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American adventurer. To. The University of North Carolina resents American Adventure. Written by Johnny Lee directed by John Clayton American Adventure is produced and recorded by the communications center of the University of North Carolina. Earl when director. Our story tonight is about George Washington Carver the negro scientist and teacher whose hobby was painting and whose life was a work of art. The story takes place in a Midwestern city and young George Carver was operating a laundry to support himself. Some say the story we tell about him is true but we prefer
to think of it as a legend. But the man was true true and straight and tall. Joe. You know Woody this is the first as Ray had a $5 for the pin. Let's see I got $2 bills and I got some change of scene here. Three dollars. Initially I make 60 and there's 30 for Mr. Thompson makes four dollars and ninety cents are you sure. Well I thought that's what it was. What'd you charge the last customer. Oh this is the goody she didn't have 40 cents worth of laundry. Joey look here you got a piece but I was a month on this house to lose it and today is the day you pay when I don't know man comes around. Don't fret Don't fret yourself Peachey will look at you still the old man told me when I bought this house if I could unmeet a payment I could make it up. I've done that before.
He has a day to go would have 0 9 you know now Petri hate to damn any exchange with us have to pay you back this afternoon that I know you will but you to pull with businessman I always know that is so. I got this house and a lot of with something now. Towns move in this way. When I dealt with that worth far more now than when I bought it. So Mr. Davis he's one of my customers. He says it is not going to be worth big money of for long. So more reason for you to keep him and I'm keeping him up. Now don't fret yourself. Help me get this bucket of water on the stove where you show and let it heal. While these clothes where I gotta go Joes I'm sorry to bother you so much anyway no bother Petri. When you get is the king of Ghana just had to depend on you bowlers. I had to have happened to have you by when you going
to let me teach you how to read. Nobody could teach me nothing. I was still in the other day that we she made me she made me and my good morning so I had a $5 payment right here. Let me see when I put that Petri dish that I give it to the human to go. Oh yes here it is that Yasser $5. Lemme see. To me it's 7 if I want to $4 and it's me. So all right George would you make out a receipt. Oh yes of course you got a piece of paper. George Carver $5 was the date 14. Yes right there. Thank you. Your due. I got a question about this property.
I got another lot about two blocks from here. Yes a lot about this maybe big. Yes. I don't need any more loans. No but I was wondering if you would consent to my move in this house to that lot and then taken over this one myself. So it's not so complicated your age. Well I'd like to do you a favor but when I move my laundry I'm established here where you can soon get established it was extra to lock position near the well it's only two blocks further. You can carry the laundry two more blocks can't you. Yes I can see a lot I always thought a man was willing to work. Yes. I wouldn't put much. Frankly I'm sorry I was told you there's a house in LA and I wouldn't have done it except I thought I could do you a favor. Yes I know I'm asking you to do me one that's all. Where you say well I'm just saying no peacherino does want to see know that he's a man that comes in here to talk to me. I'm talking business to you not to him. Joel says no you be quiet.
Don't tell him No I think I have to tell you no sir I really do and or fairness to myself. Get over George don't be hasty. Would you think about dead now move our house to another lot if we didn't know that this lot has got valuable sense he does those things he got things we got most of the tall tree doing you a favor when he sold it he said Well I would get it out and you let me buy a couple of months without paying. I gotta respect that you belittle me but no one no business is business you don't know me either give away this do laundry for spin long hours and the biggest for storekeepers somebody you never seen before. You know but it could come in here and you do win the thing and charges no petri. I know how to read and write. Now look here. That's something a man ought to share with everybody. Because some people haven't had a chance.
You didn't have a chance either. Haha sorry I had a buddy and went to Dia Joe and there were no where you feel as though when about little things like that those tomorrows mobility. Why is it when I get your press no you won't either. You know I mean I wonder when to get food then of the Manet I couldn't bring a piece I'm a bit shaky flosses fix the moon. It had taken quite a spell. I just bring it around you know. You bastard. Also anyone in a good I don't know how woman judges a kid they talk about at stanzas it had a green looks. I don't know that she ever tasted it before she said it. Good show with the good woman. You got all this laundry to do tonight I'm going to wash it out so I can on it tomorrow. Did you hear any
more from no man about that lad. Joe adjusted it here in a mo but that live I did yes you did. Oh man came back this morning. So he wanted if I had thought it over that declare judgment I had trouble with dead man I don't think so would be easy just talk to you want to know if I'd change my mind. Yes my today was the bad adland I watch you. I didn't ask him about that wood did you say. I told him I didn't want to sell particular trade or whatever he wants to do You said he might pay me something in addition. Yeah I don't even know that for a joke. I don't floss about it. Well I'll just tell she said not to say if she's a closer and he can moan you Joe because you got the education in the game then you know not to make no business in this dance is it. Now are proud of you Joe so that everybody you come up
from slavery like most of you got knowledge and ability and you would you would you do anything. Doing the best I can. Now let me put those clothes in the water. Was you must leave Joe he or she will be she will be as hard as you. I don't know for sure she was carried off by bushwhackers in a war to cover her own lived in Missouri. How about you Paulo. I never knew who he was. You see up from nothing. Joe is the owner of a valuable piece of land known how to read and rave and paint. Peaches when I don't thing from print. Oh yeah but Iran is not to look into the huge issue when I stop talking like that. PETRI people ain't got no right to expect me to show a way to anything I have noticed. Let's not talk more about this.
