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Good luck. Classical contemporary and folk music from the sebaceous festival and 50th anniversary of Finnish independence celebration. The new series revealing some of the current musical activity in Finland. Disabilities festival of 965 and the 50th anniversary celebration of 1967 presented considerable quantities of music by outstanding composers other than Chabad Yes and from a wide variety of historical periods. There were also several Illustrated lectures documenting interesting aspects of today's Finnish musical culture. This rebellious festival was a worldwide celebration of considerable proportions and much importance. In addition to numerous concerts the celebration included an
examination of sebaceous and his works and their influence on the musical scene by scholars in almost every country where Western music is performed. All the scholars the foremost is undoubtedly Professor Eric tell its young member of the University of Helsinki professor tell what you know and it was born in Finland did 916 and is a graduate of the sebaceous Academy before embarking upon an extensive European concert tour as pianist. He studied extensively in Paris and Basel. He has written and published many short studies of subeditors and his works and now has in the final stages of completion the definitive biography of the composer. During his recent extensive lecture tour throughout Europe in the United States Professor tell what you and I have spoken of his research into the works of Sabbat us his examination of the civilians manuscripts and correspondence and his associations with the survey just family at the time of his visit to the University of Michigan campus. He spoke on the subject young
surveyed us in the contemporary music scene in your university Broadcasting Service recorded this illustrated lecture and presented today as part of this series of music from Finland the third and concluding section. Here now is Professor tell what you know as he discusses the manner in which the bad use approach to composition. CBS News would it probably have been explicit to the city if I did away and I don't. Hart provides the foundation for technique. Only when it should be just as busy making a fair copy of a new work consciously. Work with his intellect. Well on the same day he completed consummate the ticket to he wrote in his diary worked with my head not with my heart. Today that these.
I was making a fair cop. And he did short it eating period following the first performance of the 470 he said that he was making a fair copy using his braids. Basically she being used and introduced himself and no to his tally for the lack of nationalism in his way of work he had in fact a great deal or at least there was enough of the musical craftsman in him. She has made use of our colorful metaphor when he compared himself to be dismissed. He says I'm constantly at a fold. I was forging in secret. I poured a little. But was dreaming war. I wasn't afforded the evening without movement so movement of the forces we forged a little but
no miracles. I hammered away at the musical. Retelling disembody so he could walk in his fog for months. On and on themes before they reached their final four he walked details and the form as a hook. And Newman owed by day and by night mostly by night at his desk and at his piano. We just forge seems to have been describing the process of composition which all the same I was not. It depended on inspiration. Nevertheless he was. Referring to something more Bookman a workmanlike than if it meant of a deal to Mattick ideas of a dramatic fantasy
and not a light walk for I don't follow. There we are media between inspiration and work. Is this is a road to severe use in connection with a critical evaluation of his time poem nitride and sounds like at these men he did not attain the same you know balance as we have struck us. Who was composing everywhere at all times. It cannot be certain that CBL use sed to load attain such a state of equilibrium in August 1910. He quoted in his diary and her note indiscreet audience did ecstatic. Loath to leave I making even less to question not question our daily lives. Sebelius was obviously struck by scrubbing so worship of the immense mystical power of creation but
typically enough to scream at each in a diary is followed by an exhortation to intensive planned work. As far as if we leave you there between the wonderful twenties the wonderful Tarsus and the foliage is consoled CBS News was somewhere between the ecstatic screams and their rational more rational. They gushed us. At their social liberal to. CBT as this life was a. How to side by a conflict that could be called romantic. The tug o war between artistry and middle class respectability. I knew Ferrie was dead Buga
as training is what the Thomas Mann called peace. I'll tell you go when you're quick. These go to the station is used not only too much money himself and his fellow writers but my to an even greater extent. He said to the few to compose as well the tone was set up. I would say that was a straying. And CBS News did not effect really easy for me back around. We dealt some stuff which gave rise to a certain duality in him. He sees to it that I get a cease and the way me and way of life sprang thrown at him to compensate her for the complex which he never fully succeeded in our economy. She be just a composer had a
contempt for the conventional without a doctor's song from people and cherished and and ingrained middle class respect for decorum and developed and as a critic consistency and. Said even you lost us. See Bill Hughes once said we some sad irony. In an easygoing way. It's true I have based my way of looking over at life where the most old fashioned and fruity like a success. But in his heart he knew that he wasn't. He came nearer to the truth. Would you describe yourself as a composer that is direct. Outwardly behave like a ghost and yet as the years passed he identified himself so closely with his role that he became second nature to
him but not to be abusive remained a sensitive nature mystic and dreamer. Out all order in it it worked. He felt that he was at being from the forest. There is much in the sales go to the station which apart on their passage from their diary already quoted also appears in a letter to Bush already 11 years later it's intentional it is I don't enjoy joking on the surface but serious underneath and a deluge too many complicated personnel in the nation's ships. It's very ambiguity concedes romantically Sibelius was spiritually linked with an explicit really flourishing national culture who each in its first creative phase had drawn on me and feelings for a
nation for its protection. But and the same time adjusting itself in the European community. Both these companies and medical opinion and the European stretching from classical antiquity to current fashions appear very strongly in CBS. It was as natural for him to listen to their ruler letting Plaskett as to discuss the Estadio music it was all he had but just as as inspired by color of Allah as by this parting of the ocean it's just the sound of a comet on an April day in the Finnish countryside he can drink the defeating of Spain yet the haze and the mist experience the mystery
of flight. All the big rating say Swan And at the same time yearning yearning for the musical centers of the continent in order to acquaint himself to the latest work of Debussy Mahler and ship. No defeats the point of view and that he will be looking to the source.
