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Thought you might like a cup of tea. Who now Thanks Tex you'll be here any minute. Go and get it then I won't kill you when you pick up the rest you think it's a taxi truck come on Monday and I'll tell em if you're behind. Notice anything different when you clean the place up. I knew you was doing it I heard you after I'd gone to bathe in Maine today and I started off trying to except what I broke. After that I couldn't seem to stop. Amor always is trying to shift heavy furniture on your own as a sign that you quit on the world. I wonder what spring cleaning at 2:00 in the morning means when you expect me back. Can't tell the wife snotty could have been hit and strike against. But if I am now I mean I'll be back with a bag. If you know some I don't think you do. Ah papa seven billion years all the time you talk about ye is how long you've
been doing this and what does it prove nothin. Not one thing I found a been anything like what you told me. Listen I'm going to say this just once. All I told you about ruin Bonnie and the wolf was gospel truth. But every year now and it hasn't been true but this year maybe you are the last to be squealing about it you're blind in me and you because I was here instead of Mayence Yes I'm wasting my breath in you can't sleep on that on just why sting my brain. Well you're just in time to psycho bought a pill. So here we go. I'll be in the kitchen if you want me. Where are you going to have faith. Guy has a question for a missus and you will even remember. Right but that's the most respectable get up an hour you will trap them and you're going to have to look as if you're leaving the court.
I knew you wouldn't be able to stand the thought of me being respectable again per week let you into a secret you've never been anything else. Well maybe I haven't been any second Nancy but then I never set out to be your other help comes to let you know what was going to happen the same reasons you did. Nancy left to get married only because she couldn't get what she wanted if you still see yourself as the biggest prize in the pack at the end. While I might have had the sign idea when I came of of turning this into a bit of peace and security for myself yeah Marian you know I was silly enough to thought it would have worked out but not after last night. And it isn't only found out your the Great has been it's what you want me to do with the euro. She was asked to go Rice's one hour film. Yeah now I know what sort of a run on goes on the court might be self around about here I've ended up with you and that's not going to happen to my daughter. She's going to have the sort of respectability that doesn't need a black brace to shout when
you're going to become the strictest mother and might end up as an actor on a stop in. A ship textile carrier bag that the taxi. Yeah well. So your money then yeah. And you'll tell Clinton like you've got a head I can you I'd be into Diana here. Sorry Oliver I wasn't taught that so far. Yeah Bonnie singer all. These back easy. Would you taken down the dolls and that other stuff. Yeah last month. Now it's not just because you and me come down to dust and birds and butterflies just fill the places and the rest of it. Some of the dolls were broken in the shield looks icily on them is good but I'm thinking.
You. Had stash had been brewing for a long time and you saw what but he did to me groggy so that means took a lot to all of you. Why the hell couldn't believe that they got nothing to do without time down here as it would have to smash that up as well I didn't mean to all honest. The one thing that just seemed a weapon Oh it happened alright. What do you want candy or not from the kitchen. I wasn't listening. Coming to get that and sort o yeah they're all big. She's got I'm not steam on that all of. Bad enough to have to try it around picking up a dress when she had thought you for it. Yeah you're not going to let it get cute and I you. So you was listen if I was a coward you anyway I can find out anything. Your game or your supposed to know the law.
I was full you were going to was my nobody's fault. Well I don't just mean a blue glass no. Lose the blame from Mr not by altering you know key non-chain. Fair dinkum I want to know why he beat me. How long did you think these layoff feelings were gonna last and keep shit. But just reasons. Whose fault was it that we come a cropper. Nobody's fault John meant let's not be silly it must be somebody one masted. All that's happened is you've gone as far as you can go. You bomb me and all of you too well for it anymore. Oh nobody knows when your I'm old. I'm as good a man now as I ever was now you. Then who the hell was that. Ronnie brought he a laugh not a mirage or something.
It's trucks might. You don't know what feature. Always something went wrong. Well I reckon it was Bonnie. Well maybe he had a bit more to do with it than you did. Then he's been flippin longer than you have. Don't forget that I had slipped what I had was one way of the season so that's the first. What do you think there could be another as bad as it looks awesome. Don't you mean you reckon I can even learn a living anymore. Yes you can and maybe but that's not what we're talking about these that. Why do you think he lied about your back. Roland comes natural to him it's got no goal what is it didn't you lift him before Bonnie started to get the brush up from women the young man's got. Now we lies. Work it out for yourself.
When did he stop lying about you right. New high might be a damned old fool about the place. But I'm still not back want to help you one up to about paying only the Tommies pinch I said with you. Would he be in top dog. Well it's all very fine with a lot of fun while it lasts but laughter is one. They need jobs that do their time for fellow women a time for rape and rape. That's what you're doing now. And if you'd had Hawke would not lie between us. You wouldn't say what you wish he had told on the guy. I suppose we would have. Nobody stopped to look. That's what Nancy did and now it's time for the rest of us. What about all the holiday so I'll show you something.