After all I've got a right to this land I'm paid up and I'm not going to give it away or do anything foodies Petri SMA. I wonder if you can help you still Joe look you know man probably ain't going to have a comeback no more smile peachy. Smile. This is the yes. Excuse me Petri would you put some more wood in that stove for me. Yes I have been here three years now. Yes I don't want to bother you but I can't see any reason to move. George let me tell you something I'm not aiming to get mad or lose my temper. I'm going to try to make this game.
Now I'm going to pay something for your inconvenience and we all have to live together and help one another we help ourselves. Yes and very well say a favor to ask for the time now would you have swapped with me or not. So this lot is fairly valuable. I said it's fairly valuable I'm told by some friends or town is moving this way. Well it's something to be seen. That's my opinion and any writer I've thought over the proposition. I want to help you as much as I can but I'm not going to trade lots with you so my answer is No. Now George I'm a businessman and I'm trying to put this on a business basis. Yes sir I'm asking you one more time. Joe it is answer just stay out of this petri dish time. You're I'm sorry sir but I'm clear in my own thinking I look you I
reckon you know I can take this lot away from you if I want to have a written agreement. Yes you do when I need you to pay me $5 a month. Have you done it. I missed a month or two as you said I could and made it up. The papers say you could miss payments. You said I could do the papers say and what do you mean. Tell me what do you agreement. Yes it says $5 a month. Have you done what you said have you done any. I've done what you said I could when I signed I said that I might not be able to pay every month they said to me no. You've done it and that's what the paper says you have to do. You've broken it now and you're I'm going to be kind to you because I think you're a good nigger. I would still make my offer to trade with you and move this little house without cost you knew anything. And what do you say your reckoning
bit of the global deal. Yes I would like to think it over. Thank you go back one. Petri. Yeah you're right about that man I don't know you ever know I had a good deal of hope you know I had a long way to come to get where I am. Like you said. Yeah. PETRI you. Would you help me move that ease up where the light is. She got a pain on that new picture Petri. I gotta get my mind on something before I get to thinking too much. Send this crowd down to you Bo. Here you will easily.
Oh no thank you did old man come back. Not this afternoon. Would you help me move this back to the lamp near the stove show which they don't have the brush for you done a lot of work on that picture today. Yes I do believe that this time I'm going to be able to paint that flower. I've been trying for years to play in an arcade but it's gotta look shy as if it's afraid to boast of its own beauty. It's hard to get just the right shade of delicacy to it but I think I'm going to make it this time. Peach is purty and I did like a flower. I haven't seen an orchid in quite a while now but I must have a memory about it mostly You do remember faces. Seems pretty and. I remember many an ugly thing written you would you. I remember some nice things. I remember Mrs. Carver one of the logs and she was out in person.