Hey little. Blue. Pill Why. Louie. Louie. Louie Louie. Louie. Lil what. Will have. Louie. Louie.
Into spring before the outbreak o war in 1948. Well in style and I haven't heard anything this international city have to offer in a way oh no it's nice to be you stated at ease. I've used these as if these modern people to compose us werent able to write anything wiped out based on the old trucks. Modes. It's obviously up to me and those who have been able to be in peace to do so. See Bill Use the man as well as to be as the composer was characterized by an aloofness to the world. But out here in these Let's pick. He was a kind of spirit of Bruckner whose works and ideas of personality left it with him.
One of the most or the greatest impressions of his youth. Book never to belong to those who had been able to be in peace despite the storms that had raged around here. He had made his way to Vienna. For the old Austrian means of heating up it ends we are the minister yourself lawyer when I was a young CBS's career had led him to Vienna from a small town in the heart of. I may be a dead boding peonage cultural center all his thinking was burning as a stop on the way. Some of that piece of usenet you really answered and it is sound of the organ of South Florida. Saudia book never going to be used so he may get clumsily all of it. Cheers and whistles that heated up performance of the Third Symphony
at that time only concert in Vienna. Although all through out he's artistic curly Sibylla's carried himself with more confidence than Booker in the spotlight of the music a lot of thoughts were never far from the side of his own if you've got to cite the combination. Oh please just Iti and a feeling for Nish will invoke that corresponds in C big news with that. But they serve in a shop and meet. In his book on the book that I just couldn't give a picture of the character of romanticism he describes the way in which children antique men freed himself from the clarity OK cities. And you're bored to reach the darker depths of the soul. Nevertheless he's fundamental nature did not become rooted in the least
death but in the twilight zone between that if you swear or light and the murky areas of the unconscious. Unlike many other romantic composers block nearly each day's Twilight Zone not on the Hades but on the deaths. Oh Mr. Xi's much the same is true of CBS. He's spirit too belongs in the darker regions. He appears in the Hellenistic Twilight or late romanticism. From there well it's all meat and Nissho mysticism but he's a complex nation. Then he said a yearning for hill in the classes which from time to time overcomes his primitive. From the twilight of the force you funny he rises to declassify all the facts from the Carroll School of the Sikhs to the Olympian Hades of the steps only to
return to his essentially and mystical primitive genius in his last work. Here are some glimpses from The Sixth Sense as it should be on a mote. 6. As you know.
In the end.
Yes my last words I will say. That this should be news no nos hoed. All the pathos. Or late romanticism. And the Speedos. No I let him go free. But he's trying to reach the tricycle eidos form the opposite pole. You need musical creativity and let him towards you and you miss even your phony thought.
We have heard Part 3 The concluding portion of an illustrated lecture on the topic young civilians in the contemporary music scene in. A lecture delivered by the foremost sebaceous authority Professor Eric Talbot's at the University of Helsinki. Recorded by the broadcasting service on the campus of the University of Michigan during the US of A Dios Year festival. And presented here as another in the series of programs music from Finland. At Burroughs speaking and inviting you to listen again next week at this same time for another program of music from Finland. This is the national educational radio
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Music from Finland is a series of programs focused on classical, contemporary, and folk music from two musical events in Finland; the Sibelius Festival of 1965 and the 50th Anniversary of Finnish Independence Celebration of 1967. The series is based on recordings from the Finnish Broadcasting Company for production by the University of Michigan, and was distributed by the National Educational Radio Network.
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