what are you doing on the wall at this hour looking at the stars. You know you received my message. I did and I might ask you what you were doing here saying you know must fight a battle tomorrow to sleep. I couldn't sleep. You will never know how my mind and heart have been taught and that's not what I do I do for my God and the king. And yet I know you were all against me not all saying it it was a noble thing you did to offer me escape. I should be insulted but I know you better than Marty does. We do not see eye to eye. Not because either one of us is wrong but because the times have changed and
you are always the same argument. And I have changed. You know when you first came to me I sneered at you and your ideals. I felt allegiance to no one but I sold my services to the highest bidder. And now. I do not want to show you this. What do you have a letter came by messenger yesterday. What does it say. It says that you called Bobo has gone over to the enemy. He has deserted the cause of fright seemed possible but if it is true why have you why why didn't I surrender the ghost and then throw you to the wolves. Why even in spite of your offer of escape is it wrong for me to leave. You are the answer by you and Franz burble gone and yet you stay here. It is a great sacrifice captain
a man looks into his heart his heart tells him what is right. Bare bones desertion places primes in double jeopardy. Now this little fortress of Nazir is the last symbol of the nation's will to resist. It must not fall. No matter what the sacrifice that settles it I will not fight alone to morrow with Nassau. I too would decide nothing. Now we will fight the enemy on his own terms. If the German armies must change the fashion of war then I will make them accomplish their own downfall. Of all you have a messenger who will ride to the German camp tonight I do fetch him to my room story. It will be dawn in a few hours. You know the Germans are attacking the trumpeters are sounding the charge yes. The truce is
over. But why remain in your rooms. We need you on the one. Do you. Listen to that a moment. Well I heard only the German trumpets what more do you want. Can you hear them coming closer to two. No but they'll be here soon. Hi John Titor. Come outside with me Captain. Look out Dad moaned. They're not advancing on us no. They're all marching toward each other. What was in that message you sent last night. I told Nassau I could not fight him in personal comment because I had heard vile rumors that from sinking gun was planning to attack Miss J while our personal combat was in progress with our fortress under truce. We would be taken by surprise and all the glory would go to one commander and now the jealous generals are snarling at each other's throats look at them. The whole army is in an uproar the siege has been lifted. They'll never try to mount an attack after this.
You see I did not actually refuse the trial and. Only delayed it. After peace is restored I promised to meet us all in the lists. But as our friend does mortal enemy the people of France will always remember you for. You have won their eternal gratitude. Their reward is great. But. Will they remember their costs. We wish to acknowledge the aide of Professor Louis Lund University of sort of bond parents friends in the preparation of the story. Here is Renney clean yay. French student at the University of Michigan speaking on behalf of Professor London you have to have seen you know debate.
I've been called by scum patchier it's the sugar you sample a summer party the night without fear and without reproach. I such. It was the epitome of the medieval code of jewelry but by your leave during a crucial period in French history when the medieval world was breaking up a national unity and a once over and was beginning to replace the old feudal system. But yes fame as a fighter was established early in his life. When I signed the food into values banners for values causes in Italy and elsewhere but the peak of his glory game an easy aerobic defense of the needed fortress of MS Yeah against the armies of Charles the Fifth. He is yeah he saw the end of the old order achieve at every and the beginning of a new world
for his action. You demonstrated those ideals of courageous loyalty and humanity we share a very old Frenchman today with the key to his character perhaps lies in the world I have to believe that he was able to adapt himself to new times and new circumstances. But he never relinquish his grasp of the ideal of the individual in the world of collective action by yards defensiveness Yair more than any other single or even helped to establish the values for a unified French nation Frenchie the later defeat at the hands of China did not obscure the significance of news year. And today French men look back at with pride not only because he was a greets Knight but because he's more courageous still
speaks forcefully phenomenon in the modern world. Yeah. The gay. University of Michigan has presented tales of the value of another in a transcribed series about great national heroes throughout the world. The story of devaluated by yard a national hero of France was written by e.g. Berle. And produced under a grant from the Educational Television and Radio Center heard on the program or Norman hardway. Nancy hi Zal. Paul hurling or Jerry Hawke stood Stephen Nelson Bob Reinhart and Don St.. Our consultants were Professor Arthur Bull of the University of Michigan and Professor Louis laundry at the University of Paris. Editorial supervision by William Bender Jr.. Tales of the Valiant is directed by Edward stache for the broadcasting service of the University of Michigan. Feels like it's making his program is distributed by the National Association of educational
broadcasters. GLUG. GLUG. GLUG. GLUG. GLUG. GLUG. Originally released in 1956 the programme you have just heard is from the program library of National Public Radio.
Tales of the valiant
Chevalier Bayard
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Chevalier Bayard, hero of France, last Knight of the Middle Ages, leads the valiant defense of Mezieres.
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Dramatic stories of great national heroes outside the English-speaking world.
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Bayard, Pierre Terrail, seigneur de, approximately 1473-1524
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