I remember how she would make fish chowder must cover would go down the brook and catch a brim bring him back a small fish bone you know if it hadn't been for Mr. and Mrs. Carr Yama put the crowd on a dish. Oh I'm not hungry Petri have you know will he eat it out of the book. No no I don't want to eat it. Would a muggle until flawless you set about it. Well you know well made a lad then you know. Let me have a fork and I'll eat it. He bowed. Mr. Carville what makes Arkwright too sometimes and when it does this is a very good bee tree. This is awful good. I've got to hurry up and finish so and get back to that picture. Joe would go and tell me to miss them. Yeah you go let this play is go I don't know. You go get a lawyer I know
it could fight the woman in cool cause money I got very little but it was very good. Joey listen what are you going to do I'm going to finish that picture I want to do the laundry but I just can't take a chance on that when I paint I'm concentrating you see and I'm thinking about something beautiful you know it isn't like doing laundry Joe. George if you would have you know we wish you were only raided this minute what would it be to paint that picture of an orchid is that what you want to be a painter. More than anything that would you going to do a photo you know I got that in my mind and I also got my mind that I want to go to the south and help my people who are well there are many things I don't know. But then there's so much that I don't know that I want to. I remember so much but I don't understand all of it you see. Why don't you go back to school. I'd like to
someday I will. I hope that maybe. Look let's not talk about it any more I want to paint this picture but what do you go until oh man I don't know I'm not going to think about it anymore. JOEL Well I just I just can't understand. I can think about it for a year and not be able to understand it we just get better and more bitter and not be any clearer and five years in right now I'm not going to let myself go. But when I think of all that I could do with the money this lot is worth the people who need help. People who have helped me. I get angry. You've never seen me angry have you know him. You know I hope I hope I won't get angry tomorrow. Somehow God has to help me keep from it. I've got to keep from Haiti if I hate him I'm lost I'm I'm through everything is lost
I can't let this ruin me I don't want to stand you know that's why I'm painting this picture. And I've had it in my mind for months. It's a best picture I can do and I've got to work on it and not let this thing bother me. What you doing. I was just looking at a picture I finished early this morning. What do you think about the show. I think that that you should follow what you told me and let me keep the light even if I've broken the written agreement. Can't do that. I'm asking you to look here. This means as much to me as an it could ever mean to anybody anywhere any time. I've got very little change. No I never would have sold it if I had known the town was moving this way. Now what do you say. I say This room belongs to me by any study of what's right or wrong. What does you justice says. I'm just
interested in what you agreement say as I didn't come down here for such as you to give me and I get most. Then remember remember yes remember remember I remember a thousand other times in a thousand places and this and other states there are a hundred thousand things I can remember that crowd my mind with hate. I guess I just don't understand how people can be like they are. They believe there's a God in heaven. He's watchin you say he's watching you right now in this place. The god that's justice beauty is watching you. What do you say about the Luddites say you guys take what else can I say your paper George right here. No I don't just take the law. George I'm going to take this lot now if you sign a paper and move your house to another lot and if you have that one it's something I'm doing for you. I don't like to be mean in business dealings
never have had any patients with people like that god be in my witness I want to be fair. Now you'd better sign the paper. No sir I'm not coming back. George the next time you hear from me would be a court order throwing you out in the street right. I set up my tub my wash board and iron and iron and board up in the street. When my customers come by I would tell them what's happened and I had the police move you in five minutes now stop talking big bold and you'll get a low you'll just stubbed toe to show you a plane and you get a lawyer or you go ahead and seen your kind in court before. You can't love me George I got a paper that's been broken. But if you want to go to goal you tree what am I going to do. I'm all for in you would another lot and I would move your house just sign here on that line. Use a pencil. George Washington Carver had no choice.
Well sometimes a man can fight and sometimes you can't. I get that has moved directly. Yes. Where you going. Excuse me I believe I'd better start painting on another picture if you don't mind. I mean move this one off the table. Give me that canvas a petri. Yeah did you see this is really a pretty which you've been painted here and uranium in it. No sir it's an orchid. Pretty as I am so you credit Blaine and George my wife grew flowers for she dad I never had much truck with them. She grew old and she had gone plumb crazy over a picture like this. I'm glad you like it so I got a place in my house in a room she used for arranging flowers. You got a fireplace in there and a picture like this could hang over the mantel be pretty. Yes it's you know for bare room how much you want for George. I tell you what sir
I'd be pleased if you would. It's not for sale. Or you can use the money how much dog. I never saw the picture I never had. Sometimes when a person likes one I can sell it and I don't notice it but I'd like to give you the picture as a present. What I'd like to give you the picture as a present. Where would you want it. I read the page no no it isn't for sale here. I reckon it's dry enough to carry. This is a best picture I have a painting now don't you. What are you trying to do I can accept a present from you I insist on paying you know it's not for sale. I'd like to give it to you as a present but I'd rather pay. I'm sorry sir but it's not for sale. I'd like to give it to you if you know your own mind. I got the paper science of auditory alone.
I don't see you George. Yes. Joe would you take the pieces still wouldn't beat you not a did you oughta learn to hold your temper. Jesus the kid doesn't know pulls a fourth line and you deluded know Peachey don't know why. Good because I felt myself beginning to hate him. So I just had to do it. I can't let any man make me hate him. I can't afford to do that. Jesus would understand that it wouldn't be. American adventure as written by Johnny Lee directed by John Clayton and is produced and recorded by the communication center of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.
American adventure
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This program dramatizes an episode in the life of a young George Washington Carver.
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A study of man in the New World: his values and characteristics, who he is, what he lives by. The series is written by John M. Ehle and directed by John S. Clayton.
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