Here's the this. In the middle not all of that here on that floor. How can this somehow I'm a grown woman how an overdose broke. That's all it for you. All. Right so you can't tell me whether it's true or not I'm sorry. Who. Bonnie says the right is wrong. Didn't are so long gone the boys are gone but your not nobody else's That's right. Well fix it up with a study and last night I told Dad you couldn't come didn't you. Well now all that their entire market income Where's the stuff. But there's a big crowd of people is what I do yeah. Now you tell me Larry is where I'll be wide not so odd young injections when you go down a major gap. But also important about going to the races. He asked me. And he didn't call me kid.
He wanted to know what my real name was. And when I told him that's when he called me. Oh yeah yeah you might've been drinking then. And this morning you might have forgotten me like you said but but this is the only chance that I had of coming close to what I know. Whatever it is I've been watching always cheese. You think I give that up but you know I'm now this Johnny daddy's not my your room. Yes he is. How do you think or that thought last night how I long for I didn't in any good day with the. Usual you know what it is you're after. Yes we've supported for yank we are not spoiled kids. It's just that nothing else is any good that saw even after what you saw last night that what happened to me I won't let it galls In Bry King things and arguments about who's best what.
That wasn't a lie off. It was what it can't do well for me. I have what you had. The real part of it but we don't have it differently. Some way I can have it so yeah. And now it's going to last. Little bubba you've had grand love as ever you want that wife. Yes Delaware yes but not by any. Coffee palace. You got away money never mind that now don't you go down there in front of them for that. You bring him a range to mediums that we don't like you sell for cheap. Tell me a ring in because you're gonna get any sense out of by me. You mad for. Me miss not be dieback. For some day I still made up of the rest of. You guys. Now
I want to spend. And no matter what happens I'll always remember you in his house on the Nile. He doesn't drink don't want cookies in Saudia. Yeah look we might as well get this strike we're going to pull out money the money for the grapes. I'm going to. With death all right with dad. What am I getting out of what you're doing. I don't care anymore. Because I want to you know it's not just that my money's run out either. Last night was a finish for my book poison to each other on air. And the only way is for us to split up for a while. I mean when the season comes on again when we up north I'm not going to get another bill. When you
say it was only one thing wrong with that I ain't going up for the season yet. When you go away you stay me. Well be so but let me what you are talking about when to remember you lived in the family a long time I made a change that you missed out on what I might give you. So if you move your nose to spite your face looks great bruises you can baby together in the same room again can you. We're going to have to damage. Well let's you can thank you love. Tacky decorations all you had left the bright the rest went months ago. I don't get into your head you are the only one losing out on this bust up on. Ruined Me too you know. Bonnie you've got some packing to do and. You know.
All I want to talk to you. I'll bet settling up time already has it well and make me an offer. Everything you've smashed. This is where I collect seventeen summers when I would all will you stop your bitching long enough for me to tell you something. But he's the one that's going to you know me. I'm staying right here as if the boy does Nick enough with him. Yeah summary for the gripes. Going to be funny without buying around. Town to get him to study. He won't take a job in the city. Well I don't blame him for that. Who would you like to go up and I wouldn't. Because if you would I mean I wouldn't mind just this once you try to get rid of me. No you've left to get that I didn't say mine you know me well I'm staying here with
you. My how were you made up together that Satan will not get back all if not for this season or any other you know not going back. Look I know this is 17 years to like what I'm offering is so much junk but. I want to marry you all. Only you can get. A man like you. Holy what the hell's wrong you gotta go back to the alley I we've got off that scream and we're gonna let you know and every day I. Might think you. Give me. Mary what do you go man it's something you don't know what you want I know what I want what I had to pull off
but you give it back to me Give me back what you dumb or leave it go on current you understand every last little scrap of a goal I like how can you have a chill meeting. But there's no mold growing down out of the sun no more eagles. This is the dice where I'll walk through it like everyone else for the rest of our laws. Back to me she says like talk not a wife from a man. Well till. There is nothing you can do right now except mayor and never come back. The lie also in this house the finished prologue you finish with to have
a little boys pick grapes or do anything I want to I want to get in touch with them will go up in our own room like a priest stop. There's a country up a wide open before us so waste we can get put and work our way up through the broom you know look this is even better. All the fellows like us could really clean up pay. We would have to get a condemnable right through. I don't see much of it. So it's still the last one I'm going to smoke should we so much to have last night. You. Know boy together.
We've heard in the summer of the seventeenth ball by Ray Lawler adapted for radio by Joy Hall you're in order of appearance we heard Ron Roberts as the narrator. Lola Brooks as Baba. Margaret Christiansen is Pearl. You sold her as all of me by car Glynn as Emma. Nigel Lovell as a roo. JAMES CONDON Bernie and Mark Kelly. Johnny Dodd Frank example directed the play for the Australian Broadcasting Commission and it was presented by the BBC World Theatre. These programs are produced by the British Broadcasting
Corporation and their broadcast is made possible by a grant from the Corporation for Public Broadcasting. Next week listen for foot in blue shoes Junius Brutus father of his country a tragedy by Nathaniel Lee. This program was prepared for broadcast by W. R. v r the FM station of the Riverside Church in New York City. This is the national educational radio network.
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